DIY Prime Halloween

Make a car boxtume

By Oh Happy Day

For this DIY, we were inspired by our signature vintage Fiat and decided to recreate a smaller version that could be worn as a costume. The whole thing is made from Amazon Smile boxes and paper (and a bit of packaging tape). Here, we made this costume for a child, but it could easily work for an adult as well — just make each piece a little bigger. And don’t forget to add details like the muffler, fender or bumper (and add shiny mirror board for your accents).

Watch the video below to see how you can put it all together:


  • Leftover Amazon Prime boxes
  • Boxcutter or X-ACTO knife
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Gaffers tape
  • Spray paint (in red and silver)
  • Mirror board
  • Cardstock (in black, white, light gray, yellow and red)
  • Black marker
  • Hot glue gun
  • 1-inch nylon webbing


  • Draw a large outline of a car, wheels included, onto a large Amazon Smile box and cut out with a boxcutter. Trace the cutout onto another piece of box and cut out.
  • Using the wearer for reference, cut a long strip of the box that is as wide as you want the car to be. Cut out a rectangle with rounded edges toward the middle of the strip. This opening will be for the wearer’s head/body.
  • Tape the connecting piece along the outer edge of one of the cutouts. Then tape the mirror image to the other side. Make sure the head/body opening is toward the center of the car base.
  • Make other details using cardboard and an X-ACTO. We added accents above the wheels, side and trunk panels, and small front lights. Secure to the car with gaffers tape.
  • Spray paint the car red, until you achieve an even color. Let the paint dry between coats.
  • Draw front, back and side window shapes on light gray cardstock and cut out. Outline the windows with a black marker.

  • Cut a circle out of black cardstock that is the size of the wheel. Make a total of six concentric circles, alternating between black cardstock and mirror board, allowing more mirror board to show than cardstock for the inner circles. Repeat for the other three wheels.
  • Create a front and back bumper from long pieces of your Amazon Smile box. Crease the cardboard so it bends easily to create curves. Make two circular headlight rims out of thin strips of cardstock. Cut two rectangular pieces of cardboard and round the edges for rear light panels. Spray paint all the pieces silver, then glue mirror board along the flat faces of the pieces for extra shine.
  • To make side-view mirrors, cut out two 2-inch rounds and two 2-inch strips of mirror board. Hot glue the strips together, shiny sides facing out. Sandwich the strip between the two circles and hot glue to secure. Fold the end of the mirror board strip at 1/2 inch to create a tab and hot glue it to the side panel of the car. Repeat for the other side.
  • Cut rectangles out of yellow and red cardstock, and round the edges. Hot glue the shapes to the rear-view light silver panels. Hot glue the completed panels to the back of the car.
  • For headlights, cut out rounds from white cardstock that are larger than the circumference of the headlight cardboard rims. Push the round into the rim to achieve a puffy shape and hot glue to secure. Hot glue the headlights to the front of the car.

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