Try before you buy with Prime Wardrobe

Close your eyes and imagine a world where you could try on anything you wanted — from workout pants to a date-night dress — in the comfort of your own home, without putting a charge on your credit card.

Now open your eyes and say hello to Prime Wardrobe: a brand-new Prime benefit, included with your membership, that lets you try before you buy.

How does Prime Wardrobe work?

Need new jeans, but want a pair that makes you feel great? Check. Need a cute outfit for your son to wear for school picture day? Check. Want to force your husband to try on a new, respectable hoodie that would be a welcome replacement for his old, worn-out favorite? Check. Why hold back? Go crazy. The choice is all yours: You can choose between three and eight items of clothing, shoes or accessories from our vast selection — including great styles from amazing brands for women, men, kids and baby. Once the box arrives, you get seven days to try everything on in the privacy of your own home. Then simply return the pieces you don't love and only pay for what you keep.

How do returns work with Prime Wardrobe?

Two things really set Prime Wardrobe apart. One, the box is smartly resealable (yes, no more searching for tape) and, two, a pre-printed return label comes with your order. All you have to do is put the items you don't want back in the box, attach the label and drop off your package at a nearby UPS location. It couldn't be easier.

What are customers saying about Prime Wardrobe?

"It was so easy to order multiple sizes of shoes for my kids to try on and keep what worked and return the rest. Much easier than going shoe shopping in a store!"

"So nice to try things on in the comfort of my own home. I could see how things look with the different shoes and other accessories I already have. Love it!!!"

"For a busy mom who doesn't have time to go into stores to try clothes on, I loved having the opportunity to try on clothes at home and ship back what I didn't want, hassle free!"

Ready to get started?

Prime Wardrobe is now available to all Prime members. Learn more here, and look for the Prime Wardrobe logo to find eligible products as you shop on Amazon Fashion.

Lena Eagan has been in online marketing since 2006, writing for various blogs and websites. She enjoys writing, design, marketing and publishing from her office in Seattle, Washington.