DIY Prime Halloween

Make a unicorn boxtume

By Jen Hadfield

I'm sharing with you how to make an easy kid's unicorn costume out of an Amazon Smile box. Also included is a free unicorn head template, which you can use on your costume if you don't want to hand-draw the face. Easy!

Check out the video below to see how it all comes together:


  • 1 medium-sized Amazon Smile box
  • 1 small container of white craft paint
  • 1 small container of gold paint (for the horn)
  • 6–8 colors of yarn (to make things easier I used a multi-color yarn and only had to use one skein)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Black Sharpie marker
  • Tacky glue
  • Paint brush
  • Boxcutter or X-ACTO knife
  • Unicorn head template


  • Draw a circle on the top of the box and cut it out.

  • Assemble the box if it's flat by gluing the flaps with tacky glue. Let dry.

  • Print out the unicorn face template. Cut out the template and trace it onto a separate Amazon Smile box.
  • Cut out the unicorn head. I added about 2 inches on all sides of the template to make my unicorn head a little bigger, and I added a little more room past the neck too.
  • Once the head is cut out, fold the end of the unicorn's neck about 2 inches and make a cut horizontally at the end of the neck. This will make flaps and will ensure that the unicorn's head fits more securely to the main box of the costume.
  • Fold each of the flaps a different direction.

  • Then make a slip in the bottom of the front part of the box, almost up the entire front of the box. This is where you will slide the unicorn's head onto the front of the box.
  • Once the head is all the way up the front of the box, tape the flaps on the neck on both sides of the slit and tape the whole slit shut. I taped everything on the back of the box. When you are done, the slit should be taped back together. When you paint it, the slit will not be noticeable.

  • Place the box on a covered surface and paint everything white. I used two coats of paint to cover the cardboard. Let dry.
  • While the box is drying you can make the "hair" for the unicorn's mane and tail. I used a skein of rainbow yarn. You will need 6–8 different colors of yarn. And each color of yarn will need three sections of yarn: two for the mane and one for the tail.
  • To make each section, measure 18 inches of yarn, and then loop each color of yarn 45 times to make a section.
  • Do this three times for each color of yarn. When you are done you will have 6–8 different colors of yarn sections and three sections for each color.

  • Make a knot at the top of each section of yarn and pull the knot tight. Then cut off the top of the yarn section right above the knot. Set aside the tops of the sections because you will use those to make small "bangs" on the unicorn. I put all of those sections in a little cup to keep them together.
  • Once you have cut the tops off the yarn sections, take each color and wrap a piece of yarn around the loop and tie it in a knot.

  • Then add the yarn hair to the unicorn. I used a hot glue gun to attach the yarn sections. Take two sections of each color and put them side by side on top of the unicorn's head, creating a mane.
  • You will hot glue the smaller loops to the very top of the unicorn's head to make "bangs."
  • Once the mane is done, add the remaining sections to the tail. Hot glue the sections together at the top back of your Amazon Smile box.
  • Now you can add a face to your unicorn if you want. Or, you can glue the template face on your unicorn. If you decide to do this you will need to print out two unicorn face templates and glue one on each side of the unicorn's face.

  • The last thing to do is add the straps at the top of the box. This is how your unicorn box costume will stay on your child. It is helpful to have the child try on the costume and measure how high up you want the box to hang. Once you have measured this, cut the ribbon lengths and hot glue them onto the side of the box — two on the front and two on the back, creating straps. I also added a couple of bows to the sides of the costume.
  • It would also be fun to have your child decorate the sides of their unicorn box with rainbows or whatever makes them happy! Get your child involved too!

  • Jen Hadfield is the creator of Tatertots & Jello, a blog featuring home DIY, decorating, recipe and craft tutorials. Jen has been featured on numerous publications like Woman’s Day, Better Homes and Gardens and much more.