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on September 5, 2017
This book covers bold new territory. It presents the idea that the Universe is a dream. No, not like a dream, but an actual dream. For me, this seems like a real possibility, and it is the main reason I bought this book. It is an interesting theory, though the author definitely doesn't present it as a theory. To him, it is fact. The author likes to talk in absolutes, which was a bit of a turn off for me.

With that said, I must say that I did find merit in the ideas presented in this book. For me personally, I can really wrap my mind around the idea of God as Oneness. The author spent A LOT of time driving home this point. The more we embrace Oneness, the more we enter into the mind of God, which is to say, our right mind.

This book is based on A Course in Miracles. If you are a fan of it, you will most likely enjoy this book. However, there are a few differences between this book and ACIM. Below are the differences I noticed.
1. This book is a little different from ACIM in its presentation...much hipper. :)
2. The book has a critical vibe to it at times which is not present in ACIM. It focuses on where literally all other beliefs systems fail at Oneness (except Quantum physics) instead of focusing on where they succeed at it.
3. It makes the claim that the world is just your own personal dream. ACIM may have been hinting at this, but it never came out directly and said it.
4. It is illustrated; ACIM is not. Loved the illustrations!

I love this book for helping us think outside the box when it comes to imagining God and the landscape of our lives. I am glad I read it and would highly recommend it. However, I do find the tone of it a little critical of religions, philosophies,and science. I have had Jehovah Witnesses show up on my door who took the same tone as the author of this book -- only they understood Jesus, all other religions failed, and if you disagreed with them, you simply were not ready for the truth. I don't care how good your message is, that is a sad way to sell it.
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on August 27, 2013
The Universe Is a Dream is so much more than a book. I can't say enough about how amazing it is. Actually, I feel like I need to invent new superlatives to describe how remarkable it is, but even those new super-superlatives wouldn't be able to accurately capture the breathtaking magnificence of this work. Thank you, Alex, for conceiving of it, writing it, drawing it...for giving it to a world that sorely needs it!

I have been intensely studying A Course In Miracles for about two years (including two visits to see Ken Wapnick in Temecula, CA...which, if you get the chance to do that, you really should). I am lucky enough to have two smart, motivated-to-awaken friends who have been studying it much longer, and we meet periodically. I trust their recommendations so deeply, and they never recommend any work that they don't fully believe in (and we all love Ken Wapnick's work...his books, audio CDs, DVDs). And at one meeting one of these friends brought The Universe Is a Dream and the two of us were like, Huh? A comic book? And she said, "No, it's not a comic's like everything all rolled into one and it's so smart and so funny and so completely dead-on. I can't tell you how much I'm loving it." Usually this friend loans us her books, but she didn't want to part with this one (now I get that!!!), so the two of us ordered our own copies and fell completely in love.

I have already read it three times (and if you knew me, you'd know that that speaks volumes in and of itself...I so rarely reread anything because I'm always in a rush to get to the next thing), and I get something more out of it with each read. I've never encountered anything quite like this, a book that combines science ("lite" science, which is what I can handle) and spirituality and pop culture and philosophy and history and loads and loads of pithy, clever, smart-as-hell humor. Seriously, you owe yourself this book. Whether you're new to the Course or have been studying it for decades, or whether you've never even heard of the Course but have just been having a nagging feeling that something is rotten in Denmark, so to speak, you owe yourself (your higher Self) this book. (I will be rereading it yet again, once I can get it away from my husband.)

I've read lots of Course-related material over the last couple of years (voraciously and hungrily), and, with the exception of ALL of Ken Wapnick's work, and now this amazing gem by Alexander Marchand, I find some of the Course stuff out there inconsistent and not delivering the Course message as it was intended. (For instance, some of the published stuff I encounter speaks as if a miracle in Course terms is changing something in the illusion, and that's not what the Course says at all, which is why the Course is so different from so much New Age "wisdom.") So I am a very picky reader when it comes to material written about the Course...and Marchand's book just never has a false note for me. Not even one. Quite the contrary: it strengthens my connection to the Course's message in a profound way. And there's not one lazy picture/caption/speech bubble/thought bubble in this book. This is a truly a gift to the phenomenal universe, a massive and loving gift to minds that need help remembering who they really are.

I also attend a weekly Course group and recently brought the book in (just to pass it around and gush about it...not to loan it!!). (I also brought a box of Dunkin' Donuts Munchkins, but that's beside the point.) The point is that even in just passing this book around and letting people flip through it, several people were laughing their heads off (and some of these people are hard to make laugh...they're very discriminating when it comes to humor) and some people were repeating lines that they felt were so witty and hilarious and also so right-on regarding the Course and the nature of this universe we think is so very real (don't ever underestimate the ego's sneaky ingenuity).

Thank you, Alex. Not only am I in awe of the book as a whole, but it helped me through the hardest year of my life (some really painful things happened this year). Your work gave me the perspective I needed, the message I needed, and in the form I needed, too. I am so very grateful.
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on October 26, 2017
The book starts out with some interesting ideas, but part way in he makes claims about Jesus, the authenticity of the Gospels, reincarnation etc., without any shred of justification. He claims I am dreaming - something which I am open to considering - but doesn't explain his reasons for believing God's oneness decided to split into egos... Why would God do something he doesn't want to? He further claimed the way to wake up from the dream is to unconditionally forgive everything, but I believe we are called upon to expose and reject evil ideologies and their henchmen. By halfway the author had veered so far into unjustified conjecture that I couldn't continue.

I was originally attracted to the book because I searched for "reality is a dream", and the sample looked interesting. I was a bit sceptical about it being illustrated, but actually found the illustrations to be humorous and beneficial to his story. The Kindle format in this case didn't make it easy to read (at times too small, but if you zoom in then you have first to zoom out again before you can turn the page) but that has not influenced my review rating (i.e. number of stars).

I believe reality is a dream, but it is not *I* who am dreaming, but rather that we ARE the dream... physical reality is an illusion. I believe we are being imagined by the One Mind, and for me it's most comparable to a lucid dream, but one in which EVERY character has the potential of realising s/he is in a dream, and all of the same Dreamer, but most of us don't want to become lucid. Perhaps the One, who is all knowledge, is exploring through us the one question which he cannot know... "Who am I?" I found a good explanation of this... search for "scott owen lucid dream".
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on May 28, 2013
This is the only book I've ever enjoyed re-reading several times. Its not only informative, but also quite fun to read! It captures all the key elements of ACIM and The Disappearance of the Universe, with plenty of other fascinating material that keeps the reader engaged and provokes many "Aha!" moments, I know it did for me! While a book can't really change your life, I can honestly say this book changed my VIEW of my life. I definetly don't get hung up on all the old questions that used to boggle my mind, I thought I'd never feel so sure about things, but I can honestly say to everyone, that the universe is indeed a dream.
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on August 18, 2013
Being a life-long reader and spiritual quester, I was both attracted and repelled by this book when Amazon first brought it to my attention. Attracted, because I have been reading and sporadically practicing A Course in Miracles (ACIM) for twenty years and that is the subject of The Universe is a Dream. Repelled, because the "graphic novel" format suggested a level of simplification which I deemed unsuitable for a subject so worthy of serious thought and reflection. Curiosity got the upper hand however, and I ordered it. It is a remarkable and essential addition to the growing literature on the subject. The author states that he fell under the spell of ACIM after reading another book on the subject, The Disappearance of the Universe by Gary Renard, which I have also read and enjoyed. This book is an extraordinary achievement on several levels. The comic book format belies a highly sophisticated treatment of the message of ACIM. It contains unexpected but very helpful references to Joyce's Finnegans Wake, Godel's Incompleteness Theorem in mathematics, Shakespeare's The Tempest and Macbeth, doses of quantum physics, Freudian psychology, Buddhism, Vedanta Advaita nonduality, gnosticism, and more, all served up with often humorous cartoon figures and a set of symbols representing the ego, guilt, idolotry, unity, peace, etc. Whether you are already a student of ACIM or on your own spiritual journey, this book may speak to you. However, if none of the above references are meaningful to you, it may not. It definitely has to me.
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on June 9, 2012
Whenever we get into complex discussions of any fashion, my soulmate will say, "Draw me a picture." Alexander Marchand has done just that with this remarkable book, The Universe is a Dream. Alex ties creative artistic visual presentations with plain English text to produce a meaningful road map directly to introducing to his readers, A Course in Miracles, the most unique thought system ever devised. His book is actually "ACIM for Dummies", just like I initially labeled in my mind that ACIM was "Buddhism for Dummies." I've been doing it backwards. I first jumped into ACIM and I'm still not finished with the "daily" Workbook going on two years. I then read (twice) the Gary Renard masterpiece, The Disappearance of the Universe, which Marchand credits as his launch pad into ACIM. While I've already reached the point where this has been a life-changing experience, I would have found ACIM far easier to comprehend by reading Alex first, followed by Renard's book. Marchand's most significant contribution, however, may be that he writes and draws for the younger audience, the ones who are facing an uncertain future on this planet and everywhere are questioning all of humanity's institutions. They're looking for new answers. This is a book I'd highly recommend to anyone, but opening the eyes of those ages 20-40 sooner rather than later to this spiritual "wake-up" call would be a gift to everyone. Now, I hope Marchand can produce a similar gift for my young grandchildren as well.
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on June 13, 2011
Alexander Marchand is an amazing young man. He has taken the essence of "A Course in Miracles" and made the Course understandable to almost anyone with his brilliant rendering in comic book format. I am looking forward to Alexander Marchand's future writings.

I have seen many Course stutents/teachers become bogged down with the seeming repitition of what seems to be the same information in ACIM apparently presented over and over in varying ways. This seeming repetition (while valuable) seems to have prevented many potential students from completing their study and and led them to give up in frustration. Alexander's book will undoubtedly be the end of the confusion and frustration era for every course student who might feel they are not making the progress they expect of themselves.

I am presently coaching students/teachers in ACIM around California and use Alexander's book "The Universe is a Dream", and "The Dissapearance of the Universe", by Gary Renard as a primers for anyone interested in seriously learing, living, and practicing ACIM. I highly recommend both of these books to any ACIM student/teacher regardless of their current experience in the Course. Either, or both, will bring a quantum leap to anyone's understanding of ACIM.

The Disappearance of the Universe: Straight Talk about Illusions, Past Lives, Religion, Sex, Politics, and the Miracles of Forgiveness
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on September 29, 2017
Amazing insights that can be readily accessed by average people. Although it needs support from scientific research, it is the foundation for the philosophical, spiritual and cultural principles that should guide human life over the next 200 years. Its message promises to save humanity from its egotistical, victimizing, selfish mind set.
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on May 29, 2012
I read "The Disappearance of the Universe" which influenced me to read "A Course in Miracles" which I am currently reading then I came across this book. This book is great, it really sums up the basic ideas in the other books but in a much easier to read/understand format. I plan on buying copies of this book and sending them to friends and family and reading any other books by this author I can find. I am usually a slow reader who gets side tracked and distracted easily. I read this book in one night, probably about 6 to 8 hours straight (with breaks for food, bathroom, etc., of course), that is a first for me. This book is definately worth reading!
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on December 12, 2013
This book complements Gary Renards - Disappearance of the Universe. It is a easy read and I like the illustrations provided. I gave the first one I ordered to a lady I met that was interested in the Course in Miracles. So, I decided to order a 2nd one and I never been disappointed. I do believe this world was not created by a LOVING Father, who would come up with such an unhappy place like this? I prefer to see it as an opportunity to wake up along with my brothers and see the real world. No drama!
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