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on November 21, 2011
For over 10 years I have developed hundreds of websites, gotten them ranked well on Google, and have made my clients a great deal of money. But like any experienced web marketer, I'm always looking for fresh ideas for my clients and for myself.

Free Marketing is a good primer if you're new to promoting yourself on the web. Where the author succeeds are the chapters on what he is most experienced with, which is email marketing. Web newbies are provided with useful tips on newsletters, mass mailouts, and automating your marketing emails.

The book also offers useful ideas related to blogging, marketing through the use of original content, and the benefits of promoting your business through Youtube videos.

Having purchased at least 50 sales, marketing and web promotion books through Amazon, I was surprised that the author was probably the first to print an extremely important technique related to Youtube promotion. Google owns Youtube, and tends to mix videos into many of its search engine results. That being the case, a business owner can find their videos on the first page of Google for a search of their target keywords. It's an effective strategy that I've been surprised more web marketing authors haven't emphasized.

Having said all this, the book is unfortunately light on the type of marketing tips that could help most. The author admits that he isn't particularly savvy when it comes to social network marketing (Facebook, Twitter), so the chapters on how to capitalize on using them are lacking. Other books dedicated solely to social networks provide case studies that prove just how powerful promoting yourself through those websites can be with respect to free marketing.

The author's lack of knowledge on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) also hurts how comprehensive a book on free marketing could have been. While the book does provide a simple breakdown of how Google ranks websites, the author paints a grim picture of maintaining a positive ranking.

But the truth is that I have clients that were first on Google eight years ago that are still first on Google today, simply because they meet Google's largely unchanging criteria for ranking well. There is no "Google Code" (as he puts it) to crack, it really boils down to proper on-site optimization, original content, and scoring quality backlinks from other sites. Despite the author's dislike of informational websites, my clients have generated millions in revenue thanks to having deep sites with interior pages that also ranked well for highly-specific keyword searches (long tail keywords).

The author's misfires on SEO are most obvious when he suggests leaving comments on blogs with links back to your site to improve your ranking. Most experienced web marketers, however, know that almost all blogs include "nofollow" attributes to links that appear in the comments area. A nofollow tag instructs search engines to not place any value on the link, making it worthless unless someone actually clicks on it. Long story short, blog comment links won't help you at all with respect to Google ranking, nofollow was created to discourage spammers from trying to game search engines. [update on author's response at end of my review].

Overall, this is a good primer when it comes to web marketing, but it's definitely not a comprehensive book. Having a focus on SEO and social network marketing would multiply the results you get from this book's techniques. If you're new to web marketing, buy it, but also supplement it with other books such as:

SEO: The Ultimate Web Marketing Guide, Web Marketing All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies

Content Marketing: Content Rules, Get Content Get Customers

Sales Copy & Psychology: Ca$hvertising, Words that Sell, The Copywriting Sourcebook, The Copywriter's Handbook

Social Network Promotion: Likeable Social Media

I hope that you found this review helpful, feel free to comment if you have any questions you want answered with regards to SEO and web marketing.

[2/11/13 Update. The author of this book commented on my review that he made no reference to using blog comments to improve search engine ranking. So in response, I have included in the review comments the chapter, page and paragraph of where he suggests this technique. It is literally the first suggestion of Chapter 16 "Get Found on Search Engines."]

[3/27/13 Update. The author has since deleted parts of his earlier reply, and offered a hasty explanation. But here are the facts: 1. His book was published late 2011, 2. Nofollow was introduced in 2005, 3. Blogs like Wordpress from version 1.5 (released 2005) and onward used nofollow for comment links. This wasn't something that occurred a year or two before his book came out, his suggestion had been outdated six whole years before publishing.]
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on August 19, 2014
I bought a few copies of this book when it was first released. I gave both my husband and my step-daughter copies because they help me run our flea market business. I have read my copy of the book several times and often find myself browsing through the table of contents when I am brainstorming different marketing strategies to apply to my business. One of my favorite parts of the book is Part 15 titled "Spoiled Prospects and Customers Are Loyal". In that section, there are 7 short chapters that help me remember that my customers drive my business and that I need to reward my best customers.

Every chapter of the book is short and to the point. Most chapters offer you an actionable marketing tip or a new way to view your business. The only down side to that is that you may find yourself reading more than one chapter at a time and trying to decide which tip or idea to take action on first.

I consider this book to be my small business marketing toolbox. I can use the ideas ("tools") in this book to build and/or fix my business just like I would use the tools in my home toolbox to fix/repair things in my house. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who owns a small offline business and would like to learn how to creatively market and grow that business.
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on November 19, 2013
Jim Cockrum is the real deal and this book is chock full of good tips and info. I'm only halfway through the book and already feel like I'm swimming in actionable stuff. You may not feel like you get the nitty gritty on how to implement all the ideas... but here's a tip: if you like one of the ideas in the book, just go to youtube and or google the idea, and you'll find plenty of people showing you the nitty gritty. This is the book to point you in the right direction.
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on January 23, 2014
jim cockrum is a marketing genius! I actually read this book once already BEFORE i bought it- i borrowed it from a good friend, and couldnt put it down, once I started reading it! It has SO many resources and ideas, that I couldnt take enough notes, there are just too many.
i recommend reading it straight thru at first, and then come back to it as a note-taker. i give it all high marks, it is a true winner.
If you are intending to launch a career online in any way, this is an ESSENTIAL tool to have, without a doubt.
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on July 4, 2013
This is the BIBLE when it comes to online marketing. I have read tons of other marketing books, and none of them are as organized as this one is. I have even signed up for costly online subscriptions that haven't provided a fraction of what this little book entails. Don't fall for the gimmicks. Just get this book and try to do one of the lesson each day or week.
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on February 28, 2015
Another great book by Jim Cockrum. If you get this book i suggest you also invest in his other book "Silent Sales Machine". These two can help you build a solid business that will last a lifetime.
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on February 8, 2012
I have followed Jim Cockrum for a while, and been a student of his coaching program. I will tell you that his ideas and guidance have literally changed my life at a time that I urgently needed a change due to unfortunate circumstances. He definitely knows his stuff, and is one of the few people I trust when it comes to ideas and guidance for my business. I can tell you his coaching program alone has been life changing and done magic for my business. I bought this book not really knowing what to expect, as I have read a lot of things Jim has written, but what a surprise to find new and useful ideas and information that I haven't heard nor read anywhere else. I am simply amazed and I have learned so much. I love the way the book is set up - you can read little bits and pieces as time allows and still get a thorough lesson each time you go to the book. The ideas in this book are outstanding, and Jim has once again impressed me. I have learned quite a bit from Jim by being a student of his coaching program, which is outstanding by the way. This book has ramped up my knowledge quite a bit more, as well as it motivates me to implement new ideas into my business. No matter what kind of business you have, or even if you don't have a business but are thinking about it in the future, this book is an absolute goldmine of great ideas. I am so glad I purchased this book, and I have already referred back to it quite a few times to help me take my business to the next level. I know I will be referring back to this book many times in the future, because I have already seen good outcomes from just a couple of ideas that are presented in the book. I cannot give enough praises for this book, as it's chock full of awesome ideas that are easy to understand. I also find that when I'm unmotivated, just a quick 10 minute read of this book from any chapter will motivate me and get me doing things to better my business. I have to say, buy this book. If you don't buy it, your competition most likely will, and they are going to have the edge over you. This book is full of innovative and great ideas that are up to date and relevant to the business world today, and it's priced at a great price point. I personally would have paid quite a bit more for this book because I have done diligent research and I can tell you the best person to take advice from about your business is Jim Cockrum. He is the real deal and can help totally transform your business and your life with his ideas. I truly believe that Jim Cockrum is one of the few marketers that truly cares about his customers and students, but more importantly this guy knows his stuff and keeps up with trends. You simply can't go wrong with anything Jim puts out or endorses, and this book is no exception. Buy it, buy it, buy it! I cannot praise this book enough, and I look forward to future book releases from Jim. I have the Kindle version, but I am going to buy the actual book because I know I'm going to be re-reading and re-reading this for years to come and want a physical copy. This book is destined to become legendary very soon, and I believe every business owner needs to have a copy of this book on their shelf and in front of their eyes. Great job, outstanding book and very well written!
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on April 25, 2017
Jim really knows what he is talking about! He is a success, and now I hope to become one also. Amazon here I come!
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on March 15, 2017
I haven't read the entire book yet, but Jim Cockrum is a great person to follow so I know this is a keeper.
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on July 22, 2013
This book covers so much. How to defend your companies reputation, how to build a great online reputation, how to get many more customers/clients, and much more. His tips are so good that it makes me wish I had time to open another company - just to apply them somewhere else.
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