Customer Reviews: Sailor Moon 4
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on May 23, 2012
I have been Sailormoon fan for so many years (since 6th grade until now - I'm 28), and had a chance to read various online scanlations, official translation book (previous published Sailormoon by Tokyo Pop if I'm not wrong), and to be honest, I was not so happy with the way they changed the name and the way people call each other in the original Japanese version. It caused me confusion and indeed left me a feeling that the translation didn't convey what the Japanese version meant. And when I ordered this book, I was a little bit worried if I'm wasting my time again. However, it proved itself. I'm completely satisfied with the way it was translated (especially with the fact that it keeps Usagi-chan or replaced by a bunny face (cute! :)), not Serena or whatsoever), the paper quality is amazing (3-4 pages in color art - so beautiful!) and there are even pages in the end explaining details on events, places, terms or some Japanese jokes to help the reader understand the story and the background better. What else to say? Totally recommended for new reader (trust me, the story is way much better than the anime - in case you saw the anime and became an anti fan) and must-have for hard core fan. Can't wait to order the rest of the collection! :)Keep up the good job, publisher!
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on April 21, 2012
As a whole I am very happy with these new editions and translations. This volume is no different. The color pages are lovely, and it's nice to see the artwork not flipped for translation. (Though, most manga stopped doing this ages ago at this point anyway.)

My only big problem, and I'm sure it isn't with every copy, is that pages 44 and 45 have a huge thick black line down them, which completely obscures much of the text and image. This is in the first part of the book, Act 17. I thought at first maybe it was part of the story, so I dug out my Mix edition, and it wasn't present, and I even dug out my original Japanese release and it wasn't present. I guess I got the bad copy. This is the only thing I would say to watch out for! If you happen to buy the book somewhere else, in person, be sure to check first! I bought my copy from Amazon so I couldn't check. As always though, I have no issues with Amazon, everything comes at a great price, packaged perfectly and with good shipping speed.
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on August 21, 2014
I love the new covers for these releases! I used to have all of the originals, but I passed those down to my little sister, and then my MOM decided that she was going to donate them to the library at the school she went to and THEN THEY TOOK THEM TO GOODWILL. MY PRECIOUS MANGAS.

So, I recollected all of the new ones, and I love them. Plus, Jupiter is my homegirl. Great translation, only qualm I had was the last few pages of the final book, the original translation was much better.
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on February 21, 2016
A wonderful volume to a wonderful series. It has amazing art, characters, & plot line. I recommend it fully to anyone who loves anything shoujo. Also to anyone coming over from the anime, it is more straight to the point then the 90's anime was. But it still has its own way of being amazing.
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on March 16, 2012
The most recent installment of the newly reprinted Sailor Moon series is, like the previous volumes, amazing.
I had to subtract one star because:
- the translations are somewhat stilted and awkward in places
- the translator notes at the end of this particular volume are mostly useless
- some of the lettering/dialogue gets caught between the pages and interrupts an otherwise smooth reading experience

Still highly recommended, this series broke a lot of new ground when it was first published, and brings back happy memories.
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on March 22, 2015
I purchased volumes 1 & 2 for my daughter who is an avid Sailor Moon fan. Initially, I was concerned that it wouldn't meet her expectations. However, she was more than happy. She was happy with them that she saved her allowance to have me purchase 2 more volumes. She is requesting more!
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on January 19, 2015
There's a reason Sailormoon has been popular for years! There's over 200 of them in total and multiple publishers. I used to read this when younger and now my young nieces are addicted. This is the translated version of the Japanese one, not the USA mock version.
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on April 4, 2014
This needs to be said: "The choppy still continues." At first it wasn't noticeable at all, but then towards the end there's scenes that show Chibiusa where it was flashbacking, present daying, and then—?—confusion. It was so rough I had to go back and read it again to understand it. I'm still a little iffy on what happened “exactly” 100 percent. But I got enough of it that I'm not too worried.

What I love is how the guardians are slowly being picked off. However, what I loved the most is that this allowed some time with Makoto, Sailor Jupiter. It allowed readers to see past her strong "yankee" persona and see the softy she is. Plus, I caught a hint of a romance? What's even cooler is how the time traveling is coming in, and I believe it's affecting Usagi. It's interesting how she's jealous of Chibiusa and the attention that Mamoru gives her. Clearly Mamoru immediately understands who Chibiusa is and her importance to him. Usagi. Well let's be honest she's a bit of a selfish person. Mamoru is her man, and I understand that in both lives she really hasn't had time with Mamoru. They still need to build up their love and trust. So Usagi's jealousy is understandable. Unlike a lot of readers I can see how this could lead to her future self becoming distant with someone she's supposed to love unconditionally. Jealousy is a powerful emotion. Plus, let's be honest Mamoru does kind of ignore her . . .

The Black Moon arc is in full swing and the art style is truly inspiring. The future world of Crystal Tokyo is gorgeous, even in its death. The villains are meh. The evil Prince Demand having a crush on Neo Tokyo Princess Serenity is a very interesting plot device. Looking at the drawing of Serenity who could blame him? Usagi clearly is still an average girl at heart, she's only human. So as her heart breaks so does her powers. What I'm hoping for is that by seeing the negative emotions shape her present and future she can enter a more positive state of being. That her love can extend past her ultimate obsession for Mamoru. Also, I think Mamoru's complete obsession with taking care of Chibiusa is kind of creepy. Outside of some alone time where he comforts Usagi, after she's had a total heart breaking melt down, he really doesn't do much to assure Usagi—or me—that he is thinking of her. There should be two women he's worried about here!

All right away from my tangent. The dramatic events of this title and the repercussions of time travel are refreshing! Especially since it's not just the affect upon the world, but the characters down to their emotional levels. The introductory of Sailor Pluto was fun and as always I'd love more on her. At least Jupiter got some development and I'm hoping this is a sign that other guardians will get the same attention. Tuxedo Mask finally gets some powers! (No rose tossing thank you!) Usagi's personal growth is fascinating--I f you can't tell by my serious over analyzation above—and I'm practically just as hungry for more of that and if Mamoru might finally realize that he's got two leading ladies to share the love with. Especially after that cliffhanger. No really. Have the next volume on hand!

Sexual Content: Kissing. And I'm seriously wondering if the kiss that was hinting at a steamy make out session . . . may have been more steamier then we're led to believe.

3/5- Adored it, just a few minor details held it back.

Originally reviewed at Book Whispers.
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VINE VOICEon March 15, 2012
4.5 stars

We are now into the 4th volume and I have to say, the drama just keep on coming.

With Jupiter, Mars and Mercury kidnapped by the Black Moon, Usagi/Serena & friends must find a way to save their friends and their world. And the only key to the puzzle about their new enemies is Chibiusa/Rini. What was she trying to hide?

We are now deeply entrenched in what would be consider the near ending of the Sailor Moon R arc. In this volume, the gang traveled to the 30th century to seek out the truth behind the Black Moon faction. There, they meet the mysterious Sailor Pluto and Chibiusa/Rini's parents. (One of my favorite scenes in the anime. If you don't already know who her parents are, I won't spoil it for you.) I really enjoyed reading this volume since it gave a lot of background information that was left out of the anime that I was not even aware of. The only reason I couldn't give this manga a full 5 stars was because there was a few tedious parts to get through. The scenes with long explanations about Black Moon and dialogue between the enemies can be a bit to process. So, I ended skimming through those few pages until the next interesting scene caught my eye.

Chapter 17: Secret, Sailor Jupiter - Makoto/Lita is kidnapped by the Black Moon
Chapter 18: Invasion, Sailor Venus - Determined to find out the truth about Black Moon, they confront Chibiusa/Rini. However, Calaveras/Avery is brainwashing humans to believe the White Moon is evil.
Chapter 19: Time Warp, Sailor Pluto - Chibiusa/Rini agrees to bring them to the 30th century and they meet Sailor Pluto. As they make their way, they are faced with a bleak future.
Chapter 20: Crystal Tokyo, King Endymion - They meet a hologram of Chibiusa/Rini's father, King Endymion, who is also put under a deep sleep. He explains the sad fate of the future and offer to help them in their quest to save the past and future.
Chapter 21: Complication, Nemesis - Usagi/Serena is kidnapped by Prince Demande/Prince Diamond and taken to Nemesis, the enemies' planet.

The quality of the book and pages are the same as the previous editions. There are a few more color pages in the beginning. Some dialogue bubbles were hard to read since they were manufactured a little too close to the seams of the center. Since I have never read the original Japanese version or the older English translation, I cannot comment on the accuracy of the translation. Reading can be a bit choppy at times. However, it was not that noticeable and I never gave it a thought. All in all, if you are forming a collection (like I am), then pick this up. If you are new to the series, start from the beginning. This manga showcased one of my favorite scenes from the series, so please don't miss this exciting volume.
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on June 2, 2014
Always loved Sailor Moon since i was kid. Been waiting for new edition to come out. Love the new book cover, and how they set it into 12 sailor moon books, plus 4 other books. Much better than 'orginial' books.
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