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on October 5, 2016
Received the Kindle version yesterday and stayed up till 3am finishing it. Explains so much about the FBI investigation and Comey.

I knew the Obama's and Clintons hated each other but not how deep it went. Obama also hates Comey ("worst mistake of his Presidency") and initially wanted FBI to recommend indictment... But he couldn't convince Biden to run. Thus the flip and reluctant phony endorsement for Hillary. Now BO is campaigning for her as if he's running for a third term.

Hillary cusses like a drunken sailor in private and the book reveals the dysfunctional Clinton family and the true nature of Chelsea - Wow. And of course there's Hillary's weird relationship with

It's been a long time since I read a book in one day. Seeing what Trump is up against (Trump covered briefly), it will be a miracle if he gets elected. But I still believe in miracles...
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on October 8, 2016
I started this book yesterday, and finished it this morning. Once you start it, you will find yourself not wanting to put it down.
I wanted not only answers, but what went on behind the scenes as to "WHY" no indictment.
I was one of many who watched James Comey make his case in listing everything his team of investigators found out during the year long investigation of Hillary's home server, and her reckless mishandling of some of our Country's most sensitive Classified info, along with her personal stuff.
When Comey concluded that there would be no indictment, my mouth totally dropped. I wanted to know how could he reach this conclusion??
When you read this book, the author lays out precise interviews of those close to the Clintons, and events as they unfolded.
I was so angry at Comey, and thought he lacked the courage and "other" things (ahem) to appear as to not standing up for the Laws, and caving in to political pressure. By reading this book, you will find out exactly "who" and "why" Comey had to do a total 180 and allow Hillary a pass.
I'm still angry at Comey for not doing the right thing, and standing for the Laws and not Politics! Hillary brought this on herself, and it isn't a right -wing conspiracy, political theater, or waste of taxpayers money, to get to the truth. We need answers, and not have those close to Hillary taking the "5th", Whenever, I hear that, I can't help but think "what are they hiding?"
Anyone who doesn't agree, needs to see how dangerous it is for America to go down this road. It shouldn't matter if you are a Democrat,
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on October 4, 2016
Please note that I have read this book in its entirety. This review is not in support of Hillary Clinton as a presidential nominee, but an evaluation of the book itself. I purchased this book as I wanted to understand the Hillary Clinton email scandal in more detail as well as any other revelations. I knew that Hillary was using her own personal email server at her home in Chappaqua, New York, but I did not really know all of the implications of what this meant. This book focuses on the email scandal, other past scandals as well as implications of political favors while she was Secretary of State.

FBI director, James Comey stated Hillary was “extremely careless” in how she handled her emails while she was secretary of state. The FBI is worried that Clinton’s email may have been hacked which would compromise the security of the United States. However, he did not suggest the Attorney General bring any criminal charges against her. It appears that over 2000 of her emails on her private email server were classified with 22 of them being classified as special access programs. The author opined that Comey did not suggest indicting Hillary due the President’s, Attorney General’s, Democrats in Congress and the Liberal Media’s oppositions to an indictment. He speaks of ill will between the Obamas and the Clintons. However, he explains why Obama ended up not wanting Hillary to be indicted for the email scandal.

The author speaks of Hillary’s temperament as being unbalanced. I felt he expressed this since Hillary’s claim is that Trump has a temperament unfit to be President. The author feels that Hillary lacks the temperament to be President more so than Trump. The author also feels that Hillary is covering up real health issues. However, he only supplies the facts as they were released to the public such as events of her fainting and her blood clots as well as a friend's interview to support his claim.

According to this book, what is interesting is that her lack of indictment for the email scandal does not mean Clinton is in the clear. The author reveals how FBI agents are still investigating her. The media is not publicizing this new investigation. They are looking at her relationship with foreign entities that made donations to the Clinton foundation in return for political favors. The FBI director believed that Hillary had dispensed favors to foreign governments and businessmen who contributed money to the Clinton Foundation. The FBI questioned a retired foreign services officer who worked closely with Clinton. He was questioned whether Hillary ever worked on the Clinton Foundation business while she was secretary of state. He responded that the occasions that she did so were too numerous to mention.

I found the book interesting because I wonder what will happen if the investigation uncovers enough to bring charges against Hillary. If Hillary was found guilty of political favors while she was secretary of state, she could be charged under several different statutes. Among them: the federal official bribery and gratuity statute…; the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act…; and the federal program bribery statute. It is unsettling especially if it occurs before the election or if she is elected president.

The one thing I did not like was at the end the author expressed his opinion of why Hillary should not be President and listed the reasons why. I think that he would have better off leaving it up to his readers to make up their own minds after he revealed the facts. However, since the presented the book in an enlightening and interesting manner I am willing to overlook his political agenda.
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on October 6, 2016
I was voting for Hillary but not after reading this book===a great, great book
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on October 7, 2016
This is an excellent book that is very easy to read (I read it in two days) and delves deeply into the FBI investigation of Hillary's personal email use while Secretary of State. It reads like something out of Shakespeare with hubris, greed, arrogance and corruption the dominant character traits shared by the various players. For anyone who has watched Netflix's "House of Cards", the similarities in this story will be striking. For the uninformed reviewers that have not read it and say it is a "right wing" hatchet job, Edward Klein was the Editor in Chief of the New York Times Magazine for 10 years and the New York Times does not employ "right wingers" in any capacity let alone as Editor in Chief. He was also the Foreign Editor of Newsweek for 7 years and a contributing editor of Vanity Fair for 7 years, neither of which is known for its conservative viewpoints. Prior to his books about Hillary Clinton, he published four bestsellers about the Kennedys, all of which were well received by the media. This is not the resume of a member of "the vast right wing conspiracy." Read the book.
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on October 16, 2016
Got this on Kindle the other day. Have we all known about this for years? YES, many people in position have been trying to warn us this for years, way before this election. But why do we ignore it? Why are we actually letting her run for president? and we wonder why our government is so messed up. Serious people, who gives a care she is a woman, an evil woman is much worse than an evil man. She will end up destroying the future for some good honest female to ever run due to her dealings. Why destroy the future for other women? The answer to how did she get this far, is read the book, it has nothing to do with she qualified for this,, by far.. liar and manipulator. Not till now I told myself it was my duty as a voter to find out as much as i can on both. It gets worse and more scary the more I learn about this woman. Guess what? it is not Hollywood rumor America seems to love and soak up, this is the real stuff, the things that matter and our future, WAKE UP AMERICA
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on October 8, 2016
Pretty much an update to the author's previous books on Mrs. Clinton, and even though i do follow current events, there was information new to me. Anyone who thoughtfully reads this book and votes for Hillary Clinton cannot be a true patriot.
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on October 5, 2016
As usual, Klein clearly states the facts. To be a informed voter you must read this book. You owe it to yourself.
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on October 14, 2016
Ed Klein has done a very credible job of indicting Hillary Clinton and anyone with 1 eye & half sense should be able to get that. Probably the best expose yet of the Clinton machine and its corruption.
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on October 7, 2016
RIVETING!!!! This book will tell you what really happened regarding the FBI investigation. It connects all the dots and should be a must read for all Americans.
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