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on February 17, 2000
My husband and I are on the far ends of the spectrum when it comes to photography. He loves the CoolPix950 with the advanced mode, I use it with the auto mode for now. Either way we get great pictures, especially with the option to delete and a 32mb Compact Flash card.
To print photos, we bought the Olympus printer that Amazon "recommends" and found it to be small and flimsy. We returned it (as always a good Amazon return experience!) and bought the HP PhotoSmart P1100 with duplexer. The best thing about this printer is that you can just pop the Compact Flash card out of the camera and pop it into the printer, and HP's software is FAR superior to the Nikon junk that comes with the CoolPix.
A few annoying features: (1) the delay between when you press the shutter button and when the camera finally takes the photo. Hard to get used to when trying to photograph your two-year-old offering his stuffed Pooh a drink from his sippy cup (2) the flash is too close to the lens and everything with eyeballs turns red!
We use this camera a lot, especially outdoors. The macro mode is fun too.
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on May 12, 2000
I have owned this camera for over 9 months now and I really like it. The image quality is stunning and I didn't find it all that hard to figure out how to use it. The controls are generally well thought out and positioned ergonomically.
The camera is also slow (I think this is true with most digital cameras.) You click the shutter and about 1 or 2 secs later it takes the picture. This may not sound like a big deal, but last night I was trying to take pictures of my infant son, and in that amount of time he often moved his face away from the camera.
A significant short coming is the built in flash. Its nowhere near powerful enough, even for a simple head and shoulders shot when the subject is 4 feet away. Images often come out too dark. This wouldn't be so bad if there were accomodations for an external flash, but there doesn't seem to be one. Also, the camera tends to create "red eye" a lot, which you can correct if you have PhotoShop, but that's more work than I want to do.
The camera does eat up a lot of power, I agree with the others who suggest getting rechargeable batteries. You can get a set of NiMH batteries and a charger for about $20 bucks (it takes 4 AA batteries.) I'd suggest getting at least 8 AA batteries.
I do suggest getting extra memory (I have 32 megs) and one of those USB memory card readers, its a lot faster than a serial port.
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on November 25, 1999
I've been taking and developing pictures for nearly 50 years. The Coolpix 950 is my second digital. It's truly one of the greats with plenty of creative features. The macros are impressive, with distances less than an inch. The Coolpix requires lots of time understanding the many buttons, wheels and software driven features. It seems to me that the Nikon computer people and their mechanical people could have made it easier for the user. The available user instructions from Nikon, including their CD ROM versions, could have been much better designed, even for old photography buffs. Their technical service phone number is a toll call and I got busy signals THREE times even after I connected with their menu-driven answering machine. Their website tech help is very good, but not if you are in a hurry. The camera is a major user of power so you will need long lasting batteries like NiMH. I bought a rechargable ProPower Pack from Unity Digital for $100 that lasts a considerable time. I'd rate the camera itself a 5-star and the support and user help a 3-star, for an average of 4-stars.
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on December 31, 1999
I just received this camera about a week ago. Since then I'vereplaced the 8mb memory card with a 96mb card. This camera definitelytakes some getting used to. I'm taking mostly photo's of my new twinsand find that I'm either afflicted with the palsy or the camera is super sensitive to shaking. Suggest trying a tripod (that is my next investment).
I think you also need to experiment with things like shutter speed to get the maximum picture out of the camera. I have had very mixed results with closeups but blame myself for not having gotten the hang of this yet.
Overall it is a really nice unit, solidly built. You'll need a bigger memory card, probably a USB card reader and NIMH batterys (don't let them sell you NICADS - get the 1500mah NIMH along with a 1 hour rapid charger).
You won't be sorry with the camera!
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on March 16, 2000
I bought my Coolpix 950 three months ago. I had a Sony Mavica before. The Mavica was easy to use, but limited. The Coolpix is extremely flexible and can work well if you have the time to carefully adjust the proper settings. Unfortunately it takes some time to be able to understand enough about the settings to use them correctly. These are often a strange mix of software and hardware settings. You can't be in a hurry to take a picture with this camera. Another negative is the considerable use of energy needed to take the highest resolution photos. The 950 sucks energy from my NiMH batteries at a surprisingly high rate. I bought a backup rechargable battery pack and it goes fast too. On the plus side, the photos are great and the macro gets you less than one half inch from the subject. I consider the camera pricey and a bit quirky. I hope Nikon's next version is less of both.
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on June 12, 2000
There's no need to repeat all the wonderful things about this camera. It's great! However, I would like to make the following recommendations.
1) Get a couple sets of rechargeable NiMH batteries rated at 1500mah. The alkalines I first used were good for about an hour. With the NiMH batteries, I'm still shooting with the same batteries after more than 120 pictures, with no sign of drainage. Don't settle for the cheaper 600mah NiMH batteries, spend the extra money and get the 1500mah rating. Also, I recommend NiMH rather than NiCd, as the later is less environmentally friendly. Radio Shack is selling a set of 4AA NiMH 1300mah batteries plus a charging unit for $1 more than the price of the batteries alone. If you get this, plus an extra set of 1500mah NiMH, you'll be all set.
2) Get a 6VDC 800ma adapter, for use when downloading pictures to your computer. It will give you a lot longer battery life. By the way you don't need the 6.5V adapter Nikon recommends.
3) Don't use the LCD screen more than you have to when running off batteries. Program the camera to keep the LCD screen off by default. This can be done in M-REC mode. As far as I can tell M-REC mode does everything A-REC mode does (including automatic focus and flash), except A-REC mode forces the LCD screen on, so learn how to use the camera and stay with M-REC. By the way, a quick peek at the LCD every now and then is okay with the NiMH batteries, but don't leave the LCD on any longer than you have to.
4) Don't change picture resolutions unless the memory card is empty. I've lost pictures doing this. If you want to shoot at a different resolution, save the pictures first, then clear the memory card and go from there.
If you follow these suggestions, you'll find the batteries last a LONG time, and you'll always take great pictures.
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on October 24, 2015
I keep buying these out of production cameras, to keep my great lenses that attach going.
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on November 18, 2001
This camera takes excellent quality digital pictures and comes with the Nikonview software which enables you to make basic edits on the pictures on your computer. It is fairly easy to use and the compact flash uploads into the computer either via a reader or directly from the camera. I have seen some digital pictures which made me wonder why you would bother, the quality was so poor. This camera is the best I have seen and I would highly recommend it.
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on June 8, 2012
We use these camera's at work to take photos through our microscopes. Because the lens does not move and is threaded, we can use this with an adapter from Zarf Enterprises to work with our microscopes. 2MP is not a problem for our 3x5 printed photos.
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on November 3, 1999
I use a Sony MVC-FD91 at work and I love it, but I wanted something a little smaller for my personal use and bought a Nikon Coolpix 950. I have Nikon 35mm cameras and like them. My Coolpix camera works fine and picture quality is good, but, except for size, I think the Sony is superior in almost every way.
My biggest gripes about the Nikon are the cheesy, print-it-yourself manual and absolutely maddening software that come with it. The print-your-own instructions with the software are very confusing and I don't believe I ever successfully printed the entire manual. I have also never figured out how to download the camera itself (I can't get the program to recognize the camera). I ended up buying a Compact Flash reader (if I were designing a camera, Compact Flash would be dead last on my list of preferred memory cards.) and another software program which adds a couple hundred dollars or more to the price of the camera. A decent sized Compact Flash card will add another hundred or so (and then there are the batteries and charger). If you take this camera on a vacation, you'll need to bring your computer or several hundred dollars worth of memory cards.
For a camera in this price range, I think Nikon would be wise include decent, already printed manuals and user-friendly software.
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