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on June 23, 2002
My husband & I decided to buy this coffee maker after doing a lot of research. We've had it for about two weeks now and it definitely makes the best coffee ever. Here's what we've found:
1. The coffee--perfectly brewed every time, really hot, and FAST. Six cups brew in about six minutes. We did a side-by-side brewing and taste test with our old filter-drip machine. The Bodum coffee was a lot hotter, had better body and flavor, and was done a lot faster.
2. Clean-up: A little more trouble than with our old drip coffee maker, but it's really not a big deal. We rinse the coffee grounds out of the top half into the sink with the pull-out sprayer, then run them down the disposal. We hand-wash the top and filter or, occasionally, run them through the dishwasher (the top fits fine in the bottom rack). We just rinse out the bottom half and let it air-dry.
3. Amount of ground coffee used: This coffee maker does use a little more coffee than our old one. The instructions say to use one scoop (2 tablespoons) of coffe per "cup," as marked on the carafe. One "cup" on this carafe is four ounces. We have found that this ratio works perfectly. With our old coffee maker, I used one scoop per six ounces for the best-tasting coffee. I suspect the difference is due to the coarser grind used in the Bodum than in filter-drip coffee makers.
4. Amount of coffee made: The minimum amount of coffee you can make is 4 "cups," or 16 ounces. This is not too much for me to drink by myself, but if you just want 8-12 ounces to get yourself out the door in the morning, it might be too much. The maximum is 12 "cups," or 48 ounces, a good amount for a dinner party. And the machine brews so quickly that you can easily make one pot for the decaf-drinkers and a second for those who prefer it leaded.
5. Other comments: *Really* fun to watch and listen to! Watch the instructional video--it's very helpful. We haven't experienced any of the problems with water heating that some other reviews mention.
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on October 24, 2013
I'm heart broken that these are no longer made. This Bodum coffee maker produced the best tasting cup of coffee time after time, with a consistency that is unmatched by any maker before or after, even the coffee maker that is today considered the best of the rest, "Technivorm". Yes I own the Technivorm, it's good, but cheaply made and not up to par with the Bodum.

The only flaw of the Bodum was lid on the carafe. The tabs would break-off easily if you weren't careful removing the lid, but damn, what a cup of coffee. The Bodum was so good, so popular that even today when they occasionally pop-up on Ebay, a bidding frenzy ensues and the price goes beyond the $300 mark every time. That alone speaks volumes for what this machine could do. If you're a coffee aficionado and gotta have the excellent cup of java in the morning, the Bodum was your machine. The need to put one of these in the Smithsonian, it was that good.

My Technivorm will suffice for now, but I'm on the look out for a replacement to my Bodum.... guess I'll have to keep checking Ebay.
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on April 26, 2005
I used the rest of some mexican coffee beans that I didn't like with my old drip maker to make the first pot of coffee with this Bodum.

I was blown away by the flavor. There are nuances of good flavor without the bitterness. I taste subtle notes of cinnamon, etc.

This is the best coffee I've ever made, and possibly ever had. Again, I ground the beans right before the brew and just used the scoop included with the Bodum per cup as recommended and brewed an 8 cup pot.

Delicious. If you're a coffee snob or just like an absolutely delicious cup of coffee, then you will be pleasantly surprised. I will never go back to drip. Can't make me.
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VINE VOICEon June 5, 2005
Pros: best cup of coffee from any prior machine I have owned. Fun to watch. Cool design. Very hot cup of coffee.

Cons: Clean up. Slow to drain back into serving vessel if you have any fines from your grinding. Slower brewing process.

First off, I do love this coffee maker. After many years, and a number of coffee makers-including a Mr. Coffee and a Braun-I have wanted a very hot cup of coffee. Most coffee makers do not come close to making a truly hot cup of coffee. Since the Santos actually boils the water, and then introduces it to the coffee, you are assured of a hot cup of coffee. It is the best cup of coffee I have ever tasted from a coffee maker.

The coffee brewing process is fun to watch, with water boiling in the lower vessel then moving upward to the upper chamber holding the coffee. There is a fun and sudden mixing which occurs as all the water is vacuumed out of the lower chamber. Then after about a minute, the brewed coffee moves back into the lower chamber. Everyone loves watching this...

There are some cautions however. After I purchased this coffee maker, I realized that my grinder (a Braun burr grinder) made a higher percentage of fines than was desirable. This occurred even after a routine cleaning of the grinder. I do not use really oily beans, but I do like darker roasts, and the grinder does require cleaning to remove some of the accumulated fines which coat the inner grinding area. I clean the grinder after every 2 lb or so. In the Santos brewing process, it is the fines which will tend to inhibit the movement of the brewed coffee back into the lower chamber... so you sit and wait. Or, as I do, you remove the upper chamber put it (temporarily) in your cup and pour what you want into your cup, then put the upper chamber back on to let it finish draining.

This whole process made me realize I needed a new grinder. So I purchased a Solis burr grinder (about $150). Grinding the coffee showed almost no fines at all-so there should be a lot less "dust" to inhibit the flow of coffee from the upper to lower chambers. Well, even at the largest grind allowed, I find draining of the upper chamber is slower than I might like. The filter itself is clean, and I will sometimes just run plain water through the whole process to remove any oils from the filter. (probably a good recommendation to enhance filter life anyway).

Then there is clean up. Yes, you definitely must let the grounds sit for a little while to dry up. But you still have to get them out of the upper chamber-and it certainly is not as quick and easy as dumping out a paper filter into the garbage can. Clean up is messier than I like.

So, I do like this coffee maker. I do not regret purchasing it or even having to buy another grinder. I do wish I could figure out how to get the upper chamber to drain a bit faster. There are always tradeoffs. I am still looking for that so called drip maker that makes a really hot cup of coffee. Unfortunately, most reviews (even comprehensive reviews like Consumer Reports) do not provide any indication of an actual temperature of the "first cup" you pour or the brewing temperature. With the Santos, you definitely know you are going to get a hot cup of coffee that will satisfy your desire for a great cup with a little extra effort.

rated a "5" for coffee quality. But, a "4" for the tradeoffs. I would put down a "4.5", but refuse to round up... the process is not perfect.

If you are interested in the history of vacuum brewers... take a look at this site: [...]
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on December 31, 2003
I am not a coffee conniseur except that I only like good, non-bitter coffee. Others really make me gag. This machine makes great coffee and is easy to use IF you read the instructions and IF you immediately call the Bodum 800 number, option 4 if you have any questions on operation. The instructions are only about 2 pages of pictures that are relatively easy to understand.
This is really important. One other reviewer mentioned that his grounds get wet from the little bit of coffee being pushed into the cone. This does not happen if the water is cold, the pot is cool, and the filter is not snapped into place until after you put the cone on top. That's what I mean about following the simple instructions. Also, "prime" it with a full pot of plain water before the first batch.
My first batch of coffee was so good with the recommended amount of coffee. I mean, really good. The next batch I set with the timer to be ready in the morning. I woke up in time to see some of the operation and was dismayed to see about 1/2 of the coffee floating on top DRY. The resulting coffee was dishwater. I threw it out, made another batch and stirred the top while it was brewing and it was fantastic! This is with ground at the store Trader Joe's store-brand coffee!
I decided to try the timer function again and the coffee was great this time. I called Bodum to figure out what might be causing the inconsistency. They told me how to time the cycle properly to see if there was something wrong with my machine. Fill it with cold water and start timing from the time the water starts travelling "north" over the filter until it drops back into the carafe. It should be around 4-6 minutes. For me, it was much longer. Not only that. Some water made it to the top and sat there waiting for the rest to come up for about 5 minutes in stages. When I called Bodum back to explain what was happening, they were immediately able to determine that I did not have the upper funnel properly aligned. They even waited on the phone to see that it was properly working for me now.
The large indentation on the upper funnel needs to be over the handle of the carafe. Otherwise, the vacuum seal is not perfect. Simple!!
Cleaning is no problem at all, even for my husband. I rinse the grounds down the disposal and wash the top portion either by hand or dishwasher. I always wipe it out with a dry towel to make it shiny and bright. The lower portion gets rinsed with a little soap and then left open to dry. I store the funnel next to it anyway because it is a little too tall for my storage area otherwise.
This machine will save us $$$ because we don't have to buy cups at Peet's anymore for good coffee.
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on March 29, 2003
My first job 30 years ago was a waitress at a diner that used glass vacuum coffee pots. That was the best coffee I ever remembered. So when I saw the Bodum coffee maker in a catalog, I started to research. Starbucks offers the same pot I think and so do other places but had the best price. Bought it! It comes with a video and instruction book. I looked at the 2 pages of the instruction book skipped the video and made one "test" pot to just run water thru it, then made the real thing.
- if you follow the instructions very easy to do!!
- fun to watch!..
- very hot coffee
- It called for 12 scoops coffee for 12 cups, I used 10 scoops coffee to 12 cups for my liking.
- Hold coffee pot handle, lift off the top unit, enjoy great coffee!. A little hassle to dump the grinds as opposed to throwing out a paper lined filter. But I always hated the taste the paper filters gave the coffee and no more pots of weak coffee because the paper filter collapsed.
- I have the Starbucks Barista coffee maker which also makes great coffee but not hot enough for me.
- Besides bringing back nice memories of my teen years, I can enjoy the same great tasting coffee
- My husband no longer has to warm his coffee up in the microwave every morning.
- Have made 6 pots so far, consistent results. Hopefully the product will last a good amount of time.
- only other issue is I need to buy some sort of flexible cleaning brush from the grocery store to wipe coffee pot out
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on October 9, 2005
The Bodum Santos replaced my dreary Cuisinart drip coffee maker and I must say, I couldn't be more pleased. The brew is superb, resulting in a rich, smooth coffee flavor each and every time I brew. The design is elegant, it looks beautiful on my countertop and is a great conversation piece when friends gather. My Bodum Santos truly does justice to artisan fresh roasted coffee. Don't settle for less, if you are a coffee geek, you NEED this!!
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on February 12, 2002
I'm only mildly obsessed with my coffee, as opposed to the fully obsessed, who own 20-30 coffeepots, roast their own beans, etc. These guys are great, and I wish I had one who was a close friend who I could bug for samples and pulls from their espresso machine. Since I don't, I've been content with searching out the top roasters in my area, and using either a french press or a drip machine to prepare my daily cup. I've wanted a vacuum coffeemaker since I had a drink from one about ten years ago, but I also knew that the typical fragile glass unit wouldn't make it through many of my hazy morning coffee rituals.
The Bodum is the perfect answer. It's automatic, it makes fantastic coffee out of the box, and you can set it to start at a programmed time in case someone in your household wants their morning cuppa before you, and doesn't want to run a science experiment. The only warning I've got is that you MUST measure the coffee going in. I've gotten used to eyeballing the amount going into the coffeemaker, and the Bodum isn't very forgiving if you use too little coffee. You will end up with something that's nastier than any coffee you've ever made. I made this mistake once. Yech.
Besides, it puts on a fantastic show! Can't wait to use it at my next dinner party....
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on August 10, 2002
I purchased the Santos about 5 months ago.
At first I felt the coffee was a bit weak, but then remembered reading a review here that you might have to use more coffee than usual. I now add one or two scoops more than usual drip makers. The result is a great cup of coffee that is HOT, unlike drip makers which leave the coffee more warm than hot and you must drink it immediately.
Of course, I receive many questions and compliments on the design. One guest vowed she was returning home to purchase her own claiming it was the "coolest coffee pot she'd ever seen".
I have a garbage disposal and find the cleaning to be simple and easy, I rinse the grounds right down the disposal and then wipe the top clean with a sponge and rinse the filter at the same time. The base is a bit more difficult and I have puschased a long handled brush to clean the base with ease.
I rated this coffee maker a 4 rather than a 5 for two reasons:
1. In my area of the country, finding replacement filters is not easy and I must resort to buying on line.
2. I would like to be able to reach under the rim of the base unit with ease for cleaning.
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on March 13, 2003
This is my second review of the Santos, after having owned it for about one year. We used it every day for 12 months.
The Santos still made great coffee after one year, but there is definitely a buildup of coffee oils in the plastic of the carafe over time. I've used coffee-specific cleaners, and they've helped, but the carafe never goes back to it's original pristine condition.
After 12 months, the heating unit died. Bodum replaced the entire unit under warranty, including base heating unit, carafe, funnel, etc., with the return of the base unit only. Total turnaround time was 3 weeks: 1 week turnaround at Bodum + 2 week slow boat shipping. No questions asked on the warranty.
My coffee tastes awesome again! But this is a hard way to get the carafe back to it's original condition.
Overall, this is definitely the easiest way to produce a superior cup of coffee everyday. It makes better coffee than 95% of the commercial coffee bars out there, and has stopped any thoughts of a daily cup at Peets or any other local roaster. The minuses are touchy reliability, and degraded performance over time.
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