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on March 12, 2014
I'm a cyclist that can't keep ear buds in my ears, so I pretty much have to go with the over-ear wrap-around style. Unfortunately, these are no longer the vogue. I had a pair of SONYs that were awesome and lasted a long time (MDR-45s?). When they finally died, I went through several models that were either uncomfortable or sounded terrible (Motorola, Koss, etc.). When I got my first pair of these, my reaction was . . . FINALLY. Comfortable, good sound quality (albeit not studio quality), lightweight but well-constructed, etc. Unfortunately, my pleasure turned to disappointment several months later when one of the drivers started to distort low frequencies. It's kind of odd that it wasn't totally "blown". It would play mid-range and higher frequencies OK, but the low end was obviously and noticeably garbled. I confirmed that it was my .mp3 player by using the headphones in another device with same results.

I thought that maybe I just got a "lemon" set and bought another pair. Again, good start. Again, some months later, one of the drivers did the same thing. I decided to take off the ear pads and see if I could find anything obvious that might be amiss. I noticed that the drivers are protected by a chrome dome piece that showed obvious signs of corrosion (from perspiration). I wonder if that corrosion, or its byproducts, is impacting the drivers. I couldn't take this any further since the driver unit is encased inside this chrome and plastic compartment.

I shopped around for a suitable replacement brand and didn't have much luck, so I thought I'd try a couple more pairs. My luck ran out with one of the two sets - same problem. One of the two sets is still working OK, but I'm guessing they'll fail pretty soon.

If these were $20/pair, I may just keep buying them when they fail. But at the price they're running, I'm going to have to keep trying to find an alternative. It seems that there are a lot of people looking for good headphones like these for sports. I wish Sennheiser would troubleshoot this issue and modify its design.
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on July 21, 2013
I was looking for a headphone set that I could wear for several hours at me desk at work, comfortable, and not so noise blocking that I could hear if someone were to ask me a question. This set fits the bill. I can wear if for hours and it doesn't pinch my ears, very comfortable and light. And I can still here noise around me, like I need. They are open, so people around you can hear them if you have them cranked up.

They are also good for when I go biking. The neckband is low enough that I can wear my helmet correctly, and they are safe to wear since you can hear traffic or others around you.

The sound is awesome; crisp and vibrant.
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on December 26, 2013
I was on Amazon today looking up some headphones for my daughter when I came across these Sennheiser Headphones so I thought that I would write a review to help you all out. I have owned these same headphones, the PMX 60, for almost three years already! In fact it has been two years and nine months because Amazon at the top of my screen displays my date of purchase. I love these headphones and they are the best that I have ever purchased. My ears are very sensitive and I hear every tone. These have crisp clear sound and they have never gone down in sound quality over time. Also the entire headphone in general has never broken. When they do eventually break they will be replaced with another pair of the same kind. I should also add that I am 43, so not a kid who treats my things roughly. I generally have worn these for an average or three days per week with a duration of about four hours per day. The cord is thin and looks delicate and I always thought that it would break but it never has. My complaints would be that these are not noise canceling and the music bleeds BAD so that everyone else around you can hear what you are hearing, even on a very low volume. For me though that didn't matter as I am just working around my house or taking a walk outside while I am wearing them. The cord is annoying just because it gets tangled in whatever I am doing, so I would love to have a pair of cordless Sennheiser's. I don't know if they make any or not so I suppose I will investigate that when these eventually go out on me. If anyone has any questions about these headphones, you are always free to ask me.
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If you are like me and like behind-the-neck headphones for getting around town and at the gym, and was baffled by Sony's redesign of their streetwear series then these are for you.

Sound is comparable to my old MDR-g72's, maybe even better. They are much better looking than the new Sony or Koss models, and they are much more comfortable than any lightweight headphones around. Also they seem well-made (compared to my Sporta-pros) and stand up well to normal wear and tear. They are super-loud on my iPod nano compared to the new low-end sony models. They are also reasonably priced.

Three issues:

-I wish they folded up like my old Sony's.

-They do leak a lot of noise, probably because they are so rockin' loud and lightweight. Be aware of this on the subway or the plane.

-My first pair has acquired a rattle in one ear, not unlike what eventually killed my old faves.

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on September 6, 2013
After months of reviewing the various headphones available, I decided on these for my husband. He is musician and jogger, so excellent sound quality is a requirement. However, just as important is the need to have them actually stay in place while running without constantly needing to reach up to adjust them. The Sennheiser PMX 60 Headphones with Neckband have been perfect in both capacities and my husband absolutely loves them. After several months use he has had no problems with them at all. They still fit as snugly as they did when brand new and the sound quality is fantastic.

The design has the band going behind the head,directly above the neck, then wrapping slightly above and around the ears. This keeps the headphones securely in place without any jarring around while running. This design also seems to hold sunglasses/glasses in place more securely, as the arms can slip directly between the over-the-ear band and the ear itself, all without feeling cumbersome and bulky. These are the only headphones he has ever owned (and he has owned many) that offer him both the sound quality and stable placement while jogging that he requires. Overall, these headphones have been a truly excellent purchase.
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on December 7, 2010
I bought these headphones when my PMX 100's broke down. I was looking for a suitable replacement to those headphones but since this is a review of the 60's, all I will say is the PMX 100 is a superior product in my assessment.

There is nothing outwardly wrong with these headphones. They are actually quite comfortable. They have sleek design and are easy on the eyes. You will not look awkward with these on. There is moderate levels of sound leakage however and if the noise levels in the surrounding environment are up, you will notice very easily.

My problem with these is the actual sound it emits. Now the sound isn't actually all that bad. In fact it's quite crisp. Voices come through crystal clear. The volume actually can be raised to significant heights.

The one aspect I think that neglected with these headphones is the bass. The bass can only be described as average at best. I listen mainly to Hip Hop and this is a huge issue. In my personal opinion if you listen to Hip Hop or Electronica regularly it is essential you have a system or a pair of headphones that is juicy in the bass department to truly have appreciation for the respective genres. I wasn't expecting sub-woofer levels of bass depth but was hoping for a little more punch. Even on tracks that do incorporate punchy bass, it's barely noticeable and can be nearly non-existent otherwise. I noticed minor levels of distortion when the volume levels raised with bassy music but still relatively weak bass.

If deep bass isn't really all that important to you than don't let this review thwart you from picking these up because they are excellent headphones otherwise. As I mentioned previously the sound is very crisp and the various instruments in a track can easily be distinguished.

But don't pick these expecting all world bass because it just isn't there.
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on January 6, 2014
I had a similar setup from Jensen that lasted over 10 years (and hundreds of running miles - and still works) but wanted to update. The sound this thing puts out is awesome, and the ear pieces sit in place very well and comfortably. Not sure what else to say, worth the $$.
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on May 13, 2013
I have been trying to find my ideal pair of light weight, great sounding headphones for casual use and light exercise. I had been through three Bluetooth models, only to be disappointed in the erratic connectivity issues outdoors while moving. I read the reviews about the PMX 60's and decided to give them a try.

The sound quality is fantastic ! They are light and comfortable, and I have no complaints at all. While I was hoping to go cordless for the obvious reasons, with sound this good, I'll keep this traditional corded headphone for a long time. I'm very happy with this purchase, and the $ 65 is totally justified vs many pairs in the $ 30 - $ 40 range. As they say, sometimes you do get what you pay for !
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on June 25, 2009
- The clips that rest on top of the ear can pinch slightly.
(The plastic is not the most comfortable.)
+ After 4 hours of continuous use they are not too uncomfortable and no excessive heat/good airflow.
* While they weigh a bit more than I had hoped, they balance well on my ears and only very rarely require adjustment.

Sound Quality:
The sound improves as the volume increases. The spacial feeling (surround) of the phones at large volumes sounds very nice and open.
+ The treble and mid balance is very nice.
- Bass is practically non-existent, which is expected due to the size of the phones.

Why four stars for an average set?:
The price. You get a bit more than your money's worth. These and the Sony MDR-V150 Monitor Series Headphones with Reversible Earcups (for home use) & JVC HAFX33A Marshmallow In-Ear Stereo Headphones (Blue) (for portability and noisy areas) are probably my favorite budget phones. The Sennheiser PMX60 are perfect for work environments where you get up from your desk often for various projects. They are very easy and comfortable to slip on or off.

UPDATE: I've now used these regularly for almost a year at work and they still sound great and have had no problems.
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on March 22, 2014
I had to replace a similar pair of Sony's after my dog chewed the wire. I think that the mid range is better and it is definitely more sensitive than my Sony's were (Will play louder at the same setting on my i-pod). This latter specification was important for me because I exercise with a jump rope and some of the songs I had converted from CD's to electronic files for the iPod were a bit too quiet for "dance" level music on my prior Sony phones.
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