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on May 10, 2016
Got my new steam cleaner yesterday and couldn't wait to get started on my bathroom grout! The instructions were easy to understand, and I was happily steaming away in 10 minutes. I had heard amazing things about grout cleaning, but WOW! The pressure nozzle with a nylon utility brush really did the trick. Picture of the floor attached for your viewing pleasure! Lower left corner shows the "before", upper shows "after".

After the bathroom, I was excited to try other areas- so I moved on to all the sinks and faucets in my house. You know those super hard to clean places around the little handles and spouts, and behind the faucet? I usually clean with these with an old toothbrush, but it never really gets everything. Not so with the steam cleaner!! Everything was sparkling and looked brand-new afterwards. I forgot to take photos, but I'll update this review next time if it ever gets bad again (unlikely, as I am now addicted to steaming).

Once I was done with the sinks and faucets, I moved on to the water dispenser in the fridge that gets all that gunk on the inside, and the inside of the oven, and my patio furniture. All with amazing results. By that point, I had been steaming for about two hours and needed a break. Today, though, I'll be using the upholstery attachment to do the patio cushions and my living room couches! Next week, maybe I'll detail my car! Told my boyfriend about my cleaning escapades and now he wants to steam clean his carpeted stairs (they're really gross). If we end up doing it, I'll post more photos to compare.

I can't believe the value for the price on this product. It absolutely works as advertised, and feels very sturdy and well-made without being heavy. I am impressed on so many levels, and I can tell that this will get a lot of use at my house. The only possibly negative thing I could say about this was that the handle got pretty hot when I was steaming continuously, so I would recommend only holding the button down for a couple seconds at a time, then pausing to wipe, then repeating (it got hot when I was holding the button down for 10+ seconds). This could be easily remedied by putting on some gardening gloves or even an oven mitt if you really need to have longer bouts of steaming. All in all though, I love this steamer!
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on April 12, 2017
There is a blog out there entitled "unf*ck your habitat," and I have been using it to help me for a while now. One of those things it recommends is using a steam mop and I thought, "Seriously? Can it be that much better?" So about 2 weeks ago I started the online research and I learned everyone has an opinion on what makes a "good" steam cleaner. With "scent pods" or without (a scent pod?); canister or upright; with vacuum or not; for floors only or with accessories or not; and on and on. That's when I realized I needed to change from looking for "steam mop" or "steam cleaner" and start looking for "heavy duty steam". Why? Because I didn't want something that would break within a year, I wanted something with some power, I didn't want to have to refill it every 10 minutes, and I wanted to be able to actually sterilize after working with a sick animal.
So I bought a Mcculloch MC1275 multi-use steam cleaner on Amazon. I spent so much time going back and forth between the different McCulloch model's reviews that eventually I just chose the simplest one (for me simple usually means less to break).
Now, it is important to note - I have only been using this thing for 3 days, so I can tell you nothing about longevity, but I am impressed with the construction and size of the water tank.
I cleaned the stovetop, the oven door, the refrigerator seals, the bathroom mirror, the toilet (including seals), bathroom baseboard, shower walls, bathroom grout, bathroom sink and drain, all the random mudspots from various surfaces (thanks dogs!), and then steam-mopped the hell out of living room floor.
Everything *feels* clean. Not just looks clean, but *feels* clean. It is so strange to not have things smell like cleaning products - just smells neutral.
So, in conclusion, I didn't know. I didn't know how much better a steam cleaner can get things clean. I also *really* like that I can sterilize areas as needed without excess chemicals. It doesn't make cleaning easier, but it does make it so much more effective.
I have never gotten anything for free and only shared this because I could have used this knowledge years ago. Good luck all!
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on October 18, 2013
I did not want to review this until I tried it on multiple projects. After a month of everyday use here is what I think:

Floors: This replaced my Shark Steam mop which was somewhat useful but eventually broke. There is no comparison of the floor cleaning power of these two items. The MC-1275 cuts through dried dog drool spots, stickers, and everyday dirt easily and leaves my bamboo floors looking brand new. The kitchen laminate hasn't been this clean in years. The floor cleaning pads are high quality (2 included). A tip: Using a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol to lightly mist the floors before steaming leaves zero water streaking.

Grills: Works well. Not strong enough on it's own to eliminate baked on crud but some de-greaser sprayed on before steaming helps.

Car Parts: I used this to prep the bottom of my 1966 Plymouth for painting. It works well to remove old grease, oil, and dirt. I also used it on an aluminum intake manifold to remove old dirt and sealant. Great to prep gasket surfaces. If you own an old car or off-road vehicle the MC-1275 can be very handy.

Showers: Using this steamer after spraying your shower with scrubbing bubbles brand cleaner leaves it sparkling new. The squeegee attachment works well on shower door glass. Removes hard water stains.

Carpet and Upholstery: I steamed out some high traffic spots on our carpets and spills on area rugs quite well. Our white microfiber couches look great after steaming them.

Concrete floors: Works well for de-greasing and oil cleanup.

Windows: The squeegee attachments works well on windows and sliding doors. I use a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol to leave them streak free.

Kitchen: Works great on our granite counter tops and sinks. It blasts out hard water crud from the crevices of the faucet assembly and shines up the chrome.

Baby items: I used the steamer to clean two car seats and a jogging stroller. It makes fabric look new and works great at removing sticky goo, etc.

Overall the MC-1275 is an incredible tool for every household. Highly recommended.
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The steam gets hot enough to melt all nasty black goo on top on the grout. Saved me a lot of elbow grease. The product comes with different nozzles and so far I've used this on my ceramic tiled floor, my house windows, my car seats and everything came out clean and sparkling.

The pictures are from the house that I recent moved into. The windows were dusty and the floors were grimy. The steam is pressurized enough to blast the dust and dead insects out from the window sliding bar. I'm a happy camper.
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on March 5, 2017
First off , I am a car detailer so this review will not represent household use.
I give this little gem 5 stars due to price, long hose, cord and performance .
Give it time to warm up and she blows plenty of steam for general cleaning . I have found that if you are cleaning grease or seats, it's best to lightly spray a general purpose cleaner or degreaser on what you're cleaning first , It will cut down on your work time dramatically.
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on May 7, 2017
I've had this for over a month now and I use it every day in my Bed & Breakfast.

All these years I thought my house was clean. Ha!

I won't reiterate what others have already stated but I did subscribe to McCulloch directly to receive brushes/sponges/mop heads on a monthly basis. The nylon brushes are single-use. I don't use the mop heads on more than one floor; I switch the mop head so that I'm cleaning every room with a clean cloth. I use 14 mop heads per day. When done, I wash them in hot water with my cleaning rags, no bleach, no fabric softener.

I have three complaints about the machine: I wish I could see how much water I have in the tank as I'm cleaning; the hose is a pain in the butt to put away, and there are no hook thingamajigs to wrap the electrical cord so when it comes time to put this away, I have a hose and an electrical cord to contend with.

I've gotten rid of my mop and bucket and most of the cleaning supplies/chemicals that were a part of my daily routine.

I am thrilled to have this and would buy it again if a guest walked off with this one.
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on November 27, 2016
So far so good. I love steam cleaners but they always break down & I go for a few months without one and then I break down and buy a new one. This time I'm being ultra careful to use distilled water and not overuse at any one time. The steam pressure is decent and the steam gun can be locked so that I don't have to press down each time to release steam. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but so far this seems like a good product.
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on March 20, 2015
I just bought this gadget as I was tired of my tile never looking clean. I wash my floors multiple time a day but yet my feet were always dirty. Frustrated I bought a steam mop.... Still not getting the grout clean, then I bought that scrubber doohickie currently being flaunted by a big name brand( think of the Jaws theme tune and you'll knkw the brand I mean!) and I was still frustrated my grout looked this grungy.
So I finally splurged and bought this bad boy. I didnt think Id be this happy, but I am. 6 years living in the same house with a couple dogs can really make the floors look groady!
I havent yet used the other attachements but I will... Soon, I have a glass shower door that looks awful due to mineral deposits, so that will be the next task... And think about steam cleaning the baseboards also, the possibilities are endless. I will update again soon.
Oh the one con I've noticed so far, is the grout nylon nozzle hasnt really held up. Its pretty beat up after only the first floor, so I'll probably have to order a couple more of those as spares.
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on January 16, 2016
The naysayers are puzzled by the positive reviews, and I am puzzled by the negative reviews. This thing is amazing. I didn't find it loud at all, like some people said. If you let it rest a while, between steams, it will let out a spurt of water. No biggie...just have a towel handy to let it spurt into. I bought this for bedbugs. I believed I had them in my couch, and ripped my lining off my couch and steamed away. I am also working with an exterminator, so can't say for sure if this has helped, but it sure can't hurt. I used it to steam the hell out of my bathroom and it worked great. I love this machine!!
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on July 20, 2013
This is a nice machine, sleek, easy to move around and easy to use. My complaint is that the accessory tools are almost worthless. The small brush to get in the grout lines seems to work very well but that is where it ends. All of the other accessory tools seem cheap and ineffective. The scrubber attachment is too small and the sponge end flattens out after a couple of hours of use. The large tile steamer has too many holes and is too large. The corner scrub brush does not let enough steam come out to make it effective. The main unit is nice and if you could find good attachments, this would be a decent tool. As it is built and sold, I would not buy another one.

07-28-2013 Update
I took the small attachment that has the scrubbing pad glued to it and found a great alternative. I bought OXO Soap Dispensing Palm Brush Refills and tore off the scrubbing pad that comes with the unit. I then glued on the OXO brush with epoxy cement to the plaatic housing and now use that tool as a cleaner. It works great and the OXO brush fits exactly into the plastic housing from the scrubbing pad. The hole in the brush is exactly the same size of scrubbing pad's hole. It is as if this brush was a factory replacement part. It works wonderfully and gives you that little bit of extra scrub action needed when you do tile. Why does not the McCollough R&D team make this part of their package. Another $4 in expense would add an incredible feature to this unit and take the weakest feature and make it the strongest.
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