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on March 25, 2013
I noticed most of the reviews here are about seed starting. They do work well for that, but I wanted to also say that they work well for hydroponics. I use these for growing hydroponic lettuce in my basement. I place these pods in a 72 cell seed starting tray under a grow light. Each plug has a dimple around 1/4" deep to deposit the seed. The only issue I have with these pods is that the dimple can become misshapen, and therefore difficult to insert the seeds. I don't typically use all 72 cells, but I try to maintain the water in the bottom at a level that will keep the plugs moist (but is well below the seed) regardless of how many cells are filled. Once planted,I get excellent germination with the plugs which will wick just the right amount of moisture to the seed. Once the plants are well established, I select the heartiest to put in net cups. Holding the plug in place, I pour in expanded clay pellets to fill the space in the net cups. The cups go into a Styrofoam holder that sits in a planter trough filled with water and nutrients. The plugs are just the right density to allow water in, and allow the roots out. This is a simplified summary of my system, but the Rapid Rooter Plugs are at the heart of it and work well.
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on August 9, 2011
I have used countless numbers of this product to make cuttings. I get well over a 95% success rate using Rapid Rooters. I have never had a disease problem or any other problem with this product other than the occasional mis-shappened cube.

This replacement package does not contain any information as to the proper use of the product, you get some with the rooters tray (the tray is neccessary and not included with this product), but even those instructions are very vague. This is what I do. Take your cutting as best suited for your plant and use a rooting compound, I use Clonex gel. Basically, you need to keep water in the tray below the cube, but enough to keep the temperature and humidity high. Every once in a while a little moisture will need to be added to the cube directly to keep the water to air ratio proper. Place the tray on a heating mat and cover with a suitable clear cover, I use the 8" tall option with vents. I also remove the cover a couple times a day to allow the air to change, this seems to help me a little with my cuttings health. Set all this under a florescent light and your good to go.

I place my cuttings (cubes) in a hydroponic system and I have to keep an eye on the cubes during the plants growth to make sure that the wicking action of the cube does not create a toxic buildup of nutrients at the base of the plants. This is similar to what you have to watch for when growing in soil or other substrate medium, such as rockwool. Flushing the plants from the top down is the solution to this. I find that in older plants, such as mothers, the plant soon overgrows the cube and this is no longer a concern.

Rapid Rooters are my favorite rooting cubes and I expect to be using them for years to come.
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on November 28, 2012
I had used rockwool, but after reading some reviews thought I'd give these a try.

They keep an even dampness better than rockwool. Rockwool can easily get drenched, but these seem to keep just the right amount of moisture.

When I first got them I was surprised how much they looked like moist chocolate brownie cake. Even the spongy feel made me think "This must be delicious". I never caved into that temptation, but to this day they still look and feel more appetizing than most brownies. I give a star for that alone.

They also fit perfectly in the "Hydrofarm CK64060 Hot House with Heat Mat," which is convenient.
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on July 24, 2012
Having trouble propagating new plants in rock wool and don't know where to turn? THIS is the product for you. These plugs come soaked in special nutrient solution that promotes vigorous yet even root growth. You will finally have roots shooting out everywhere like in all the pictures of rooting medium you see online. I would suggest that you only slightly moisten the plugs upon use and be sure to squeeze any excess hydration out of them. In order to promote root growth you cannot have a fully saturated medium - that way there is a balanced mixture of moisture and available oxygen which will NOT be achieved with fully saturated plugs. Try to keep them the color they appear in the product photo, as a darker more saturated plug will leave you with rotten shoots and no roots. I 100% recommend this product for all your rooting needs, an especially from as there is not a better price out there!!!
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on January 24, 2012
These things are great. Really work at sprouting plants effectively and quickly. You can that transfer your plant to any growing system you want. I use to use them for an indoor hydroponic basil garden, I've cut them down to fit in an aerogrow as well, and as of late I'm just simply transplanting them into the ground outside. The plants always take quickly to the new environment. I'm hooked.
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on September 3, 2015
Worked great for my hydroponic garden.
review image
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on July 1, 2015
I think I will stick with coco pods. I have had terrible luck with these! I'm not sure if it's the product or how I'm using it but my success rate for cuttings has PLUMMETED since opting for these over coco last grow cycle. Usually, my success rate is somewhere around 80-90%. I was lucky to get 10% with these both times I have taken cuttings. I will use the rest of the bag, because I'm cheap and cannot bear throwing away what other people rave about as being a 'great product' but.... No more.
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on July 21, 2013
I have used 44 out of my bag of 50, for starting seeds and for rooting cuttings, and I've had a 100% success rate. I've tried them on many different plants, hibiscus, peppers, butterfly bush, etc., I'm trying a citranilla geranium now. Everything I've tried roots (big white roots with about 80% coverage on rooter)in between 7-12 days. The seeds I've started haven't ever went longer than 3 days before breaking the surface. When I use these (I only use them for small batches, 15-1500 cuttings I just use sand), everything comes up or roots out quicker and more vigorous than rockwool.

I would recommend trying these. I have to mention that I don't use the tray because the hole is to big for most of my cuttings. I turn the rooter upside down, flat side down so they will stand up, and poke a hole with a sharpened pencil (not my idea) for the cutting or seed. I turn a 5-10/gal clear storage container upside down, set the rooters on the lid and sit the "dome" down over it. It has worked 100% of the time so I'm sold.
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on March 7, 2016
Did its job , but unless you just want a simple transfer to your growing system, its faster and more economical to just start your seeds in wet paper towels in a plastic zipper bag.To add to that , these have a sponge like quality that is similar to synthetic foam rubber and unless I missed something, there wasnt a complete list of ingredients contained in them.However, they do stay moist and most of my seeds germinated successfully.
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on July 14, 2012
I really like Rapid Rooters. I use them a lot. I rarely have a problem with them. I use them for seedlings and clones.

There is a ton of info on how to use Rapid Rooters, including the instructions. So, I will add a little advice you might not get anywhere else.

To avoid contaminating your plants and all the RR's in the bag:

Wash the outside of the bag with dish soap and water. Then I sit my bag in the sink on a towel, paper towel or something. Wash your hands well or use gloves before reaching into the bag. Try to only touch the RR you are trying to remove. Also put these in a large Ziplock baggie after you open them. I also usually put a few cc's of diluted bleach solution inside the bag to. Just place the original bag inside the other bag. I use clean BBQ tongs to remove however many I need. I avoid touching a RR with my bare hands if I can.

If you have expensive, delicate or special seedlings you want to avoid mass contamination. If you put them in a single seedling domed warmer or something similar, they need to be in individual containers and avoid putting so much water that they all sit in the same pool of water. I use a dropper at first. Then after getting a few inches bigger, I water them at the sink, let them sit on a clean towel til I get done with all the plants and wash/paper towel dry the tray before I put them back. This brief time out of the container will help start hardening the seedlings.

If you are using a used container, wash well in running hot water using dish soap(I use plain Dawn) then allow to air dry. Air drying will facilitate the lysis of bacteria cell membranes.

You may think this is a bit much but I do hydroponics and contamination of a system is a really big concern. Most plant growing environments(warm, moist and food supply) are the prefect breeding ground for many plant damaging bacteria.
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