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on October 4, 2016
I worked at the Johnson Space Center when the Apollo 13 movie was originally released. The director, Ron Howard, considered filming in the Apollo Mission Control Center (MCC), but decided to duplicate the room on a Hollywood sound stage to give him better control over lighting and camera angles. The set designers extensively photographed the MCC and duplicated it down to the last detail including stenciled lettering on the walls, and the layout of the Ford Aerospace video display consoles. It is virtually impossible to tell that the move WAS NOT shot in the actual MCC. The details that were changed in the movie were for the most part insignificant to the story. Large teams of people working behind the scenes on the actual Apollo 13 mission were consolidated down to a few characters in the movie. The flight controllers work rotating shifts, yet only the primary team was depicted in the movie. Adding the other flight control shifts would have been more accurate, but could have been confusing. Sacrifices need to be made to squeeze nearly 6 days of mission in to 2 hours.
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on September 3, 2016
This movie is my favorite movie. It puts a lump in my throat every time I watch it. And I have watched it a lot. What I love about it, is the hero's have slide rules and short sleeve shirts and glasses. No car chases. No gun fights. Just guts and the spirit to keep trying in the face of what seems hopeless situations. Probably my favorite movie by Hanks and Howard. And it makes me smile to hear NASA loved it so much, they wanted to use frames of the lift off. Way cool.
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on July 24, 2017
Hadn't seen this movie since it was in theaters. Not only does it hold up after all these years, it also outshines most modern movies of its type. There are no lazy plot twists such as characters going crazy or trying to sabotage the rest of the team. Like the Martian, this tells the story of a group of smart, determined people pulling together to save stranded astronauts. What is even more amazing, this story is true.

If you liked The Martian, you might love Apollo 13.
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on August 21, 2014
Apollo 13 is a good movie and this is a decent transfer. If you like the movie you don't be disappointed!

However, I'm giving this three stars because of the ridiculous amount of advertising and anti-piracy crap included. I have to sit and watch 5-6 previews, some short bit about how blu-ray is amazing. Two different text walls about how I should feel bad about pirating. Another text wall about how anything that I find offensive in the interviews is not Universal's problem.

By the time I made it to the main menu I was frustrated, but relieved that the gauntlet was over. Then, an advertisement ticker pops up directly on top of the main menu video loop announcing upcoming blu-rays. This kind of stuff really ruins the experience and it's no wonder why people pirate movies.
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Director Ron Howard's APOLLO 13 won two Oscars: Best Editing and Sound, and was nominated for seven more: Best Picture, Screenplay, Supporting Actor (Ed Harris), Supporting Actress (Kathleen Quinlan), Art Direction, Effects and Music. It tells this story from NASA's, the crew's and their families' viewpoints. One of Howard's finest. (Watch for Roger Corman's walk-on as a Congressman.)

For the superstitious, too many 13s may have been the doom of this mission: Houston launch time was 13:13, an oxygen tank explosion that nearly killed the crew occurred on the 13th, and the ship itself bore that jinxed number.

With little power and oxygen available to their crew, NASA techs were able to improvise a return to Earth by slingshotting the crippled craft around the moon. The three astronauts moved from the service module to the LM, and powered down almost everything on both ships. Temps got as low as 40°F. Somehow and against the odds, they made it back to Earth, splashing down within sight of the recovery ship. All done by "seat of the pants" flying and teamwork ingenuity. A remarkable chapter in aerospace history, the saga of Apollo 13 vividly proves the cliché that "truth is stranger than fiction."

Parenthetical number preceding title is a 1 to 10 IMDb viewer poll rating.

(7.5) Apollo 13 (1995) - Tom Hanks/Bill Paxton/Kevin Bacon/Gary Sinise/Ed Harris/Kathleen Quinlan/Mary Kate Schellhardt/Emily Ann Lloyd/Joe Spano/Clint Howard/Rance Howard/Roger Corman (uncredited: Jim Lovell/Marilyn Lovell)
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on August 31, 2017
Ron Howard, Tom Hanks. Usually a winning combo. Although there was some license with the actual story (play the bonus materials, you'll see what some are) it felt true to the overall story. How Howard pulls all of the different groups of people affected by the events under a single umbrella of care (Houston command, families, etc.) is amazing well done.

It has become one of my favorite "comfort" movies for when I need a lift.
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on July 31, 2017
This is one of my all time favorites. I found I was thinking about it off and on and decided to repurchase it. I think I gave my original copy away to a friend. Excellent Cast, script and filming. One of the better films to come out of Hollywood Great job.
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on March 29, 2016
This 20th Anniversary bluray is fantastic. The picture quality is very good with great black levels. The sound is very clear, has nice use of the surrounds, and has good LFE as well.

The movie is really good too!

I haven't watched any of the special features yet, but this is a top quality release and currently the best release this movie has seen.
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on November 12, 2015
This is a terrific movie about a terrific subject. And by most accounts of actual participants in the events it is close to factual*. (The special feature of The Making Of is a wonderful historical record in and of itself with so many of the real-life participants being interviewed.)
*A sour note for me is the gratuitous arguing scene among the astronauts during a critical moment in the saga. Some directors can't help themselves from changing the facts "for dramatic reasons". What's evident in the real story is that the astronauts remained calm under pressure and an exchange of this nature would never take place among flight professionals of this caliber. The success of their return counted on it, was the very reason it could take place. The losing temper scene is a Hollywood concocted bad choice within an otherwise beautifully crafted film.
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on September 15, 2016
How can one be so callous that this story doesn't move you? From the brink of disaster during one of the most trying times in the history of the United States (Vietnam), then American perseverance and ingenuity save the day. While problems still exist in our country and within the influence of those that are supposed to represent us, this nation became the beacon of the can-do spirit thanks to brave men like the ones that are portrayed in this 1995 movie.

From a cinematography perspective, this movie is a great example of practical effects, excellent acting, and Hollywood's ability to send us to a different place and time for a short while.
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