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on February 18, 2013
I have now had this watch for a few days and could not be happier with my purchase. The overall fit and finish of the watch appears top notch in every regard. The screw-down crown is located at the four o'clock position as opposed to the traditional 3 o'clock location. Some may find that the crown location throws off the symmetry of the watch, but I think it adds a nice unique touch to the overall relatively simplistic design. The bezel rotates smoothly and has a nice, solid clicking sound when rotating. All markings line up perfectly with face markings. The black face contrasts nicely with the hour and minute hands as well as other face markings; which are all painted with Seiko's amazing luminous paint. I'm nearly mesmerized at how brightly the luminous markings glow after only a very short period in the sun. As many other reviewers have stated, this is a major selling point and something Seiko has become known for. This is also the first automatic movement watch I have owned, so its always a plus not having to worry about replacing a battery down the road. For a little over 200 bucks, this has got to be one of the best watch values on the market. Go pick yourself up a Monster and await the many glowing compliments you're sure to receive!

After owning this watch for nearly a month and wearing it everyday I can now speak to the durability and timekeeping of this watch. Still not a scratch on the crystal and only a couple of nicks on the clasp, which only I would ever know about so no big deal. During the first month, I've found it to run about 12-15 seconds fast per week. Some reviews indicate that after a while these automatics will start to run slow so maybe this will change. Unless you require your timepiece to be precisely synchronized to Atomic time, the timekeeping is absolutely acceptable for most people's day to day needs. I am still as satisfied with this watch as the day it arrived!
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I'm writing this after seven years of ownership and almost daily wearing.

I never immersed it --- did not dive or even shower with it on.

Last weekend I was fixing my lawn sprinklers and the Black Monster got wet by incidental splashing. I thought nothing of it as it wasn't even really wet. The next day the crystal fogged in the dead center. Today (a week later) the crystal cleared.

I'm thinking the stem seal must be going bad. How else could dampness enter?

As for long-term reliability, it's never failed, although it does quit running if you don't wear if for the weekend. The crystal and stainless band and case still look great, even after the general knocks a big, thick watch suffers.

It runs fast, gaining several minutes a week.

Its calculator and texting functions are really inferior, however.
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on June 5, 2015
I've had this watch for 3 years. It still works and looks as great as the day I got it. I catch people glancing at it all the time. This is a rock solid investment for a watch. It will be an heirloom watch for sure. If you hesitate, you may not see it again at the price you see now. I know in 3 years since I have owned mine, it has gone up twice its value and I didn't even buy it when it was on a discount sale.
I also own an "Orange Monster". I've had it for 15 years and it has performed flawlessly since day one.
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on May 4, 2013
When looking for a good dive watch,or any watch for that matter, look at the warranty. I made the huge mistake of buying an Invicta Subaqua and it turned to crap later. It fell apart after 4 times in the water. I sent it in ($28) to have it repaired. Invicta determines the amount of the repair based on THEIR determination of of the MSRP. They determined that the MSRP for the Subaqua was $1998 so the repair was going to be more than what I paid for the watch at COSTCO. ($190) Don't believe me? Go to their website and find out for yourself!! Google Invicta Repair. I had them send it back and I took it back to COSTCO and they took it back -- no questions asked. Seiko is good quality at a fair price. INvicta is crapola.
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on May 15, 2018
I paid $170 for this watch on Amazon in 2006. It either gained or lost a minute a week and eventually the pins in the band started to walk out. It is a very heavy watch, and I am not a feeble guy. Just having the weight on my wrist was very annoying. I replaced the band and sold it and went back to an accurate and lightweight G-shock.
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on December 18, 2010
This is my very first automatic watch. I strayed away from them because of the accuracy, but I have to say that this one is not that bad. I am thinking maybe 5 seconds or less a day, for an automatic with this price you cannot beat it. I have seen reviews for this watch saying that they are losing up to 45 seconds a day. I think this problem comes about from not wearing the watch much.If the watch is not being moved around it is not being wound and you will lose time. In the manual it does not give exact specs, it says "The specifications are subject to change without prior notice for product improvement". So maybe the earlier versions of this watch were a little less accurate.

Another thing is that I think there are two versions of this watch. One has a Japanese movement and the other has a Malaysian movement. From what I have read there is really not that much of a difference since Seiko makes all of their products in house in Japan.

For all you divers out their that are looking for the ISO 6425 standard. I don't think that the Malaysian movement has it. The reason I say this is because the watches that meet this standard are stamped with L3. The one I received did not have this stamp. I have looked around on the internet and all of the Malaysian movements from Seiko don't have it. I don't do any diving and just like the look of the watch so it is not a big deal to me.

Overall a nice automatic watch and great lume.
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on June 1, 2016
This is an attractive and well-sized watch (despite its "Monster" nickname). It is incredibly durable (I call it the AK-47) and is accurate enough that it need only be adjusted once o twice a month. I enjoy the day/date feature and especially how the lume is both very bright and long lasting. The bracelet is incredibly comfortable on my wrist, and unlike some other metal bracelets, it does not tear out my arm hair!
I took off one star because the rotating bezel got a bit gummed up and i had to remove and clean the mechanism. To be fair this was after a year of every day wear. Also, I would love it if they traded some bezel thickness in order to make the dial itself a bit bigger.
Overall, an excellent watch that i would recommend to anyone looking for a solid automatic.
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on February 12, 2008
I have owned a Seiko divers watch for the last 25 years. I finally replaced my old Monster (they weren't called monster in 1982) with a new Monster because I had lost the bezel, and love it. I can attest to it's ruggedness. My old watch and this new watch has endured extreme temperature fluctuation. I wear this watch firefighting. I have yet been scuba diving with this watch but the old watch held up in water depths of 200 feet. My only complaint is that it runs about 1 minute fast each week. That is only reason I don't give it 5 stars. I highly recommend this watch if you need a durable sharp looking man's watch.
UPDATE: July 2015. Never had the watch serviced until this month. I had to have it repaired at Seiko USA. The barrel was worn out in the movement. Cost $135.00 to repair and water test to 200 meters. This watch and my original Seiko 6309-7040 served me well for 33 years of firefighting for a metropolitan fire department. These were my every day watches. Extreme heat, and cold did not effect the timepiece. I cant count the number of bumps bangs and drops the watch has endured. Great buy for a inexpensive time piece.
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on July 11, 2007
July 2007 - update on the bezel: I'm not sure if it's because I didn't wash all the salt water out properly, but after a few months of use my bezel is loosing that "solid" feeling and sometimes you can actually rotate it backwards a little.

[original review follows]
It's definitely a heavy watch, and if you have thin wrists you will find the winder can dig into your wrist. The bezel is very clear and easy to use - I have no problems seeing this watch when diving, and adjust the bezel to keep track of multi-level dives (as backup to dive computer). The bezel is a little "loose" and can be rotated accidentaly if you rub up against something, but that's only happened once to me.

Some reviews complain of poor luminescence. Mine seems fine. It isn't bright enough to use as a backup night dive light :) but works well enough to see the time in the dark - I've had worse.

Get the metal band. The expansion link gives a little too much extra for a 3mm wetsuit so the watch fits loosely (but not enough to slip off). It's perfect for a 5 or 7mm suit.

Accuracy is good. About a minute per month.

The only problem I have is setting the date at the end of a 28/30 day month. I have a hard time finding the "middle" setting on the winder (it isn't a winder, but I don't know what to call it).

The crystal has taken lots of knocks and bangs, but still looks like new.

SUMMARY: Great watch, great price, big & heavy, easy to use at 100-feet.
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on November 9, 2013
I love the watch, and for one year, wore it 24/7/365. It went with me in the shower, on long hiking trips, on many runs and weightlifting sessions at the gym. The glowpaint used in the dial is wonderful and lasts the whole night. I managed to scratch the Hardex crystal twice on the first week. It would have been nice to have a sapphire crystal watch face, but the price would probably be much more.

I stopped wearing the watch around 13 months because the rubber wrist strap-keeper broke and I'm too cheap to pay $20+ for a replacement strap. My watch ran slow by about 20 seconds per day.

In sum, the watch is a tank and when my G-Shock's rubber strap eventually fails, I'll switch back to my all-time favorite: the Seiko Monster.
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