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on July 13, 2016
This is my review for Rubbermaid Commercial FG9W2773BLUE BRUTE Heavy-Duty Rollout Waste/Utility Container, 50-gallon with Recycling Logo, Blue and Rubbermaid Commercial Brute Rollout Container, Square, Plastic, 50 Gallons, Gray (9W27GY). I was initially looking for a recycling bin that was big (also bought the trashcan to match), because recycling where I live is free and you have to pay per bag for trash. Being that most waste my family produces in recyclable I figured I would buy two of these. We used to use the cheap ones from home depot or lowes, but we had to replace them rather regularly as they tend to fall apart and or crack after about six to eight months of regular use. I have had all of these bins for a little over a year now and these have held up wonderfully to the abuse of the trash man week after week and they still look as good as the day I purchased them. The construction of these bins are top notch compared to anything I have ever used. They feel heavy duty and the plastic is not thin like some of the other bins I have had in the past. They have also withstood Maine Winters beautifully. The wheels on this thing are solid meaning I don't feel like they are going to fall off if they take a little abuse and unlike some bins they work great on gravel driveways (Yay).  The lid is very lightweight and it is attached to the can. It does not lock and won't keep a bear or anything out so if you need that it might not be the can for you. Myself I don't need a locking bin so this is no big deal to me. Anyways, both the recycling and the trash bins are top notch. I would highly recommend any of these bins as they will last for a long time!!!
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on March 3, 2014
We bought some value-priced trash cans from (coughWal-coughMart) a local store and the opossums ravaged them like vikings on spring break. This may be due to the fact that my sons are as responsible as sailors on shore leave in Australia, but it, hey, they're young. These roll. They hold a lot of trash, and opossums have yet to crack their DaVinci code. If they do, easily I can add a latch.

A digression: Opossum is pronounced "possum". Why did they add the O?

I am at a loss.

Regardless, a great trashcan, according to my sons.
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on March 7, 2013
This thing is enormous! It is replacing all our old barrels. I bought two but I doubt I will ever need both. I wish I had this during the weeks following Hurricane Sandy. It is sturdy, wide, and deep.
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My only complaint is that its not as big as I'd like! Rubber-made has larger blue dumpsters, but this is the largest with the stamped recycle symbol. Depending on your trash collector, they may have limitations on size for recycle bins based on the trucks doing pick up. Mine uses people to toss recycle bins and a robot arm for trash dumpsters. So this size works well, and If I need more capacity, I'll get another unit.

The construction is solid and it's going to last the abuse of its daily jaunt to the curb and being banged against the truck. If a robot "grab" arm is used, it will definitely survive the grab and flip without losing the lid or deforming. If a robot arm with a hook is used, the grab bar is plastic and may not wear will. The wheels are well made and I don't forsee them breaking with intended use or weight limitations.
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on December 18, 2017
This trash can is the best for now.

The negatives I have is the wheels are held in place with a bracket and one small screw. When the screw rusts out you will lose your bracket and the trash can will not roll anymore.

When the trash can is empty and I am pulling up the driveway it wants to tip over. You almost need two hands to keep it from tipping over.

On the positive side

I have had this trash can since the summer and the start of our winter. Rolls through snow quite well. Big wheels makes it easy to turn around. I like the fact you will never lose your trash can lid to wind or the trash hullers forgetting to put your lid back on.

The one thing I wish is that the trash can's bottom had is drainage holes. The trash man has left the lid off during a rain storm and the can filled up with water.
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on December 26, 2014
Hard to go wrong with Rubbermaid Commercial products, especially rolling trash totes.

Unlike some other brands that we have used as well as Rubbermaid's non-commercial products, this unit is far superior in quality.

The main weak point with many totes is with the lid hinges as well as the lids being too flimsy (soft plastic or made too thin) which was not the case with this tote.

The price for these here on Amazon (from the seller I purchased from) was also far better than on other websites or local suppliers such as Lowes, Home Depot or U-Line and I was able to have them delivered to the location where I needed them rather than having to borrow a truck or van to haul them.
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on September 13, 2016
I just moved and didn't have a truck to buy a big trash can at the store, so I love that I was able to get this delivered from Amazon. This was not quite as large as I was imagining, but it does the job. We are a family of 5 living in this house, and we create quite a bit of trash. We have trash service that takes our trash twice a week, and I do not have problems with overflow. The size might actually be preferable since it will be much easier to clean this can. There is nothing worse than feeling like you have to climb inside a trash can to clean the bottom. This one will feel much less like I am trapped inside while cleaning it.
The item is made of good quality plastic and the rollers on the back work well and have not given me any problems. We have had a couple storms and I have not had issues with it filling with water or wanting to flip over. I imagine if there was nothing inside it might want to flip over, but it is not so lightweight that I have issues in inclement weather. Overall I am very satisfied with the price, size, and quality of the item.
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on January 31, 2018
No more chasing bottles and plastic bits around the street if it gets windy. No more soggy cardboard bits! And yes I’m rolling this out with ease with snow on the ground !!! YESSSS!!!! If your thinking about buying this please do! Don’t hesitate, I was putting it off because of the price but Lowe’s and Home Depot and other surrounding stores including ace were all the same price. But I got my free shipping with Amazon prime and I didn’t have to haul this around in my car. Great size and durable!
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We’ve had this trash bin for over a year and we’ve moved from one home to another with it. Its held tough, takes a toll from 2 kids birthday parties, bbqs, and being tossed around by our garbagemen. We haven’t had a crack or dent since we bought it. The only issue I’ve had is when its empty and dragging it back to its spot - it can get a little crazy but we drag it up and over a grassy hill not down a driveway.
Edit- we have this garbage can STILL!! And it looks like the day we pulled it out of the box. I think the reason is because our garbage men refuse to pick it up and just pull the bags out... we have found it holds about 3 overstuffed hefty/glad bags of trash from a family of 4 (and a dog & gerbil.) We cook at home almost exclusively, and I’m a stay at home mom so all our trash is usually at home. We have found when parties happen, BBQ’s, etc. we are OVERFLOWING with this can. We’re looking to upgrade actually and pass this on to my mom. I would still buy this again!
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on February 3, 2014
I ordered two of these to replace two others (not Rubbermaid brand) I'd had for about 15 years. I wanted a large trash can with wheels and an attached lid; you know how lids disappear! These cans are VERY well built and VERY solid. I'm sure they'll last for decades!

However, these trash cans are big. So, I couldn't use the same size 55 gallon bags I'd used in my old cans. I called Rubbermaid and asked their tech support folks: 1) will I be able to use a trash bag in these cans and 2) is there some way to secure the trash bag to the top rim of the can? The answers to both questions were yes! These cans have built-in hooks just under the rim (one at each corner) which "hooks" the bag and prevents it from slipping into the trash can. As far as what size bag to use, I had to discover that myself.

The size bag you need is 65 gallons, and ULINE offers this bag (44 x 55" 65 Gallon 1.7 Mil Steel Tuff Liners) on their Web site. NOTE: you'll find 65 gallon trash bags on Amazon; however, what you won't find is a 65 gallon bag which is 55 inches tall. These Rubbermaid cans are tall, and if you try any trash bag shorter than about 55 inches, you won't have enough bag left to tie closed. That's the mistake I made when I first bought bags for these cans. I bought 65 gallon bags which were only about 48 inches tall; that's way too short. So, if you buy one of these large cans, PLEASE buy the larger ULINE bags!
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