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on November 15, 2005
Works very well, I haven't had any problems with connectivity, voice dialing, volume, sensitivity, etc. I've used it in rush-hour driving, and it's quite usable despite the background noise. (Quite useful if you need to have a conference call from your car!) Battery life is fine as well.

On the downside, the sound is a bit tinny (metallic, thin, and harsh). But perhaps that's what you get for the price. And I do find it annoying that it takes a different kind of charger tip from my Razr, and Moto includes only the car charger with this package.

(Perhaps some day the manufacturers will figure out that they don't really gain anything by having all these variant charger interfaces, and will standardize on one? Nah.)

Update Sep18, 2007:
I've occasionally experienced some problems with this item in the time I've had it, thought this info might be useful if you're considering buying this.

One problem is an occasional "hang" when dialing -- you make a voice dial call, the phone says the name so you know it got the right number, but then nothing happens. Usually you give it a puzzled look after a few seconds, disconnect and try again, and everything works fine.

Sometimes however it's a real hang -- the phone's waiting for the device, the device is waiting for the phone (probably some piece of the bluetooth protocol got dropped on the floor), and you can't disconnect, you can't power the device down, nothing. You have to get your phone out and disconnect the device from the bluetooth menu, then recycle the power on the device, then you can proceed again. I haven't figured out why this happens, or a surefire way to prevent it. Doesn't happen a lot, but it shouldn't happen at all, right?
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on January 15, 2007
The "hands free" HF820 was highly recommended by the Motorola sales person after I purchased my new KRZR phone from US Cellular. Being a very careful shopper, I did some research online and some of the past reviews must have been written about the previous model. Comments like, "doesn't hold a charge" or "it doesn't let you know when to recharge the batteries" are totally false! After I charged the unit the first time and waiting for the charge light to go out, I linked my bluetooth phone to the HF820 in about a 2 minutes (it's simple to do) and I was amazed at the clarity of sound. By turning on your phone's "auto answer" your cell phone will ring along with a very distinct and pleasant ring from the HF unit itself and you can just start talking! It's really cool! If you want to make a call, just press the large and easy to find blue button and the unit will ask you for a command --- I simply say, "Call mom--home" and it confirms your request, I say, "yes" and it responds by saying, "calling." If you list more than one number per person, it will ask you which number? You say ...home or The duplex sound is incredible and the volume is fully adjustable on the unit as well from your phone. The only draw back I have is the unit doesn't always ask you to say a command when you press the large blue button. I've learned to reset the unit's "on" button and then it works great. When the unit's power gets low, the side light blinks...after the charge it will last for hours. One hint to make the batteries last longer: leave the unit off until your phone rings in your pocket. Then turn the HF820 "on" and within 3 seconds you're talking hands free. I live near Chicago where it is now illegal to hold a cell phone and drive. This is must have for safety. The unit lists for about 99 bucks, I purchased it on sale for $69 with free shipping -- great value!
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on January 14, 2006
This product does have shortfalls like the tone not being natural and you have to speak up a little, but for the price it is a great product. It allows you to clip to the visor of your car a speakerphone function that will automatically connect to your bluetooth phone (more that just Motorola phones too once they are "paired") and answer a call without trying to grab for your phone on your waist or anywhere else. It of course would be safer to just leave the phone alone, but this is about the easiest and safest way to answer the phone if you must unless you have a headset. I have since bought one for the whole family since none of them can just let the phone ring.

I have also purchased the older HF800 since it was have the price. (The HF800 is silver rather than black with also a different visor holder). I use this unit with my Autocom motorcycle intercom system that I got at [...] This allows me to have my Treo 650 in my jacket and connect wirelessly to the intercom system via the HF800. It eliminates the RF inference from the phone radio on the intercom since I have distance between them and the sound is as good as being directly plugged in. I just plug the Autocom intercom cable into the headphone jack on the Motorola HF800/HF820 (yes it is a speaker phone and wireless connection for a headset too). I have not tried the voice dialing yet (extra software needed on a Treo), but I can already answer a call by pressing the blue button on the HF800 or start a call while stopped and continue down the road with the phone in my pocket.

I agree with some people that what sound quality is not as good as a normal speakerphone, but this unit for the price provides good quality, portability and unique features that I have not seen at all at any price. The only thing I have been unhappy with so far is that it auto turns off feature. I did not give it 5 stars because of the sound quality issue and the auto off feature that is a little short for me.
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on January 31, 2006
It works well, I can hear people really well, and that they seem to not have a problem either, as along as the HF820 is on my visor and not too far away. Before I has it on my console between the two seats, but that wasn't working. But when I put it on the Visor (the side away from the side window to avoid car noise) it was easier for me and for others to communicate. The battery life is great, and it linked to my V555 Motorola phone with no problems. Before, I had a full hands free kit that had to be installed in my other car. but after having to pay $140 for the kit, $100 to install it, and $100 to get it taken out of the car. I figured it would be better to try another Hands free alterative. I hate ear pieces mainly because I just don't get enough calls to justify having a thing strapped around my ear for hours on end, but this was a good median between the two. It's also nice because I can use it in any car, without a hefty $100 installation fee.
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on May 26, 2006
I got this when I got a new job where I am commuting an hour each way. I get in the car with my phone in my pocket or my purse. I turn on the speaker and get a squelch to indicate that the phone is connected. I usually forget to turn the device off, but it will do it itself. I have not programmed my phone for voice dialing yet, but when I do open my phnoe and punch in a number, as I am punching the third digit, I can hear the tone through the speaker. I put the phone in my cup holder while talking.

My husband says it sounds a bit tinny and there is a lot of background noise, but we can communicate. I think I will get one for him for Father's day. Today is my 5th day of the commute and I have not had to recharge it yet. I don't talk a whole lot, but it is nice to know that as I am screaming down the highway I don't have to dig into my purse to find my ringing phone. I push a button on the device clipped to my visor to answer.

I had an easy time connecting my phone. The quick start guide even told me how to enable blue tooth on my phone (Moto V360). I was not successful in pairing up my husband's RAZR before unpairing mine.
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on October 11, 2005
I've used this Speaker phone with both my Motorola V3 and Sony Ericsson phones and it works nicely. It is much louder and much clearer then the speaker function on the V3. I had no issues hearing and understanding people when traveling in my Tacoma at freeway speeds with the windows up. In my Miata convertible I can also hear most people decently with the top up, but some soft spoken people were difficult to hear at freeway speeds over the road noise. I must add that my Miata is a fairly noisy car, in most cars you will not have any problems hearing. Most people I talked to on it did not notice they were on a speaker phone. I did not try any voice dialing fratures, but those are really functions of the phone and not this product.
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on March 23, 2006
I was replacing a Plantronics headset that didn't work well and was hard to use, and the HF820 works much better for me. Earbuds/headsets always seem to be uncomfortable for me (or even hurt). I think most are designed to fit men. I also like the fact that there's no problem using the HF820 while wearing sunglasses.

One feature that wasn't mentioned in the product description or in any of the reviews is that the HF820 does have a mute button. That was a particular feature that I wanted but was not sure about when I ordered it.

An AC adaptor sure would have been a nice addition. I don't often drive for 2 hours at a time to charge the device initially. But overall I'm very pleased.
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on July 2, 2006
I ordered this for my wife's Nokia 6102i and used it a few days with my Blackberry 8700. I liked it enough to order one for myself. With the unit centered on the sunvisor, others say I sound fine, with little or no wind/fan noise, and callers sound very clear to me, albeit on the reedy side, not perfect but more than adequate.

Equally important, my wife can operate it, which is important. She has a low patience threshold with electronic devices, but learned its simple button presses in short order. She is constantly in and out of the car, so it's much more convenient than an ear headset.

I recommend it without reservation.
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on October 9, 2006
My review disappeared so here is a synopsis:

Works well but be aware, charger is a auto cig lighter cord (different plug style), so you can only charge in your car unless you have a OLD style home charger for in house use (got any old MOT phones... T721 etc.) So if your car power turns off the cig lighter you are SOL trying to charge the unit.

Otherwise works well, you can listen for your fav ring tone THEN turn the unit ON and it will auto answer. Then when you leave the car it will turn itself off automatically. Battery life, mine lasted 1 and a half weeks before needing to be recharged.

The unit is over priced. Amazon has a great price offering for much less.
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on January 14, 2007
This is so simple to use. No wires, no plug in your ears. I have it above my visor and everytime I get in my car to open the garage, I press the Motorola to turn on at the same time. It gives you a beep so you know that it's on, no guessing at all and the same with turning it off, it gives you a sound. It also turns itself off in 5 minutes in case you forget. The reception is very good, no echo, everyone here's me fine. It's great for any mom that is always on the go with there kids. I charge mine up once a week, great battery life. I would highly recommend this for anyone who dislikes wireless headphones, and wired headphones.
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