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on March 1, 2012
I have a Protron LCD 27 inch (and a 32 inch) that I bought from ShopNBC. Last night it finally died. I had the hissing, cracking and other noises when the tv warmed up. It was so loud you had to turn the mute on for 5 minutes until it stopped once warmed up. The picture was good.
This week the picture became all colored lines and the noise was so loud you had to block your ears. But you needed one hand to pull the plug on the televison. Plug the television back in and it worked right again. But last night it died before I could get to the plug. I plugged it in and turned it on and nothing. I would NOT buy Protron again. I also read online that other people have had the same problems I did with the Protron LCD television.
The other Protron 32 inch LCD I have has a dark spot on the left corner of the LCD screen. It was not there yesterday. I am watching that. I do not know if this television is dying or not. I am now planning on buying a new television and it will not be a Protron.
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on April 17, 2006
First things first:

1) Picture: Great, easy to move between various aspect ratio, nice preset picture options and lots of good customizations

2) Sound: I am entirely satisfied with the sound. There is no hiss whatsoever, even when operating it at higher volumes. Once again, there are some great preset audio settings and also some nice ways to customize.

3) Inputs: There are inputs all over the place. Unless you have a dozen VCRs and DVD players, it will be utterly sufficient.

4) Misc: Remote works well, quite light, nice stand, all around very enjoyable.

5) Here's the caveat, I just bought this and I have only tried it out on a few DVDs and with a few shows. I don't know if it is going to hold up perfectly for years to come, but the initial experience is great. If it breaks, then I will certainly revise my review, but so far, so good.

I got this for a great price on clearance. The price was low enough that I decided to purchase a three year warranty to go with it. That way, even if it doesn't hold up well, I'll at least have a working replacement set for three years.
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on July 8, 2010
I purchased this tv less than 2 1/2 years ago and the picture suddenly went out, the sound still works but that's all. Couldn't find anyone to repair it and finally my nephew took a look at it and the part it needed would cost more than a new tv. I purchased a Panasonic for half of what I paid for this. There are so many name brands out there that cost alot less than the Protron. Shop NBC did not even back this up and quit carrying them shortly after I bought mine. I believed Shop NBC hype about it having an "A" quality panel and that Protron was built like "a name brand" that they couldn't mention (SONY) but that the public was just paying for the name and the warehousing of their tvs. Not that mine was cheap, it cost approx. $800.00 at the time, HA HA HA.I'll never do that again. Nothing but an expensive paper weight. I feel bad for anyone that just recenlty purchased this, you wasted some hard earned money. I would have rated it 1/2 a star.
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on March 8, 2008
I have had this LCD TV for 2 years without any major issues.

1) Picture
I use it as my PC monitor and have HD Cable hooked up to it as well. Since it is not 1080p I know I am not getting the best picture from the cable, but pictures on my PC a look fine. Does motion blur a little with sports and car racing.

2) Remote
I see many reviews of people complaining about remotes in general, but to me these are the same people who can't program VCRs (as they said in the old days (90s)-haha). Anyway this remote is very straight forward, one you understand the functions of "Menu" and "Enter"

3) Speakers
Nice looking. Pretty loud. Setting goes from 0 - 100. Its seams 1-30, 30-60,60-100 are fairly distinctive sound levels

4) General appearance - Looks clean. Stand is stylish

5) Size & Wt - Pretty thin and light

6) Inputs - The are on both sides (including speaker output) and have DVI (for computer). Not that there are multiple forms of DVI

6) PIP - Great. multiple size or even split 50/50. Bad thing is the PIP is surrounded by blue line which temperarily burns in.

7) CON - Burn in. Since I use this for PC Monitor, there are many websites that have the majority of the screen stationary. That image will burn in tempararily. So far nothing stays. However, I always make sure my screen saver is working. Also, as a PC we almost never turn this TV off.

8) Recommendation - I bought for around $600 from Sears. I haven't noticed this brand around as much as other newer names like Olevia, Westinghouse, etc. However, I would recommend at price more like $350 or less in today's market. However, you will only find Protron on Ebay, etc since there was a lawsuit between the company and suppliers. Overall this TV has been worth the cost I paid. I hope is last for another few years.
General recommendation when buying from companies like Sear and WalMart - be weary of their specif Brands (just as Kenmore products from Sears). They basically spec out to suppliers and go with the cheapest (which means service sucks unless Sears supports it and you are buying a cheaper made product).
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on March 22, 2009
I actually have the Protron 32" LCD TV which I purchased from I must admit I shouldn't have jumped on the LCD wagon so soon, because this version does not have the HDMI port and actually took some muscle to disconnect it from its stand. I've had this unit now for 2 years, and compared to other LCD models, the resolution is not so great, many of days I've spent trying to adjust the color/resolution but to no avail. Plus it irritates me that while channel surfing it takes several seconds before the picture actually appears.
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on January 25, 2009
I got this TV almost 4 years ago. In that time, it has been on for tv watching a minimum of 4 hours per day, many more like 12+. It has been a workhorse of a TV, with none of the problems I expected buying a brand I had never heard of.

+good picture
+always works
+lots of inputs
+picture in picture with many settings
+good sound for a TV

-had some screen position issues *only when used with a PC, never on TV, movies, or gaming.*
-widescreen settings are not as useful as one would want.
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on October 25, 2006
Do not waste your time on these products. These TV's are considered off shore brands that cannot be repaired. My unit is out of warranty (18mths old). These TV's are exchange units only when they are still under warranty. Once the warranty expires you are out of luck. Purchase a name brand and find out about repair options prior to purchase.
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