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on December 21, 2011
I never really write reviews, but felt compelled to, heres why:

Bought this awhile ago, with mixed results. I had to really stretch the band to get it to around my chair, and it doesnt really support my lower back that well. However, I have used it ever since, and gotten used to having that "little" extra support. I paid $9.95 at the time (free shipping), and thought it was a little over-priced, but hey, live and learn.

So heres is why I decided to post a review after so long: I was at the Dollar Tree store the other day (99 cents store or something similar if your not in CA), and they have the EXACT same back support for, get it, one dollar! I kid you not. And it wasn't a similar product by any means. Its the exact same product at a fraction of the cost.

Bottom line, if you are serious about getting something to support your back, then look elsewhere for a better quality product, or go out and get this same product for $1 (+ tax)
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on March 2, 2015
Ok I take time on my reviews, lately , to help the next person. Even with all the return guarantees I don't feel like adding extra $#!+ to do like returns cause money is not an issue if it will help my back I need it AND I'VE tried almost every different way. I study a lot at night and I sit at our dining table. I do school work for approximately 12 hrs at once every other day. I actually haven't slept yet because of the aderall(my Rx) but anyways ...lets start

Reason for purchase : I have scoliosis and a herniated cervical disc (where your neck meets the shoulder) and sitting hurts after 30 min. Here's a suggestion, instead of looking at all the prices, where it ships from or whatever you look at, escucha me now. Buy this, put a memory foam pillow or if they make seat cushions and put a hot blanket through the big loops or under your butt (sacrum area...pain usually originates inches from the sensitive part. I believe its referred to as "reference pain".

Medications for my diagnosis: Various strong opiates like Morphine and Oxycodone (just to name a few out of 8) prescribed by a licensed Anesthesiologist at a spine institute that does all sorts of rhizotomy, injections of steroids for anti flammatory etc...

Why is this product worth buying/reviewing:
1. Decreased my pain about 50%
2. You can sit longer (although you should get up at least once an hour to stretch out) WITHOUT pain....plus u gotta put effort and sit ya @$$ up too. This isnt a miracle thing.
3. I currently have had 5 Rhizotomy on my back within one fall semester and I still had to do my hw...ya know, shoot I gotta find ways to lower the pain naturally and time efficient.
4. See the 2 bands in the middle thats where the pad goes

Pros: Shipping was great as usual.
The curvature, wait let me explain the design. Its velcroed with one band in the back (if you move forward its lowered to your low lumbar cause you cant tighten the band. So it sometimes lowers....just put a pillow which is fine but the curvature is between lumbar -
thoracic on your bones. The band strap allows me to put a HEATING PAD through the opening which is very helpful thing I tried and worked...right where the vertical bands are. Buy one if u don't have a pad. Overall it helps ONLY if YOU DO your part and sit up!
73. Setup: 35 seconds
74. It's stylish enough to leave on my dining room chair. Doesn't look odd. Its a nice black and I've noticed my family always goes for my spot
75. If u seriously got pain...stretch your hamstrings as often as you can. Stretching lower back. Watch "yoga for beginners" on YouTube .
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on August 14, 2016
These things are way too flimsy. The structural integrity isn't strong enough to help my lumbar ergonomically. I bought this several years ago and it was great, yet it was made sturdier. I'm not sure what happen, but the quality definitely decreased. I would not recommend this product.
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on August 27, 2013
I saw my cousin using something similar to this on his office chair, so I thought I would come search Amazon for something similar. I have been using a cheap office chair that I bought from Office Max or Office Depot about 7 years ago, and it lost it's padding a few years ago (haha?). Anyways, my chair no longer has any support for anything, it's just something to sit on now. However, all of that has changed!

I bought this lumbar support about a week ago and it finally arrived today. I read through some of the reviews here and took the recommendation of many customers. I bought the $15 version of this, not the $5 one because a lot of people said that they bought it and were having issues and said the product is complete garbage. They did not lie. If you choose to buy this, PLEASE buy the one that is priced at around $15 (including shipping). Now I can't tell you not to buy the $5 version because I never used it before, but judging by most of these reviews, it's a waste of time and money if you do and you will probably end up hurting your back. What I don't understand is WHY sellers list the cheap $5 version here and trick people to buy it. Because judging by most of the reviews here, it is not the same product. So PLEASE, invest in the $15 version. I cannot stress this enough.

This item has different straps that can fit on different chair types and sizes. At first, I thought I had to fit those two vertical back straps onto my huge office chair, but after careful observation, I realized that I can use the single horizontal strap to hold it. I have only tried this on one chair, but it seems that it can fit a variety of chairs/office chairs.

There is one huge difference with the product that I got than from what I see in the picture on the product page. In the middle of support (where your back touches) there are these things that stick out and form a "bed" for your back. No they do not poke or hurt. My best guess is that they are made of some kind of plastic and added to provide more support and comfort. And yes, it works. It is also very lightweight and can easily be carried and used on other chairs or in your car.

One important thing to note is that when you put this on a chair, DO NOT pull it all the way down the chair so that it touches your waist or tailbone. Honestly, I did this when I first put it on my chair and it was not helping. It actually felt kind of uncomfortable. So I readjusted it and moved it up a little higher so that it rests on my lower-to-mid back, which I assume is the correct area to place it. It feels A LOT better now. Also, if you look at pictures on the packaging, it shows that it is not all the way down. However, everyone is different so you might like to try different positions.

The only thing I am concerned about are the straps and netting. Since I haven't had this for a long time I cannot say whether they will last or if they will break or rip. However, it seems durable for the time being. I assume that if you leave it on one chair and don't move it around too much, it will last quite long.

Remember, if you buy this, please buy the $15 one. Don't spend significantly less or more. You know the saying "You get what you pay for"? I think that applies perfectly here.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon November 19, 2008
I've only had this for about two weeks, so I can't speak to how well it holds up over the long term, but so far it's been wonderful!

I suffer from back pain that is exacerbated by sitting for long hours at the computer each day. I had previously purchased two different, more traditional-looking lumbar supports from a local back store, but I was still experiencing back pain with both of those. Noticing the positive reviews on this, I decided to give it a chance, and, since using it, my pain has greatly decreased. I can sit for much longer periods of time without having to get up and stretch, and I'm no longer in constant pain.

At this price, I'm going to purchase some more of these for some chairs at home. If the wire starts to bend out of its shape, as some other reviewers have said it might start doing, I also don't mind buying replacements since the cost is so low. The other two back supports I had tried were about $30 each, so the current price of $15 on this is quite a deal.
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on October 30, 2014
I wrote a review of this item in which I warned that it is not the same item as the one that sells for over $15 and marked "As seen on TV." I have since been contacted by Angel Sales, the maker of the cheaper item, who offered to refund my money for the cheaper item so just wanted to update my review. Unfortunately, I can't find that original review. The cheaper item, that sells for $5 is not worthless, it's just made with cheaper less robust materials. The material that makes the outer framework is about half the diameter of the "as seen on tv" item, the mesh is less sturdy, and the straps are about a half inch narrower and also less sturdy. The attachments for the cheaper item are also not quite symmetrical but one might be able to correct that by sliding the mesh around on the frame.

I decided to keep both items, and to use the cheaper one in my car until it wears out or something. My main issue is that these items should not be sold under the same name because they're not the same item. I'd say that "as seen on tv" item for $15+ is well worth the extra money, and the cheaper item appears to be a copy with different materials. I don't know if it violates a patent, or if the original item is even patented.

BTW, I'd give the "as seen on tv" item the full five stars and the cheaper one a two or a three. I was feeling generous.
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on December 17, 2008
So I bought this thinking it was metal, because that's what it looked like in the pictures. It is not metal. And OMG is it comfortable. You can adjust it to be higher or lower on the back of your chair depending on where your pain is. I didn't want to get up after using this. My mom also enjoys using it - pain free sitting!

EDIT: 03/31/2012
I have bought 4 of these - these are amazing, and really help my back feel better. I keep mine in my car at all times. I bought a 5th one, and to save some money, did not buy it from Amazon, but instead a third-party seller here on Amazon, same product. Well, it turned out to be NOT the same product, not even by Angel Sales. It seemed to be a $2 product from the dollar store. Returned it, bought the same item sold from Amazon - MUCH better, and is the original Angel Sales PosturePro. Be aware of the seller you buy this from! Spend the extra $5 and get it from Amazon.
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on February 24, 2014
Oh man. This is literally one of the best purchases I have made in a long time. I'm a college student who ends up spending a lot of time writing papers in front of their computer and their desk and having this back support attached to my cruddy wooden chair is literally one of the best things in my room. I no long sit hunched over looking at my screen and sit straight up, and having the support curve my back slightly just makes sitting so much more comfortable.

The best part about it, it can go on nearly any chair. And even if it won't slip over the back of it, you can always just place it behind your back, but it would probably have to be a massive rocking chair for it to not be able to fit.

The item feels pretty sturdy, and I don't have any tears in the back meshing, so that's a good sign.

It was a lot more worth my money than I originally intended to be, so if you're ever on the edge of buying a product like this, just go for it.
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on August 29, 2016
Doesn't work in my car. My back touches the seat, in spite of my using the thing that is supposed to keep my back away from the back of the seat. I am 150 pounds, pretty thin.
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on March 15, 2012
I bought two of these in '08 from Angel Sales. I paid $14 each. Then within a year a bought a couple more from a wall-greens store for $5, but they weren't the same design. I saw this cheaper design also at the .98c Store on 2/16/12. It is hard to tell the difference from a picture, except for the following: the internal wire that holds the mesh in place runs almost the same length (horizontally) top and bottom. The cheaper brands form more of a pyramid shape.

If you've hurt your lower back, like I have, don't be cheap. These other brands are too flimsy to give support. I'm still using my originals, 4 years, and they only have a small tear in the mesh in one corner.

I agree with another reviewer that the strap that holds the brace to the chair is cheap. Fortunately I don't need that to hold it in place in a vehicle.

I'm considering buying more at this time for the other company drivers. However, I don't know if Angel Sales is making/importing (?) the same quality. I will update this review if I do buy another.
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