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on August 14, 2007
I'm a coffee snob, plain and simple. I have a high end espresso machine, burr grinder, several french presses and an assortment of drip coffee makers along with a wonderful vintage vacuum machine. But, on a recent vacation, the condominium I was staying at came equiped with one of the Keurig machines and there were a few K-containers of assorted blends in the cupboard. Expecting nothing more than ordinary "motel room" coffee, I figured out how to use the Keurig, fired it up, put in a nondescript K-cup of "Columbian" and brewed a small cup while I was getting ready to head out in the morning. I won't say I was shocked, but I was certainly impressed. That cup was significantly better than it should have been given the pre-packaged, pre-ground coffee and the somewhat "gimicky" appeal of the system. I purchased some additional "k-cups" that day from a local store and continued to have easy, no mess morning coffee for the rest of my stay.

When I got back one of the first things I did was investigate the Keurig and I wound up getting a B-60 along with several boxes of K-cup coffees. Is it as good as 100% Blue Mountain in a french press? No, but it is pretty darn good coffee that is consistent from cup to cup with literally no mess. The machine operates pretty much the same way as an auto espresso maker with the K-cup replacing the espresso handle and filter. Hot water from a removable tank is heated and then injected into the K-cup after the machine punctures the cup's top and bottom. On this particular model one can adjust the size of the cup and the temperature of the brew, though this is a rather narrow range. I got the best results from the smallest cup size and a 190 degree temp setting, but LIKE WITH ALL COFFEE MAKERS, BUYING ONLY THE FRESHEST K-CUPS AND USING GOOD QUALITY BOTTLED WATER, will be necessary to get the best results. The bottom line is that one can easily get a good decent cup of coffee in less than a minute (if you leave the machine on all the time) with practically no mess. Do I use it all the time? No, but for a single cup in the middle of the day, or if you only want one or two cups in the morning, it's a simple, no mess fix. I also, got the available permanent filter and have had good success with my own grinds, though you do have to futz with the settings a little.

The only reason I'm not giving it 5 stars is because of the initial and ongoing cost over conventional coffee brewing methods. But it does make very good coffee and is clearly superior to most auto drip coffee makers using store bought pre ground coffee.
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on March 6, 2009
This unit has been in service for about a year. It was cleaned regularly even though it never signaled to descale. About two months ago it started vibrating excessively. Then it refused to send the water through the k-cup, instead returning water to the holding tank. Now it actually manages to make a cup of coffe about every 1 out of 4 tries. The brand of k-cup doesn't matter. Performance is universally dismal.
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on December 26, 2005
I wrote a review under the B50 earlier because there was no listing for the B60. Everything below is still accurate. We went out of town for a few days and really missed our coffee maker! We will order the new refillable accessory when it comes out in January, just to have on hand in case we run out of K-Cups one day.

Wonderful way to wake up in the morning!

I couldn't wait until Christmas so my husband got his Keurig for an early Thanksgiving present. It turns out, that this is a great gift for me, too!

I've never been a coffee drinker, but I've been making him coffee for 27 years. He's never complained even though I'm sure his coffee has ranged from too weak, too strong and just plain bitter. When he told me about a friend with a single serve coffee maker that makes every cup fresh and good, I did the research and ordered the Keurig. Since he likes his travel cups, I ordered the Extra Bold Sumatran and Magic K-Cups.

When I gave him the Keurig he was so impressed that he didn't even complain about the price. I was all set to tell him that I made 8 cups of his old drip coffee each day and poured out about half, so this would actually save money. My logic didn't pan out anyway. He is drinking even more coffee now because it is so good!

To fill his travel cup he runs one Extra Bold through twice on the 5 ounce setting and says that it is perfect. Since it is ready all the time, I no longer get up a few minutes early to have his coffee ready for him and he can even enjoy a cup after dinner. The best part is that I've tried the flavored Southern Pecan and French Vanilla coffees and I love them! I thought I would only use it for tea.

Keurig has made us both very happy.
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on February 13, 2010
Ordered this as a Christmas gift and we loved it until it stopped working after using about a dozen times. Same problems as many other reviewers - the system would hum, may or may not pull water over to heat it and then would either read "Not Ready" or would simply shut off. Called Keurig customer service. They took me through a few cleaning steps with my machine and when it still didn't work they sent me a new machine. Received the replacement (a step up in models as my first was the B60 and they replaced it with the Platinum B70) and after 2 weeks it had the same issues. Called Keurig again and they are sending a new replacement that is from a "new shipment that has been tested for the issues that some machines were having." I hope that is true as I loved the machine when it actually worked!
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on November 16, 2006
The Keurig B60 Special Edition Gourmet Coffee brewing system is absolutely the best thing that has come down the pike yet for any hot beverage. I purchased my first one about 4 months ago for my home. I purchase a second one 3 months ago for work. I purchased my third one 2 months ago for my Sunday School class. I just purchased the forth one to give as a Christmas gift. I consider the price very reasonable compared to replacing the brewers I normally replaced due to burn out caused by lime in the water in my area. But most of all, it is so nice to have so very many possible selections of coffee to suit anyone that this brewer's coffee providers offer. My friend likes it strong as he can get it...he can, my wife likes decaf medium blend...she can, I like flavored coffees...I can enjoy probably 20 different choices. All of this and you don't have to brew a whole pot of either to get any specific person exact choice instantly. Think about that. And you can enjoy other hot beverages instantly as well, such as several cocoas, several ciders, etc. Life is good when you have economical choices. 5+ out of 5 is my opinion absolutely positively.
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on March 3, 2006
I LOVE this coffee brewer! No mess to clean up and everyone can have their own favorite.

I had a Melitta one:one pod coffee brewer before this and liked the machine. But the water never seemed very hot after brewing, and the pod options were very limited. And frankly, I just didn't care for Melittas' coffee flavors.

After comparing the Tassimo and the Keurig options: available drinks (included coffees/teas/hot chocolates), brew sizes, owner reviews and product functionalities; I decided to go with the Keurig B-60 and I am not disappointed.

The machine heats the water up in under a minute. The brew cycle is less than 30 seconds for a mug of coffee. It also does an expresso size cup as well as a travel mug. The water reservoir on the side holds about a carafe's worth of water, so you don't have to fill it up between servings....something that drove me a bit nuts with the Melitta. The footprint is a bit larger than a standard coffeemaker, but it still fits nicely on my limited counter space. It's solidly constructed and the k-cup mechanism is smooth...we're talking metal parts here people!

Now for the most important feature: it brews great coffee, tea and hot chocolate! (The B-60 comes with a 18 piece variety pack to get you started...a nice bonus not mentioned in the product description!) With Green Mountain, Gloria Jeans, Timothy's, Van Houtte's, Diedrich's and now Tully's coffees available in pre-packaged k-cups, coffee has never been simplier to make or more delicious. For tea lovers, there's Timothy's, Celestial Seasonings, Bigelow's, Gloria Jean's and (new to the line-up) Twinnings. Ghirardelli even makes hot chocolate packets compatible for the Keurig! And if none of those options meet with your tastes, you can buy "My k-cup" and fill it with your own favorite ground coffee or tea blend!

So to sum it up: it brews great hot coffee, hot teas and hot chocolate; there's a great coffee/tea k-cup selection available for the Keurig; everyone can be happy and make their own favorite hot beverage; and there's no cleanup other than popping out the used k-cup.

What can be better than this?!

We have used this B60 brewer daily for 4 years and 3 months as of this update. We've had only one problem in the entire time we've had it: about a year ago the foam seal around the upper puncture point fell off as the glue failed. I contacted Keurig Customer Service and they immediately sent out a new seal. I had it in my hands only 2 days after I called.

After the first 3 months, I did begin using filtered water (Pur water carafe with a filter) and have never had to descale it, nor has it ever clogged on me.

My only complaint (really more of an inconvenience than a complaint) after all this time, is the lack of a battery back-up for the clock setting. If we lose power, even for an instant, the clock resets back to 12:00 AM. All the other settings are retained. This means if I don't notice that the power glitched during the day, the auto-on setting turns the brewer on at an odd time before I get it reset.

Great value for the money. We're enjoying the even greater selection of coffees, teas and hot chocolates than we could originally find. Tully's is our new favorite coffee company. I will definitely be getting another Keurig brewer after this one goes...hopefully in another 4 years!

UPDATE #2 - April 10, 2013 - My Keurig is now 7 years old. It gets used daily and still works flawlessly. I have used filtered water in it and have NEVER had to descale it to this day. The only thing I had to replace on it so far wad the rubber bumper surrounding the upper piercing device. I contacted Keurig after it fell off, the glue fails after being steamed over and over, and they sent me a replacement bumper in an envelope within 2 days! Very impressive and it's nice to kee this company stand behind its product. Loving the fact that there are so many additional companies making k-cup coffee pods than when I first purchased it...and the number of k-cup converter options that work well is encouraging. I stand by my original statement: I'm STILL in love with this coffee brewer!!
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on March 15, 2011
Been a month, no problems at all. My neighbor has had his for over a year, not an ounce of trouble.

First off, I'm going to tell you right off the bat, put Filtered or drinking water into the budget when buying this system. I've read people having trouble with their brewers breaking down over time. While not saying every instance for sure, I do think the majority of issues are caused by the type of water they are using. While Keurig said they recommend using filtered water, I say it should be required. Most water, especially from the tap obviously, will have abnormalities in it, chlorine, flouride, minerals, carbon, etc. I think it eventually will destroy the intricate mechanisms inside the best coffee makers. I used to work at a coffee shop. The big no no for making coffee was NEVER to use tap water in any type of instant brewer.

I say without question, do not use TAP water out of your faucet. Obviously it depends on your location, but most tap water will eat things like coffee brewers up. My water is really bad. I have instant water heater. I had my previous one replace after 2 years. The water literally ate up the tank and started leaking. It's basically a corrosive over time. This is the same premise for your coffee brewer, any coffee brewer for that matter, especially the ones that use internal heating for the k cups. So if you're going to get this amazing brewer, you gotta consider filtered water into the budget. Yes, you're going to pay more, but it will prolong the life of your Keurig brewer and most importantly, it will taste better too!

About the only things I've had come across, -- occasionally I noticed the brewer will give out different amounts of coffee, sometimes it uses more water, sometimes less. But it's very sporadic and the amount is pretty miniscule, so didn't affect the taste hardly at all. The best part about this brewer is the speed. I can wake up in the morning and in about 3 minutes time, I'll have the best tasting coffee in my hand ready to drink. Highly recommended. Just don't forget that water!
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on July 24, 2010
It's easy to operate, convenient (no cleanup), but, in my opinion, it doesn't make good coffee out of the box. No matter what brand of coffee I tried, the result was a brew that was just too weak for my taste. The purchase decision is really all about convenience.

I purchased the "My K-cup" filter, which uses a gold tone microscreen, in an attempt to use my own brand of coffee as well as be a bit more green by saving the environment from a proliferation of plastic K-cups - but, that produced coffee that was even weaker - not a good thing. I wound up modifying a K-cup to fit outside of the microscreen filter, and punched a tiny 1/16 diameter hole in the bottom of the K-cup, so that the water doesn't move as quickly through the coffee grinds (Note: you need to offset the hole toward the edge of the cup otherwise the coffee splashes when it drips into the mug). This notion has been described elsewhere in these reviews. The minimum size of the hole is crucial to avoid a mess - water/coffee overflow. Note: you need to lower the rubber gasket on the upper needle to avoid water leakage around the filter (also explained in other reviews). I also cut the bottom and top off another K-cup and inserted it into the filter to cut down on the microscreen area and allow the water to filter through more of the grinds before exiting the filter. The K-cup outside and inside the microfilter works pretty effectively in strengthening the brew (especially the latter modification). It also helps to pack the coffee grinds into the filter - rather than just spooning them in loosely. But, all this defeats the convience of using a K-cup!

The problem is that the key variables required to make a good cup of coffee (or a cup that suits you) are out of your control with the Keurig : i.e., the measured amount of coffee to use, the amount of water to use, and the rate at which the water flows through the grinds, the latter being the key variable for the Keurig. There is a setting on the unit that allows more water (cup, mug, travel mug), but the amount of coffee to use is a constant limited to the standard size of the K-cup or the "My K-cup" filter - if you go that way. I have been using the small cup setting to limit the amount of dilution.

I would suggest against the My K-cup filter, there is another alternative that may be better. Search and you will find. Keurig should decrease the effective filter screen area as my experimental findings indicated above. But, of course, Keurig wants you to buy K-cups because that's where their royalties reside.

The K-cup comes in one size. There is about two tablespoons of coffee in a K-cup (there is a filter inside that takes up about 20% of the cup's space). Before the Keurig, I used a Black & Decker one cup coffee maker (DCM-7, $14, now unavailable), which I had for 10 years (it is no longer functional). That made excellent coffee, though it required cleanup - which wasn't a problem for me. The water dripped slowly through the coffee grinds; I used 3 tablespoons of coffee. I was in full control of the brewing process by having the abilty to adjust the two common variables - the amount of coffee to use, and the amount of water to use.

Even though the My K-cup filter holds 3 tablespoons of coffee, which is the same as that which I used for the B&D, the high flow rate of water pushed through the grinds through steam pressure makes for a much weaker brew than using a K-cup (before the modifications to the filter described above).

The B60 is microprocessor controlled, so it shouldn't be all that difficult or expensive to add a solenoid valve that would allow the rate of flow of water/steam through the grinds to be a user-selectable option. I think that would be the key to enabling this unit to be truly workable by allowing for some flexibility. Having the ability to support three different mug sizes of coffee using the same amount of coffee grinds (i.e., K-cup) and just using more water (without modulating the flow rate) makes little sense in producing a consistent cup of coffee - it just dilutes the brew. Again, steam/water flow rate is the key here - in case the developers at Keurig read this.

If you are going to use the My K-cup filter with the B60, the unit isn't worth the price because of the added hassle and lack of K-cup convenience.

It just doesn't work for me, but I can see how the convenience and the cool appearance of the unit could be popular and seductive to others if one doesn't care about the added cost of a K-cup ($.40 - $.50) and the environmental concerns.

I hope this review was informative.
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on April 19, 2006
A bunch of us at work regularly raid another department's supply of Keurig coffee, as they have the industrial strength machine, which is not available to the general public (I checked). I already knew how great the coffee tasted and how easy the big machine was to use, but having one in my own kitchen is a true delight.

The B-60 is moronically simple to use and is also an attractive addition to our kitchen, with the chrome accents and blue backlit water reservoir and LCD control. What I didn't know was that you can keep the machine on 24/7 and the water stays hot and ready to brew. From the time you drop a K-Cup in the machine, you have but 40 seconds total to enjoy a cup of fine coffee. YUM!
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on August 9, 2006
I like the machine much more than I expected to! After owning a Senseo I am quite surprised by how GOOD the K-Cup coffees are. The Keurig is very well constructed and works like a charm. It's really nice to have a choice of 3 brew sizes since my hubby and I prefer different coffee strengths and now we each get exactly what we want. I don't plan to ever be without a Keurig! Great machine and highly recommended.
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