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VINE VOICEon April 27, 2006
I wanted a digital camera for years, but kept myself restrained to a budget until I saw this on sale and decided to order it. I've had it for over a month now and I love it. Know how you buy a new toy and you're really excited about it until it finally comes in and then you kind of forget about it? I'm still really stoked about having it because it's just that fun to use. Owning it actually inspired me to learn a lot about how to take pictures properly.


-Small and stylish will be sure to turn heads

-Strong metal body so that it won't break should you hit it against a wall or drop it

-EASILY fits into your pocket

-The 2.5" screen is gorgeous and the size is just right (it can get super bright should you need it to)

-Software couldn't be easier to use (it'll even rotate your pictures that are vertical automatically in the browser, and you can set it to save these rotations)

-The gimmicky extra modes are super cool (color accent to make everything b&w except for one color, color swap, positive film, etc)

-Surprisingly little noise at ISO 100 and ISO 200 (at least in the instances where I've used them)

-Very simplistic navigation on the camera with very few buttons to confuse you and nice little pictures on them

-The panoramic picture mode makes taking wide shots really easy

-It can go pretty fast, which means that you won't miss the moment you really want to capture (especially if you hold down the shutter button halfway to focus it ahead of time)

-It comes with an A/V cable right in the box, which is better than what most cameras tend to provide, and the slideshows that are built-in for you to show family and friends is real nifty

-Pretty much perfect for the point-and-shoot photographer who wants something ultra portable

-When you rotate the camera in playback, it'll rotate your picture view as well!

-Flash is too obvious on the picture if the object is too close to you

-Unbelievably sharp photos with very little fringing, particularly in natural light and outdoor environments


-Could use some more manual controls (I wish I could control the shutterspeed)

-There is no battery life indicator until you only have a few exposures left on the battery, though it's supposed to last 150 exposures (I haven't counted, but that sounds about right)

-Red eye, which is a problem and each and every ultracompact digital camera out there

-Movie mode sometimes a little grainy

False Cons (where I disagree with others)

-It's really not that bad for night shots if you know what you're doing as I've taken several good ones at a night concert I went to; you may not want to use the night snapshot mode, but if you go into manual and fiddle with the exposure value and up the ISO you can get pretty decent brightness out of it

-Manual settings are pretty easy to use and discern since they all appear right on the screen without having to scroll around

-Movie files actually do compress rather well

-It's pretty good for moving photos if you just hold the shutter button halfway since then it'll go faster and it'll tell you if you're shaking (you can also hold it closer to your body to reduce that, or just get a portable tripod)

-That guy who complained it's too slow just didn't read the manual because obviously he didn't hold down the shutter all the way, I've almost always had extremely fast captures

I would recommend getting at least 512 MB memory card. I delete pictures off of mine when I don't care much for them later on and just keep the stuff I'm willing to show other people, and I still haven't reached the limit of my 512 MB memory card's memory. You should definitely get a case for it, I got the PSC-90 and I think it's great (only protects the camera though, no extra storage, but very stylish). DEFINITELY buy a screen protector for the LCD, and don't cheap out on it because the screen is pretty sensitive and a scratch on it would likely pain you to see. You may want to invest in an extra battery pack as well, though I haven't.

In sum: not perfect, but after doing some research, I stick by this being the best ultracompact on the market, and perfect for point-and-shoot amateur photographers like myself. I'd give it 5 stars, but I have a few cons that I'd feel guilty to let go of and give it 5 stars. I'd prefer 4.5 stars, but oh well.
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I love the SD450 but I must admit I am partial to Canon as I have been using Canon cameras (both film and digital) for the longest time. This is my 7th digital camera from Canon. I have another camera which I use currently - the S2 IS which I bought to try my hand at some creative (hopefully!) photography. But the S2 wonderful as it is, has not been used as much as my earlier powershots given its size and its inability to fit into my little purse. So after having lost some great photo ops at parties, evenings out and impromptu get togethers I finally wanted a camera that was tiny enough for my evening bag but still allowed me to get creative.

This camera took me the longest time to buy as I mulled between a Sony for the first time, and a Canon SD 550 and the SD450. I read dpreview (greatest site if you're looking up digital camera reviews), Steve's digicams, Cnet and all of those sites looking for the perfect tiny camera. I was leaning toward the SD550's 7 mega pixels till I took a couple of trips to the electronics stores and held the cameras in my hands. What a difference it made. The SD550 was thicker and chunkier and the curved edge made it slippery and everyone seemed to have them in the yucky gold color. So despite the megapixels the SD450 felt just right. I even considered the SD400 as I wasn't too partial towards the bigger screen of the SD450, but the added software enhancements in the SD450 were nice and the price difference between the 400 and 450 was very small at the time I bought it.
Size- really small, a little bigger than a visiting card and great looks, steel look cover for the A/V digital out (not your usual canon rubber flap), feels great in hand. Sexy, sexy!

For such a small camera the pros are that the SD450 has an optical view finder and an optical zoom (as well as a digital zoom). It has an intelligent focusing system AiAF which can give some pretty good results on auto mode.

In addition to the auto mode it has the manual mode, potrait mode, night mode, macro mode (which is great!), scenery mode and the scene mode which goes into the different scene modes. You can also get to the panoramic mode thru the menu to shoot city scapes or rolling mountains in a series of shots. It's really easy as you can view your older shot in this mode while you take the new one overlapping the older one. The provided software will 'stitch' your shots into one when you upload them.

It has the usual Canon powershot options of different scene modes -Kids and pets, foliage, fireworks, snow, underwater, beach, indoor so that you don't need to think about settings. Very convenient in a point and shoot! The newer My colors option allows you to choose a color you want to highlight or darken and lighten skin tones. It also allows you to capture only a particular color in a shot while the rest of the picture is black and white. So you can do a black and white potrait of your child with a red ribbon or red ball. Or you can swap out one color with the other, it allows for some creativity in your pictures.

You can also take videos with this camera in .avi format and edit them on the camera. And you can create a slide show of all the images you took on the camera itself with fancy transition effects of your choice. The zoom button shows one or many images at a time in the replay mode and you can zoom into each individual image to see parts of it closely.

In the manual mode you have the option to set white balance and your color tones to black and white, sepia, vivid, neutral. You can also change the metering (spot, center weighted, evaluative) and get the long shutter mode through the menu.

There is self timer function as well as continuous shot function for rapid shooting.

The coolest thing about the LCD is that as you rotate the camera the potrait pictures will automatically rotate to fill the screen. It's like magic!

Battery charger is separate so you can charge a battery while you're using one. And it works from 120V-240V in case you make any foreign trips.

Flash can be too strong for close-ups (in auto mode, in manual mode you can adjust flash or change metering options) and bleaches out color.
Large screen is great but drains the battery quicker and more prone to damage. Buy the protective stick on sheets, it's a good investment.
You cannot see battery power remaining at any time. So it's a bit of guesswork to figure out if you need to recharge.

Overall this camera beats others given its size, features and performance at it's sub three hundred price tag!
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on June 20, 2006
My wife and I just got back from a trip to Venice. In an effort to reduce travel bulk, I left my SLR film camera and lenses at home and only took along my fairly new SD450.

My only complaints the entire trip were that I would've liked a longer zoom at times, I wished I had brought a tripod for night shots, and I could've used a third battery or travel adapter for my charger. (Two batteries took about 500-600 hi-res pictures and a minute of video over the course of 15 days using the lcd screen but very little flash. The second battery died in the airport on the way home.)

Besides that, the little 450 performed beautifully. I was able to use the various manual features and exposure control to get very similar shots to what I would've been able to acheived with my SLR. And, because film wasn't an issue (two 1 GB SD cards) I was much more liberal with the shots I was taking and ended up with some real nice surprises.

As for the delicacy of the camera, I tend to baby my equipment, but I am also a clutz. The second day in Italy I was taking off my belt in the hotel room and had forgotten that the camera was still in it's case strapped onto the belt. The camera fell from waist height (in the case) onto a marble floor. No damage at all. LCD is still clear and beautiful. So, it's not quite as fragile as people make it seem. Though, I'm positive that without the case, I would've had a $300 paperweight on my hands.


A minor CON that might affect people. In playing with the images from my Italy trip, I noticed that they were all at 180 dpi. I would have expected a camera like this to record at 300 dpi in the highest setting. Not a huge deal, but a minor inconvenience when dealing with quick high quality printing.

It's not enough to lower my rating--I still love this camera--but something to consider.
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on August 18, 2006
We've had a few different digital cameras over the past decade, and this is by far the best. A few days before we took a trip to Disney this summer, I found out our JVC camcorder wouldn't get anything in focus and the picture was always near black. So I took it in and found out I wouldn't get it back for a few weeks. We had just recently gotten this camera, and hadn't really put it through its paces yet, but I decided to grab a 1GB SD card for it and hope that it took good videos as well as great pictures. And it certainly does. On the lowest quality settings (320x240 w/ 15 frames per second), you can record a good 45 minutes of video w/ audio on a 1GB SD card, which goes for about $30 now. It'll record video at up to 640x480 w/ 30 fps. It's loaded with features and responds very quickly. You can turn the power on and snap a picture in about 2 seconds. It's really a delight to work with, and the battery lasts a really long time. If you're zooming in a lot, it's kind of easy to end up with a blurry picture if it's not held steady, but that's a user thing, and not a problem with the camera. It's tiny, but it feels incredibly solid, and I highly recommend it.
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on April 28, 2006
I just came back from a trip and took close to 400 pictures with my new SD450. All I can say is this camera is wonderful. My pictures came out great. The camera is small with a huge LCD screen, it's pretty easy to use and you can just click away, as it turns on and snaps pictures very quickly. I've read some reviews about poor battery life. I did not have this problem at all, and I always have my LCD screen on. Each night I'd just recharge the battery and it would last through the whole afternoon of picture taking. The camera also takes videos which is very nice as well. I'm just a novice at this stuff, but the camera worked well for me. I believe that the few who wrote about the poor picture quality have probably worked with more advanced equipment, so this camera may not be a good choice for them. But anyone who just wants a great little camera to take around and snap some nice pictures, should be very pleased with this one. I researched for quite a while before settling on a Canon, and I'm very happy that I did. When researching cameras I did notice that there were tons of complaints about the LCD cracking or scratching easily. I solved this problem by ordering an acrylic LCD shield online (not those disposable ones, but a hard plastic shield). It fits beautifully over the LCD screen, and looks like it was part of the original camera. It's scratch proof and there is no way the LCD is going to crack with this thing on it. It cost me $8 including shipping. Overall, if you are considering a Canon, try this one. I think you'll be very pleased.
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on July 28, 2017
Terrible do not buy the camera comes damaged and no charger and u have to buy one for 30 bucks and they don't sell the 2gb cards it takes so u have to order them and the camera is just bad it's a complete waste on money if u want a good cheap camera buy the Canon elph 110
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on January 26, 2006
No photos of our first New Years Eve together. No photos of our honeymoon hike down the Lake Michigan shore. No photos of so many birthday parties, picnics, and downtown adventures. Why? Because the only cameras we owned were HUGE. Who wants to carry around a heavy camera body and long (and fragile) lenses all day?

So I searched for a solution - something small enough to tuck into a pocket or purse that wouldn't make me say "yuck" when I saw the resulting images. And I found it in the SD450. I love the size of it; it looks especially cute in the red leather case that I purchased to protect it. The nice array of functions make it easy to work with and fun to use (I especially like the different color modes). It's 5mp give me plenty of room to crop and edit and still print a good 8x10. We're even using it as a video camera!

I was looking for a small camera that was easily pocketable and would produce consistent quality images. I got all that and much more, and would highly recommend this camera.
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on March 9, 2006
This is a great camera. The directions stated I did not have to install any software to download photos to my pc, which is a feature I wanted. (I used to have a Kodak camera which required using Kodak software, which made a mess of my computer.) Also, I discovered my laptop has a media card slot, just take the card out of the camera and pop in it my laptop. Windows XP automatically finds the pics and asks what you want to do with them. Awesome! This camera also has a battery charger unit that is very compact and plugs directly into a wall outlet. Just pop the battery out and plug in into the outlet. Also very easy, no cords required! Picture quality and LCD quality is also very good. You will have to buy a media card though, it only comes with a 16mb card, which is worthless.
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on November 6, 2016
I've owned a camera like this for years, but during summer vacation the screen took a direct hit and shattered. As I already owned extra batteries and memory cards for this camera, I bought the same exact camera. It never disappoints!
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on September 2, 2006
I bought this in March and have used it a lot since. It is so tiny and light that it comes with me everywhere. The battery lasts a long time and with a 1 GB card it holds tons of pictures. The automatic settings do an excellent job metering and focusing, and the pictures are sharp. I also love the response time which is much quicker than my previous digital camera. I have actually used the movie feature a fair amount to record kid's skits and a surfing lesson. It is great fun to be able to take these little movies in such a lightweight package. The huge screen and the automatic tilt option are really nice. The controls are very intuitive and there are lots of useful features like red eye reduction, macro focus, different metering options for action, night, snow, water, portrait, self timer, as well as silly things like the options to alter the colors. In short, I love this camera!
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