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on September 2, 2013
This MP3 player was purchased to replace an identical one my wife had been using for many years. It arrived in the original packaging, and the "Like New" description was apt. However, we HAVE had issues with it - which is not to say the seller is at fault here. The main issue is that the screen is VERY dark, the printing in orange (rather than white), and virtually impossible to see. But since I know these devices have had a hit & miss quality control and user-friendly history, I can't fault the seller for this.
The device, when we're able to see well enough to load and/or find what has been loaded and listen to it, works superbly - as is the case with ALL Zen MicroPhoto MP3 players. Their audio quality has never been in question - but their ergonomics and ease of use have always been called into question. Buying one is always a crap shoot, and we knew that going in.
It's just too bad that Creative elected to replace this device with others far less desireable - and garnering even fewer stars in their reviews rather than simply update and correct the deficiencies of this otherwise fine player.
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on April 11, 2007
There are some things I like about this, others I don't. Some people have written similar reviews, but I want to add my 2 cents. Hope this helps potential buyers.

1. Small, easy to use
2. Good sound quality
3. Good storage capacity for those of us who don't have 10 million songs hanging out on our computers.
4. Some people have complained that the Creative Media software is hard to understand. I disagree, I found it straightforward. You can even change the titles, artists, and genres of the songs on the software before it gets transferred to the player. Yes, I realize this can also be done in WMP, but sometimes you want to edit later, or you missed something earlier.
5. Replaceable battery. If it dies, you can get another one, you don't have to send it in to the company.

1. The shuffle mode is annoying. It doesn't go through the entire playlist on shuffle. Once a song is over, it goes right back onto the potential playlist, and can sometimes get played again fairly soon after it was first played, to the exclusion of the other items on the list. I want to hear all my songs at least once before I hear repeats.
2. The Creative Media Center software doesn't install on Windows Vista.
3. This is a hard drive player, so no running with it. That's okay though for people like me: I don't run. It also makes it cheaper than the IPod Nano, which is a flash player.
4. The cable to recharge the battery is a usb cable that hooks directly into your computer. I don't like this because I'm not always around my computer, I don't lug it with me everywhere I go. However, there are ports you can buy (here on Amazon, even) that plug into the wall and have little usb ports, so that's handy.
5. Not as many accessories as the IPod, but not that important.
6. You can't view your photos while you are listening to music. Sometimes this sucks, but if you have a camera phone, or are in an actual conversation with someone, you probably won't be listening to your music anyway.

Update: 3-27-08
If you want the software to run with Vista, you have to use the stuff you can download from the Creative Website. It is bulkier and more difficult to follow. Plus it takes FOREVER to actually run. However, you can manage your playlists, which is the only thing I use it for.
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on November 3, 2006
Pros: Price, great $/GB ratio. Battery is user-replaceable! Digital voice recorder. FM tuner (you can record radio, too). Organizer/contacts storage is possible. Sleek, sexy design. Scroll pad is vertical, not circular like iPod, which I think makes scrolling easier.

Cons: Does not allow photo viewing during mp3 playback. Software works with XP, but not Win2k. Not a big fan of the included earbuds. USB cord is ridonkulously short. Bass Boost feature distorts rather than adding any appreciable bass. Bass overall is average.

First and foremost, I feel the need to clarify the misleading product description. You can NOT simultaneously listen to music while viewing photos with the Zen Micro Photo. I guess by extension, this means album art is unavailable during audio playback. For me this was an entirely moot point, but I've seen other reviews on the net take exception to this. What I like the photo feature for is the ability to choose your own wallpaper. But otherwise, I'd rather use the space for music. To each his own, though.

I got this prior to a trip to Europe, which I think put it through its paces pretty well. First off, the battery life was great, provided you dim the screen sufficiently. But that seems to be true of most portable electronics: dimmer screen = longer battery life. I listened to it through most of the transatlantic flight, and I landed in Frankfurt with juice to spare.

A couple travel tips: the adhesive protective plastic on the front and back of the player (as it comes out of the box) makes an acceptable screen protector if you trim it to size. Also, the photo feature is good for storing and viewing maps when traveling, although the downside is that there seems to be a limit on the jpg filesize. Also, it can be tough to see the screen in bright sunlight.

I think the Zen Micro Photo offers the best storage per dollar ratio of any mp3 player out there, certainly any photo-capable mp3 player. I bought it when creative and amazon had a mail-in rebate which sweetened the deal even more.

If you read other reviews on the net, the sensitivity of the touchpad is often seen as a con. And when I first got it, I thought the same thing. It is very sensitive even on the low sensitivity setting. But after some use, I got used to it. You just have to train yourself to have "the touch" I guess.

Not quite sure why the various colors sell at different prices on amazon. I also think it's important to note that the blue border and the blue on the touchpad is backlighting that only appears when you interface with the menu. Otherwise these blue areas appear as clear/white. This was exactly what I was hoping for when I ordered it, since I think it would look a bit cheap if the blue border, etc. was permanent and not just a lighting effect.

Bottom line: If faced with the choice, I would definitely buy it again. No regrets for me with this purchase... a perfect fit.
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on November 6, 2006
My wife has a Creative Zen Micro with the black and white LCD screen. I liked my wife's player enough that I bought the newer Creative Zen Micro Photo for me.

One feature that I like better about the older LCD version's screen is that (when there is enough ambient light) you can view the name of the currently-playing track without having to unlock the buttons and make the backlight come on, like I have to with the Zen Micro Photo. I suspect that this issue will arise with any player with an OLED display.

The display can be hard to read on a very sunny day.

A limitation of the player is that you can play music or display photos. If you try to display a photo while the music is playing, the music will stop.

The player has survived a number of (unintentional) falls from my hand onto concrete or pavement (while playing) without the benefit of a protective case. The housing is a bit scratched/dinged now, but no breakage so far. On a couple of the falls, the player got "stuck". The music stopped playing, the screen was on, but the player was unresponsive to any button presses including power off. I had to remove the battery to get the player to recover. I did a "cleanup" on the player for good measure (see the Creative Labs support site for how to execute the "cleanup" operation).

The player works well enough with the "Rhapsody To Go" music service. However, in recent days I've had synchronization problems between player and computer, but I suspect that this may be related to the player being nearly full.

The player sounds decent enough to my non-audiophile ears. I'm not a big fan of the ear buds that come with the player. They sound ok, but they don't stay in my ears very well if I do anything more active than walking around.
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on January 3, 2007
this is the 2nd Creative mp3 player I purchased and when it's time to buy a new one it'll be another Creative product. In my experience Creative's mp3 players are just as good if not better then the ipod. And as an added bonus I don't have the same mp3 player as everyone else (and they're uncle's dog!) Some people will tell you that the Apple interface is so much better then anybody else's, but in reality Apple had to pay Creative several million in a lawsuit because Apple stole Creative's file system! The interface is smooth and easy to understand and navigate.

SQ is great as well. I encode all my mp3s with EAC and LAME at 320kb/s. I also use a headphone amp, but anyone who hears my setup claims that it is among the best they've heard.

One of the great features about the Zen Micro and Zen Micro Photo is the size. They are perfectly suited to be encased in a mint tin (think Altoids or Penguin Mints) All you need to do is cut out one end for the headphone jack and on/off switch and line the inside with a soft material like felt. You've got a case for cheap that looks cool and will protect your mp3 player better then anything on the market.
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on May 13, 2016
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on August 23, 2007
My first MP3 player and I choose a Zen after much careful comparison. The main purpose was for audio books, so I required a set bookmark function as well as compatibility with common e-audio book formats. Zen came through! I encountered some issues with initial set up using the ultra-sensitive touchpad, but these are now resolved with patience. I am thoroughly enjoying my little Zen. It works well, is easy to use and at 8GB, holds quite a lot, even some lovely New Age & Celtic music! I did purchase ear buds that noise-cancel to replace what is supplied. You should also purchase a rapid wall or auto charger as the battery only lasts 12-15 hours. The PC interface is easy to use and rips audio from CD with ease! Get a Zen Microphoto and ENJOY!
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on October 30, 2006
i really loved this player until the hard drive failed. the sound was great, photos crisp, the cool blue light on the trim of the player and pretty much everything about it i loved. but the hard drive failed after a month and a half and i think i just gotten a bad one to begin with and i could have gotten another one, but insted i chose to get a refund to buy another Creative player with a bigger hard drive. ( i got the W now! love it too!) but i was able to fit about 1800 songs on this small, but sturdy player but my music collection is in the 10,000 range and i really did need more storage. but if your looking for an inexpensive alternative to the Ipod, i would get this over the Ipod anyday. it includes: fm radio, voice recorder, photos, wallpaper settings, software and removable battery. none of which are included with the 8GB ipod.
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on October 13, 2006
I like it, because it's got a lot of memory (8 gigabytes) to store more songs than I can ever hope to add. The sound quality from the supplied earphones (earbuds) is adequate. There are better earphones available to take advantage of the excellent sound quality from this 8 GB Microphoto player. The batteries do not last very long. With a full charge, it will only last 5 to 8 hours, instead of the touted 15 hours. I also like the fact that you can charge the unit when it's plugged into your computer with the USB2 cable.
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on November 15, 2015
The Zen arrived in great condition and was exactly what we wanted. The service was great and the product exceeded expectations. We've had problems with other sellers where the display was very dim and hard to read, but this one is just like the photo.
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