Customer Reviews: Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories - PlayStation 2
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on June 7, 2006
I don't own a PSP so I didn't pay much attention to Liberty City Stories when it first came out. I just happened to see it today and picked it up. For $20, why not?

Have you ever moved away from home for a long time and had to learn new places and figure out new things? Then you finally visit your home and feel that comfortable familiarity? That's exactly how this game feels. I had no idea until I started playing and began to remember the streets and buildings. There's the pay-n-spray, here's Harwood. Very cool.

If you played GTA III until your fingers bled when it first came out, until it got completely mind-numbingly repetitive (or until Vice City arrived), then you're going to love LCS. Same map, but a whole new story. (And directional button steering again, thank you!!!) Plus a lot of the upgrades from post GTA III editions (motorcycles! improved targeting!)

The missions are varied and fun (and challenging). The old side missions remain, and the ability to just cruise around or cause havoc are there as well.

Spend the $20 and relive the awesomeness of GTA III, but with a whole new plot and cast of characters. And hey, you won't have to bother learning a brand new map. You'll know immediately, "Hey, I've been here before..."
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on June 13, 2006
Liberty City Stories takes place roughly two years before the events that unfold in GTA 3. Instead of playing an unknown, however, you control Toni Cipriani - a member of the Leone family mafia who's working his way up the ranks. Even when I approached the game understanding that it wouldn't be as fully fledged of a GTA as its predecessors, I was still somewhat dissapointed with this offering.

I immediately noticed the slower frame rate in the game. While GTA games have never been known for having exemplary frame rates, Liberty City Stories handled it somewhat worse than even GTA 3 did several years ago. The city, Liberty City, is mostly the same although it's fun to explore certain parts of it to see how they later change in GTA 3. A huge flaw that the game has, however, comes in the targeting system. The targeting system is actually worse than the one found in San Andreas and even though the GTA series has always been criticized for a poor targeting system, I didn't share the same experience until I played Liberty City Stories. More often than not you'll target an innocent civilian multiple times before you finally lock on to the nearest antagonist. And while the targeting system now features the manual aiming feature found in San Andreas, it proves often times to be too slow to use effectively during heated gun fights.

The missions also feel more redundant than ever. Again, this has never been a strong feaeture in the GTA series, but Liberty City Stories lacks the diversity that its predecessors had. Even after beating the game, I can't easily recall a mission that stood out to me either in difficulty or variation. It simply involves the "drive here, shoot this guy" or "drive here, bring this back to me" formula. Unless this is your first GTA outing, it'll get redundant before you know it. And I say this as a true GTA fan who has been happy with the series' previous offerings and isn't trying to belittle the franchise in any way. Whereas GTA 3 had memorable missions like sabotaging members of a crime family using an ice cream truck or picking up porn magazines as they fell out of another truck, Liberty City Stories lacks both the creativity and humor in this department that other GTAs had.

The voice acting is still as good as it always is and the story is engaging enough to keep you interested throughout, although it still pales in comparison to the previous titles. A lot of this is due to the lack of a central antagonist. Throughout the game, you're fighting against various gangs and political officials without a true target in mind. This leads to a lackluster final battle and a lack of conviction to seeing things through. You don't have the same determination to hunt down your backstabbing girlfriend as you did in GTA 3 or killing the corrupt, sleazy police officer as you did in San Andreas. Because of this, Toni never really achieves a higher status than errand boy.

Still, for $20, the game is pretty solid. LCS has some of the best cars in the series so far and while the humor isn't as good as it used to be, it's still pretty solid and entertaining for the most part. It's no GTA 4 (nor was it ever meant to be) and lacks the multiplayer functionality of its PSP counterpart. But if you're looking for a GTA game to add to your library, LCS is a perfect fit for a cheap price.
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on June 16, 2006
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories for the PS2 is a great value. It's like an enhanced version of GTA 3 for $20. It's like GTA 3 but includes a couple more radio stations, motorcycles, more guns, and your character talks. It includes most of the things you expect from a GTA game: free-roaming, carjacking, side missions, fun storyline missions, cops, and many more things. But this game lacks some things found in the newer games (Vice City and San Andreas) like buying property, recruiting gang members, pedal bikes, the ability to rob stores, dating, and some other things. One thing I liked better in GTA 3 than in this game is in GTA 3, your character is a new guy trying to make it and earn respect. In this game, your guy is cocky and can get annoying in some cut-scenes because he thinks he's "all-that," even in the first missions. Still for $20, it's a great game, especially if you do not own a PSP. The graphics aren't that great, but are still decent. And at least the loads times are fast. I recommend this game for someone new to GTA games or a big GTA fan. Remember, you do lack somethings in this game, so some people might prefer getting Grand Theft Auto: Vice City or Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which is also $20 each at this time. A note to parents that this game does have blood, swearing, and violence, but it's nowhere near as bad as Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. I teens or even "tweens" should be able to handle this game.
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HALL OF FAMEon June 8, 2006
Originally released for the PSP, GTA: Liberty City Stories is a side story returning you to Liberty City for the first time since GTA 3 hit the PS2 way back when. Liberty City Stories puts you in the shoes of Tony Cipriani as you return to Liberty City to reclaim your place in the Leone crime family. You do pretty much everything you'd expect to do in a GTA game: a free roaming city, steal cars, outrun or kill cops, mow down pedestrians, and partake in side missions and the like. Now that Liberty City stories is on the PS2, the control issues that plagued the PSP version are gone thanks to having a right analog stick, but the graphics are grainier and blockier than any of the previous GTA console games (which is about what you'd expect when a PSP game gets blown up on a full-screen TV). The biggest complaint of Liberty City Stories is that the game doesn't have that super big budget feel to it like the previous games had. Frank Vincent once again lends his voice as crime boss Salvatore Leone, but there's no other big names to the voice cast; a first since the series has entered the 128-bit era. Despite it's flaws, Liberty City Stories is more than worth the budget price tag, and it's a worthy distraction for fans until GTA 4 comes out for next-gen consoles.
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on March 17, 2007
The GTA series suffers the same misfortune as the Tony Hawk games, in that its sequals are too similar. In other words, once you have played one, you have played them all.

However, GTA is still among the top video games of all time. It created a video game hype not seen since Mortal Kombats hayday, and many tried to copy GTA's success. The success was a double edge sword. GTA had to respond to the immitators with improved sequals, but they also lost many fans with too many sequals.

If your not too jaded by the sequals and you liked the original GTA 3, then buy Libery City stories. It contains many of the improved features, such as changing clothes, jumping out of moving cars, etc. The story mode is very good. The graphics are also very good. Many have complained that the graphics are bad, but they actually look slighty better then the original GTA 3. Another complaint is that the game is too easy, which isnt true. The game has a very moderate level of difficulty (not too frustrating and not too easy). The swearing is toned down from SA and Vice city, but you do hear the occasional F-bomb.

graphics=4 (GTA standards)




Finally, when I purchased the game, the sales associate told me that this game would not have the free roaming sandbox capability, that it would be mission only. That is not true. This is a full game just like the previous GTAs'.
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on June 9, 2006
For a game like Grand Theft Auto to be only $20.00 should strike you as odd. That is because this version of Grand Theft Auto is not as complete as the past ones. Everyone knows the third game in the series rocked both the gaming world in 2001 and created a stir of controversy. That revolutionized gaming, and many followers have tried copying the formula we have grown to love, and have failed. After the subsequent release of "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City" in late 2002, it added a new, fresh feel to the game with the throwback 80's gameplay, new characters played by real Hollywood voice actors and a bunch of new stuff in it like odd jobs, side missions and overall a brand new gaming experience. The 2004 release of San Andreas brought even more controversy, and added a ghetto theme similar to something like Boyz 'N The Hood or Menace II Society. This was addicting because of fun missions, a great storyline, plenty of space and tons of additions that just brought loads of fun and waste of time into every fans lives.

But, after the PSP explosion, this game was granted an exclusive. It was just recently that it was released on the PlayStation 2. It is not well-known about, mainly because there is nothing new to offer. The game takes place back in 1998 and you are Tony Cipriani, the guy who you took missions from way back in the third one. It is the same Liberty City from the third game. And when I say exact, I mean exact. The only difference is where guns and other items are placed. The storyline is pretty repetitive. It is very similar to many other games released in the past few years or so. There is no new additions to the game. In fact, since this was really, as another reviewer stated, a blow-up of the PSP version, you lose your abilities. Those include swimming, going into various shops excluding your safehouses and the gun store, "pimpin` out your ride" and other really great features that were in San Andreas. Basically, it is Grand Theft Auto 3 pasted with new characters and a new storyline. But, admist all the negatives, this game is certainly 5-star material. But if you are expecting something of the past three Grand Theft Auto games, you will be shut out. This game still has the fun blood, gore, sex, foul language and use of drugs that make it fun.

If you are hesitant to purchase this game, then I tell you, go out and sacrifice your money on it. If you were to pay $50.00 for this game, then maybe I would call you crazy, but I say paying only twenty is a steal. This is still the Grand Theft Auto game that we love, and the controls, character models and controversy that had parents, priests and politicans running mad are all back. But, if you have to have stunning X-Box 360 graphics, then stay away. These graphics are not that good, and even though I haven't noticed any glitches or bugs yet, I am sure that they are in there somewhere. In other words, this is a game that if you are a die hard fan (like me), then you must grab it without hesitation. If you are new to the series, and I ask you where have you been the past 5-6 years, then I recommend that you get the prior three releases. They are all timeless classics that will go down as legends. In the end, this game is a nice, little throw in for the series. Maybe it is a cash-in for Rockstar, but whatever. I still think it is good `ol Grand Theft Auto fun!

Another reviewer stated before that the engine that keeps the Grand Theft Auto series is dying. I have to agree with you. I could compare the series to a band that is starting to fade away and not get as much steam that used to power them. The video game world has been on a huge decline since, maybe, three years ago. All games are just not interesting, and they are too expensive and usually are rushed. I sometimes are pulling out my classic games from 5-6 years ago and buying used games to get enjoyment out of them. This is a problem with big markets taking over. Sure, video games were always huge, but now it is just too expensive and m,anufacterers feel that they have to release this game before someone else releases the same carbon copy. This saddens me, as I used to get extreme enjoyment out of my gaming system. Now that big money is in the mix, the world of gaming just isn't fun anymore. As for Grand Theft Auto, they are going to have to release something legendary as the next project, or else interest will be lost.
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on June 9, 2006
When I found out that this game was only 20 dollars, I picked it up without hesitation. You should do the same.

I have found several problems with the game, but overall it is better than worse.

The Bad: Don't expect SA-type graphics. Expect a blown up version of the PSP game. You cannot swim, enter shops, buy clothes, pimp your ride, or any of that good stuff. You are not really dependant on money, so there is no real incentive to get any.

The Good: You're back to Liberty City, arguably the most fun and interactive city in this great series. The missions are fun and addictive, and the cars are fun to drive. The music on the radio is excellent no matter what you like listening to.

If you like to do the main missions but also enjoy being a Taxi Driver, Cop ("vigilante missions"), Firefighter, etc. at times, then this is the game for you.

If this game were $49.99 as the other games in this series tend to be, I wouldn't have been as happy with my purchase. But you're getting a lot packed into a $20 game, and I would have been willing to pay even more. Granted, the graphics are not up to the San Andreas par, but the fun you got from playing Liberty City a couple of years ago is back and intensified. Recommended.
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on August 13, 2007
Two star game, five star fun? How does that work? Now, to begin, the ONLY reason I'm giving this game two stars is because it is warning to people who have NO clue (like I didn't) what this game is. I was at the store looking to buy San Andreas, but they didn't have it, so I opted for this one title, now, don't get me wrong, this is still GTA material, but, this (and Vice City Stories) is a remake of the PSP version into the PS2 version, which, to me, it doesn't quite work. The fun is still there but the graphics aren't as good and the movement aren't as crip, which, after playing Vice City I had raised the bar high for GTA. Like I said, this game isn't bad IF you know what you're buying, but if you don't have a clue, I'd suggest you rent it first to see what you're getting.
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on October 3, 2013
First off I've played and beaten all gta titles for ps2 and ps3.This game is like gta 3 but enhanced I like it better more guns motorcycles this is more of a modern gta 3. The story is good the graphics aren't as bad as people say the character runs better in this game than in gta 3 they run funny.this character talks, overall this is a great game in my book and if you are gta fan you must get this. I actually already owned this game but I bought it again because I bought gta 5 and it made me want to play past gta games I'm keeping this one somewhere where I won't lose it I highly recommend this game if you want to catch up on gta series.
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on July 5, 2014
I've played this game before when it first came out but I had sold mine to Game Stop for some extra cash. Trust me it's not worth it, they don't give you even a quarter of what it's worth. Later on I began to regret doing this so after not seeing it in any stores I decided to buy it from amazon. I know this game is great so I figured I'd give a review.
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