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on July 29, 2016
This Humidifier does its job and is quiet enough overnight, but I hate the design to fill water into it. You must remove the top from the base and flip it upside down, but it is not level so you cannot set it in the sink or on a counter top while filling it or it will tip over. This is incredibly inconvenient as it requires you to remove the top and carry it to the kitchen (it would be a lot easier to just fill it with a jug from the opening at the top without having to carry it elsewhere) then maneuver a large heavy gallon jug in one hand while balancing it in the other and praying it doesn't tip over, then carry it back to the base with no handle and hope it doesn't slip out of your hands. After filling with water, you have to secure the rubber and flip it back onto the base and align properly or it will leak. It was only half way full and after a few days it leaked all over our hard wood floor. It only did that once and has not done happened again since, but it potentially could cause a lot of damage to the floor since it sat there all day while we were at work. I am nervous to leave any water in it due to the leak, but filling it is in a pain the butt so we barely use it.
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on December 20, 2014
I purchased this exact model probably about 6-8 years ago and it JUST finally died. New one's motor has a bit of a squeak to it but other than that it works just as well as the past one.

I hate having to find the filter replacements (and often they go out of stock in stores very quickly as new models come out) so this model not having a filter is amazing. I do a quick wipe down clean of the water holder every night before I refill it, and wipe down the base once a week with a natural cleaner or vinegar to keep the mold and mildew away. So far that's always been enough. Occasionally if it has had water sitting in it while it's not on I've had to get into the many tiny cracks with a toothbrush to get it clean, but that's really more of a user error than anything. Keep up with it and it'll be your new favorite.
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on January 13, 2015
I bought this as a gift for someone with awful sinus problems. It puts out a lot of mist and she is happy to have it. It is new and I can't speak to long term use.

What is bothersome to me is that nowhere on the box or the pamphlet does it say anything about the antimicrobial feature built in to the unit. Seems like they would draw attention to that. It is the reason I picked this model in the first place. That is why I gave only 4 stars. I have one that does not have an antimicrobial treatment and have been able to keep it clean without too much trouble. I was going to get another one of these for a different room but now I'm not sure.
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on July 6, 2013
I live in Tucson AZ and it gets very dry in the spring. When I bought this ultrasonic humidifier I found that it made a slight whistle while on and I thought might keep me awake at night. I was quite wrong on that. The whistle and soft water flow sounds are soothing and I sleep better with the humidifier on than without. I would have given 5 stars but I felt that a device of this kind should have a mist director which will send the mist in a particular direction. I have had several other Holmes humidifiers and they all had a mist director. All in all the humidifier works well and I like it.

One last thing? Ultrasonic humidifiers always concentrate whatever is in the water in transducer pool at the bottom of the humidifier. The area around the transducer will develop precipitate deposits which are hard to clean. I recommend using cheap distilled water from your local big box store to keep the humidifier clean for many years.
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on March 12, 2017
This was a gift for my granddaughter who was suffering the nosebleeds of our heating season. I had purchased one for our livingroom, and like it so much, I got the same one for her. I love that you can adjust the amount of humidity it releases. It is very quiet, and easy to clean.
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on January 16, 2013
We want to humidify but the filter style machines are a pain since you have to buy the filters and change pretty often depending on your water otherwise the good you are doing adding moisture could be harmful due to the bacteria on the filter. We have had a few different "filterless" machines by other mfr's and they seem to emit a ton of white dust/powder that gets all over the furniture. Perhaps it's because of our water (city water, so I hope not). The only way we found around that was to use distilled water, again something to buy and a hassle to go get it and keep it around. This machine doesn't make the white dust, not sure why, but it doesn't. This machine is also very easy to keep clean compared to others. No hidden or impossible places to get to. The variable amount of moisture is nice and works well depending on how much is needed. It is a little awkward to fill since the top is not flat you have to hold it upright. We have a deep sink so it fits but I often use the sprayer because it is easier to support on the counter. I do wish it had a digital humidity setting. Cool mist so no accidental burns on little ones. We now own 3 (the oldest is 3 seasons and no problems) and would recommend and buy again.
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on March 17, 2015
NOISY!!! I don't know what they did to these things - I've had at least five of these over the years and they were quiet to point of making me wonder if they were even on. They were, they were just really, really quiet. This one is NOISY - I can't use it in our bedroom because of the noise, and in our family room it's too loud to have the TV volume at a comfortable level. Totally useless, and Amazon's crappy 30-day return policy has now expired, so -sigh- another $50 piece of crap goes to the transfer station. Thanks Amazon, for nothing. Other reviews recently on this item have said the same thing about the noise - but my history of good experience led me to think those were anomalies... guess not. I won't be buying another product with the Holmes brand name anytime soon.
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on January 2, 2008
Had it for about 30+ days; it is on 8 hours a day. Here's my review: It is quiet, the quietest of this size. (I've owned 7 humidifiers in eight years). Set on high, it is still quiet and I am a very light sleeper. The unit feels and acts solid--nothing rattling or buzzing. It is simple to operate and easy to maintain. The mist settings go from low to high in six increments. There is appropriate mist out-put for every setting: low was faint, medium was steady, and high really kick them mist up into the air.

To remove the tank from basin for refilling, just lift up. The reservoir, standing up-right, has a handle on top; refilling is from the bottom by unscrewing the bottom cap. Reset the tank back onto the basin and the unit is ready to go. Only one flaw: the tank in its upside down refilling position cannot stand on its own and there is no handle or gripping mechanism to help you support the weight of the gallon+ water that is filling up inside the tower. I manage to overcome this little obstacle by graspping the inner rim of the refill opening (like grasping a horizontal pipe) while resting the reservoir tower on whatever surface is available. A full tank last for 7 days on low. I only have to exercise my finger gripping power once a week. Other than this issue, this unit is great.
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on December 27, 2013
A little hard to clean the inside piece where the steam comes from- unless you have a very long brush- but overall has been great for me. I have owned 2 since 2009!!! one broke just this year. so from 2009 to Dec. 2104- I'd say that is a great experience and a great product. no filter, cool air, low hum. I read other reviews about theirs breaking- maybe they got lemons. also read about white calcium on floors. You will find that on any machine that emits steam from regular tap water that you DON'T CLEAN. Same will happen to an iron if you don't use distilled water. I highly recommend this item and am buying another one to replace the one I bought back in 2009 that just broke.
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on February 22, 2011
This is my second Holmes Ultrasonic. I've had the first one in my bedroom for the past three years, and it works so well that I got another this year for my living room.

The unit is quiet and adjustable, putting the amount of moisture into the air that you want. At low speeds it is virtually noiseless. So much so that my wife has more than once asked me at night, "Is the humidifier on? I don't hear it." (And it always was.)

I keep these units running at about three-quarter speed, and, even in the living room, it's quiet enough to still listen to the stereo or the TV.

It's a simple unit, moderately easy to clean as humidifiers go (all humidifiers in my experience are somewhat difficult to clean), but just a bit cumbersome to fill, which I see as a minor inconvenience.

It would get five stars if the price were about 20 percent cheaper.
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