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on February 6, 2015
I'm having a terrible time with headphones. I don't know why, but apparently my ears are just far too large for just about any of them to handle. This one is no exception, though I don't blame the headphones for that... I blame my apparently giant, elephantine ears.

Here's what I'll say about these headphones, though, that lowers the numbers of stars I'll give it: weak bass. I've had lots of headphones -- from cheap Koss sets to expensive Sony sets, to the earbuds that Apple gives you every time you buy anything -- and every since one of them had far, far better bass response than these headphones do.

Also, despite the fact that there are individual volume knobs on each earpiece, the actual range of volume seems to be either "ON" or "OFF". I can't slightly lower the sound in one ear; it just goes away entirely in that ear. Weird.

I do like the stereo/mono switch on it, and the padded headband part. They are, actually, very comfortable headphones to wear, even with my enormous floppy ears getting in the way. They just lack the rich kind of sound that I was hoping to hear.
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on June 24, 2011
I purchased 9 of these 3 years ago and am thrilled with them. I'm shocked at the amount of negative reviews, but I'm certain these people received defective products as all 9 of ours are still like new. I bought them for my in-home childcare Media Center so the kids can listen to books on CD. While the sound quality isn't made for secret missions, we don't have any complaints; the sound is clear and focused, no static whatsoever. The kids handle them by themselves without trouble, yet everything is STILL in tact 3 years later. That says A LOT considering my kids were ages 1 - 6 when I first bought them (now 2 - 6). The ear pieces are incredibly comfortable for kids and adults (except for the Kids' Gear ones that are MUCH better but cost almost twice as much), the plug-ins are long, and the volume can be adjusted on each individual set (teach kids how to do it gradually if they're older or forbid it if they're younger than 4 as you don't want them to damage their ears). The ONLY negative is that the cords are NOT corded, as pictured, something I really wanted, but I have them on a music rack and the long cords just fall behind the shelf. For others, this might be a deal-breaker.
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VINE VOICEon August 11, 2008
I ordered 2 sets of these Cyber Acoustics headphones to replace 2 older sets from a different manufacturer, 1 of which was "lost" by a guest and the other of which was broken by a different guest while listening to my stereos and TVs. Both new sets arrived promptly and in good working order. They come with a built in switch for mono or stereo operation with individual volume adjustments on each earpiece. Cord length is about 8 feet, which means you will need to own or buy an extension if you plan on listening with these over 8 feet away from your stereo, computer, TV, etc. I am happy with the purchase and would buy again. These headphones are nothing to brag about, but they put out a good sound considering they are less than $20. If you want some extra headphones for kids or guests I would recommend these. If you want to play sound expert then these headphones are not, repeat not, for you. Sound experts should always spend the hundreds of dollars for a better set. But if you just want something simple and basic and a big bang for little money, get this set. 4 stars.
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on April 11, 2017
this was good but other choices
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on January 20, 2011
the headphones themselves look nice, not a very comfortable fit, a little too tight ( and i have a average sized head) problem is three weeks into having them i get on a plane to vegas and one of the sides broke, i didnt want to drag a broken pair of headphones around on my trip so i ditched them on the plane, wished they wouldve lasted, but honestly they were so cheap i shouldn't have expected much. Buy them if you don't care about longevity or jst need a temporary pair. the sound quality was definitely good and they had convenient volume controls on each ear so you could balance them any way you want. overall you're getting what you paid for.
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on March 8, 2010

These sound fine but the holes are too small for an adult's ears. They gave me a headache before I modified them and stretched the headband a bit. I took the padded cups from my old headset and rubber cemented them to the pads on these. Now my ears fit and aren't crushed and I have double the padding. Next, when I'm not using them, I have them stretched around the long end of a plastic coffee can. They're already a bit looser.

It seems like the guy who said that the switch for mono and stereo was mounted backwards was right but it doesn't make any difference to me. I can figure it out. At least the switch works.

Good solid headphones that will last and last if you don't have gorrilla hands and aren't rough with them. I leave them plugged into the computer and listen to music when I work.

God bless,
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on January 19, 2014
I have a small-medium sized head, and after only two days of putting it on, apparently the band had stretched past it's breaking limit already, and snapped in half. :/
It's a cheaply priced set of headphones, so I wasn't ALL that surprised, but it would have been nice not being out the money I spent on it. I'd say go for a set of cheap earbuds, there's 10 dollar earbuds out there that I have since purchased which last 6+ months easy, and perform with equal or better sound quality.
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on April 13, 2011
We got these for several multi-user workstations. They are adequate for the price. We wanted something with plastic/leather ear pads that can be wiped down between users, and these provide that for us.

These are best for industrial, public, multi-user situations where the listener won't be needing them for very long. As others have mentioned, they aren't very comfortable, so you don't want to wear them for more than 30 minutes at time (or less, for those who have large heads).

The sound is also adequate for the above stated purposes. These are by no means meant to be used to pick out the 3rd chair violin during a very quiet movement of Bach.
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on March 11, 2010
These headphones where exactly what i expected. They have a nice long cord, GREAT immersion and good base and low frequency sound support. Typically i just run with the volume all the way up on both sides and they work great with PC sound volume control. The only let down was the lack of a advertised (by the included picture) of a coiled cord. This actually was a buying point for me. However i am finding i can live without such a thing.

All and all i love my new headphones, and they have that old style feel to them with a rich modern sound.

This is a great head set for day to day use, great long cord; good sound quality and and i cant recommend them enough.
review image
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on October 14, 2009
I paid only $13 for this headset through Amazon and was amazed at the sound which was clear and rich. I'm not a dyed in the wool audiophyle, so maybe those that pay $100 for a headset would disagree, but it sounds great to me. The headset has volume control knobs to adjust the volume if desired. It has a little slide switch to go from mono to stereo,but I think it was backwards because when on mono it sounded like stereo and visa versa, a small matter. The headset comes with a small jack that fits the tv, mp3 and computer and a larger jack that can be clicked over the smaller jack that fits my home stereo unit. Buy it, you won't be disappointed, especially for $13 and eligible for free shipping.
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