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on October 2, 2017
doane2u has provided me with an impeccable, complete, vintage SanDisk mp3 player. I am partial to the old SanDisk mp3 line and still use my smart phone for calling. I now have a replacement for my old mp3 player. The condtion of this is better than "like new." The player arrived fully charged and ready for use. doane2u's description of product, condition and extra's was spot on. doane2u thoughtfully provided an extra to enhance my purchase by providing a 3.5mm cable for sound. The USPS mailing was well packed and came quickly - within a couple of days of purchase and from coast to coast. doane2u provided me with a wonderful purchase, great value and incredible service. I look forward to enjoying this daily for ebooks, music and meditation sounds! Great seller and merchandise. Thank you.
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on July 26, 2013
I ordered this specifically to play .wav files. Nope! It does not play them. But that is not the only reason for returning it. That is the reason for not getting it replaced. I ordered this as a NEW item. When it arrived it was in a plain, unmarked box. It was wrapped and taped in bubble wrap and came with the USB connection and earbuds. A slip of paper gave a website to get the user manual. According to the manual, the box should have contained a Quick Start Guide, a CD with software on it, a lanyard, and a battery with a pull tab. None of those were in the unmarked box.

I later found the battery, already installed. There was no pull tab on it, so it was very hard to get it out to take a look at it. Obviously, this was a used device and I am very disappointed in the seller.

I contacted Amazon and they immediately sent me a return shipping label and gave me a refund even before getting the item back.

If the thing would play the .wav files I would have asked for a replacement. But I put several .wav files on it along with an .mp3 file. It recognized only the .mp3 file and not the .wav ones.
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on December 27, 2010
I purchased a SanDisk Sansa C240 from The Factory Depot. However, the unit shipped did not have the FM tuner pre-installed. Nowhere on the listing page (at the time of the order) did it say the FM tuner would not be installed. When I contacted the vendor (The Factory Depot) to request either a replacement that worked as advertised or a return with full refund, all they did was send an email with sparse and cryptic instructions on how to run a "recovery mode" operation in order to install the FM tuner. Since they would not stand by their sale, I had no choice but to purchase a different item elsewhere in order to get a replacement Christmas gift for the person in question. [The replacement gift ordered was a Sony Walkman MP3 player, because those always work as advertised and last forever.] At this point, I have a half-working SanDisk Sansa C240 sitting in its box waiting for someone to wander by and fix it for me. The Factory Depot SHOULD have said very plainly on the Amazon page listing that the FM tuner would not be pre-installed. In their terse correspondence, they indicated that all Sansa MP3 players no longer come with pre-installed FM tuners. I don't know whether or not this is true, but at this point I consider both the player and the vendor "buyer beware."
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on May 4, 2007
Nice small device ideal for exercise. I plan on replacing the neck lanyard with an alligator clip - it is small and light enough to snap onto whatever you are wearing. I expected to have to replace the stock earbuds with better units but will probably stick with these. I like a nice punchy bass and while these don't have that brain rattling 'whump', they ain't as lame as most other stock buds. The driver for replacment will probably be keeping them in my skull when working out.

I especially like the ability to plug in 512 Meg micro flash cards ($2 each) for more capacity. Our family has pretty esoteric tastes and listen to it all; metal, classic rock, country, bluegrass, opera, jazz, swing, disco....everything except (c)rap which we don't consider music. Micro flash cards let you load up the genres and plug in whatever suits your fancy. The micros are so tiny tho', they would be easy to lose and I wish someone made a case for this baby with little tiny flash card holders.

Loading is fast and easy with Windows Media Player but be sure you have downloaded version 10 to ensure everything is kosher. Ditch Dell Jukebox if you have it - Windows loads faster and has all the same features including downloading album info online. The only downside is the FM tuner which won't work out here in the boonies (none of the MP3s work outside metro areas). When our gym installs in-house FM transmitters for sounds, I hope this little baby does a good job. Highly recommended.
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on October 21, 2007
My local library uses an audio book format that won't download to an ipod, so I just wanted an inexpensive MP3 player for borrowed audio books and listening to PBS FM stations. I have two ipods and they are loaded with music, but sometimes, I want to listen to audio books while I walk, or sew, or try to block out my husband's country music and commentary while we're travelling. (The man listens to NASCAR on Sirrius radio cross-country, so I can't get away from it.<G>) This little player is working out just fine. I loaded four books on it before we went on a week's vacation and charged up the player before we left. I listened to all four books, including the chapters I fell asleep listening to and had to play more than once. The player still had battery reserve after all that. It also pulled in FM stations up in New England that we couldn't even hear on the RV radio.
It's little, light, easy to use and the only reason it didn't get a five star rating from me is the lack of "rewind" or "fast forward" switches. You can only go forward or back by chapters, not individual pages. As far as comparing it to an ipod, that's not really fair. It doesn't pretend to be an ipod, although the playback quality is fine for what I wanted and the price was definitely right.
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on January 27, 2009
When my mom told me she wanted an mp3 player for Christmas I did a lot of research because she is not very technically inclined. I love iPods but my budget did not allow for an ipod nano or anything higher and I knew she needed something with a screen so a shuffle just wouldn't do. I chose this sansa because it was inexpensive, had a nice screen, not too many buttons and the size could be expanded with a microSD card. I taught Mom to use it as a jumpdrive to load music on because they only have Windows Media Player and it's rather complicated. She likes that she can also record things and listen to the radio. I've seen other sansas and I don't understand why they aren't more popular. Like I said, I love iPod, but Sandisk has definitely won me over with the Sansa as well. I highly recommend this if you want more for less than you get with an ipod (there's one that my friend has that's the same size as a shuffle but has a screen and everything) and want something that's easy to use.
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on May 20, 2008
Bought this for my 74 year old Mom. I put everything from Bobby Darin to Joan Biaz and photos on it. The pics are small, but it's still fun. She hasnt read the instructions but has still managed to fumble through it. That was the point. She somehow manages to make it function! Therefore, I have to give the player two thumbs up! It also has a micro slot if more data is an issue.( I believe those go up to 8gigs sd now ) It identifies easily( even on vista! ) all this on a refurb for $20.00! It came with full warranty, factory pakaging,ect. Then I got a wall charger, USB, and other acc. for$5.00 (less!) The extra's go on and on for Sansa products, just look! I originally gave this 5 stars, but since this is a refurb, i thought I'd back it off!
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on February 15, 2013
I bought this after my brother was given one by a family member; and while it's a nice mp3 player normally, I installed the opensource firmware rockbox on it; and now it's the cat's pajamas!

But first I'll try to put off describing all that to describe the device: It feels good in the hand, and is made to use and control with one hand. It has the usual up/down/left/right pad, and a selection button in the middle of the direction pad; then it has menu/off button in the bottom right.

It has a built-in FM radio, which I am pretty sure the original firmware cannot record from, although the player has a built in microphone for recording from.

The (removable!) rechargeable battery lasts, at least on rockbox, quite a while, at least 10 hours, on minimum brightness settings.
If you feel safe installing such a thing, then do some research; it is very much worth it, at least to me. For example, I am not certain, but I believe the original firmware for the c240 does NOT support SDHC Memory card; with rockbox, I popped in a 16GB memory card, and it works fine.

It can play a ton of format-types as well, from OGG Vorbis, WMA, etc...

it's just a great firmware, I highly suggest doing it!
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on May 4, 2017
Bought three of these ages ago. I'm talking ~years~ ago, they all still work! Not a lot of memory space by today's standards, but for the price and for how long we've been using them, great purchase!
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on September 14, 2011
I got bitten by this one... for about $25, I thought I was getting a great deal for a trusted MP3 player that matched perfctly what I needed this player for. It's getting very hard to find decent low-capacity players these days, and I have really enjoyed all my various Sansas up until now. I became suspicious when it arrived, since it was advertised as "new", that it didn't come in the original packaging, but I figured it was a refurb; no big deal, really, I've had good luck with refurbs (which are usually just returns anyway) so I just made a note of the packaging on the good seller (BlueProton Consulting) feedback I left. For a few days it seemed to be working fine, but suddenly it began locking up, stuttering badly during playback, then stopping all together, making me have to remove the battery to get it to work again. The SanDisk Updater PC utility was pushing a firmware update, so I went ahead and did it, hoping that would fix the problem. No such luck. By now (I bought it a month ago) I have no recourse as this unit isn't being offered by the same outfit any more so there is no one to complain to; what are they going to do anyway, have me send it back, making me fork over another few bucks for shipping so I can get my original money back? It's only $25, but no one likes eating their hard-earned money like this. I am very disappointed. I might as well take my chances with eBay.
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