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on August 27, 2015
This review is not about how well this camera compares to other cameras; it is about what claims it makes about itself and how well I am able/willing to use those abilities to get what I want from a camera.

Therefore, as soon as I got it 3 months ago, I removed the IR filter and have never taken a regular picture with it - I have several other cameras that do that. It takes excellent IR pictures when combined with the several filters I have for that purpose. In that regards alone, it already scores 5 stars.

I am now also able to contemplate and explore many other possibilities with this camera and ask myself "if I combined this filter with that lens at these settings under these conditions, what might I see?" This camera alone gives me the most options photographically.

And my purchase is about the fun and learnings I get from photography. This camera is about that.

It is very well made and performs its functions as claimed. Aesthetics is a personal matter always.

I recommend it without reservation.
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on January 5, 2010
Nice camera, well built even built better than my Nikon D40X or my friends D5000. It has its shortcomings like slower buffer, sluggish in low lights, not good auto white balance, weird control settings and only compact flash memory. It needs that personal attention when wanting that wonderful shot another words you got to work at your photographs but it really shines when you get things right. All in all I love it yet I hate it when the color balance is off or the exposure could have been better so you need to take your time and fine tune your settings. I find it a joy to shoot because it has a solid feel, it's heavier better dampen mirror slap and quieter than my Nikon. The viewfinder also has a cleaner brighter focusing screen inside. I love the concept of the removal IR absorbing filter so you can shoot Infrared without a conversion yet I find it more of a challenge to gain a good IR image than using the Sony F717 or V3 point and shoots. But do not dismay there are many great IR photographers out there using Sigmas and getting great IR images...
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on June 2, 2008
I am a long-time Sigma digital camera user. I have used an SD9 in my fine-art photography business for four years. When the SD-14 came out, I was figuring out how to budget for the $1500 purchase price of the new body, when its price started dropping. Imagine my surprise when I found it on AMAZON for a third of its original price!
The camera has had lukewarm to lousy reviews, largely because the reviewers of digital cameras want a camera to shoot at ASA 5000 at 8 frames per second. Of course they never show us any of the fabulous images they've shot under those conditions.
The Sigma is an honest camera, at ASA 100, 200 or 400, it shoots beautiful files with its unique Foveon chip. Printers, who reproduce the images I shoot, love my files because they are so clean and free of digital artifacts.
The increased file size from the SD9 is very welcome and Sigma has always had the best software in the business. Sigma lenses test out as fine as anything made by Canon or Nikon, and are, at times, superior.
My only complaint comes from the fact that an AC converter is not sold with the body. My SD9 came with one. Sigma will gleefully sell me one for $135, an outrageous price for a $35 dollar item.
The new Sigma is faster, has a bigger screen in the back, has a pop-up flash, a PC connection for external flash and is a joy to use.
At this price, and while they last, there is no better deal in photography.
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on February 2, 2008
Compared to the newer cameras of today the sd14 is on it's last leg. It is slow. But it does have that great foveon image quality. It's too bad that sigma decided to stick it to those of us who spent so much time with their cameras. The sd1 is ridiculous. And yes I changed my review because after waiting patiently and saving money for the SD1, I was not able to buy it, because Sigma thought that is was making fine jewelry instead of cameras. I loved the SD14. I owned several of them. I would not recommend Sigma cameras to anyone at this point.

Below is my original review

"I have found the sd14 to be a wonderful camera. It is simple to use and offers advanced features. It also allows very simple conversion to infrared. It does things that no general "consumer" dslr can do. If you are looking for a point and shoot dslr I recommend the evolt line from Olympus. If you want to take photographs that take your breath away then this is your camera. This camera gives you the ability to be a photographic artist rather than just a picture taker. If you read the "professional" reviews for the sd14 they will rate the camera according to start speed, ergonomics, etc. They all miss the beauty of the sd14. It's not about the insignificant details, it's about the photographs. Hands down this camera will beat any other camera in the 14mp class. Yes it is 14mp. Study the comparisons between the Foveon chip and the Bayer chip. Bayers use 50% for green, 25% red, and 25% blue. Foveon uses a 4.76 mp for each color. It's all about the pictures!"
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on August 21, 2009
I purchased this camera to use as backup but I was impressed enough that I puchased a second to use as my main and a backup, The camera does have some short comings, it is slower than I would like and you do have to allow for that but the picture quality is second to none.
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on April 19, 2009
First-class product (Sigma sd14 camera) at a give-away price. At age 72, one of the best buys to ever present itself to me.
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on May 12, 2007
I'm very happy with this camera and with the Sigma 17-70mm f/2.8-4.5 lens. It makes beautiful detailed images. Shooting with the on-camera flash is a little tricky, and that flash is not powerful. But this is a serious camera and addition of serious flash equipment makes for some stunning images, as well at stunning ones with natural light. Check out some images at:

The Foveon sensor makes beautiful images.
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on January 25, 2009
Matched with a good quality lens, this camera can give you extremely sharp photos. However, as is true with all (d)SLRs, it isn't for casual photographers---just serious amateurs and pros.
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on February 8, 2008
I have been using an SD14 for six months. I love it.

Users at are extremely helpful. I have learned a lot from them. I use Zeiss and Olympus Zuiko lenses and Sigma auto-focus lenses. Sports and portraits images have turned out well for me with this camera. I suggest you look at images made with different cameras.
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on April 2, 2007
The SD10 had problems. The battery charge system was just weird. The camera was not up to the hype when light was poor. But the images with good light were stunning. So it was with some angst, sustained by a delayed product release, that I opened my camera SD14. Very early on I knew I had a problem in that the camera hung... motion? But I got off some really spectacular images before sending it to NY repairs. They got it back quickly. I suspect something loose.

Well the images are simply wonderful. Just so you know, I have cameras at 5 & 6 times the price considered high end professional. I can get lots more pixels, but the color quality is not better.

The real test was low light. All the digital cameras fail in low light. So just a matter of how bad. OK, something is new here. This camera is far better in dim light than the SD10. When it starts to fail to low light the images become blotchy - like camoflage - rather than sandy as the GRGB cameras tend.

The SD14 X3F RAW images do well in Adobe's new Lightroom, and interestingly with the many controls for image modification in that program, there are none that set this camera aside (for punishment for being different).

The SD10 used a 1 GByte card but did not take larger. I tested the SD14 on 1 Gig (mechanical IBM type) and on 2 Gig, and 4 Gig, and 8 Gig CFII cards. Though, beware, some cards do badly with certain cameras across the board. So, I cannot say that ALL CFII's are OK. But I was able to find cards that worked a large range of memory capacity.

The camera saves images as RAW or JPEG. You can select two "color spaces", sRGB or AdobeRGB. I found that odd. Why not a 16 bit option? I suspect that is simply understood for RAW.

The booklet that comes with the camera may be the clearest such booklet of any camera. There were a few minor areas where referring the user to other sources seemed lazy(C1----v C2----v C3----v for camera strobes might be obvious to those who have these but ought to be explained to those who don't and maybe might want to).

Also the SD14 can shoot "tethered" - a huge fact that gets barely any mention other than an arrow pointing at the port. Those who do that, know, but maybe some need to learn how?

The camera body is nicely shaped, the controls are very logical, and shooting is easy.

There is something about the color. The SD10 drove me nuts because I had to charge batteries in shifts (they didn't all fit in the charger at once... grrrr). I almost dismissed this camera from that experience alone. The low light limits of the SD10 were also hard to take. But, that color. Seems even better in the SD14. It is not like other cameras. Just isn't. Very pleasing rich deep textural color.

So, down side? Well Sigma is not a magnet for lenses made by other manufacturers. So you will probably be a Sigma all the way person. But the Sigma lenses I used were quite good and cost way way less than other brands. There is a specific flash kind for the flash shoe. So, maybe your current flash might not work? The built-in flash, does what built in flashes do.

The SD14 battery system is quite nice. There is a built-in dust protector to assist lens swaps - very nice.

Want to do very high end photography with a wide array of lenses without going broke? Look at this model.
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