Customer Reviews: EP-630 Black
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on March 17, 2007
After enduring the standard Apple headphones for over a year, I decided to upgrade and I'm really glad I did. These are without question the best in-ear headphones I've ever heard. I have even tried the $100 Bose headphones and still prefer these. Although the bass is about equal on both, these have a much clearer sound and actually fit in my ear. Highly recommended.
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on February 23, 2007
I read a lot of reviews of this item before I purchased it. I am a musician, so the quality of the sound matters to me a lot. These headphones are remarkable! There is a wonderful balance of highs, mid-range, and lows. I heard things in my music that I'd never heard before. The clarity was spectacular, the bass full and rich. My tastes are eclectic so from classical to rock to folk to jazz, the sound was excellent. I had purchased a set of Shure E2C headphones and found them to be unacceptable (very bright highs and mediocre lows). For my ears, these are just right - and comfortable, too. The noise transmitted through the cables, as noted by some, has not been a problem. I highly recommend these for the money!
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on May 12, 2007
These headphones were purchased as an extra set, so that I wouldn't take my Sennheiser CX 300B phones back and forth to work.

I thought they might be rebranded Sennheisers, since they looked so similar. They're not. The silicon earbud covers aren't quite as smooth, and the plastic of the driver housing is stamped with a different number. (They do l ook like they were made in the same factory.)

Sound quality is not quite as good, but it's not off by much.

Anyway, almost as good as the 300B's, and less money.
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on August 2, 2007
I owned both Sennheiser CX300 and V-Moda Vibes, which are in the $60-80 price range these days, and ultimately returned both because I thought their sound was so muddy. But... I am certainly not a bass-head; clarity, detail, crispness and brightness of sound are my thing. With the Senns and the Vibes I felt like I was listening to music through a wet washcloth, and had to monkey with the EQ on my player extensively to get a sound that was comfortable for me.

After returning the others, I reluctantly purchased the Creative EP630's, expecting them to be similar to the Senns (since they look almost identical). I thought maybe this is just how IEM headphones sound, and if that's the case, I'd much rather spend about a third less for the same muddy sound.

As soon as I got them out of the box, plugged them into my iRiver Clix2 and fired up some music, I was simply BLOWN AWAY. To each his/her own, but these cans deliver EXACTLY the sound I had been looking for, without having to obsess with EQ. Crisp, rich detail with a smooth balance across the spectrum of lows, mids and soaring highs. I am hearing subtleties and nuances in my music I never knew existed, with an expansive soundstage for this price class. And all this for about a third of the cost of their competitors.

Serious bass-heads will likely be disappointed with these, but they are perfect for me. At this price, I am seriously considering buying another set or two as backup or in case these become discontinued.

This is one case where inexpensive does not equal CHEAP.

Excellent product, highly recommended.
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on April 9, 2008
I had the sony ex51's, which had a great balanced sound but after a year the volume decreased on them (had to turn up volume much more than before on player to hear). Tried the coby's that supposedly are the same as jbuds but are much cheaper in price - they were very muddy compared with the sony's balanced sound; and the increased bass didnt make up for the loss in quality of sound. Then I looked at the sennheiser cx300's, only to discover (via the reviews and various online forums) that:

-supposedly, creative ep630's, sennheiser cx300's, and sharp md41's all come off the same assmebly line in japan, made by some company called fosters, and differ not in their internals but in things like cord length and etc. I found this info on so many sites (some with a lot of details on this) that I think it may well be true. I also found reviews where poeple compared these and did not find any substantial differences in sound quality, etc. However the creatives are of course much cheaper than the sennheisers. The sharp MD41's I couldnt find anywhere, even on ebay.

-on ebay there are a lot of knockoffs of the creative ep-630 as well as the sennheiser cx300s - there is a lot of info on this as well online, where people have even listed ebay sellers who are selling very cheap knockoffs (typically under 20 bucks for either the ep's or the cx's), and they also list the things to look for to make sure your earbuds are not knock offs.

-so I went with amazon to be safe, and with the ep-630's to save money.

best decision I ever made: VERY balanced sound, not muddy AT ALL; fantastic balance across the spectrum, excellent resolution and clarity; the cliche is true - you'll hear things in your music that you never heard before. In terms of balance they are like the sonys only without the low volume problem (I can turn down my mp3 player quite a bit to get teh same volume level out of the earbuds - thus saving battery as well); and also they sound *slightly* clearer to me than the sony's. Just fantastic sound. You know its a great sound when you turn your equalizer OFF because you simply dont need it - the balance in the sound is that great; no compensation is necessary from your mp3 player.

Bass is natural sounding, mids and highs are well balanced, not shrill or tinny at all; balance is the key concept here; no muddiness, just clarity. If you are experiencing anything but balance and clarity just turn off your equalizer.

With these on, your music will inspire your heart and soul once again. They're that good.
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on March 21, 2007
Let me first start off by saying that I had my doubts about the earphones because creative isn't exactly known for earphones. I use these with my first gen ipod nano, and they sound great. I had originally used the Sony in ear fontopia phones before this one, but after just 3 months the cord of the sony earphone started fraying and after another 2 months most of the wire was showing through. I debated whether to splurge for the bose triports or take a chance with these. Thankfully my friend had the triport, and I wasn't that impressed by it. the bass was overwhelming and the mid range sounds were muffled by it.

So after ordering these I was EXTREMELY suprised at how good they sounded. These earphones have just the right amount of bass, fit well, and the cord's build quality is very sturdy.

Compared to my old sony fontopia's these are the clear winner. The creative's have deeper and richer bass, and the wires don't fray.

Compared to the Boss triport ie's, the creative has a better fit, cost less, and don't have the overwhelming bass problem. As such I'm giving these a 5 out of 5...awesome all around.
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on April 9, 2007
These earbuds (if you can call them that) are the most comfortable, best sounding, highest quality set I have ever had the pleasure of owning. Standard earbuds simply don't compare. Soundstage is great (yes, you actually get a soundstage with these), the compressed, bottled up sound quality you get with standard earbuds is completely gone, bass response is unbelievable for such a small driver (be careful, you eardrums WILL meet in the middle!). The only small gripe I have is that you get a bit of cord noise, but that is the case with all in-ear types anyway, and with time you learn to minimize it. I don't recommend driving or riding your bike with these in, you really do get lost in the music. Basically, if I could give them 6 stars I would, they are worth twice what I paid. HIGHLY recommended.
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on August 11, 2009
I've owned these canal phones for about a year. I could never get those flat, round, hard style buds to stay in my ear (think stock ipod phones). These are perfect for my wide musical taste (from mellow trip-hop to death metal). I've listened to many high-end canal and monitor style phones but prefer these to any other phones in any price range. The low end bass response on these things is awesome as long as they are sealed in your ear adequately. Mids and highs are exactly where I prefer them for rock, dance, and hip-hop.

+multiple canal pad styles included (3 total)
+closed system, won't bug your coworkers sitting next to you
+play really low (many phones don't, even over priced monitor styles with heavy magnets)
+resolution on par for most people
+lightweight compared to monitor style phones
+efficient, passively save your battery life by not having to turn your ipod up so loud

+as with most canal style phones, they can transmit movement noise when the cable rubs against something due to their sealed nature in your ear (mostly noticeable when you are moving and listening at minimal volume or muted)
+some people are going to prefer something with a flatter response curve and more resolution
+even with the multiple included canal pad styles, canal phones don't always fit everyone's ears and may not be comfortable for long durations vs a monitor style headphone

I love these things for the majority of my listening. Otherwise I use wrap around, neck-band style ear phones for running when I'm sweaty and moving a lot.
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on November 20, 2008
I used to believe that earbud headphones were hopeless. I had tried several pairs, but none fit my ear, none had good sound quality, and none stayed comfortable after extended use. That is, until I found the Creative EP-630s.

I received my pair with my Dell Inspiron laptop last year and figured they were a cheap freebie. Boy, was I wrong. These headphones single-handedly shattered any negative bias I had against earbuds.

When I first put them in my ears, I was astounded. The soft silicone casing created a snug fit to my ear canal. This both sealed out ambient noise effectively and prevented the earbuds from slipping out accidentally. I could go running with these headphones without any problems with them falling out. In addition, the soft silicone made it possible to wear these headphones for hours without getting uncomfortable in any way. I was also impressed with their sound quality. Not only could I hear more intricacies of my music due to the lack of ambient noise, but the music was incredibly well-equalized. I could hear the highs and lows clearly and loudly. I loved the shaped of the jack and the construction of the cable. This was indeed a solid product.

It was a sad Monday morning when I accidentally crushed my first pair of EP-630s under my computer chair. Desperate for headphones, I rushed out to buy a similar Philips pair, but they simply were not the same. I quickly ordered a new pair of EP-630s, and I couldn't be happier with them.
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on October 15, 2007
So...I love these...they block out annoying noises. BUT..they stop working randomly. I've owned 2 pairs and both had the same pattern. One side stopped working..then the other. You have to play with the cord to get the sound to continue and you just end up getting annoyed. Both started doing this after a few months. I'm going to something else....
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