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on April 4, 2013
At the time of this review this camera is a little old compared to current technology. So with all the other reviews out there i'm not going to beat up a dead horse with everything you've herd or haven't herd about the camera. This camera is built with speed in mind and for me it has far exceeded my expectations. When I was deciding on what to purchase I thought the 10.1 MP would be a hinderance to workflow as i'm more familiar with higher MP files. Once files where in Adobe camera Raw I almost agreed with that statement. I then tried other Raw conversation software and realized that was incorrect. I was able to crop just as much as the higher MP files. This camera restored my faith in my 24-70mm lens and now is my favorite lens paired with this camera. Though the 7d and 5d mark iii and other newer cameras have more sophisticated AF systems. I've found that this system is so simple to use that I wouldn't want to deal with those systems. This camera just gets out of your way and lets you concentrate on capturing the image. The 7d which in most cases people will say is better because of that more sophisticated AF and higher megapixels and currently at the same price point. I will say that its no where as responsive as this system and while it may have more MP it does not have more color depth. Those factors where important to me and I couldn't be more happier.
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on September 7, 2008
One of the most excellent pieces of machinery in the photography world.
10 FPS, ability to use high ISO, ability to use teleconverters and autofocus, micro lens adjustments, and custom functions are why I bought it. Battery lasts all week. I shoot thousands of photos with one charge.

I did have to send it to Canon for an error99 problem, but it's fixed and working perfectly. The aiservo @ 10 FPS can miss a few frames in focus, this bothers me, so I have custon functioned it to shoot @ 7 FPS. It's a bit too sensitive in autofocus even in one shot/centerpoint for very small objects. I mostly do wildlife and birds in flight so this part is critical for us. This is discussed often in bird forums. Lets hope Canon addresses it, as the firmware upgrades have not totally solved this. Extremely fast otherwise.

Even so, it's a joy to use. The colors are better than the 40D.
It's larger, but excellent ergonomics, even for a girl.
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on September 25, 2009
This is my second 1D Mark III. The first one I received from Amazon, although beyond the registration number from Canon that had problems, it didn't perform well. Out of 1236 test wildlife photos, only about 30 were in focus. I'm no way in the rank and file of a professional photographer, but those percentages were terribly low. I called Canon's technical support, and they very courteous. But I felt cheated that after spending nearly $4000, the camera had issues. Canon recommended that I return it for servicing, while my husband suggested that I return it. Amazon's customer service was top-knotch. Readily and with no questions asked, Amazon issued a full return and within days a new camera was in my hands. I took this one out for more testing and it seems to being fine. Wildlife photography is my passion, so I need a camera that will respond. I've shot with Canon's 30D and NEVER had the focusing problems that I had with this camera. I'm going on safari in a couple of months and having gear that doesn't work - and at this price - is unacceptable.

I shoot with a 100mm-400mm lens, and carrying it around can be somewhat tiring, so I'm using a Manfrotto monopod that I bought two years ago. That makes a big difference. I'm sure with a smaller lens, the weight wouldn't be a factor. I've used the 100mm-400mm on the 30D for two years without feeling weighted down. Granted the camera is much lighter than the previous model, but just something to keep in mind if you're walking around all day.

The battery life is incredible. For the previous camera, I charged the battery when I received it, and never charged it again. As I stated, I shot the 1200+ photos, replayed and enlarged everything on the LCD. When it was returned, it still had about 63% battery life left. So well done to Canon for the life of this battery. Which, by the way, is 1/2 the size and weight of the 1D Mark IIN.

The burst mode is great. When I shoot in full burst, it looks like a movie is playing. The shutter speed is that fast.

I'll do more test shots but this one seems to be OK. If you're wondering, the serial number for the camera I returned, it was in the 56000 range. This one just above 59000. Maybe Canon figured it out by now.

All in all, I enjoy all my Canon products and the results (except for the first 1D Mark III I mentioned here).

I lowered the rating by 1-star because of the focusing problems I had with the first camera. For this price, I think Canon should have mastered the problems. A nearly $4000 camera should my humble opinion.
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on November 24, 2015
I want to give this camera 5 stars I really do but I use and love it to much to be anything but honest.

I have used this camera for everything and have never felt like I needed something else. Coming from a 7d, 60d, and a sl1. This camera excels even past these semi-modern day cameras. I mainly shoot in low light and would chose this camera short of everything but full frame!

However after using a newer 6d I have a new love and to compare this to a 6d would be a disservice. This camera is like the older more experienced brother who is set in his ways. The 6d is like the younger brother with fresh new tools ready to take on the world.

If you are looking for a cheap camera even for a beginner I would HIGHLY recommend this camera.
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on February 6, 2010
I bought this used from someone who was saving up for the Mark IV. Got it in, and sent it off to Canon to get it serviced etc, Canon support got the machine back w/in 4 days and this was during the Christmas time period. Upgraded w/ Firmware not yet released, and replaced shutter mechanism. I do not have the focus issues others had expressed.

this camera is a computer in your hand as far as all the custom functions, you definately need to pick up a magic lantern or some other guide for this body. It's definately not for the faint at heart or people afraid to play with the menus on the back of the camera.. I've been shooting a ton of H.S basketball w/ this thing this winter, it has been a LOT of fun!..
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on June 27, 2009
I purchased the Canon 1D Mark III about 1 year ago from Amazon for $4300.00.
I liked the feel of the camera and the battery worked great, but the images it took were nowhere near the quality they should have been. The Al Servo focus was absolutely terrible, it couldn't hardly take a clear picture of a flying bird. My 40D worked better for moving objects.
Then Canon announced the recall on the Mark III, I sent the camera in, they paid shipping, both ways.
WOW!! what a difference!! This camera is now fantastic!
The Al Servo works great, the LCD seems to be much better also.
Not sure what Canon did to fix the problem, but it works great now.
Canon support has been great.
Hope this helps.
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on June 6, 2008
When one reads the early reviews of this camera, they will be surprised to see the focusing problems experienced by a seeminly large number of photographers. Canon has come out with both hardware and firmware fixes to this body. I purchased a model with a serial number indicating manufacture after these fixes have been effected. I am having absolutely no issues with this camera's focusing in both focusing modes. I love this camera. It is truely a magnificient camera. For those of you who are serious about your photography, you won't be disappointed (except for the cost). Enjoy if its in your budget.
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on September 10, 2013
What do you say about any EOS 1? It is the standard by which every other camera is judged. The 1D mark III is the fastest - if you need 10fps, it's the only game in town. Although not quite a full frame camera (1.3), the print quality is comparable to the best of the full frames, and a full frame can't go this fast. If you have a sharp lens, 24x36 prints still look great. This camera is a dream to work with for sports, fashion or anything where getting that perfect shot/expression counts. 30 shot burst shooting RAW, 110 shot burst shooting JPEG. 10.1MP is plenty for any magazine application.
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on April 18, 2016
Great product. Can't beat the price.
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