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on February 5, 2017
The Fox Network series entitled "24" is a post-9/11 counter-terrorism television program, which premiered in November, 2001, just two months after the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001. This third season examines another 24-hour time period in the hectic life of Federal Agent Jack Bauer of the Los Angeles branch of the Counter-Terrorism Unit, known as the CTU, as he battles frantically to thwart yet another diabolical conspiracy. The novel structure of this groundbreaking television series involves each episode representing a single hour in this very action-packed and challenging day. The character of Agent Jack Bauer is portrayed perfectly by actor Kiefer Sutherland, who plays an old-fashioned tough guy, who utilizes any means necessary to vanquish the forces of evil. Of course, the rather aggressive and sometimes brutal methods of Agent Bauer often blur the distinction between good and evil. This third season of "24" continues to be decidedly intelligent, fast-paced, and suspenseful, and it is a superb combination of the political thriller and action/adventure genres. Its use of real-time plot development, and the innovative split-screen technique, are absolutely brilliant. The riveting intrigue and captivating plot twists keep the viewer totally enthralled, because one never really knows who can be trusted. This outstanding Counter-Terrorism series "24" is truly my all-time favorite television program, and I enthusiastically give Season 3 a five-star rating, along with my very highest recommendation!
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on February 1, 2017
If you are a new watcher to the 24 saga - you have already found yourself being drawn into a complete new definition of the word 'cliffhanger'. Season one starts it off quite nice, and season 2 puts that in overdrive. Season 3 gets that way as well, but it takes a long time to start up. With season 3 it felt as if the writers got a little bit lost; a good concept, but not really a way how to bring it all to a good start.

The biggest issue is that this season lacks the timed pressure that the first two seasons had. The villains feel more like idiots than criminal masterminds. And I guess the studio got the feedback as well, as a couple of characters, directions and concepts launched in the first few episodes are moved around. Characters are re-introduced - which might have been a little unnecessary in my opinion - but at one moment everything clicks into place again and it will move forward then so nicely again as you have expected it. The second half of the season makes up for it.

So, if you watched the first 2 seasons and were also bewildered by the first half of this season - just sit through it - don't stop watching. And then you will be so happy you continued watching, and leading up to the great season 4, and the best of the series; season 5.
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on May 16, 2017
Although still addictive and fun, there are some jarring characterizations and plot issues which make this season inferior to the first two. It just stretches incredulity.

The good: intense, return of Sherry, very fast pace. Adam + Chloe debut and those characters/actors are amazing. Hector was the best villain but turned out to be insignificant.

The bad: The first 12 hours seem like another season and it seems too impossible to have occurred on the same day.
President Palmer sacrificed his moral code. Just too unrealistic that a president would bow down to a terrorist like that.
Jack was not Jack. Real Jack would have found a way to save Ryan Chapelle.
Tony + Michelle was a good for a couple of tears, but it became pathetic that they tried to copy Jack-Terri Season 1.
Deaths of some major baddies were anti-climatic.
Kim just can't stop being in danger, even with a desk job working for daddy.
I am with Kim, though, Nina's death did not satisfy me.
Such a joke that the other teams were able to disarm the bombs quickly, while Jack can't seem to do anything drama-free.
Wayne Palmer? I don't know where to begin.
The virus was getting played out too much.
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on September 29, 2016
If you are the type of person that will read a great novel without putting it down, stay away from this series unless you have nothing better to do ! When this show was originally aired,. I was not in a position to watch much TV. I may
have seen a few minutes , of a couple of episodes, walking through my living room. Sure, I heard the hype, like " Jack Bauer for President" and since Bauer was my maiden Surname, it always caught my ear ! Now I understand what the chatter was all about.
Well written, directed and cast, this series is a joy to watch. The real time format is refreshing, the music score is awesome and if there has been any "bad" acting, the caliber of every other aspect of this production outshines it. I will be buying the entire series for my library in the near future. I am almost finished watching Season 4 and already dreading the show's finale ! I actually sought the show out AFTER watching Kiefer Sutherland in Touch (on Netflix) which was his return to network TV , after "24"; I was impressed with his acting skills & searched for more if his work. So glad I did! Now that his newest show, Designated Survivor, is just kicking in, my addiction is being supported much more substantially!
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on October 12, 2016
I love this series. Not for the faint of heart, though---there's so much breath-holding action in every episode you are exhausted when it ends. Well done series, and Season 3 is the best so far. Haven't gotten to Season 4 yet, but soon. The character of Nina Meyers is so well done...a villain you love to hate. One must, of course, suspend disbelief when it comes to all the amazing technology feats prepared by a handful of CTU techies, but that's part of the fun of this series. Kiefer Sutherland can do no wrong as an action-adventure actor in my book, and this series is really showing his stuff. Great fun, good story lines, action-packed drama to the max, a wonderful way to relax (in a breath-holding way!) in the evenings. Highly recommend.
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on January 23, 2016
High intensity action throughout each episode. Only one complaint: this group of CTU people would be considered extremely incompetent in real life. Anything that could possibly go wrong usually does. I find myself thinking the correct course of action I would take that would easily prevent most of the myriad problems this team constantly faces. They cause as much trouble as they solve. One lie causes untold difficulties, whereas if each of the CTU team would simply tell the truth, a solution could be found without all the unnecessary drama. Some characters are unbelievable, like the President of the United States being involved in murder cover-ups, ex-wives being so untrustworthy that it boggles the mind why anyone would have anything to do with this manipulative, vindictive poor excuse for a woman. I find myself getting angry at all the stupidity and incompetence, which, looked at another way means that this series draws me into the action, and I find myself furious by the actions of most of the characters. So, in my view, it is a stunning series that draws you in, confuses you, infuriates you, and engages you. That would seem to be a perfect example of a successful drama series. It's just so aggravating because it mimics real life so closely and angers me at feeling so impotent to correct the problems that the characters face. All in all, a must-see series, and you can try to figure it out for yourself.
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on November 30, 2006
......the first time I was exposed to 24 was during the season premiere of Season Five. I was at a friends house and he was flipping through the channels and this was on. I loved the show from then on, but knew I would have to get caught up to know what was going on. I never watched an episode again for a long time (because I always worked when it was on). Recently one of my friends was telling me how great a show 24 is, and a store had the Seasons 1-4 on sale for $16, so I decided, why the hell not. I bought Seasons 1-3, then four and now 5. This is by far the best TV show I have ever watched. You will litteraly get hooked on it, as you will want to know what is going to happen next. It's full of plot twists and will not put you to sleep, it is very good. I don't want to give any details for those that have not watched it. Season 3 is about a virus that is set to be released in L.A. and 11 other locations. This season blew me away! It is fast paced action packed from start to finish. A lot of events occurred that I never expected (don't want to spoil it). Please, if you haven't got this far start from Season 1 and work your way up to the end, you will appreciate what is ahppening more. Also, do not read about upcoming seasons that you haven't watched (don't even read the back of the package as they contain spoilers). Stay away from message boards and don't talk to those that have watched seasons you haven't because they will give you spoilers! I loved Season 3, I have nothing bad to say about it I give it 5 stars. Now I am off to start Season 4! Until then...
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on February 9, 2016
I'm new to watching 24. It is one of those edge-of-your-seat thrillers that gets your blood racing! I wasn't surprised to see that the director of 24 is Kevin Hooks, who also was director of the series Prison Break which also has that same energy. You simply can't stop yourself from watching episode after episode - when it's available on line like this - to the point of exhaustion!

I have MIXED response. On one hand I do love it... but although I am not a drug user, I imagine that this is what it feels like to be addicted to something that, if you continue at the same pace, simply wears you OUT! GREAT series. However After completion of Season 3 I can't watch any more. It kind of freaks me out a bit and I had a few nightmares about murderous virus carrying assassins. I need my sleep! I had a similar exhaustion after about 40 episodes of Prison Break --- also binge watched. GREAT job but PHEW... What a roller coaster ride! No doubt a lot of folks will just continue to push through all 8 seasons! You're stronger than me! Enjoy the ride! :) Yes, friends have called me a wimp.
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on October 29, 2015
There are a few too many inconsistencies in the plot for this day to get more than three and a half stars. For example, a guy throws a trash can through a glass window which alone releases a virus to the outside air, but the federal agent only worries about the man leaving the building through the hole in the broken glass. Hmmmm. Too many "Drop your weapon or I'll kill (my hostage)" which somehow always works for Jack. The first thing any law officer learns is never, never, never give up your weapon. Because when you do you give up control of the situation to the bad guy. Then bad things happen by bad people. Begin suspension of working brain. At least they compensated with a little more sexiness in the characters than in previous years. Hey, it helps when the brain is off.
Too many people in important positions making dumb decisions. You have to leave your brain at the door, yes, but too many times you have to REALLY leave your brain at the door. A block over. In the next county.
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on November 4, 2016
While fanciful, 24 Season 3 grapples with serious issues, such as under what circumstances might euthanasia be permitted, and why? It also deals with issues of integrity and what might push a person of integrity to make choices that fall short of that standard. What pressures might push a person into a no-win situation? Are there any situations that justify acting deceitfully? It also raises the ethical issue of one innocent person having to surrender his/her life willingly or unwillingly to save large numbers of people. Many life or death issues are explored from various angles. The series is definitely entertaining, but it is also thought provoking and probing.
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