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on April 17, 2010
Sennheiser BW900 Wireless Office Headset

The BW900 is a serious noise canceling headset designed for people who care more about sound performance and comfort than aesthetics.

Anyone who operates laptops with various programs like Skype, Dragon, WebEx and so forth requires high quality headsets that are compatible with the program and your laptop. There are many USB headsets which may be easily recognized either your laptop's software or one of the program's you are using, both not both simultaneouly causing frustration.

The BW900 can circumvent these problems with its optional audio cable by plugging directly into the laptop's standard microphone / headset cable inputs which are ordinarily setup at the default settings.

The noise canceling microphone is outstanding if a radio is on in your room or anyone is speaking near you. Alternatively, if you are using the BW900 with your cell phone in a convertible, wind noise is all but eliminated as a distracton to the person listenting to you under most reasonable speeds and circumstances. Car use of the BW900 is simpler now that Sennheiser offers a car charger option for the batteries.

The replacable battery option sets the BW900 apart from many other headsets, although one weakness is that you cannot keep your call going as you hot swap the battery (unless you flash it onto hold).

Another possible weakness is that you cannot raise the volume beyond a certain point and I haven't found anyway to amplify this (although maybe I'm going a little deaf and have a different issue).

This is simply the most comfortable headset I've ever worn. I still cannot figure out how light it is, or why I forget it's there and how it stays on my head given how large it is, I hardly notice it until I see a mirror.

I only use the BW900 with my laptop and cell phone. The great thing about using it with my laptop is that I can walk to the kitchen for coffee or elsewhere around the house and not loose the signal. For someone like me that wanders around while talking, that is a real lifesaver.

Others use the BW900 with their telephone, but my phone system has multiple lines.
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on November 25, 2007
This unit has some features that are superior to others I looked at.

1)The size.
The mouth piece is actually near to your mouth. I am able to talk at a normal volume and the sound level and quality of sound on the other is great. I have had other head sets with a smaller foot print where this is not the case at all. Even though this headset is not ugly is does not have the 'cool' factor that some of the smaller sets semm to go after. If function is more important to you than form, this is your headset.

2)Works with both the office phone and cell phone.
And does a great job with both. I still have to stop and concentrate when I move from one phone to the other but I'm getting near the end of the learning curve. I LOVE eliminating one device. I spend 30-40% of my week out of the office. Wireless in the office is so helpful no closeing the headset wire in drawers or getting it burried under files. With its extened range any multi tasker will increase their productivity.

3) Comfort
The head set is very comfortable. For me to say that is rare. I have never been able to stand "ear buds". Any head set that offers interchangeable earpieces has not used my ear for the mold. This speaker rests against not in your ear and works beautifully. I actually do forget I have it on.

4)Desktop charging ststion.
I handle lot of files & misc projects on my desk. I've destroyed at least 4 wired headsets. When looking for a wireless hesd set, most seem to hae a weak footprint, that I know would always be subject to being knocked over. The Sennheiser is completely stable. This part of the unit has an "office cool" factor to it. It looks, functions and feels like quality

For any one in business the productivity enhansement of this headset justifies the price.

Misc. The noise cancellation feature works great. I have been driving and had the person on the other end of the call asked if I wase still there because of the slience. I never set up the voice dialing feature on my cell phone. When I paired the Bw900 it woke up the feature and I use it all the time now. My previous Jabra headset did not do this. Battery life is better than my cell phone. Never the less I plan to order a apare battery because I would hate to be with out this head set after a day in the field because of the battery and the base station has a charging slot for the spare.
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on July 22, 2009
Thinking myself clever, I replaced my desk phone with a cordless bluetooth setup (Siemens SL785 and SL78H) so that I could share a bluetooth headset with my BB Bold and rid myself of some wires. The BW900 had good reviews for long-wear comfort and audio quality, and I have a Sennheiser HMD 45-6 I really love, so the BW900 figured large in my plan. Well, I was sorely disappointed.

The Siemens SL785 is great. Very clean audio, easy interface, feels and looks good. However, the BW900 doesn't play nice with it, at least for me. I thought it must be the Siemens, but then I got the same scratchy audio with my Bold and also my old Nokia N80. I started suspecting bluetooth in general since this was my first go.

I sent it back, which is sad because I did love the dock. I replaced it with a Plantronics Voyager Pro, just to see if my master plan really was madness. Well, I got the Plantronics a few days ago and... it rocks! It's easy to put on with its flexible rubbery ear loop. One of the reasons I went with the BW900 the first time was the not-in-the-ear speaker. That was nice. However, I'm finding the Plantronics easier to get onto and off of my ear, and since I'm not on the phone all day, the earbud doesn't have time to bother me. It's actually comfortable.

The BW900 is b-i-g BIG. Surprisingly, it does rest well on the ear. I like Sennheiser, and I would expect 2.0 to be improved.
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on May 27, 2008
I bought the Senheiser BW900 wireless to replace both my wired Plantronics land-line headset and my Motorola Bluetooth cell phone headset. It works great with both phones.

I work at home as a writer and the wired headset made it impossible for me to get up from my desk even to close my office door when the kids are around, let alone answer a ring at the front door of the house. With this headset I can go all the way downstairs and sign for a package or whatever and the person I am talking to does not even know it because the sound cancelling masks the sound of my steps.

On the cell phone, this headset is much better in both outgoing and incoming sound than the Motorola H500 I was using. I have made several calls in the car and again, the people I am talking to cannot hear the ambient sound.

There are a couple of drawbacks with this system. One is it works much better, at least for hearing, if you get the accessory over-the-head headset attachment instead of relying only on the earpiece sitting on your ear. This makes the headset much bulkier, but if you need your hands free for typing or driving, it is very much worth it. The second issue is I have not been able to turn off the noise cancellation, even though your are supposed to be able to. Every once in a while I get a call where the person on the other end has trouble hearing and I have to turn the outgoing volume up in the base station to compensate. I have not had this issue using the headset with my cell phone, and only a couple of times with the land line. I would easily give five stars for sound qualty in both direction if not for these occassional issues. The Sennheiser is just as good as the wired Plantronics I have been using for years, even when I use it on a cell phone.

Some reviews have also mentioned getting an echo when speaking. I have found the way to get rid of it is to move the microphone down to my chin instead of directly in front of my mouth. I'm guessing if the mic is too close to your mouth, it picks up your voice on both the main mic that transmits soud, and the small mike that is on the other side of the boom that pics up ambient noise to cancel, and this causes some kind of feedback. But this is just a guess. Bottom line is, if I move the mic down, the echo goes away.
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on May 2, 2009
This was a huge disappointment. Having gone through about 5 high end bluetooth devices in the past year and not being able to tolerate cramming plastic ear buds into my ear, I had high hopes. I wanted to use this for both voice recognition as well as wireless for my cell and my VOIP phone in my office.

It worked great on the office phone and was extremely comfortable. However, there was a problem picking up the line from the handset or speaker phone.

On the cell phone it was absolutely useless. Every other word would cut out. No one could understand what I was saying. Just utterly useless. I went back to my jawbone for cell usage.

Even bluetooth for PCs for voice recognition was spotty. On my desktop it would not even meet the minimum quality for DNS. However, it worked great on my laptop.

Sadly, just spotty all around.
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on July 9, 2009
Works really well for a bluetooth headset. I bought it to use with Dragon NaturallySpeaking (voice recognition) and enjoy using it. I've used it with my cellphone a few times and haven't been disappointed with the signal from several rooms away (my house has plaster walls and brick exterior).

The controls are easy to reach, it's well designed for fitting on the ear without being heavy or lopsided and the fact that it fits either left or right side without having to change/switch/move anything on it is a plus. Battery life is good and the land-line interrupt feature is nice (though I haven't used it). But all the advanced stuff works well so I'd bet the legacy portion of it probably works fine. The base comes with an lot to recharge an extra battery.
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on September 11, 2009
I bought this wireless headset to use with Dragon Naturally Speaking voice recognition software as this was the only wireless headset they recommended with a 5 star rating. However, the wired headset I have gives better accuracy. Set is very well made. Long battery life. Good clarity for handphone use but expensive as compared to other bluetooth headsets.
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on October 30, 2008
I have been very impressed with this headset for voice recognition. I have not yet figured out the best settings for volume control when I have used it with my office phone. I believe it will be fine, just a question of me taking the time to figure it out. Overal I am very happy with the purchase.
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on January 27, 2012
I have had this headset for several years now. I bought it because of many positive reviews and its rating on the Nuance Dragon Hardware Compatibility site.

It is not that comfortable to wear and it's accuracy on Dragon Premium is not all that great despite repeated accuracy tuning and regular updates of that product. The batteries have been a problem and don't last that long. One shorted out while recharging in the auxiliary charging port. It rendered the entire headset useless until I was able to track down the problem, which only took several hours. Support documentation on the Sennheiser website is not that great either.

If I had it to do all over again, I would definitely not buy one of these. There are better headsets for the same price and even less.

The vendor on Amazon who sold me the headset did an excellent job, buy the way of promptly delivering it upon order. Five stars to them, one to Sennheiser.
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on May 12, 2011
When this works it works really well. On a full charge, right out of the docking station, you might get an hour of great performance. From that point on, connection is intermittent. This is true both of my cell hone and my PC blue tooth connection. I would be really happy with it if it didn't fade out so quickly and become so unreliable as it is used. I charged the battery for the full 4 hours upon first charge, just as instructed, so that's not the problem.

I own Sennheiser equipment for audio work so I am doubly disappointed that an expensive, top-of-the-line product performs so poorly. I had a cheap plantronics ear bud type blue tooth for years and it did me much better, though the ear bud got dirty and I decided I wanted an out-of-ear headset.
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