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on December 1, 2007
I've had my iRiver Clix 2 8GB for a month now and I love it. I could look up and list all of its features, but you can probably find them yourself. These are the things that sold it to me:

Plays Ogg Vorbis files. Most of my music is in .ogg, so this was necessary if I didn't want to re-encode to .mp3.

Flash storage. I knew I would be carrying this player around and using it in the car. I didn't want to worry about damaging a HDD-based player going over bumpy roads or carrying it around in a bag, or maybe even exercising while carrying it.

Battery life. iRiver claims 24 hours of battery life for this player. You probably won't get quite that, but I generally get around 20 hours. I usually top up the player once a day, but if I forget, it is still ready to run for another full day at work and in the car.

Accessible via drag-and-drop. It's nice that you don't have to use special software to transfer files on and off the player. If you prefer to use Windows Media Player, it supports syncing to that as well. Also, you can delete files off the player using the player's interface. You can browse the player via the file folders that are on the player, or you can look through by artist, song name, album, and genre as defined in the ID tags on your music files.

Playlists. The clix supports playlists, but if you want named playlists you have to create them with iRiver's software. You can manipulate a "quick list" on the player on-the-go if you feel like spontaneously making a playlist. The clix also supports ratings for songs and can play a playlist of the songs you have rated the highest. Additionally, because of how you can browse your music by artist, album, song, and genre, you might find that it is easy enough to play songs that you would want to use a playlist for normally. For example, maybe you want to play all the songs on an album in track order? Browse to an album, click "Play All", and the Clix will play all of the songs in that album in track order. Want them in a random order? You can change to shuffle mode. Want to start at a certain song and then play the rest of the album that comes after? The Clix does that easily as well.

Some of the nice-to-have features that I have used are:

Ability to play videos. I didn't think I'd use it, but I have put a few music videos on the player and watch them on my lunch break sometimes.

Themeable. I love that you can put different themes on the Clix. The formats could be more accessible, but there are over 100 themes out there to choose from, so you are sure to find something you like. I switch out the theme on my clix every week for variety. You can also load a picture onto the clix and set it as your background. Additionally, you can set the clix's UI to any of four orientations: Landscape (0), Portrait (270), Landscape (180), and Portrait (90). You can also adjust the brightness of the screen and set the UI font to any TrueType font you have.

Some of the nice features that I haven't used yet are:

FM radio. I was hoping I could use this to listen to talk radio at work, but alas, the reception at my desk is non-existent.

Recording. The Clix can record from its built-in mic (for notes to yourself, or recording lectures) or from the radio.

Flash games. The Clix can play Flash games that are made for it. It comes with a few. I've never played them other than taking a quick look when I got it, but if I was stuck somewhere and bored, I could see how they would be a nice distraction.

Reads text files. If I didn't feel like printing out the file on paper or carrying my laptop, I could put the file on my Clix. I have never used this, but I suppose it might be nice if you wanted to store addresses, email addresses, or phone numbers.

Pictures. The clix can view pictures and you can set a picture as your background on the player. You can also create playlists of pictures for the player to cycle through.

Preset and custom EQs and Fade-in. The clix has preset EQs for different music types and you can also set your own.

Other comments:

The player is small. Smaller than a credit card, but thicker, obviously. I have relatively small hands and I can hold and operate the player with one hand comfortably and without fear of dropping it. You might think that with the buttons on the sides and the face of the player, you would accidentally click them, but it is easy to hold the player in your hand and click the buttons with your fingers without hitting anything you don't mean to.

The functions for the side buttons are written on the back. You might think this would be annoying and confusing, but there are only a few buttons and they are grouped together on different sides of the player. I had their positions memorized in less than a day. The bonus to this is that since there is no writing on the face of the player it looks very sleek.

The screen looks great and is bright. The clix comes with a screen protector already installed to protect the screen from scratches.

The Now Playing screen will display album art if you have it loaded into your .mp3 player's tag. iRiver's included software can do this for your files if you do not have it done already. Unfortunately, there is no album art support for .ogg files.

The front of the Clix is very shiny. This makes it look nice, but as soon as you touch it, it will have fingerprints on it. If you buy the player, you just have to be willing to accept that. On the upside, unless the player is has light shining directly on it and you are looking straight at it, you probably won't see the fingerprints anyway. You can wipe the fingerprints off the player easily enough, but it's a futile effort. Of course, you might want to buy a case for it, in which case this wouldn't matter.

Just about any setting you might want to adjust to your taste can be done via the player's interface. You can set any of the display options I mentioned above as well as change the screen brightness, whether the player goes to sleep or shuts down when it is inactive and how long it should wait, how fast long text scrolls in the interface, and more. Having said that, most of the defaults are pretty sensible.

The player comes with a mini CD of included software, some earbud headphones, and a standard-to-mini USB cable. The cable is how you get data onto and off the player and also how you charge it. The connectors are actually USB standard, so if you lose or break your cable, you should be able to find another one. The player supports USB 2.0, so transfers are quick if you have USB 2.0 ports on your computer. If you want to charge the player when you will be away from a computer, you will have to buy a charger. If you do, make sure you get a charger for the Clix 2, as the connector is not the same as the connector for the Clix 1. Of course, the Clix is capable of being charged and playing music, videos, etc at the same time.

Two minor downsides to this player: the volume buttons are not in the order you would think in the standard layout (lower volume is on the right, raise volume on the left as you look at the front of the player, eventually you get used to it), and the support from iRiver is a little spotty. I haven't tried to contact them, so I don't know how their customer support is, but their web sites could be better and the included documentation is somewhat sparse and poorly written/translated. The upside is that the clix and clix 2 are well supported by several enthusiast forums where people are willing to answer your questions and have probably already written step-by-step instructions to do what you want in the FAQs.

I would definitely recommend this player to anyone, but especially if you are interested in any of the features that distinguish it from others on the market.
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VINE VOICEon March 29, 2008
**2nd EDIT** I think I paid $186 for the device, but it retailed at $240. The $300 it costs right now is ridiculous. I really love it (and it's still a joy to use, months later), but I wouldn't spend more than $240 on it out of principle. The new iPhone is $200.

**EDIT** In the video I mention that you can't listen to music while playing Flash games, which was true when the product was released. However, the new firmware update fixes that problem, so I apologize for not checking that out.

When I was shopping for a new, small mp3 player I really wanted to see more reviews that demo the device but also discuss the features, and so I thought I'd try doing one now that I have my new Clix!

I apologize for sounding dorky and my speech impediment (cluttering). This is my first crack at a video review and I did the best I could in one take (filming and editing it myself). Oh, and my nails are long because I play classical guitar.

Just to give you a quick rundown of the pros/cons...

-Very nice battery life (Li-py)
-Extremely bright, high quality AMOLED screen
-Intuitive navigation (D-click and smart key work great)
-Fast! It's quick to charge, load content onto, and skimming pictures and videos and such on the device.
-Not obtrusive at all at the gym (lightweight, nice form factor, good with the misticaudio silicone case)
-Impressive sound quality (even on low-end headphones) and video quality
-Completely customizable (theme and font)
-Actually usable FM radio
-Flash games!
-You can create playlists on the computer (my Sansa c250 couldn't) or a quick list on the device
-Voice/FM radio recorder (can filter out noise for the mic)
-Stylish (and unique)
-Fun to use (I still haven't gotten bored with it)
-It actually has a very customizable equalizer

Cons (very nit-picky):
-Expensive (though well worth it)
-Hold button can be hard to get to
-You have to get used to the volume keys' orientation
-No bookmarking on podcasts
-The iRiver Plus 3 software is nothing special, but if you drag-and-drop music you have to rebuild the database on the device
-An output to TV would've been nice
-If you really want to be nit-picky, the screen could be a tad bigger, but then you'd lose some of the nice form factor and big easy-to-find buttons
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on April 22, 2008
Edit: 1/8/11 Had the first problem with my iRiver this week. I thought it died so I ordered the Cowon S9 Cowon S9 16 GB Video MP3 Player with Touchscreen (Titanium Black)(which I love). Of course I neglected to try out the reset button on the Clix and when I did it snapped back to life! (Oops.) It's still kicking, although over the past year it has developed an irritatingly unresponsive power button (which is especially hard to press while in its crystal clip case). The Clix is now, sadly, being demoted to my at-work-only mp3 player. I'd like to point out that it has already out-lived several friends' ipods that were purchased during or after the time I bought the Clix.

I have had my iRiver Clix2 8gb for a few months now and I have really enjoyed it. As a recovering iPod junkie, I am thankful for the functionality of the "clix" feature for navigating menus. As any music-lover who has walked to class on a cold, winter morning will tell you, it's impossible to use your iPod touch wheel while wearing gloves.

I also LOVE the battery life. If you keep your volume moderate and use a "theme" that isn't animated, the 8gb model that I have lasts for about 20 hours of music. This is a great advantage to having the IMOLED screen (which is *beautiful*!) and solid-state memory (which is also used in iPod nano). Of course, the battery life will be less than this if you use the games, videos, radio, or other features. The solid-state, a.k.a. "flash", memory also allows for faster loading times versus the older harddrive mp3 players.

Overall, the best option is the USB connection, which allows for easy transfer of files to and from your computer without any special software - just drag and drop! There is no risk of losing files by connecting it to an unfamiliar computer with iTunes. The software that accompanies the iRiver is decent, but not my favorite. I am using it instead of iTunes now for managing my music files because it is more convenient for synching.

The only drawback that has bothered me thus far is the lack of a decent case for the iRiver Clix 2. I bought the crystal armband from iRiver's site directly, but the plastic is poor quality and the armband is uncomfortable, so I don't recommend it. The good thing is that I haven't had any trouble with scratching. The back of the iRiver is a nice, matte finish, while the front is shiny. The screen also comes with a protective static-cling sheet that iRiver recommends be kept on the unit. You can also buy new protective sheets at pretty much any electronics store with mp3 players or handheld video game systems.

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VINE VOICEon March 26, 2008
I bought this as an upgrade to my Clix2 4GB, that extra 4GB really makes a difference for me. When I first got my clix I was a bit let down, but it has grown on me to the point where I now feel comfortable giving it a 5 star rating. Really I think it is the Rhapsody compatibility which finally turned it from 4 to 5 stars for me.

So here goes, what I love about this player:
1) Rhapsody compatiblity! One of the first things I did was install the Rhapsody version of firmware (v1.17 BAS as of this writing) and connect up to Rhapsody ToGo. Its awesome, I've been listening to hundreds of new songs ever since, dynamic playlists, top 20's, channels, its all there for a monthly subscription. I was a big fan of Rhapsody and now I can do it portably so I'm thrilled.
2) Slim sleek styling, really a nice looking player with a nice AMOLED screen.
3) D-Click interface, is innovative and easy to operate even when the player is in a case (for instance my favorite i-nique leather case!) or your pocket.
4) Great sound customization options: between the Wow, Ubass and everything else you can pretty much make this player sound just the way you like it. I did have to fiddle with it for a while to find the settings that really worked for me, but once I found that zone I find all my other players to be a bit lacking in crispness and clarity.
5) Flash theming: there's like a million cool themes you can put on this thing, or even make your own if you know flash.
6) Flash games: again bunches available for free.
7) Perfect pocket size.
8) great user community with themes, fonts, games, latest firmware updates, you name it.

Ok, well, being a Gemini I tend to see both sides of everything, so here's the things I'm not so thrilled about:

1) Tech support? What tech support? Good luck finding anybody at iRiver to answer your questions, I never did!
2) Downside of D-Click, every time I bump into something or bend over it clicks something. A little too easy to activate by accident, but hey, thats what the hold button is for I guess!
3) Weak American presence: I guess iRiver is a Korean company and it shows. Its hard to get iRiver products, support, accessories in America, a lot of material, websites, etc are in Korean which I personally can't read.

Overall this is a great product, nice to look at, very customizable in ways that iPod users can scarcely imagine, Rhapsody compatibility is awesome, and it don't hurt to look at neither. I definitely recommend this DAP, just know that this is a product for techie fiddlers. If you want easy you might be better off sticking with an iPod.
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I bought this mp3 player for my wife. I'm more a fan of the Cowon D2, but for her, this player was perfect. The player is surprisingly small, about the size of a credit card, and a third of an inch thick. It is small enough that my wife can hold it with one hand and still use the controls. This is really useful for when she rides the El and needs one hand to hold on.

The best feature of the player is definitely the interface. The controls are smooth, intuitive, and as I mentioned before, can be accessed using only one hand if necessary.

The sound quality is very respectable, certainly better than what Apple has to offer. The equalizer works well, but doesn't have as many bands as I would prefer.

This is definitely the winner of the mp3 beauty pageant. I think it is sleeker and better looking than the Apple Nano or Touch, the Cowon D2, and the Zune. I know there are more important things to look for in a PMP, but having one that is aesthetically pleasing is important too.

A few complaints:

This player suffers from some of the same problems as most. It relies on a proprietary software to load it with music, in this case, Windows Media Player. I prefer players that do not require you to use arbitrary software to use them. In my opinion, all media players should be universal plug and play devices.

The Clix II doesn't have a memory expansion slot. It would be nice to have the option of adding a micro SDHC for an additional 4gb of memory, or even a SDHC for up to 16gbs!

Overall, this is a beautifully designed, easy to use, quality mp3 player with admirable sound quality. If you don't mind being limited to 8gb of storage, and also don't mind using WMP to sync music to the player, then this is a great choice. If you want a player with expandable memory and no proprietary software, get yourself a Cowon D2.
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on January 22, 2008
I love this thing. I couldn't get the iRiver software to recognize the device, can you believe that? When I tried windows media player 11, it kept freezing up will sync-ing so I got pretty frustrated. Windows media player would put incomplete files on the Clix and they cause the unit to freeze.

I deleted everything, and just dragged and dropped my albums into the music folder on the clix and that worked great. In order to have album art however, you must use one of those two aforementioned programs, but I don't care about that. I was also able to get the iRiver movie converter to work and put the entire movie "The Life of Brain" on my Clix (it only takes up about 1 gig of space).

That's all I need from this device. IRiver's software used to not allow the downloading of copyrighted material from their MP3 players to computers in an effort to appease the RIA, but they have abandoned that idea on the clix. You can freely move files onto the clix and off again to any computer, making this unit far superior to the IPOD, even if I can't get the album art thing to work!

Since the Clix doesn't have a hard drive in it like the IPOD, it will never skip so it is better than an IPOD for the car and the gym. I got mine for about [...]...what a steal! Look out IPOD, iRiver is turning up the heat.
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on May 28, 2008
I love my Iriver Clix2! Here's what I love most about it:
- plays ogg vorbis (fully compatible with tags and all); thus you can fit more high-quality music onto the player; with a mix of ogg and mp3 files, I've got it nearly full with about 130 hours of music
- no touch screen, so I can easily work it in my pocket, or while I'm driving (i.e. without looking at it)
- it looks really cool, and is very customizable (fonts, wallpapers)
- excellent sound
- 8 GB *flash* drive, so you don't have to worry about shaking or vibrating it

This is my third mp3 player from Iriver. The first was the Rio Volt, which was an mp3 CD player actually made by Iriver and sold under the Rio name. The second was a much improved mp3 CD player (the IMP-300 I think it was). This player is another excellent unit. And the price for an 8GB unit was comparable to others. It also rated highly at CNET.

Two problems I've encountered, and their solutions: It caused Winamp to close every time I connected it to my player, so I downloaded and installed the free player called MediaMonkey. The Clix2 syncs beautifully with MediaMonkey. It's great. Second, I found the battery life to be a little short, so I changed the setting such that it fully shuts down when you turn it off, instead of going into standby. The only drawback is that it doesn't remember what song you were in the midst of when you turn it on next, but that's tolerable, and now the battery seems to last much longer.

An interesting idea: I stuck velcro to the back of the Clix2, and then accopanying pieces of velcro on my desk and in my car so that I can stick it various places. Works great!

I highly recommend this player.
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on October 5, 2008
I bought this player in Jan 08 because I was going to be working in the bush where there was no radio or TV (Gawd what is this world coming to?) Anyway, I plunked in 1200 songs and hit the road. Actually that's what the player kept doing. That was because I couldn't get a holder for the player and it kept falling out of my shirt pocket everytime I bent over.
Here's the good:
1. The player is easy to use albeit it took a bit to get used to. The click on each side of the player works well.
2. The battery lasted all day at work without problems.
3. Lots of capacity

The Not so good:
1. It took some time to figure out all the controls like repeat etc, even after using downloaded manual.
2. Can't complain about the I Clix service... They have NONE! They don't answer emails and they don't even have a holder for the player.
3. I found the software difficult to manipulate. Adding the songs in the fashion I wanted to simplify retrieval was difficult.
4. Couldn't get a case for this player and it was always bouncing off the floor when it dropped out of my pocket. (tough little player)

What's even better:
I have a Motorola Razor phone with a leather case. The leather case fits the Iriver Clix 8 like a glove. Oh Happy day. Finally I can go for a bike ride and hook it onto my waist.

I purchased Shure earphones at the same time and wasn't surprised by the quality. The reproduction from the earphones was awesome.

Would I recommend this product? Absolutely!
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on March 11, 2008
This is the best player I've seen and has the highest screen quality out there(better than ipod).

It's of a high enough resolution that I've actually read books off of it and watched movies.

The battery life is wonderful, and unlike an ipod you can use it as a flash drive and you never need to have a program like I-tunes to store music(in many different formats) onto it and its more open source making it very customizable(I've got about 200 different Themes I've downloaded plus free flash games people make for them).

It also uses a standard mini usb port to plug so thats makes things easy as almost everyone has one of these cords lying around nowadays.

I'm very happy with the size of the device but the reason it gets 4 out of 5 stars(more like 4.7 out of 5)is because it seems like it may have a higher potential of getting physically broken than many other players,although mine has been holding up great.

Bottom line- If the 3rd generation ipod nano wasn't so guarded, forcing you to use i-tunes and only putting on it whatever they allowed you to,then it would have been close between getting one of those or getting my 8GB Iriver Clix. Since thats not the case,This is the best you can buy in my opinion.

PS- Buy a "Best Skins Ever" full body screen protector for it for about $8.00 US(IE-Toilet paper).They work great and is well worth it to keep your player looking like new.
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on May 14, 2008
I've owned it for several months now and really like it. I listen to music and lots of audio books. I'm discriminating about the sound quality and it's noticeably better than iPod. I particularly like to use my Bose Quiet Comfort's with this. Synchronization via Windows Media player is fine.

I really love the Clix interface. Pressing the sides is something I can easily do without looking, as when listening to music or a book in the night.

I don't watch video on it at all. Don't want to. The earbuds sound decent for a free set, and have a tendency to come unscrewed. I've somewhat abused them by dragging them around dangling outside the hip case I bought for the unit.

Battery life is pretty good, not great, no complaints. I like the cradle and rapid wall charger. All in all, a very easy to use, great sounding, convenient unit that stores all my music, audiobooks, and doubles as a flash drive when needed.
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