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on February 16, 2011
I ordered this product directly from as a Christmas present to myself and as usual the product arrived quicker than I had expected. Gracias Amazon. While taking an immersion Spanish course in South America, I finally found the time to actually use the software. First thing that I have to say is that I am very impressed with Sonia's method of teaching.

She provides so many details in the course to help you learn Spanish. I don't think that I have found another course where the instructor is so passionate about getting the student to understand the language.

I do think the course could have progressed a little quicker. That's the only improvement that that I would recommend for the course. But I guess that I only feel that way because I am not a beginner and should have started with the next level in this series.

The extras that course gives are excellent. Especially the podcasts. The core part of the course or the software covers a lot of traveler's Spanish. Ideal if you are traveling to Mexico. But not ideal for the person who is motivated to learn Spanish for other reasons. That's where the podcasts full in the gaps and provide you with lots of practice conjugating verbs, improving pronunciation, learning the masculine and feminine articles, and so much more. I have to say that Sonia is also great at teaching pronunciation in the podcasts. I am sure that the bonus podcasts are really improving my pronunciation.

The audio CD is a review of the material covered in the software CD-Rom. I am also finding the audio CD lots of help. They could have easily sold the CD or the podcasts as a separate course since they are excellent teaching tools. What stands out most about this course is the tremendous value that you get. The CD-Rom, the audio CD and the Podcasts.

Some other products that I recommend for Spanish language learners are Visual Link Spanish. This is a great learning Spanish software program for the visual learner. Before I discovered Visual Link Spanish - Level I, in all of my reviews I had recommended another Spanish software product. The one that is heavily marketed in all of mass media, including radio and television. But after using Visual Link, it is clear to me that this software is a much better alternative for the visual learner. If you do not consider yourself a visual learner, then Fluenz is probably the way to go.

In order to speak Spanish fluently, you must also learn lots of new words. For increasing Spanish vocabulary, I recommend Quick Study-Spanish Vocabulary Flash Cards-1000 cards You get 1,000 of these cards at an excellent price.

To speak Spanish fluently besides having a stand alone course as your base and a method to learn new Spanish words, you will also need to master conjugating Spanish verbs. The best product for that is the Verbarrator Version 1.1 (Windows Version) software. The Verbarrator software does a great job of replacing the boring Spanish verb conjugation books and makes learning Spanish verbs enough fun that you will want to use the software every day. And the more you use the tool the quicker that you will learn how to conjugate Spanish verbs and reach fluency. The Verbarrator is probably the best investment that I have made in my journey to learn Spanish because it is a product that I use almost daily.

The last product that I recommend for anyone who is really serious about learning Spanish is The Ultimate Spanish Review and Practice w/CD-ROM (UItimate Review & Reference Series). This Spanish grammar book covers every aspect of Spanish grammar imaginable. To get the equivalent learning-Spanish value of this one book you would have to buy 3 or 4 books in the Practice Makes Perfect series
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on November 30, 2009
A trip to Barcelona prompted me to review of Spanish language learning programs and purchase of Fluenz Spanish 1. I don't like visiting a country without some knowledge of the language. I was extremely satisfied.

I am a native English speaker with some/limited fluency in French, German, and Japanese - because I have traveled in those couuntries. No Spanish. Despite the "some fluency", I have no real facility for languages. I find them hard to learn.

I put 50 hours into Fluenz Spanish 1. Yes, it takes some work. But that 50 hours alone says a lot -- I didn't give up because the program is engaging, and I was learning what I needed to know to travel.

The approach of this program is very clever. For example, the future "tense" is taught by using the phrase "I am going to...tomorrow". So you do not have to learn a mess of verb conjugations. And the vocablary is directed for the traveler/visitor. No schoolyard conversations with your classmates about whatever.

The use of English is hugely useful. It makes learning so much easier. And Sonia Gill is a really good teacher.

Did it work? Absolutely. I was very comfortable in Spain. In Barcelona, the native language is Catalon, not Castilian. Catalon is somewhere between Castilian and French. I could read every sign in both languages - useful if you want to get somewhere. I could always make my requests understood - useful if you need the toilet.

The down side: I could understand people in the tourist industry because they spoke slowly. Anyone else - hopeless. They speak really fast. And you have to decide which language they are using.

The good side: I actually bought Fluenz Spanish 1 F1, I guess. There were some errors in that version - not major but annoying. I assume F2 fixed those. But because of a very generous upgrade offer, I now have Fluenz Spanish 1 F2, 2, and 3. These folks take care of their customers. And I like the program enough to buy the additional two programs.

By the way, my wife's passport got stolen. I was able to do "okay" in the police station. That was a good thing.

Barcelona is now my favorite European city. Part because of the city, part because of the people, part because of the food, and part because of Fluenz Spanish 1.
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on January 8, 2012
After working for some time with Rosetta Stone Spanish and feeling frustrated, I purchased Fluenz Spanish based upon the reviews on Amazon. The problem that I had with Rosetta Stone was the complete lack of context and the absence of any English translation. While immersion might work if living in a Spanish speaking country, it did not work with the RS program. Fluenz on the other hand is amazing. After using it for an hour a day for a week, I am already much further along than I was with weeks of using RS. Fluenz uses all channels-visual, auditory, tactile-along with much repetition to teach the language. The audio CD, podcasts, and flash cards are very helpful additions to the DVD. If one is willing to put in the time, you will learn Spanish with Fluenz. The program is attractive, fun and varied enough to prevent boredom. If you have been frustrated trying to learn a language or been unable to learn with RS, I highly recommend that you give Fluenz a try. I could not be more pleased.
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on April 19, 2017
I have tried many self-study language programs in the past but Fluenz is the most effective and fun by far. It is a great program for learning a language before a trip. I purchased the Spanish 1 before a trip to Ecuador. Fluenz 1 Spanish teaches the basics by starting with a short dialogue, an explanation of the dialogue and then several other listening, speaking and writing drills. Other programs I tried in the past left my head spinning at the end of each lesson but Fluenz is different. By the end of each Fluenz lesson I felt like I had really learned the material without playing the lesson over and over again. There is even a conversation session on each lesson that records your voice and plays it back so you can hear exactly how you sound. I have since purchased both Fluenz Italian 1 and French 1-5. I highly recommend it!
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on December 24, 2011
Fluenz is an attractive piece of software. It's intelligently assembled, and the situations / scenarios that they present are quite useful. You can definitly make progress in learning Spanish with this software. I'd encourage students to, with one major caveat, go purchase...

But for the love of god, buy a book. Get yourself a genuine language learning textbook, and use that for at least half of your study.

I'm saying, here I am going over the initial Fluenz lesson today, and skimming through a just purchased textbook. Here in my book there are all of the conjugations of the verb Estar, while here in Fluenz there are two of them in the workouts in lesson #1.

The point is this - if you're at all good at studying, a book is going to teach you an awful lot more vocabulary much faster than Fluenz ever will. But if you've no access to a teacher, then Fluenz is a great component of your study.
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on February 26, 2012
I love this language program. I got it two weeks ago and have learned more Spanish is those two weeks than I learned in months of tediously slogging through Rosetta Stone. Fluenz has gotten it right about how to present a second language to adult learners. The format works. It's engaging, interesting, and well designed. Within a couple of sessions (there are 30 in Fluenz 1) I was able to formulate sentences and actually communicate in Spanish. That was not possible with Rosetta Stone, as RS is a program that has no English translation; no explanation of grammar. I am so excited with Fluenz that I have gotten up every morning and worked (played and enjoyed) for a couple of hours. I cannot get enough of it. I will definitely be getting the next level of Spanish and will be getting French, as well. I wish I had known about Fluenz before I invested in Rosetta Stone's Spanish, French, and Portuguese. Fluenz has gotten it right!!!
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on November 26, 2008
Fluenz Spanish 1 Windows, Including DVD, Audio CD, Podcasts, and Fluenz Navigator. Next-Generation Spanish Language Learning Software

I wanted to resume what I learned of Spanish since high school but was too busy for formal classes and the "leading" software (Rosetta Stone) simply did not work for me, it was too much like matching pictures with words.

You can REALLY see the amount of work that was put into the Fleunz program. It strips down the language for you and not only teaches you Spanish but shows you how Spanish works in comparison to English. I almost want to say that the creators of this company have thought of every possible question and problem one might face.

Using this program and reading a Spanish newspaper online along with watching spanish language news daily, I can actually hold a conversation now WAY PAST "yo quiero un cafe." I can convey thoughts and ideas and I'm half way donw through it.
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on December 26, 2007
The Fluenz Spanish 1 language program is wonderfully challenging! Through a combination of visual, auditory, and interactive writing lessons, I am learning a language under the best possible terms. Each lesson is relevent to every day events one might encounter in a Spanish-speaking country, and the lessons are anything but tedious. You can challenge yourself on multiple levels of difficulty with the interactive lessons, so you don't have to overwhelm your senses and ability to absorb new material. The instructor/guide, Sonya, who is on the program does a superior job providing proper enunciation of words and phrases in the right context. The Fluenz Customer Service folks were equally outstanding and willing to assist when an installation question presented itself. All-in-all, a very pleasurable and challenging learning opportunity. I would highly recommend this product to others.

M. Harte
Ft. Collins, CO
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on October 1, 2009
I got this system to brush up on my Spanish before visits to Spanish-speaking countries. The narration is the unique aspect to their methods. It feels more like a classroom than other CDs I have for other languages. I prefer Fluenz to my other teaching aids and have since bought their Mandarin guide.
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on November 11, 2009
I'm enjoying the interactive use of Fluenz Spanish 1. I have tried to learn Spanish for many years on and off and am finally getting it. Thank you for such a creative and personal program.
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