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on May 11, 2014
you don't receive a defective/cracked unit. It is my fear Clinton R. Webb (see 1-star review on May 23, 2013) might have received this defective unit after I returned it (????).

Anyway, here's a repost and recap of my comment I left under Clinton's 1-star review. Hopefully this helps others.

Back in Jan 2013, I installed this M-60 filter and it leaked. I used 1/2" copper pipe for my air connections/plumbing, so at first I thought I had a bad solder connection leaking near the exit port of the filter. So I took it all apart, resoldered that joint and still it leaked some air by this output/exit port. So again, I took it apart and after very close inspection, I noticed a crack or defect in the casting in the area of the exit port. I never expected a brand new filter to leak like this. Needless to say, my soldering was fine and this wasted a lot of my time while leaving me scratching my head a bit. Amazon sent promptly me a replacement and this one does not leak nor is defective in any way. In fact, it works great (see update below). If yours leaks, it's defective and should be returned immediately. Now, I can only hope the defective unit I purchased in Jan 2013 wasn't repackaged and resold to Clinton. I wasted a lot of time donking around with a defective filter that I convinced myself was "fine." It wasn't and I let Amazon know this so someone else wouldn't get it. But who knows. Of course, I had to waste time testing and retesting my connections to ensure they were good-n-tight and not the cause. But only because I install it could I see the hairline crack in the casting, but I had to know where it was leaking from first. Otherwise, you'd never know without installing it, so I could see someone might say it doesn't look/appear defective and try to resell it. Shameful to say the least if this indeed happened.

UPDATE 1: I've been using this filter now for over one year and have tested mine to over 150 psi. It does not leak. Otherwise, I keep it constantly at 100 psi with zero leaking. As for my setup, I have my compressor outside the garage in an out building (compressor station) and run the airline through the basement (roughly 80-feet) in 1/2" copper. Where the line goes vertical out of the basement(lowest point in run) and up and over to the garage, I have a shut-off gas ball valve with drain petcock so I can service/drain the lines periodically. Coming into the garage, I have another shut-off ball valve and then a water separator device just in front of the Motor Guard M-60 filter. This separator seems to trap most of the water (quite a bit I have to drain daily) before it enters the M-60 paper filter. Also note, I like to run vertically the copper airline after the M-60 filter for at least 3 feet to let gravity have a last go at any further moisture that somehow might run my hydrophobic gauntlet. Conclusively, after a year's frequent use, the M-60 paper filter looks like new. I thought for sure I'd have to change it but was pleasantly surprised it was dry and clean.

UPDATE 2: The water separator I'm using is effective but understand it's limited. The unit is a simple Kobalt water separator (note: many sold on Amazon are probably as good or perhaps better):
Lowes Item #: 221014
Model #: SGY-AIR9
3/8" NPT female ports
42-SCFM flow at 90 PSI inlet, 5 PSI pressure drop

I think most inexperienced folks expect this water separator [alone] to remove 100% of any and all water including vapor. They're dead wrong. Typically, these are under $25 and alone are marginally effective. Now, compare a $20+ water separation device to professional line dryers which are expensive...for a reason: they're very effective. They're very effective for medical reasons to protecting VERY expensive tools and equipment.

Now, this doesn't mean you have to spend a ton to get very good results which is why I recommend a water separator (and any better quality one should work) to remove bulk moisture followed by this Motorguard M60. I use this everyday with great results: painting, sandblasting...even general air drying with a Cornwell 4" Blow Gun Kit, $49.95 SKU: CATBGK that I LOVE and highly recommend (I own two: 1 for shop, 1 on the tool truck).

For professionals and heavy duty use, I recommend a compressed air dryer ($600-$1,500+). For small, in-the-field jobs (i.e., not in the shop) like say an oil-based touchup paint job, I'll throw on an inline desiccant air filter fed from a portable compressor. These desiccant filters are great to absorb water vapor and prevent fish eyes in your paint. However, they don't last long and naturally they absorb water from air, so once you open them, either discard after a short while or dry them for re-use. Most are labeled disposable, but carefully you can dry them at low temps in an oven and then reseal them.

Conclusively, temper your expectations with regard to 100% lab-dry lines. Without expensive gear, forget it. But with a water separator and an M60, you get what most of us really need: a reliable, dry line that protects your air tools while yielding superior results. For further reading, search compressed air dryers and dew point to understand compressed air and moisture. Unfortunately, it's far more than plugging in some $20 "water separator." Hope this helps.
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on May 22, 2016
I don't work in a professional capacity using my air compressor but I do paint my tractor implements and use air tools. I live in the NW so our air is humid and I always have water in my tank when I clear my air pressure. Quality air dryers and filters are expensive for my level of use and this product has worked flawlessly. I have painted most of the tin on my JD tractor as well as pieces of my riding mower without any paint/moisture issues. I'm a fan and would highly recommend, just remember to open the canister after prolonged use so the paper roll can dry.
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on December 29, 2017
second one I have purchased, first one was 20 years ago and worked great for a very long time, it finally wore out and I went without a water catcher for a while (then my tools stated to break down) so I purchased another one as its allot cheaper to replace these units every 10 or 15 years than it is to buy new air tools.
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on August 24, 2017
This is my second motor guard m-60 filter. The first one became corroded and pitted from moisture sitting in the housing over several years of use. I can't complain with the life of these filters and am very happy with the filtration. I use it to keep contaminants out of my plasma cutter. Works great! I recommend opening the housing when not in use to allow the moisture to escape that may have made it pastany water separators and filters in your air system.
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on April 28, 2017
Excellent filter. I am using this on my Powder Coating booth setup. So far I have had 0 issues with particles in my air after the install. Highly recommended.
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on March 12, 2017
My old one started to leak, so this one was a replacement . my old one lasted about 10 years so no complaints I'll opem this one more to let it air dry inside . wont be with out one !. .
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on January 20, 2018
Very nice unit , robustly built & nice filter , would buy again if need be . Would recommend depending on use & humidity removing bowl every now & then & make sure powder coat is still doing it's job on the inside & not beginning to part & if it is clean it up & give it a little paint
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on July 23, 2017
I have a Hypertherm Powermax 85 on a 5'x5' plasma table. I was running a desiccant dryer from Harbor freight and having loads of issues with the torch not starting an arc. To make a long story short I added this filter after the desiccant dryer and it seems to of made a world of a difference.
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on September 1, 2017
Plasma has a good clean start now Good product
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on April 5, 2014
This the best product on the market to take water out of you air line!...BAR NONE.
I have a device in my system that cost $500, an this still does a better job. I use it on all my tools.
it's a must for air tool, and I own two Plasma cutter and have never had a problem with water!
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