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on February 12, 2010
With technology advancing so well, some folks posting still complain about simple things. The Sony VAIO is a beautiful conversation piece and stands out in any home or office setting. The quality ranks among the best and I'm in love with my All-IN-ONE! All of my DVD's play so well and without any problems. The best part about all of is a lack of chords hanging around. I love not having chords in the way and being pulled! Go for it!

Update - It's 2012 and my computer is still working wonderful. The only thing that was needed was some software updates. Other than that, it's still one of my best purchases!
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This is a decent PC as far as eliminating some cables but comes with no backup software, not even the operating system software. There is a record-breaking amount of crapware preloaded on the PC. Takes a long time to remove it. If I had it to do over again I would choose a PC that provides at least a copy of the operating system and minimal crapware.
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on June 4, 2009
It is realy not bad. Much better than my Dell. 4 stars, 'couse mouse is no good and I cann't install SP2 for Vista
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on May 24, 2008
I had 19" Vaio before and upgraded to my 22" Sony Vaio. This is a great computer and the larger screen makes everything even better than before.
The speed is great.
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on October 30, 2008
This computer is a POS! The Sony support is a POS! The hook up for TV is a POS!

I hate this computer! Don't waist your money! Buy anything else but this!

I will never buy another Sony computer ever!

11/30/08 Update:

I was in the market for a new desktop and choose this over an Apple based on the built in TV turner.

I received it, set it up and had it working and then one day the Sony Vaio updater crashed my system. I had to system restore (not windows, sony) and everything was fine but the TV Tuner wouldn't work with MS Media Center anymore.

I called support and after several calls, trial, downloads of drivers they determined it was a faulty tuner and sent a guy out to replace it.

Well the tech couldn't get the "new" one to work after 5 hours on trying on his own and being on the phone with Sony's techs. So they said ship it back for repair.

A week later we got it back and the log said "diagnostics ran fine, you need to have your computer hooked up to the internet for the turner to work."

So needless to say, their tech guys are morons cause in my paperwork I sent in, I explained the problem and told how I had to get on the internet to download the forms to fill out to send to him.

So I paid extra for a "feature" to not work and I'm getting crappy service on this crappy product.

Personally, I'll pretty sure I'll never by another Sony anything again!

If you don't trust me, just ask yourself why there is so many referbs of these things on the web! (Something I wish I asked prior to spending my money with Amazon to buy this!)
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on September 3, 2008
To put it as simply as I can: I do not like this computer and I regret buying it.

It is a sluggish performer, mostly (I presume) from the bloated Windows Vista OS, which sucks up all the memory. This isn't a review of Vista...but RUN, don't walk, from it. It's as irritating as Windows ME. Got XP software and expect it to run with Vista? Last laugh is on you.

The audio system is terrible. Somebody here commented on how great it is...that's just not true. Think back to the mid 1960s and transitor radios. No bass, no audio controls, no nothing except tinny, weak sounds. It's the worst audio system on a computer that costs as much as this one costs. And you have to buy over-priced proprietary external speakers if you want to slightly upgrade the audio.

The wireless mouse: Turn it off when not in use, because it stays on all the time, sucking battery power 24/7. Stock up on AA batteries: you'll need them.

All controls and connections are inconveniently located in the back of the PC. Learn to get up and look behind the computer each time you make a headset connection, insert a disc, eject a disc...everything. You imagine this is a minor inconvenience? Just wait until you have to do it.

The monitor is so bright, so irritating, I had to put a tinted screen in front of it to tone it down. Human eyes were not meant to be subjected to such dazzling brightness.

And forget the insinuations that you can watch HDTV on this computer. It's not HDTV, does not receive over-the-air HD signals, yet Sony insists on giving the impression that you'll be watching HDTV once you connect your cable-TV cord. It's a lie, and I suspect Sony's fuzzy claims about HDTV and this computer were entirely intentional.

I am back to using my old computer, which this all-in-one was supposed to replace.

Two thumbs down for this computer.

ADDENDUM: If you've going to vote "not helpful" on this review, then have the brass to explain why in the comments section...and DO tell us if you work for Sony or Microsoft. This computer is a major rip-off to anyone who wants to use it for purposes other than surfing the web.
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on March 15, 2008
Great unit. Easy to set up and very classy design. Really sets off our home office. Easily meets all of our needs for home office computing.
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on August 20, 2010
Today I got the phone call from the tech shop where I dropped my computer off saying that it is completely a dead item. I'm no techie, but here's what happened.
I've had my computer for 2 years now. It was brand new when I bought it and I've babied it like crazy. For a Sony brand I was shocked how OFTEN little problems would crop up that would need a professional's help to solve. And this final PROBLEM went like this:
The computer worked just fine, no problems, one night. Then the very next morning it would not start. There was a beeping code, but a completely blank screen. We thoroughly checked the video cards and hard drives. After not being able to fix it ourselves, I sent it into the computer repair shop where they had to call Sony techs and FINALLY got a confirmed answer that it would be an $800 repair and there was truly nothing else to do. The entire computer is now un-salvageable. However, Sony techs said that they have definitely seen this same problem (whatever it was) before.

I'm sickened. So much money wasted. I am livid about the lack of help Sony support offers. I have spent countless hours on the phone trying to get ANYONE to help me out.

Please don't make the mistake I did. Even though these all-in-ones are so pretty and in theory a great idea... once ONE thing is messed up with it... the entire computer is worthless.
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on June 16, 2008
I bought this computer to replace an old refurbished Dell that I purchased five years ago. This thing is freaking awesome. For starters, it just looks cool. It looks like it's floating on my desk. Its case is slim, and the 22 inch Bravia screen is brilliant, AND it comes with a Blu-ray Disc player. Set up was a breeze and took all of 20 mins.

I only have two minor gripes: I think someone mentioned it before, but the keypad does not have a numlock light. Small annoyance, but it's difficult to see whether the lock is on or not when I'm using the computer in the dark. Also, I've only had the computer running for about a month and I've had to replace the mouse's batteries for the first time the other day. Make sure to turn the mouse and keyboard off when not in use to cut down on the cost of batteries.

The computer came with Vista Premium pre-loaded, and I have not had any problems with the software. I actually really like the new Microsoft Office Window's Media Center.

Overall, this is a great (if not expensive) home computer.
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on May 1, 2008
Be sure that you associate this review with the LT 28E model. What sold me on this computer was the Blu Ray player (it plays beautifully Blu Ray pre-recorded DVDs) and recorder. I got a 50GB rewritable disc, which is expensive but it holds 50GB of information!! I remember back when a standard DVD costs quite a bit and they only hold 7.4GB. I plan on downloading and editing video from my Canon HD camera and then burning the results out to Blu Ray Discs. Full 1080. That's another reason that the 500GB hard drive is useful. There is an upgrade model that offers a double sized hard drive. I'll follow up if there are any problems.

There's been a lot of talk about the negatives of the Vista operating system. I have had absolutely no problem with it, especially after downloading the Windows updates. This is a large corporation, They're going to fix any problems

But this computer... A 22" brilliant screen with a 500GB hard drive and 3GB of RAM!

There was no manual included with my computer and I think that this was just an oversight. I didn't even know how to get the back off to install the AC input. A call to tech support fixed this and I eventually downloaded the huge manual from the Sony website.

Setup was extremely easy and I had a problem with setting up my password (my mistake) and the Sony tech support was right there for me and fixed it.

I have a PC notebook from maybe 5 years ago and the tech advancements are evident. This computer is SO much faster and with the wireless keyboard as well as wireless mouse, is just icing on the cake.

So far, I really love this thing! The visuals are magnificent! And again, it is fast!
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