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on May 29, 2010
I had the identical unit for several years, when the crafe broke I did a little searching and found this one which I immediately ordered.

I love this little coffee maker. It's compact and user friendly - the smoked water tank is easy to see through, the lid lifts open easily and there's room to pour the water unobstructed, the coffee receptacle swings out of the way and each of these operations can be done with one hand. It has a valve to allow serving while brewing but the mechanism is a little delicate which makes swinging the coffee receptacle open one handed a little fiddly but nothing like say the Mr Coffee. My old one was a cast-off and that valve mechanism was broken when I got it but I loved the compact size and excellent coffee it made so while I kept shopping for replacements I never found one I liked better. I live on a sailboat so space is a premium and this little unit fits in perfectly.

The power switch and water tank graduations are on the right side, the water tank lid is accessible from either side but the coffee receptacle swings open to the left. If it swung to the right the unit could be placed sideways - this and the fiddly valve lever are the only negatives and overall they're extremely trivial.

Uses about 600 watts when brewing and less than half that when warming.

It comes with a plastic grounds basket which lifts out one-handed but for cleanup on a boat I prefer to use Melitta #2 paper filters.
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on November 8, 2010
I liked the looks of this coffeemaker: the pot-plus-reservoir were nicely compact. But this turned out to be a problem.

The compactness that caught my eye was achieved by tweaking the shape of the filter basket, collapsing one side slightly. Although someone reviewed saying they use a paper filter, I didn't see how I could make a paper filter work inside this misshapen cone . . . something I realized I needed when I noticed the oiliness of the brewed coffee in the pot.

Another unexpected "defect" is all the ridges at the bottom of the pot - what's that about? I can understand a pot with one ring shaped to sit inside the base, but the metal band to attach the handle made 2 more rings, and the 3 rings made it much harder to clean properly.

Finally, as someone else mentioned, the filter basket could not be swung free and then replaced while the pot was on the base. The same clever little valve that allowed mid-brew pouring caught on the side of the lid while trying to replace the filter cone. Not a deal-breaker, but definitely inconvenient.

Overall, I've decided to try the GE 5-cup coffeemaker instead. Hope its features are more friendly.
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on May 19, 2012
My more expensive coffee maker broke recently and I'm addicted to coffee, but couldn't afford a top of line maker at the moment. So I ordered this one and was pleasantly surprised with the results. The quality of the coffee is just as good as makers 40-50 dollars more. Special note this is not a full size maker it makes at best 3 full cups of coffee. I also haven't been able to find filters that properly fit. The most important safety item is that this does not have a auto switch-off feature. So don't forget to turn it off when done otherwise you do risk it being a fire hazard. Overall it's a great little coffee maker and when I do purchase a better quality one in the future I will keep this one as a back-up or possibly take it to the office for my personal use.
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on September 14, 2017
I had no idea that I have been using this same coffee maker for five years!!! I checked on when I got it and in all this time, I have never had a problem with it. I would buy it again and I highly recommend it!!
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on April 15, 2012
I received the Continental Electric CE23589 4 cup coffee maker this past week and have made about 6 pots of great-tasting coffee so far (using Folgers). I am quite happy with it, all told.

It arrived on time (Prime overnight $3.99 s/h) the day after my 3rd Black and Decker monster truck coffee maker in 3 years bit the dust. I decided to go with a different brand that was smaller, well-rated and was not expensive. Coming out of the box, I was a bit taken back. SO TEENY TINY looking! We immediately nicknamed it the EZBake Coffee Maker. I was dubious but open-minded and prepped it by running 2 tanks of water through it as instructed.

What I noticed right away was how much more counter space we had with this new model. I also liked the clear water tank with the well-marked water levels. The permanent cone filter is easy to dump used grounds out of and wash/rinse out. The 4-cup carafe is sturdy and well-fitting. The coffee is hot and tastes great (we use Brita filter water right out of the fridge).

I also appreciate that the carafe pours the coffee into my cup without leaking or dripping. Our Black n Deckers were notorious for the sloppy pouring. You do have to be careful when pouring, but if you are, you get a perfect pour and no mess. LOVE THAT. (I read some reviews here that complain about dripping, and I have to think, you are not doing it right. Sorry, but it does work well for me.)

And because this is a 4-cupper, I am wasting less coffee in the pot. Reheating coffee in the microwave is nasty, but I'd been doing it to not waste it with my bigger capacity machines. Thank you for freeing me from that!

All in all, I can say right now that if this lasts only as long as my Black n Deckers did (about a year each), it was money well spent. So, we are having fun calling this our EZBake, but it's fun to play, so why not? These days, whatever makes me smile, I'm on it!

ADDED January 14, 2013: I'm still using this little gem every day, and it works just like the first day I had it. Just wanted to add that I've lately begun making only a 2-cup pot using 3 tbsp of coffee. This amount fills one of my tall mugs, so I am really making myself one serving of coffee at a time. I am also using a coffee filter because I eventually got tired of cleaning out the permanent filter each time. (I retrofit a Mr. Coffee filter by cutting an inch off it around the edge.) I am becoming more discerning in my coffee tastes, and making more than what is immediately consumed makes the remaining coffee taste bitter. At first I thought I'd have to buy another coffee maker to accomodate my changed procedures, but this one adapts great. And, I also discovered that when the carafe holds only two cups, the pouring is perfect -- no dripping, I don't even have to be careful and pour slowly anymore.
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on June 20, 2011
Finding a decent 4cup coffee-maker these days seems to be an impossibility. The problem was locating one with a cone basket rather than the flat bottom (which makes awfully weak coffee, btw).
After trying several failures (most of which either were weak or tasted like the plastic they were made of) I gave Continental a try. Terrific.
Hot coffee and it doesn't turn itself off (which I like since my second cup isn't for a couple hours after my first....but some safety minded people would think differently).
Downside: the carafe can dribble water sometimes while filling the water reservoir, but when you get the angle right, it's good.
Other downside: the automatic seal on the basket came undone so i can't pour a cup while it's still brewing, otherwise coffee everywhere.
But it's still better than anything else out there, and this replaces a Krup that I had for years, but whose carafe broke -- good luck replacing that!
Nice job. Worth the price.
so much so i ordered a second one to have on hand just in case the inevitable happens. (and yes, i know that's oxymoronic).
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on January 15, 2012
This is a very nice well made little coffee maker. The basket closes tightly as does the little thing on the bottom of the basket when you remove the carafe. The water gets hot enough to brew coffee tho I agree it could be just a bit hotter. It works for tea as well if you put tea bags in the carafe and run the water thru. I like the permanent filter. As for adding a paper filter I buy the smallest size I can find and cut it down, manufacturers just don't make them small enough. If you want a coffee maker that does just that (makes coffee or even tea) you can't go wrong with this machine.

Update: I have had this for a few months now and I have downgraded my rating because even though it still works the carafe has developed a hairline crack. For some reason (and I am carful) carafes do crack but after years, not just a few months. It doesn't leak yet but eventually it will. The cost of replacing the carafe is enogh to just get a new coffee maker - it will not be this brand.
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on July 11, 2012
For the price, this is a very good little coffee maker. However, the carafe is extremely thin and breaks easily. The first time it broke, I contacted the manufacturuer directly, and they sent me a replacement for free which was very generous of them. However, it broke again and I sent them a request for a replacement on May 14. I heard back from them 3 weeks later on June 8 at which time they required a $5 payment for the replacement. I mailed the $5 to them that day. Finally, 3 weeks later a replacement arrived that was too large. I emailed them asking what they would like me to do with it and how I could get the 4 cup carafe. I have not gotten any response from them despite several emails to them.

I would advise against buying this coffee maker due to the manufacturer's lack of customer service and a very thin, easily breakable carafe.
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on October 23, 2011
This particular coffee maker has two flaws so serious that I recommend against purchasing it. First, the carafe does not have a real pour spout, just a little v-shaped beak. I spilled water all over my kitchen counter the first time I poured a carafe full of water into the brewing well. A measuring cup will do the task much better, but you will still spill a little coffee as you pour from the carafe into your cup. Second, the grounds basket is an odd shape that precludes the use of a paper filter for easy removal of used grounds. On the plus side, the brewing time is short, but another minus is that the coffee is not really hot, just a little above lukewarm.
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on April 11, 2011
This little coffee maker is the ideal coffee maker that I have been searching for:

It makes one or two cups (the American style cup) quickly and easily.

Filter holder is cone shaped. This design ensures optimal coffee saturation and extraction than the basket shaped ones. Most coffee makers in the States use basket shaped holder, I tried a few, and they were horrible, and I decided to avoid them.

It uses type 2 cone paper filters. The permanent filter works great as well. I never liked permanent filters before, because too much coffee grounds would go through. However, this permanent filter works surprisingly well, I think it is a better design. I do not like to dump the grounds into my sink, they can be scooped out with a tea spoon effortlessly and the whole thing cleans easily.

It is very easy to pour the water into the water reservoir, and the water indicator are clearly marked and see.

This little thing is so compact and hardly use much precious counter space.

I have a small Keurig coffee maker also, but I find the k-cups are limited in selection and too expensive. I find that this little coffee maker perhaps makes better coffees, and almost as convenient to use. I subscribe to Gevalia grounded coffees, and it works very well with this machine.

Some people indicate that the filter holder is hard to open, if you gently press down the right side knob, it will easily swing out.

Some people may like boiling hot coffees like the ones from McDonalds, and I don't. I think this machine makes good tasting coffee with the right temperature for me.

I had Braun coffee makers before, and loved it. I do not think that they make them anymore. It is really frustrating for me to simply finding a good basic coffee makers. I tried Kalorik, liked the design, but hate the plastic taste which never went away.

I do not know the durability of this and how long this machine will last, nonetheless, it meets my needs perfectly. I ordered two more just for spare.
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