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on March 4, 2017
We LOVED it when we first got it Had if for years. Seen some abuse. [March 2017] Still works fine but you have to "fuss" with it to turn on and extend the lens. Nevertheless, it was great, and still is. We'd buy another one like this from Fugifilm when we decide to buy a new, replacement, for this camera.
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VINE VOICEon June 12, 2011
This camera takes great photo's and has a lot of great features. It has many features that you'd find on a more expensive camera. I'm an amateur photographer and I bought this as the look and the feel of this camera reminded me of the older more quality made camera's like my old Pentax. I purchased this mainly because of the 18x zoom and the 10 megapixels. I'd recommend this camera for some wonderful close-up's.

Though, at times the stabilizing feature doesn't seem to work as well as I'd like, the shutter speed sometimes is slower than I'd expect on certain settings. Though, it could be something I'm doing wrong.

The other thing about this camera I was a bit disappointed in was that it didn't come with an instruction booklet. You can print off the whole booklet but, when you purchase this nice of a camera I think it should already be printed and in the box with the camera. I don't want to use all my printer toner just to print an instruction booklet and it isn't user friendly to look up the info on your computer. I bought a cheap Samsung digital camera and it had a nice book with it, so I expected there to be one in with this camera.

Overall, this is a great camera for the money and takes really good photographs.
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on August 14, 2010
I've been using this camera for about two years now, and love it. It does everything that I want in a camera, and does it well. I spent 2 months reviewing cameras looking for the best non-SLR camera I could find, since I wanted something a bit smaller than an SLR that would not require me to carry 2-3 lenses to compete with the abilities of an SLR-like camera. The 18x optical zoom is amazing and has allowed me to take many great shots, the same goes for the super-macro feature. I keep the digital zoom turned off since I will never use it, Photoshop will blow up an image better than the camera ever can. Being able to use rechargeable AA batteries makes owning this camera cheaper since I take several sets with me when I travel, getting about 200-400 pictures per set depending on flash use.

The two things I don't like about this camera are the image sensor and picture format. I take virtually all of my pictures at fine 10MP, ISO 64. These pictures look very nice, unless you need to zoom in fully to blow something up in Photoshop, where the image looks somewhat grainy. But this is probably as good as you can get in a non-SLR camera due to the image size. The other feature that I would like would be RAW image formats, but I can live without it. I'd give it 4.5 stars if that was possible, but gave it 4 instead of 5 since it's not perfect.
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on December 18, 2012
Well,it took me awhile to get to know this camera. It is in between a point and shoot and DSL because it can go sooo manual you can get lost...or you can point and shoot but what a waste to only do that! If anyone says it is not fast..they have not set it at continuous 0,03 and kept firing!! She never misses a shot!
It does take awhile to do the storing but I think I need to upgrade the memory card..hoping that will improve the storage time. The beauty is you only have to take one shot or several on the continuous mode. Sometimes it is almost too clear with the 18X on wet hair you can get a slight distortion because of the clarity..
This camera is teaching me to take photos because it is so usable and although not simple it is all helps to read the
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on September 11, 2010
I bought this camera a year ago and I absolutely love it. It's easy to use and has lots of great features including settings for macro shots, a special setting to take pics of fireworks, and the option of taking "continuous" shots when holding down the shutter button (which is great if you're taking photos at a sporting event). It has a video option which I've used and both video and sound are of good quality. You have the option of using the viewfinder or display screen (it's easier to see using the viewfinder if you're out in the sunshine). It's not a small camera so I gave it an average rating for portability - perfect for a large purse or tote bag. It has a nice zoom. The image stabilization works great - I use this camera when we're out in the boat and even when I take shots as the boat is moving and rocking on the water - they come clear! I use disposable batteries and they last quite a long time. In the last year, I've only changed the batteries twice. I'm not a professional photographer. I use this recreationally and to take photos of my children.
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on January 20, 2009
I've had this about 3 weeks now. It's my 3rd digital camera. I really just want good photo quality, manual & auto modes. This has many features I will never use, like movies.
It also has lots of great & very usefull features I never thought I wanted but am glad to have as I become more familiar with the camera.
It's nice to be able to use various memory cards, I already had SD's & like em' fine. AA batteries are handy. I take most of my pictures outside in direct sunlight so a viewfinder is needed but the LCD is usefull as well. Instant zoom is something I didn't want, now I use it regularly. It changes the framing dimensions, minimizing the need to crop later on. Aperture priority is handy for a clear subjest against a soft focus background, (not as good as a fully manual.)
I like the f setting for sensitivity control & the chrome position (color level of kodak chrome film.)
Not the crispness of my friends $1000 DSLR but not bad by any means.
Very nice wide angle & super zoom, though the stabilization is over taxed at max setting, still usefull.
A lot of snap for the money. I'd buy it again.
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on February 20, 2009
I am enjoying a new world of zoom lens and a variety of camera options. I've had the camera only a month, but my pictures have been great. I used the night option and got great pictures at a granddaughter's play( no picture taking allowed ! ) dark auditorium... Distance, shoreline and Lake Michigan came out perfect with zoom lens on a sunny day. Inside with flash does all I would expect.
The instruction CD, after I copied all info on paper and made
a note book to carry with me, seems to answer all my questions - so far. Am about to try it in the "old west", southern AZ, I can't wait.
I purchased a 2GB Fujifilm XD chip through Amazon, good price, and the camera is easy to download to the computer, fix the pictures the way you want and then e-mail to the store to develop.
I think one of the best features is the old camera style viewfinder with the adjustment dial along with the LCD moniter.
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on February 27, 2011
I still want good pictures, and the "in your shirt pocket" point and shoots don't deliver. I am willing to have my camera hanging on a strap, and most of the time, pictures are taken at events, so the size of the camera is not so important. This has a great lens! It takes in a lot of light, so it is "fast", and clear, even in fast action when a flash is not used. The LCD screen is excellent, and the programing very easy to understand. I came from the "old school" 35mm film SLR period, having used very good Nikon equipment. This camera has allowed me to enjoy taking pictures again. I did not want to go back to cases of equipment with exchangable lens and such. This camera is serious enough for the amateur professional to really enjoy the new digital format.
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on June 7, 2009
My wife and I bought this camera to take with us on a long vacation. We wanted to be able to take high quality photos of our family and the places we visited as well as inside museums and beautiful buildings. It performed admirably. The color quality seems to be quite good and the photo resolution is excellent with little noise. My only minor issues are a strange banding which appears only on the screen in bright light (it does not appear on the photos themselves) and this camera's utter lack of high-speed capability. We rarely use high-speed photography so it's not a big problem, but if you're looking to shoot a sporting event or other fast-moving subject this may not be the camera you're looking for. All in all, a very satisfactory purchase and one we do not regret in the least.
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on May 30, 2009
Pros: The macro function works very well. The zoom is excellent, very useful for taking photos of details on buildings, and of animals without scaring them away. The view screen is great, and controls are easy to use once you use it for a bit. I dropped it once from about two feet, and have not found anything wrong with it so far.

Cons: When the zoom is fully extended, it can be hard to keep steady and photos can get a bit blurred, but that's to be expected. I wish there was a battery indicator to let me know how much juice I have left. I have yet to discover a lens cap that stays on 100% of the time until I want it off, and this one is no different.

Overall, I'm very happy with this camera.
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