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on July 5, 2008
(See my update at the bottom of this review.) After buying my Canon xSi I quickly concluded that I was not going to be satisfied unless I had a zoom of some kind to go with it. For a walk around lens, the modest 18-125mm range that this zoom offered, which is moderate wide angle to moderate telephoto, sounded very appealing. I am not all that keen on sports or wildlife photos, so I eschewed the available super zoom lenses, not just for cost but for weight, size, and image quality issues.

I've done pretty extensive tests on this lens, taking many tripod shots out my window in Chicago, trying different apertures and focal lengths, and comparing them to my two Canon lenses, and found it compared favorably. I found the Sigma's photos to be good looking and always in focus.

The OS works pretty well, and I was able to take two perfectly clear hand held shots at full 125 mm telephoto at only 1/15 of a second, though I had to use my best technique, as I suspect at full tele it's not hard to overwhelm the OS. Two more identical shots taken without OS were both blurry.

I've taken a few hundred shots with this lens so far and have no focus problems. Focus is fast and quiet. I took a number of shots of seagulls in flight at 125mm, a pretty challenging focus situation, and every one was in focus.

At 18mm this lens is a tiny bit less sharp than Canon's well-regarded 18-55mm IS kit lens that came with the camera, but as you zoom in the Sigma gets better, particularly at 50mm. (see update below about this)

The telescoping part of the lens is very tightly constructed, with no looseness or feeling of imprecision at all, unlike the Canon kit lens. It has a zoom lock, but this doesn't seem to be necessary as there is no lens creep. I found this lens to be very well built and solid.

This is not a light lens. At about a pound it is twice as heavy as the Canon 18-55mm IS kit lens. Still, some of the superzoom digital lenses by Sigma and Tamron such as the 18-250mm weigh quite a bit more.
Overall I would say this is a very nice lens and I would buy it again. If you want the option to have one lens you can leave on the camera while traveling around, and if you're hooked on wide angle as I am, and if you also like telephoto but don't need a 200 or 250 mm superzoom and all the image quality compromises that can entail, this is the best and only choice for Canon APS-C digital cameras that I know of at this time, and I would recommend it.

UPDATE: After owning this lens for a year I finally figured out that the reason it tended to be soft at the wide (18mm) end was because it was mis-focusing. I am embarrassed that it took me that long to figure it out, but there it was: Point at a distant object and it was focusing at 2m.(The problem quickly disappears above 18mm) I went to the Sigma site, registered my lens's serial number and it said that I was eligible for the additional two years of warranty coverage (as was originally promised in the Amazon product listing), and that I had 22 months left. So far so good. When the came back the paperwork said "Lens not under warranty" but it also said "Adjusted A.F. data courtesy N/C", which meant they fixed it, no charge. I was probably one of the first people to buy this lens, in June 2008, and it sounds like they may have since updated the firmware that controls the autofocus function. In fact the lens now works better, perhaps much better, at 18mm. I can now take shots at F/4.0 and they are often quite sharp, at least in the center. I can now say that the optics in this lens are in fact capable of taking very sharp photos even wide open, but if yours has the same problem mine had you will have to focus manually to achieve this unless you get this "AF data" update. Hopefully the lenses being sold now don't have this problem. More recent reviews than mine seem to indicate that this issue has been resolved.
I would also suggest that Sigma put more resources into their customer service. Being told on the phone and in writing that the lens wasn't under warranty when their website and their printed warranty clearly said that it should be was a bit troubling.
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on May 16, 2011
The range fits most of my casual needs, and the HSM is fast and quiet. Images are sharp but there's not much in the way of bokeh (to be expected). I've been reading a lot of reviews that complain about the OS "noise", but my copy seems to make very minimal noise -- I can only hear the noise if I put my ear up to the lens and actually try to listen for it. True, the lens does keep its OS on even if you're not using it, but it turns off if your camera auto-powers off. Battery draining isn't much of an issue. The locking feature is nice, but it only works at 18mm.

Overall, I'd say this lens is the Canon 18-135 plus HSM. I do prefer Canon's IS though; Sigma's seems to move ever so slightly even when the camera is still.
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on March 20, 2017
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on January 8, 2017
Excellent lens for everyday photography. You'll love the combination of fine quality and very reasonable price, unless you're shooting for the stars.
Just a little tight on the zoom movement, but that will hopefully improve when used a little more.
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on August 24, 2011
I was willing to pay a few hundred more for a lens that was just what I wanted. But this one had the right specs and so I jumped. Its been great so far after about 1500 pictures. The image stabilization is really quite good and the pics sharp, especially in the middle of the aperture and zoom ranges. There can be a bit of fringing occasionally, but not too bad and easily corrected in photo processing apps that do that. Overall, very happy and would buy it again, though I wish it would go a little wider as 5.6 at 125mm isn't great.
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on November 24, 2012
OK, perhaps it isn't perfect, but it is darn good, and amazing for the price. I'm a small guy who lugs around a 60D on long trips. Things get very heavy very quickly. If I had my druthers, I would carry this, my 50 mm Canon f1.4, and my Canon wide angle. However, by the end of the day, the shoulder on this 64 year old would implode. I've walked around with the Kit Lens and with a Tamron 17 to 50 mm, 2.8, which is an excellent lens. However, this Sigma is the best practical thing to carry. It provides an excellent range, without pushing the envelope so far that quality unduly suffers. I recently hauled my 50 mm Canon and Canon 10-22 mm Zoom to Europe. In the end, this was almost the only lens I ever touched. I'm giving it a five because although it is no Rolls Royce, the quality for the price is, in my experience, without equal. P.S. Get this in preference to the Canon Kit lens. That said, the kit lens is a very good backup. The kit lens can't compete with the results of the Sigma, but it makes an excellent backup up that is very light and generally adequate, except at very wide angle settings. You never know when a lens can fail. My Tamron, which is well constructed, quit in the wilds of New Zealand, and I greatly regretted not having a backup. No lens lasts forever.
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on April 7, 2012
I'm really liking the extra reach at the long end (125mm). I bought this lens to replace my Nikon 18-55mm. I have NOT even put the Nikon lens back on my D7000 since I bought the Sigma 18-125mm. I think the lens only comes with a 1 year warranty, I believe. Why can't they offer a longer warranty like Tamron. I believe they offer a 5 yr. I also love the included lens hood. Very nice touch to include that with the purchase.
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on July 20, 2016
Outstanding and works well for me. Affordable and very happy with this purchase. AMAZON IS THE BEST...
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on September 10, 2010
I have had this lens for a week. It was purchased to replace the factory kit lens on my Canon T2i and am very impressed with the quality of both construction and optics. A great match for the T2i. Lots of fun! It is definitely a much better lens than the older 18-200mm I purchased for my Dad 5 years ago. I am not disappointed at all!
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on May 9, 2016
Very good with wide angel and not to shabby on the macro either
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