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on May 19, 2010
Firstly, I'm not a headphone expert, not an audiophile. I only use headphones at the gym.

I don't like earbud style headphones as my ears don't accommodate them and I find myself constantly adjusting them. For me these are very comfortable, no adjusting needed. Important, because my workouts typically are weightlifting only. I don't need distractions in the middle of deadlifting.

I love these because I tend to choose workout music that emphasizes bass and these pound pretty well for a cheap pair of headphones! Sound quality is great, balance seems fine, I can hear more 'detail' in the music with these than other headphones.

My first pair held up well for a satisfactory amount of time. Eventually, after about a year of daily use one side quit functioning. I suspect that was my fault as I'm pretty rough with my electronics and don't take proper care of them. Just throw them aside in the car until they're needed next. However, I definitely feel I got my money's worth, especially with all the sweating they had to endure.

After breaking my first pair I was unable to find a replacement in the store. I proceeded to buy different brands of headphones, more than a dozen, but none measured up to these. I likely spent hundreds of dollars trying to find a replacement (I never think of Amazon first, silly me).

For Mother's Day my husband bought me a set of Sennheiser headphones. I expected they would exceed this set as they cost about 10x more. I was disappointed, as the quality didn't match, particularly the comfort, crispness and bass. I returned them and finally sought these out on Amazon.

After almost a year of pining for these and searching for them they arrived promptly yesterday and I had a sweet reunion with them at the gym. They were everything I remembered. Too bad I forgot to charge my iPod and it died about 10 minutes into my workout!

I feel they're definitely worth the small price having tried many other styles and brands. Will be buying a backup pair or two.
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on October 23, 2011
The sound quality is great, which is a requirement for me. I never use in-ear bud style headphones because of the reduced sound quality and because they also physically hurt my ears. I was worried somewhat that the "stability" buds on these might cause a problem for me, but they work great. They are not pointy or hard, but are soft and do a fantastic job of keeping these phones in place without discomfort. You don't need to shove them inside of your ear, because the buds will grip at your ear opening. I use these for jogging and bike riding both on and off pavement. Even in winter months with a balaclava or other head cover that pushes these against my ears, they do not hurt. Even the best over-the-ear grips on other headphones have given me some discomfort, but these don't.

I've used these for over 6 months at a frequency of 4 days per week, for 1 to 2 hours a day. They are light weight and small, but they are sturdy. I've not broken or damaged them at all. I use the included plug extender, and was worried it would come loose during active use, but it stays connected well.

From other peoples' reviews, I see some of them do not get a comfortable fit, but I suggest you give these a try to see if they work well for you. I've gone through a dozen different Sony and CyberAcoustic headphones and these are the best. I've bought two additional pairs in case Sony stops making them. They seem to frequently discontinue their models.

Update: I've used these for over 2 years now almost daily, and they still work great. The extension cable has finally broken, but it is easily replaced. I'm very disappointed Sony has stopped making these.

Update: The rest of the cabling wore out a couple of weeks later, so I had about 25 months of life from these under heavy use. I'm on my second set for 8 months now with no problem, so people having trouble must have either gotten a bad batch, or accidentally broken them. I bicycle and jog in temperatures from 0 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit in rain, snow, and sun. So to me, these have lasted well.

I'm on my second pair now. The extension cable lasted two years again. I replaced it with a lighter weight extension than the replacement on my first headphones. It made a great difference and this second pair of headphones has lasted 4 years of regular use and still working. July 2017.
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on April 28, 2013
All ear bud headphones fall out of my ears, even when I'm NOT working out, including the ones that have the multiple-size rubber tips.

I found these Sony Active (MDR-AS30G) headphones at a Best Buy for the first time about six years ago, and they are simply the best sounding and most durable sport headphones I have ever owned.

Only recently did that original pair finally give out. After more than five years, the connectors finally had enough of the combination sweat and salty air from running by the ocean. That's amazing for ANY pair of sport headphones, let alone a pair that costs just $25-30.

When my first pair crapped out, I switched back to some Nike sportband (basically earbuds on a neckband) but they sounded really tinny by comparison, which sucks any day of the week. On top of that, those Nikes didn't stay in very well when I turned my head (one ear would always open up and sometimes fall out).

So I decided to check Amazon and see if my favorite sport headphones were still available... somewhere...

And I found them! Huzzah!

And it's not just the price point on these that made me come back for a second pair. It's the SOUND QUALITY.

Most sport headphones sacrifice decent acoustics in favor of durability or sweat-proofing (multiple layers of rubber or grilles to prevent sweat from getting inside), but not these. The sound quality is clear and the bass balance is so much better than any "earbud" style headphones, and THESE WILL STAY ON YOUR HEAD WHILE YOU RUN!

They are comfortable to wear for more than an hour, so you're good to go for your whole workout. AND they are really sweat-resistant!

The ear pads rest comfortably on the outside of your ear and the "bud-type" probe softly squishes into your ear canal just far enough to sound good without jamming or compressing. I think that something in the ear pad design helps to enhance the acoustics and bass so these little speakers sound bigger than they really are. I consider myself a moderate audiophile and I am completely satisfied with the sound quality vs. durability of these. Again, this is my second pair of the same headphones. I have never done that before, so that should tell you something...
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on December 19, 2011
I've gone through all sorts of headphones - traditional over-the-head earphones, ear buds, the ear buds with plastic pieces that wrap around my earlobes, etc. - for working out. By far, these Sony headphones are THE BEST headphones for working out. THE BEST!! I am a total gym rat and I also love cardio - running, the step machine, the elliptical, etc. These headphones always, always stay put and they do not jostle or move around when I am running or jumping around. I'll confess that, initially, I was going to return them because I wasn't sure I knew how to use these - I was not accustomed to the feel and to how the ear piece / ear buds would fit. However, once I got the hang of how to fit these around my ear and behind my neck, I was totally SOLD. The ear piece is made of a sturdy rubber (no foam) so, it's perfect for folks who sweat like mad - like me. The sound quality is excellent. When I used to use the plastic ear buds, I would constantly have to toss them because they would start to get corroded by all my sweat (yes, I sweat THAT much); also, the foam ear pieces would always tears and start to stink because of all the sweat (yes, I know that sounds gross but, I'm trying to make a case for these Sony MDR-AS30G headphones!!). With these bad boys, the sound quality has never been negatively impacted by all my sweating; also, the rubber doesn't ever stink up or get corroded because of the sweat. I've owned these for about at least a year now and I've bent and twisted them in all sorts of ways; no damage done. I highly recommend these headphones if you are extremely active / athletic (particularly with respect to cardio activities).
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VINE VOICEon May 2, 2012
I have slightly larger than normal ears, and so standard earbuds never fit my ears, hence my penchant for behind the head headphones for durability with my workouts and walking to the office.

I think these headphones have some really good features that really work - sweat resistant foam, a cord that can be short or long for armband use versus keeping your device in your pocket, and even a neat carrying case, respectable sound quality, but if the earbud things don't fit in your ears then it's all kind of moot. I think the point of the earbuds is just to keep them in place - I believe sound is coming from the entire circular portion.

The earbuds just rest on one of the curves of my ear rather than over my ear canal. Hence, they do legitimately stay on my ears, even during movement or while being upside down, but they're simply not comfortable. They don't hurt, but they just never feel secure even if they don't fall off. One tug of the cord downward and the left side will pretty easily slide right off, hence the clip on the cord. On the right side ear, the plastic part would never rest behind my ear like normal behind-the-head headphones, which contributed to them not feeling secure. Additionally, if the earbud thing doesn't rest over your inner ear then the sound will be quieter than it would be with normal over-the-ear headphones.

I ended up having to give these away after a few days of usage because I just couldn't get used to them. If normal earbuds fit your ear though, you may be happy with these for jogging and working out. It's just not one size fits all.
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on March 12, 2012
Just putting on workout clothes makes me perspire and if I run or hit the eliptical we are talking buckets. I wanted headphones that would continue to work in this environment. My previous two headphones either channeled perspiration into my ears or were overcome by corrosion. I've had these for a couple of months with heavy use (5-7) times per week and see no signs of corrosion and of course no perspiration filling my ear. These are "no sweat" headphones.

April 25th update: Yesterday, the right channel stopped working. It appears to be an open circuit in the wiring close to the jack. I can get it to work by holding wiring at an angle to the jack but when I let go it stops. Disappointed but am ordering another pair since otherwise they worked well.

August 12, 2012 Update: The second pair arrived in April and now, 4 months later they have become intermittent. Stangly, I can tilt my head from side to side to get one channel or the other to work. Maybe they are waterlogged. Anyway, I've given up on this design for myself. It might be a good choice if you don't sweat buckets, as I do.
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on March 13, 2012
I've had these headphones for over a year and have used them to work out many times. I purchased them because I belong to that small minority of the population for which ear buds are a hopeless cause, since my ears refuse to hold them in place for anything longer than twenty seconds.

These headphones are PERFECT for working out. They stay securely in place through any amount of running due to the fact that they wrap around the back of my head. Since the band that wraps around the back of my head is not stiff and heavy, like some other wrap-around styles, but rather is light-weight and flexible, it doesn't bounce up and down and hit me on the back of the neck like some other headphones do. The band is basically invisible to me when I run.

These come with a very short cord, which some others have complained about, but I absolutely adore the short cord. There is just enough length to comfortably plug the headphones into an mp3 player in an armband or on a sleeve. Long cords are irritating because the excess cord just flops around when you run and hits you in the face, or gets caught by one of your hands as you pump your arms (causing you to rip off your headphones and/or mp3, which is maddening!). The short cord is so, so perfect.

The sound is fine. These aren't stealing any awards from Bose or anything, but they were never intended to. These are labeled as active style headphones, and when considered as headphones for exercising, these are perfect.
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on August 2, 2012
I purchased these headphones for working out, biking, and running. They fit the bill perfectly. They are secure and comfortable. The sound quality is excellent. A previous reviewer complained that the small nubs that fit in your ear are hard and uncomfortable. After reading that review I almost decided not to make this purchase. I'm glad I ignored that review. In fact, the nubs are soft and almost unnoticeable when you are wearing them.
My only concern is the plastic band. It seems a little flimsy. The problem I see is that you need to twist the band slightly when you wear the headphones. I hope I'm wrong but I can foresee the plastic snapping at some point. Even so, if I can get a year or more out of these headphones it will still be a great purchase.
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on June 14, 2011
I just ordered these headphones last week so I cant speak to their durability but as far as comfort and sound quality go, these are awesome. I used to always have problems with my headphones while working out. Either they would be really uncomfortable, the buds would constantly pop out of my ears, too bulky or the cord was too long. These solve all of those problems.

The cord is really short and designed to only reach an ipod on your arm or a clip to your shirt. This way there isnt a lot of extra cord swinging around to get caught on things. I've literally had headphones ripped off of my head in the past and flung off the side of the Longfellow bridge in Boston because the cord on my old headphones got caught on another runner - sort of funny, sort of made me want to freak out. Also, if you want to use your headphones in a non workout situation, they come with an extension cord that gives you enough length to reach your pocket or backpack.

When you put the head phones on, you barely notice that you are wearing them. They are really light and dont squeeze your head at all. The little buds that are attached to them keep them in place in your ears and improve sound quality. I wouldn't say these have the greatest sound quality in the world but I was really surprised out how well they perform considering that they are made for running. The last thing to mention is the material of the headphones. They are made of this sort of sweat resistant padding that dont get soaked like other headphones. It seems like these will help a lot when it comes to durability and all around non stanky headphones.

I got these for like $20 and considering my experience so far I'd say they would be worth close to double that to me. Great buy!
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on September 16, 2010
These are behind the neck headphones. They are light, flexible, compact and good travel headphones. They are also good sport headphones and have a sweatproof covering on the ears as opposed to the traditional foam. They secure comfortably over the ear and wrap behind the neck. They are relatively quick and easy to put on, though you might have to stare at them a second to figure out which way to bend them, cause the lie flat at rest. These would be great workout headphones.

Sound quality is better then any other headphones of any type or design that I own save one, my ten year old Aiwa HP-MO34 Crosstrainer behind the neck phones. The Aiwa phones I've had for over 10 years, and subjected to alot of work outs, use and abuse. The cord has never shorted, despite numerous tangles and the phones are not covered in foam and are sweatproof. The HP-MO34 are the best pair of phones I've had and that puzzles me. They came with a cheap crosstrainer CD player which was junk and I ended up pairing the phones to a Panasonic crosstrainer CD player which didn't skip and could be used for workouts. I retired the CD player when MP3 players were introduced but these old Aiwa phones keep sounding better then anything I compare them too. Even a $250 Denon pair of over the ear headphones doesn't sound as good as the Aiwa or this Sony pair for that matter, when plugged into my various mp3 players. I don't understand why a pair of 10 year old headphones sounds better then anything else I have tried today.

Even so, the Sony MDR-As30G at $20 is a great buy. You would be hard pressed to find a better sounding pair for the money. However, the phones do have a few design flaws.

The cord that plugs into your device is just too short, only about 2 feet. If you have a long torso like me, that won't be long enough to plug into your device and put in your pocket. My current cell phone has a foot long adapter cord that the headphone must be plugged into, so the length works out fine for me. But for many people this cord is going to be too short, especially for supposed sport headphones, where you are going to be moving around. Further the cord is pretty thin and I would have to question the long term durability of it.

Also you might not be able to tell from photos, (I wasn't) but these are earbud/behind the neck combo phones. A earnub stick out of the center of each ear piece. I find the nub uncomfortable. I don't like ear buds, I hate the way they feel, and this hard nub inside your ear is little better. I believe earbuds are also worse for your ears then other style headphones.
The behind the neck fit is almost form fitting, but the band that clips over the ears is almost too tight. After extended listening you might start to find these a little uncomfortable.

If none of those issues concern you, these phones will probably work well for you. Even if not though, they are a good buy for the sound quality alone.
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