Customer Reviews: Belkin Mini Surge Protector with USB Charger - 1 AMP (Retail Package)
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VINE VOICEon November 16, 2008
Please note this review is for the original 3 AC plus 2 USB 1AMP (combined) outlet written in 2008. There is a newer 2.1 AMP version (combined) as well as a different but similar number of outlets at 2.4 AMP. Ensure you select the correct plug based on the devices you will connect. I doubt anyone will be needing the original 1 AMP version at this day and age. Don't make the mistake of purchasing the old versions.

I've been searching for a product that can extend the outlet on my bathroom for the electrical products that I use. I finally came across this Belkin mini surge protector and features:

- 3 AC power outlets
- 2 USB outlets ONLY for charging (not data transfer) at 5V / 500mA at each port
- Surge protection on all 5 outlets
- 918 Joules Energy Dissipation
- 125V / 15A / 1,875W Continuous Duty Electrical Rating
- 36,000A Maximum Spike Current
- Lifetime Warranty on product
- USD75,0000.00 connected equipment warranty
- 360 degree rotating plug lockable into 4 possible positions

Simple, elegant design in a smooth plastic casing of white and light grey colour. Once plugged, the green LED light will indicate if the power source is grounded.

The box comes with one USB to mini-USB cable to get you started in charging your USB devices as well.

DO NOT throw the prong cover that initially comes attached to the surge protector prong. As the manual states (for those who still care to read the User Manual these days), you can use this plastic prong cover to help further balance the device against any surface. You do this by inserting the plastic prong cover on the bottom of the surge device via a small notch. Also, the plastic cover is handy to use when traveling. Before dumping the surge protector along with your other devices, cover the prongs to prevent it from scratching other objects.

The prongs can be rotated 360 degrees loosely. However, there are 4 positions that enable you to lock it so it doesn't flail along clumsily in any direction. You do this by pressing into the rear a "release button". It's not a raised button, but a flat plastic portion that you have to press hard in order to release the lock. It's quite difficult (at least with the model I received) at first and feels like I'm going to break the plastic button. But I guess if this is normal then it can be construed as a safety measure so it doesn't easily rotate with a simple touch.


The term "mini" is subjective. It isn't really that compact as I would assume from seeing the photo. It is small, yes. However, as a surge protector that can take 3 AC and 2 USB outlets, I will give Belkin the benefit of naming it a mini device.

I would STRONGLY prefer the re-design of the spacing on the AC outlets by allowing larger plugs connected side-by-side. As it is right now, only normal AC plugs and not block-style plugs are allowed without loosing all three outlets. So my proposal is to delete the middle AC outlet and move it to the end-cap of the device (opposite to the 2 USB outlets). As of now, there is nothing there so rather than cramp the 3 AC plugs, then move the third at the end and thus allowing for block-style plugs to be used and still retaining the 3 AC functionality.


I would not hesitate to recommend the purchase of this surge protection for compact spaces as well as travel purposes especially with the lifetime warranty and amount of protection is offers.

Take note of the selling price Amazon and the others are selling this at. It's ridiculous to see the selling price of this exact device can range anywhere from USD10 to USD30.

Lastly, BE AWARE of the SPECS so you know if the USB device you are plugging is capable of being charged.
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on June 18, 2011

Those reviews are written by people who have never taken this thing outside the United States (I HAVE!!). Yes, it says that its only rated for 110v, but it can ,without a doubt, handle "International" 220 volts. I've just moved to Europe 220 Volts, and after several weeks of DAILY use, I still have never had ANY problems.

I was initially terrified of using this thing on 220 volts, because of all the reviews saying it'll explode, but please believe me that you can be assured that this will not happen!!

UPDATE 2: Well, it been four years since I purchased this thing, and I'm still using it regularly. Just came from europe for four months, at it worked perfectly. It's a nice little package. I especially like the usb chargers.
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on July 26, 2012
This thing is great. I got it for my father because his cell phone charger was bulky and took up too much room. This fixed it, and added more outlets and USB Charging spots. Now the options are endless. It swivels (you have to push an unlock button underneath the outlet) Nice green LED light to show operation. the Two USB ports are great, for multiple devices. What was unexpected is that it CAME WITH A USB CABLE! Thats right, it came with a USB 2.0 to mini usb cable about 3' long. The 3 pronged outlet has a plastic safety cover that can be easily removed for transportation in bags and travel. Nothing negative to say.
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on December 14, 2010
Figured I'd throw out that this does work with an adapter and a 220V outlet. It doesn't change the voltage to 110V but it will pass the 220V just fine even though it doesn't say so. The USB ports still put out a regular 5V whether it's on 110 or 220. I travel around with this and it's very useful.
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on June 13, 2010
**This review relates to the 1 Amp, 3-outlet version and was posted prior to the introduction of the new products that have been combined into one listing.

To get directly to this items flaw... It cannot recharge/power more than one USB item at a time. So what's the point in having two USB outputs?
The 120V outlets work as advertised. The ability to rotate the prongs is a plus as it can be adjusted to most if not all outlets.
The USB power fails if more than one item at a time is plugged into the surge protector. Even if, say your phone is fully charged, if you go to connect another item to run or charge, the surge protector will not supply the power that both items demand. The items that are connected will act as if they have been disconnected from their power source, then once the surge protector accumulates enough power(not certain, but seem to act as if there are capacitors)to start supplying power once again the items connected to the USB ports start to operate briefly until the surge protector cannot supply enough power for the two items.
As stated before, it will supply ONE item with power, without a problem. But will not supply enough power for two, even if one item is fully charged.

** Thank you Jeff Backe, I've been putting off editing this post in response to all the people saying that '500mA is the standard' for quite some time. This 500mA WAS the standard well before I made this purchase. The newer standard for wall chargers, which I believe this falls under, has been out since around mid 2007. This new specification is UP TO 1800mA(1.8A) per port.
When I made my purchase there also weren't the nice pictures that show you the current rates. So there really wasn't any way for me to know this until I received it.
Another thing, this item is rated at 500mA(.5mA) per port but is not actually limited to 500mA at the port if you only plug in one item. In other words, the way this item is configured it will actually put out the full 1000mA(1A)through one port, hence the reason you can plug in a high current draw device using one port. But when you plug in that second item the 1000mA is now split in half or however much each device is trying to draw. It is only able to keep up with this high demand for a short while until its capacitors are drained and cuts off supplying power, then quickly recharges the capacitors and re-establishes the supply of power once again. This cycling can't be good for either device.
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on February 12, 2013
I'm a little frustrated. Everything was fine about everything, the packaging seemed safe, the product works and all, but something's wrong. The Belkin Mini Surge keeps falling out of all my outlets. I'm not sure why this is happening since my outlets don't really seem to be a bad size, it's like any other outlet I know and everything else seems to fit. I've tried the Belkin Mini Surge in about 4 different wall outlets, each with two outlets of course. It keeps falling off, and I've connected USB and regular chargers. I don't know what's wrong. I'm attaching a picture of the adapter and my outlets.
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on March 5, 2013
I didn't notice it when I first plugged it in. Then I came back a few minutes later the room was filled with a barely audible high pitched high volume noise. I can't use this thing. I am sure some people won't hear it, but it drove me crazy.
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on December 19, 2010
I have this unit and I'm about to order a second one for my wife. I've been reading the reviews from other members here and I don't know what they are talking about. First of all, the two USB connections charge simultaneously. I had to test them out again after reading some of these reviews because I have done it in the past but wanted to double check my memory. Guess what? I was right, it charges both devices (2 iPhones) simultaneously without any of the fuzz people are saying here.

The swivel turns so that you can find the best way to plug it into your wall outlet without blocking or creating an awkward connection to some of your electronics.

The size of the unit, is subjective. This all boils down to what you think "mini" means. It's very small compared to your average household surge protector strip. Mini in the the sense that you can put it in your pocket? Maybe if you have big pockets. It is a little bulky. It fits nicely in any bag. Just eye ball the outlets on the unit and you should get a good feel on how big (or small) the unit actually is. It doesn't take a scientist to do this.

This is one of the best travel surge protectors you can get, especially at this price.
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on November 27, 2012
I am certain this item, as a surge protector, does what it is supposed to do. Unfortunately, many people when seeing it has two USB ports, assume it will charge whatever device they have. It will NOT!!! There is nothing wrong with the item being utilized only for its intended purpose. I would not rate it down for that. I am rating it down because no where on the Belkin Website, nor on the info in the page, does it reflect which items it supports via USB and which it does not. The iPhone and iPad are somewhat ubiquitous these days and one would think that there should be something reflecting that this item does not support them. I had to call the company and wait on hold for an extended period of time to finally get an operator to tell me that these apple products are not FULLY supported- it wil slowly charges only one device at a time (even slowly charging cannot use both USB ports for apple products). Again, nothing wrong with that. It SHOULD BE SPELLED OUT IN THE MASSIVE DOCUMENTATION OFFERED ON THEIR INFO PAGE.
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on June 13, 2011
I was disappointed to find the clamping voltage listed on the side of the box at 1.2KV (1200 volts). Do some web searches and you'll find that the 'clamping voltage' is also known as the 'let-through voltage'. It specifies what voltage will activate the product's protection, diverting energy from the protected lines. For clamping voltage, a lower rating is better. The best surge protectors have a 330 volt rating. I find this product's 1200 volt rating unacceptably poor. Why doesn't the manufacturer provide the clamping voltage rating online? Perhaps they don't want you to know.
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