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  • Customer reviews

Customer reviews

2.0 out of 5 stars

on February 1, 2007

When I first put on the headphones, I noticed that the ear cushions were too small to seal over my ears (I have normal size ears). The inside diameter of the ear cushions are too small (about 2 inches), and they're too thin, so that my ear presses against the inside of the headphones. Part of my ear rested on the outside ear cushion and the other rested against the hard plastic behind a thin cloth pad on the inside of the headphones. I couldn't wear these more than a few hours without my ears getting sore. These are uncomfortable headphones.


Lacking in bass volume, and a bright spot in the treble. Other than that, they sound very clear.


When first playing some music that I know the sound of very well, I noticed that the treble was very clear, except for some brightness. After testing it on my computer with a frequency generator, I found the sound to be pretty much completely flat, except for a bright spot around 2.5kHz. This was caused by the natural resonance of the drivers. This was the only bad spot in the treble. There was no noticeable resonance at 7kHz, the natural resonance of the length of the ear canal. These would be the clearest sounding headphones if the bright spot at 2.5kHz is equalized out, just a simple resonance of the drivers is all it is, simple to equalize.


The bass was there, all the way to 30Hz, even 20Hz. The bass was pretty much flat, but not loud enough. If tested by frequency response, the bass would measure the same volume as the treble, but not sound good to the ear. These headphones could use a little bit of a bass boost. When the headphones are pressed to the ears, the bass gets a bit louder like you'd want it to sound, but since the cushions don't completely seal over the ears, the bass is lacking. I even took some big ear cushions from a different pair of closed-ear headphones and put them on these, making an air-tight seal, but even that didn't make the bass sound any better, and it even made the treble sound worse, so I took them off. The size and design of the ear cushions is just not right. These headphones don't have any bass ports on the inside, that's why they lack bass volume.


Every time I put these headphones on, one side sounded different than the other. This was confirmed be switching sides, it wasn't because of the music. Must have been a manufacturing flaw. The advertised sensitivity is stated as 115dB@1kHz. When I compared the relative volume to other headphones which had a 102dB sensitivity, the sounded about the same, they didn't sound like they had a 115dB sensitivity. These don't block outside noise well at all. The power rating for these headphones is not stated on the package but the drivers being 50mm (2 inches) they should be able to handle at least 1000mW.


+3 for the clear flat sound,

-1 because they're uncomfortable,

-1 because of the bright spot in the treble, and

-1 for the lack of bass.

The good: Mostly flat frequency response. Crystal clear detailed treble.

The bad: Uncomfortable fit, bright spot in the treble, lack of bass volume.

Not recommended for professionals. Maybe ok for anyone else.

These headphones are not so bad that they're unusable, they just don't work good as professional headphones (unless you equalize them).

I don't recommend these headphones to anyone, unless you equalize them, then they'll be the clearest headphones you ever heard. Equalize the treble and the bass.
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on January 9, 2007
these head phones give off good sound, but they're not durable, i've brought two pairs of these headphones the first pair, the right ear stopped working, and the 2nd pair was same model, but the prong piece was different, it was a very stupid design, but anyway, that part had wires that was easily exposed, so they got damaged quick. Other than that, they sounded good, and they lasted for a good while
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on March 19, 2008
Bought and used these for a little while until the device where the power cord connects into your cd player/ipod etc came apart. Very poor wiring and not made to last. It has a little plastic cover over the the connection device and came apart very quickly with just a little jostling.
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