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on March 30, 2016
Bought this to use with my Rosetta Stone, as the headphones that came with the product gave out after a year or so. My laptop has both speaker and microphone ports, but my computer didn't seem to recognize it, even though an audio test showed it was working. Thankfully it wasn't expensive, and I can use it just as headphones for other things. It seems sturdy and well-made enough for the price, just didn't work for me
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on July 27, 2012
I use this product for telephone prospecting and business calls via Skype installed on my notebook computer.

The sound quality is superb. I can hear the other party clearly and they sound completely natural, not tinny or bassy. People on the other end of the call have told me that it seems like I am in the room with them and I sound just like I do in person.

The headset is also quite comfortable to wear. It is adjustable in size. The earpad pressure is light and gentle, but just firm enough so the headset does not slide around even as I move my head up and down or side to side to read. I typically talk on the phone for 2 to 3 hours at a time and I never have experienced any discomfort at all during my calling sessions.

This is an inexpensive headset. As a result, it is not built like a tank. While I would not characterize the headset as fragile, it nevertheless will break or develop a lot of "static on the line" if you handle it inappropriately or subject it to insults by throwing it in your computer case where it is likely to get banged around, for example. But if you handle the headset with a modicum of care, it will last years. Also, the foam cover on the microphone tends loosen and fall off over time, but it slides back on easily and does not fall off when in use, so I don't see that as a problem.

All things considered, this headset is a tremendous value. For sound quality and comfort, this headset is hard to beat and, at a price of less than $5, its value simply can't be beat.
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on January 6, 2014
However, these headsets have good sound, in and out, and they last longer than you would think. I am pretty hard on headsets, with daily use for multiple hours. I have tried expensive headsets, but I keep coming back to these. I have a tendency to pull the wires out of headsets in general. These stand up to that pretty well, and they are cheap enough that I don't have to take a financial hit to replace them when I do tear them up. I think we have purchased at least 10 of these over the past three years, and we currenlty have three working with a brand new spare on hand in case one of the three of us needs one at a moment's notice. When we have to break that one out, we will order another one or two for back up.

You won't be happy listening to music if you are an audiophile, and they are not noise-cancelling in any respect, but I don't usually want to blot out the world. They are perfect for gaming.
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on November 17, 2011
I had my doubts about ordering this product after reading some of the reviews and seeing the very low price, but went ahead and ordered it anyhow since it was so inexpensive. I do not regret the decision. The Headset and Microphone are not of the highest quality, but came in a brand new sealed retail package and worked well with no configuration what so ever with all of the PC applications I used them on my Windows 7 System, including Skype. The quality is as good as one could hope for with a product in this price range and good enough for Voice over IP, Sound Recording, and Voice Recognition Applications. Better than not using a Headset type Microphone of Similar Quaility. As for the fit, I found it to be comfortable and the set adjusts well. The only caveat is that the set does feel a little flimsy so I handle them carefully when adjusting. Overall it is an excellent generic headset and microphone that comes in a retail package and offers adequate functionality without configuration issues on at least all of the major Windows 7 Applications that one uses regularly like Skype, Sound Recording, and Voice Recognition. I highly recomend this product.
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on January 2, 2016
GREAT for the price!

Obviously it's nothing amazing, but for this price? Get it!

Headphones: Quality is not the best but what you would expect from really cheap headphones. You hear everything fine, would take someone who really knows what to look for to find any problems. But it fits comfortably on the head.

Mic: My friends say they hear me crystal clear and it's like I have an expensive mic. It is great how you can adjust the mic to place it anywhere also. (I hang them on my neck mostly and angle the mic up so I can talk and still hear the sound off my speakers.
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on March 22, 2011
This headset is very cheap, which is good. Don't expect too much from it.

Pros: The price, of course.
- I bought this headset for use with Ventrilo after being without any way to talk for a year and a half. The first time I used it, someone made the comment 'Wow, your mic sounds really good!'
- The cord is a good length. It has no problem reaching the computer no matter what setup I'm working on.

Cons: The headband seems made for someone with a much larger head than mine and it isn't adjustable any smaller, only larger. I'm a girl, but I think I have a normal sized head for my sex, so this design strikes me as odd.
- Because of this, the ear pads don't fit properly over my ears. They're a little low and a little distance from my ears. They do slant in at the top to hold into place, but that ends up putting pressure on my ears and hurting them after a while.
- The volume doesn't work. Twisting the volume wheel will change the volume output in the left ear, but the right remains constant. The volume is an appropriate level for me, anyway, and I don't often need to change it, but I'd like the ability.
Because of these cons, I've taken to wearing it around my neck for microphone use only and using my computer speakers for sound output. It's not ideal, but the price is right.
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on April 6, 2018
Not the most comfortable headphones - but they are light enough and the earpiece is open enough that you don't get too hot. I like the ability to move the microphone up and out of the way. I have this pugged into a Display port for my MAC that drives the multiple monitors and it works in all applications - the Display port has a connection for the two cables(mic and headphone) leaving open other USB ports on it for other USB interfaces
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I guess for the price that's about right. They were at the mercy of teenage boys, in whose hands almost everything is disposable, and a lot sooner than you thought it was going to be.

I didn't expect much, and these met those limited expectations. You could hear stuff out of them, and they would sit on your head, allowing you to talk to people on the internet. And they were green, it was a good color. I was going to give them three stars, but ... they're just not three stars.
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on September 29, 2012
I purchased this headset along with the Cyber Acoustics AC-201 headset thinking they'd do the job for 3 or 4 months until I research, find and purchased one of the pricier ($100+) headsets I can use for gaming and listening to my music. That was back in July 2010. In all I didn't spend over $10-$12 for the pair. This past December 2011 one of the ear pieces stopped working. As of now, Sept. 2012, the microphone and one ear piece are still working and I haven't even started to use the Cyber Acoustics headset I purchased in the same order. These type of headsets have the thin foamy ear cushions to provide comfort from the plastic ear pieces. Those foam ear cushions usually begin to flake off and fall apart within a few months, but the ones on my headset are still intact. For the price I wasn't expecting more then 2 months before the headset busted up. The price and longevity is why it earned 4 stars. On the other hand, when you remove this headset from its packaging you will notice the cheap materials used to construct the headset. Mine, however, are still holding up. The only setback with this headset is it's not loud enough to blast your music or games and the microphone picks up a lot of background noise. While on Skype I was told they could hear my television or the police/ambulance sirens when they sped by. On my end of the conversation, the volume on this headset was loud enough to hear my contacts. Remember, though, that this headset is not loud enough for those that like their music very loud.
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on March 8, 2013
A two star headset for cheap gets it to four stars. This is a poorly made headset, it came apart when I dropped it on the ground. Was able to snap it back together after several tries, and it still works. It feels very flimsy, but is not uncomfortable, and the sound quality is decent as is the voice quality to the best of my knowledge. The mic is one of the better adjustable ones of the head sets I've had in the past.

I am pretty clumsy with my headsets (see above) this is probably my third in about a year, so for my needs (i.e. it works and I am not gonna be upset when I break in 2 mos) this is a good fit.

For the price of two Starbucks Venti's there is only so much you can expect in a piece of equipment, and it gets the job done
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