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on July 17, 2009
I've had this television for over 2 weeks and I love it; it was the only one that I could find that met my criteria; a QAM tuner, AND it had to sit on my desk and fit under an overhead cabinet in my home office (it made it by 1/16", whew!)

The picture quality is very good, but as other reviewers have said, the viewing angle could be better. I watch it at eye level, straight on, about 3-4 feet away and it is super. If I stand up and walk around, the upper vertical angle lightens the pic, but still looks OK to me. I checked the lower angle and it darkens the display. Of course I wouldn't watch it that way, but if you were to have it on a high shelf, that could be a problem. If you are close to the TV, the Horizontal angle at eye level makes the picture have a negative type appearance when you stray too far to either side. This is similar to a 22" Vizio we have in the kitchen. Again, it works for me in my situation, but could be a distraction in other environments.

Lastly, the sound! Yes, it is not really great; kinda reminds me of a Transistor radio I had in the 50's. I tried to live with it for awhile, but it got on my nerves (I'm rather picky). I did not want to return the TV, so I purchased a pair of inexpensive Logitec 120 speakers, hooked them up to the headphone jack, and I am now very pleased with the sound output. If you demand more, you could spring for more elaborate extension speakers.

All in all, I would recommend this with the caveats mentioned above. I'm very happy with it and was well worth the cost! It gets 4 Stars only because of the sound quality!
Update: 12/2009

I feel I need to downgrade my initial praise of this TV. All I said earlier is true, but after two months it began to develop pixilation and checker boarding on the QAM stations. I at first thought it was my cable company, but the 4 other sets I have with a QAM tuner were fine. I even moved this TV to other inputs and it had the same problem. I returned the TV for repair at my expense and it came back just the same, if not worse.

I called ViewSonic again and was sent a replacement TV (probably a refurbished one); they paid and were very nice. It is just the same. I then bought new cables, got a signal booster and had the cable company come and check; still has intermittent problems on the QAM stations. I even went to AV forums to see if there was any clue.

So, my thinking is that this TV has an inherent problem with the QAM side of the tuner. It will more then likely work for most folks, but not too well with my cable company. It has a great picture when it works, but when it doesn't, it is very, very annoying. I would put all the blame on the cable company, but as said, my other TVs work great. So, just my opinion-hope it is helpful to some.

One last item; the headphone jack on the replacement TV does not power the extension speakers I purchased to overcome the poor sound. SIGH!
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on September 29, 2009
I seldom if ever write reviews, but this will be an exception. After extensive looking for a 16 x 9 aspect ratio small tv set which I could hang above my kitchen countertop and below the kitchen cabnets, I finally came to the conclusion that this was one of the "very" few which there was to choose from.

For a lcd tv of this size, it is well endowed with neat features... inputs, such as HDMI, S video, etc. The cost of this set is relative inexpensive ($176 from Amazon's dealer, "J&R") and it is a nice looking unit. Oh, did I also say that it is the only set of it's size catagory with the universal "VESA" mounting capability on it's back side.

It looks nice, has a great picture, and fits perfect. So, why not five star rating? The audio !! It is simply not very good... in fact, the telephone actually has almost as good a sound quality. Even setting the tone controls (in the menu), it still sounds like two tin cans with a string.

Several other reviews spoke of this, and I must say that now that I own this set, I concur 100%. If you are listening to voice it isnt "that bad", but dont say you were not warned that the sound is poor. Yes, I'm keeping the set, cause it's a pefect fit with excellent picture, and, well.... I'll get use to the sound -- after all, it's only used when in the kitchen (when there is a football game on, and you cant afford to miss a play).

View Sonics Customer Relations and Technical Service IS BAD. Turned set on and got "Set Clock" screen. Went to menu and set clock but set still wont allow me to get tv picture (I have sound). Called tech support -- poor lady only knew to tell me what the instruction book said about settting clock (which I had read already). Told me "your set must have a problem". When asked about a second line of technical help she said "she was the final technical authority". Called View Sonics Corp Office and was told they would check it for fee of $140 (you can buy them NEW on Amazon for less). What a waste to toss into trash can.
GOING TO CHANGE MY BUSINESS TO SAMSUNG who has 19" almost same dimentions which will still fit under countertop.
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on February 17, 2009
For starters, I've got no complaints about this TV. The picture is great, the tuner is great (I don't use a Decoder box so this is key), it's got a HDMI input (I do use an Apple TV so this is key).

I used a OmniMount PRO 12" ceiling mount to place the TV over my fridge in the kitchen, so the standard VESA mounts on the back were also something I needed. The stand can be removed easily enough with a small screwdriver (I expected ViewSonic to provide a small snap on cover for the hole left behind on the bottom after removing the stand but there wasn't one (at least not in the box I received - this might bother some people.

The setup menu's easy enough to deal with, I set it up to skip the duplicate analog channels so when I channel up and down I see the HD channel if it's available. I tried labeling the channels but can't seem to get the labels to "stick".

If sound quality is very important to you, I do recommend you purchase a supplementary set of speakers for it. Like any small TV I've seen it sounds a bit "tinny" on it's own. Thankfully there are plenty of computer speakers available which fit the bill, for example I used an Insignia NS-3006 setup that I picked up for under $50 and am delighted with the setup. The TV helps out by muting it's own speakers when you use the headphones jack.

Hope this helps.
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on June 26, 2010
This is sitting next to my large PC screen (25"). The picture is quite good. I have a 46" screen downstairs. It is better, but this one is fine for the distance. I connected it with HDMI to the cable box. You will not get as good a picture if you use the other connections. You can't get around that. Sound will also be better with HDMI.

If you move so you are looking at an off angle you may see some strange pictures. This TV is not designed for people looking at odd angles.

Unpacking and connecting was very easy. If you are in a place with a lot of WiFi or there is a cell tower or TV station near by, get a shielded HDMI cable. They are not expensive these days.
Another reason I picked this item was the ability to be used as a PC screen. I don't expect my screen to drop any time soon, but things happen.

If you want to set your cable remote to control the TV, look at the bottom of page 9 in the manual. I tried following the Cable provider's manual (Comcast) and it failed. The very first setting I tried from page 9 worked.

I recommend this for an office or kitchen where a small TV is wanted.
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on January 10, 2012
I wanted a new TV for our kitchen to sit in the corner on our round kitchen table. We had had an old school 13 inch from 1997. Despite many good reviews, I was not impressed by this TV. I found that the picture was great when you were at eye level or little above the screen and straight on. However if you were to the side a little or lower than the screen then the picture sort of disappeared. The sound was not great either. It was very "tinny" even after manually adjusting the sound. It might be okay for use as a computer monitor but not as a TV, at least not for what I wanted a TV for. One that I can see from all seats of my round table and from the sink or stove. I am returning it. For $10 more I can get a Panasonic 19" LCD HDTV with 2 HDMI outputs dnd I tested out the "view" in person and its way better than this ViewSonic.
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on March 31, 2012
Bought this product in December 2011 to replace the old, too-big analog set in my home office. Image, color, and sound quality are good enough on this new tv but not outstanding. Bought for size and price, so did not expect much. Good thing, 'cause the sensor on the remote failed last week. Manual controls work fine until the replacement comes. I had to buy it, of course, because ViewSonic ignored my request for a replacement. This tv was discounted deeply, so what's another thirty bucks, eh? All I know is that my big ole 1997 Panasonic TV/VCR uses its original remote that periodically gets dropped, comes apart in four pieces, gets slapped back together, and keeps on working year after year. When the time comes to replace that poor old workhorse (soon), it won't be a ViewSonic.
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on May 28, 2010
I needed a small size flat panel HDTV to mount on my treadmill, and this was the only 16x9 HDTV that I could find in this size.
It appeared to be a very nice looking, typical flat panel, and fit the space on the treadmill like it was made for it. I first noticed that the sound was "tinny", but could be made slightly more acceptable by using one of the sound options offered on the menu....
But the real failing point on this model is the pitiful viewing angle...not just from the side (which is irrelevant on a treadmill), but the acceptable vertical range was only a few degrees! Even the slight up and down of your head while running caused a "dark/Light" alternating picture that is the worst I've ever seen...much worse than the older 4x3 tv that used to reside there, and it proceeded to give me a bad case of buyers remorse.
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on October 30, 2010
Beware, the TV tuner does not work well, good signals are not found, others are found then drop out later rendering it unwatchable. It was very frustrating. (BTW my other ATSC TVs with longer cable runs work just fine). Viewsonic definitely went cheap on the ATSC tuner and it shows. The angle view of the picture is terrible too (if mounted up). I've now hooked this TV up to a DirecTV HD box and it works OK... although I did have a problem with an HDMI cable or connector, not sure if it was the TV's problem or the cable. I am a techie and this TV has created the most frustration and disappointment ever. I bought this one for the size issue in my kitchen... big mistake. I would not buy this TV again.
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on August 29, 2011
I agree with many of the reviewers in so much as the sound quality, or lack thereof, spoils this otherwise great little TV. We have ours mounted under the counter in the kitchen and it really does a great job on an antenna signal with a perfect picture. The TV sound quality is so poor we have the earphone out signal routed via the auxiliary input of a Bose radio and always use it that way. The computer monitor option is also useful for attaching a Netbook computer we have. The off angle viewing is a little weak but our regular viewing position presents no problem. For the $149 we paid it's a great value.
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on March 5, 2009
I bought a big screen with a PIP that would not show my DirectTV. I use the ViewSonic as a PUP (Picture Under Picture) so it's just used a few minutes each day. It does OK. I do not have HD.
My only gripe is the menu that takes up 75% of the picture while you are trying to adjust the picture. You can adjust transparency but the purple fog never goes away. How can I adjust the tint to get proper flesh tones when the menu obscures the faces behind a purple screen? Answer-Guess at it, turn the menu off and repeat. Next time just put a little slider adjustment across the bottom, get rid of the huge screen blocker.
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