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Style: 2700 spm and 3400 spm blade speed|Change
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on August 25, 2015
I used this on my thick, curly-coated (and lightly matted) goldendoodle. It worked very well. I am not an experienced groomer so I can't really compare it to anything else. I can say that it didn't get hot, it cut fairly easily even while using a Wahl stainless steel attachment comb. It didn't pull or snag unless I went too fast. All in all I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend it. I can also say that I did a much better job than the groomer did. He came home from the groomer with a #10 shave down, nicks, cuts and chafing burns all over his body which is why I determined to do it myself.
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on June 1, 2016
After having bought a couple cheap clipper sets at TJ Maxx we decided to see I f there really was a suitable clipper for use on our bearded collie. The guard hair is always easy to cut but the undercoat has always been our challenge. First I would say these seem to be a quality product. They are sturdy and relatively quiet. Second I would say there is no clipper that is going to make the task of shearing your dog easy though you CAN find one to make it easier. This one will make it easier.

How hot any clipper gets is dependent on how long you have it turned on and how hard you work it. While we worked it hard it still gets hot but not as quickly as the cheaper products I have used. Also I would recommend getting the skip tooth blade if you are shearing a dog with a thick undercoat. We purchased the Andis #7 skip tooth blade and find it the better option to begin the shearing process with. Without the benefit of the skip tooth blade I would not have rated these clippers as high. The #7 blade is a must have for longer coats.

You will also need to purchase combs to use on the clippers separately. I don't have a recommendation for them at this time. We bought some that are generic. If I had it to do over I would order combs made specifically for Andis clippers. Sometimes cheaper means less value.

The power cord is a decent length (~ 14') though I still use an extension cord so I can shear the dog on my deck. The cord in similar to the quality of what you find on vacuum cleaners. It stays pliable even in cool weather.

To provide an idea of the task we had I am providing a before photo of the subject. Thick mats can be cut out but not with ease. Busting up mats is still the best way way to go before trying to shear your dog.

We are getting close to doing second hair cut of the season. I am anticipating this will go much easier as the guard hair is not part of the challenge as it was for the first clipping. I will probably get more use out of the #10 blade that comes with the clippers.

Knowing what I know now I would not hesitate to purchase these again.
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on July 12, 2009
I have used this trimmer twice so far and have been very pleased. The Andis brand was recommended to me by a professional pet groomer. She said the Oster brand tends to fall apart so to avoid purchasing them. I have 2 dogs that I trim...a Norfolk Terrier (11 pounds with very course hair) and an Affenpinscher/Min. Schnauzer mix (28 pounds with very fine but long and wavy hair). I also purchased the #3-3/4 blade to trim my Terrier and it was wonderful. Left his coat just long enough. I am thinking about purchasing another blade for my other dog so I won't have to keep using attachment combs to trim her. Her coat really requires both the #10 (comes with the trimmer) and possibly a #7. I really love the easy detachable blade feature. Hopefully over time, the blade won't work itself loose on the hinge. The trimmer is also very quiet and doesn't really get hot. I had an old Oster trimmer many years did crack and fall apart, was quite noisy, and the blade got hot very quickly. You can't beat the price for this trimmer. At a local pet store, it was $60 more! Get it from, and the shipping is tax, free can't ask for more. You won't be disappointed with this one.
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on May 15, 2016
I wish I could return these clippers. I am veterinarian, and use these to clip hair to draw blood, for surgical sites, and to shave dogs. They make a weird, high pitched noise which cats are not particularly fond of. They do a fine job actually clipping hair, if you can tolerate the intense heat of a thousand suns that the clippers generate. My tech had to hold the clippers with a towel, and probably a welder's glove or an oven mitt would have been a better choice.

Spending this much money on clippers that suck makes me mad.
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on May 21, 2016
These clippers are very good. I purchase them because I have 3 very hairy dogs and live in FL. I can't afford to keep taking them to the groomers. Well, it had been a while since the last cut and my cocker was very matted. She had so much hair I was able to fill 1/3 of a 13 gallon trash bag.

-The cord is pretty long. This was very helpful because my dog didn't want to move. (wanted me to do all the work)
-The clippers cut through the very thick and matted fur. I had to work a little with the mats, but the rest was smooth sailing.
-The price is really good for what you get when you consider the cost of grooming. You make your money back after a couple of uses.
-They got the job done working for an hour straight and didn't get too hot. There were a few times after some really big mats that we had to take a break but I can't blame that on the clippers.
-They are super quiet. My dog, the one in the pic, is blind and she didn't have a problem with these at all.

-They don't come with a carry bag. It would definitely be nice to have for all the extras.
=They are a little heavy. It wasn't uncomfortable and maybe the weight is needed but my hand did get tired.

All in all I am super happy with this purchase. I would highly recommend anyone purchase this for most any hair dogs. I have used the cheaper models that you can purchase in the store and they would burn out right away. These are great quality.
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on October 24, 2016
I love this clipper. I INVESTED in this great clipper for a new dog who I felt would need a clip a few times a year....turns out about every three or four weeks I get this going again a she grows hair so quickly, and is a mess. I watched a few on line videos to learn to use it, got the needed blade attachments ( wish it came with some...), and started trying to make the dog look good. I made a few mistakes, but now get lots of compliments. Our dog, thankfully, enjoys being groomed. If you have any desire to groom your own dog, this is worth the money. I've had it less than a year, but at 40$ a pop at the groomers, this has paid for itself. Our dog has fine, thick hair, plus thicker guard hairs, but this clipper gets it all done! It does not get hot, but our dog is small. It does not seem to make lots of noise, no more than human clippers. The extra long cord helps me when the weather is nice, and I groom the dog outside. I can put the dog on the picnic table, and plug in several feet away. I have had so much fun with this clipper and learning to use it, that I volunteered to clip a friend's dog!
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on September 22, 2016
I am the proud mom of a Shih Tzu and Cocker Spaniel. Both of my babies get very anxious about hair cuts and they are especially anxious about their legs/feet and face. After getting complaints from the groomer about how hard it is to groom them and having to start medicating them for their anxiety in order to groom them, I decided it would much less stressful for them if I started grooming them at home, not to mention the money it saves. A friend of mine loaned me a pair of the standard economy clippers and I used those for over a year. I didn't realize how poorly they worked until I got these. I would spend several hours on one dog and my back would hurt so badly I could barely move the next day. The blades didn't cut very well and without the guard they would nick the skin. They made a lot of noise and got hot quickly. I was using detachable guards on them so that helped some with the heat. I finally decided that if I was going to continue to groom them myself that I had to invest in a pair of quality clippers.

All I can say is wow! why did I wait so long to get these. First they are really quiet and that helps the fur babies to not be so anxious. Also, they cut like a dream. These came with a size 10 blade which is currently the only one I have, but I will be adding a couple more blade sizes to the collection. The cord on these is really long so you should not have a problem with them reaching. The blade is detachable and I found it easy to remove the blade even for an amateur like myself. The blades do not heat up nearly as quick or as much as the old set I was using. However, I recommend purchasing some of the cooling spray or extra blades so you don't burn your animal.

Andis is one of the two top names in pet grooming clippers and in my opinion they are the best. I have absolutely no complaints about these clippers. I love them. They just zip right through the double coat of my Cocker. I highly recommend these clippers for anyone who is going to groom their dogs. They are an investment, but I have spent the same amount of money on just one visit for my two dogs. Do yourself and your dogs a favor and get these. You will not be disappointed. I ordered these through Amazon Warehouse in new condition.
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on December 4, 2015
I'm a professional dog groomer and I LOVE these clippers! I definitely feel like I get a smoother cut and I don't have to go over the coat as many times. I wish I had these years ago. Very heavy-duty. I can't recommend these enough!

For people who are not professional groomers, I often see comments like "heats up quickly" in reviews. Most groomers I know have two or three of the same blade to switch out when the blade gets hot. There's also cooling stones and cool lube you can use. The higher the RPM of the clippers, the smoother cut you will get. However, blades will also get hotter more quickly due to the friction. (Don't forget to get blade disinfectant, too!) Also, most people I've talked to seem to either be diehard Oster or Andis fans, so if you don't like Andis clippers, maybe give Oster a try. I like Andis better because Oster clippers and blades seem to be louder and vibrate more. The one pair of Oster clippers I used broke pretty quickly too. The part that broke was made of plastic (inside the clippers); this same part is made of metal in the Andis clipper I have owned.
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on October 20, 2015
My oldie but goody clippers were stolen. My 3 Giant Schnoodles were badly in need of grooming. I took it out of the box & started on the first dog. I was delighted as the clippers went through mats like butter. 5 minutes went by & the dog became antsy. I felt the blade. It was burning hot. I sprayed it wi Kool Lube . The spray didn't help. I waited & turned it to lower speed. It took about 7 minutes to get hot. I did my own hair & burned my neck. I don't mean burn as in injured, but definitely too hot to continue. Fortunately I am not a professional groomer. If I was, I would have lost money for the number of times I had to stop, let cool & start again. the time saved by the efficient cut was spent stopping & waiting for it to cool,. I am a business woman. It took too much time out of my business day. I returned the clippers. I'll order Oster Turbo . I hope I have better luck. Puppy Love Inventning Felicidad & Furry Folk
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on October 25, 2016
I did so many reviews on pet clippers, watched YouTube videos, and after careful consideration, decided on purchasing this Andis 2 speed clipper. It cuts so nice, but it's metal plate/blade gets hot within minutes of using. And I mean HOT. I am short of the return window by 4 days, so now I am stuck with this expensive product and no way to get my $ back. You only groom your animals every 6-8 weeks, so a month return window is just not long enough to make a fair evaluation of the product. I thought it got hot the first time because it was it's first use -- but now that I used it again tonight i truly feel that it is a defective product. So beyond disappointed.
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