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on January 14, 2012
OK - two words: Incredible results.
Now - a whole lot of words......

First off, let me say, disregard the products advice that the firm flex strength should be purchased by women age 18 to 27, who have never had children, vaginal surgery, or incontinence. PULEESE! I'm 52, gave birth to two children vaginally and w/the first my vaginal wall was torn so badly it required OVER 50 stitches. The doctor told me exactly this: "I quit counting the stitches after 50" I don't attribute even that experience as to why I have experienced stress incontinence. There have been "nun studies" (which are particularly valuable because these women have never had children) and they have found the same rate of incontinence. It's age, it's a loss of muscle which is why this product works. You can sit around all day and "squeeze" but this is resistance training, just like lifting weights is resistance training. If you flex you arm 30x w/no weight, or flex your arm 30x w/8 lb. dumb bells, which do you figure is going to more effective? Why this product is so effective is no mystery.

My problem began after my second child in my early 30's. First I noticed after jumping on a friend's trampoline that my trampoline days were OVER. Then a few years later, I noticed I better give up jogging (even though I never jogged). Then in my early forties, I noticed that I probably should not put the high energy into dancing that I once did. Then a few years later I noticed that if I were to ever to cough or sneeze in public again, I should probably be using a pad on a daily basis. What finally got me on the computer and start looking for some kind of solution (because I was certain I was going to need surgery by the time I was 54) was the day I was WALKING the dog - yes, I was doing nothing but walking! I couldn't believe it when I noticed I was leaking a tiny bit. We all know, it only takes 4/5 drops of urine on your cotton panties to feel like you've really peed yourself. Four to five drops walking - quarter cup if using a trampoline! Enough was enough!

I (accidently) bought the "firm" flex strength. Not sure how that happened, me or whoever shipped it, but glad the mistake was made. I didn't realize the product came with two gyneflexs either, so when it arrived, what I thought I had was a "regular" strength and a "firm" strength. I thought great, they give you the regular strength to work up to the firm. When I first used it my thought was "oh geez, I should have bought the "light" because my squeeze wasn't doing what I expected (no wonder). I soldiered on and tried squeezing that thing everyday for a week. I should mention here, I don't use the product the way they instruct. I insert and squeeze open and close for 100 repetitions. You don't have to do exactly what they say for this to be effective. Anyway, in ONE WEEK ladies, ONE WEEK, I could not only walk w/o leaking, I could actually sneeze or cough (lightly)and not leak. Didn't go dancing, jogging, or trampolining at anytime during that week, so I can't say what would have happened there. I suspect had I, it probably would have been wise to use a diaper, I mean, after all, it was only one week of using this thing.

Now here's the ADDED benefit - sex has never, ever been better. I didn't buy this for a sexual benefit, it was strictly because I wanted dry underwear and was so, so tired of having to wear a pad every day of my life. I didn't even realize there was a sexual benefit w/using this (need I add that I didn't read even one review?). I'm going to be somewhat explicit here (hence the anonymous name) and hope I don't offend Amazon's or reader's sensibilities, but I'm just trying to be very honest. After 51 years, and w/the use of the Gyneflex, I discovered my G-spot! I SERIOUSLY didn't think that thing existed, but let me assure you, it does. I have never had trouble experiencing orgasm, and often have multiple orgasms, but they have always been clitoral. For the first time in my life, I am now experiencing internal orgasms. AMAZING. My husband did not know I was even using this product and after the first week of using it, when we did have sex, he said "Wow, that was great, it's always good, but that was great". I bought this last spring of '11 and had such a quick and astounding result, that I rather slacked off after a couple months of using it, to the point where I completely stopped (never did like exercising). Well, needless to say, don't use it, you lose it. Same applies here. This past December, I noticed when coughing or sneezing lightly, I was leaking again, although better sex (and that beloved G-spot) have remained the entire time. So I recently pulled it out and started again. I am now using the firmest of the firm strength - can't close it all the way yet, but I'm close, real close. And this from a 52 yr. old woman who has given vaginal birth (one scarringly so)to two children.

I don't know if everyone will have the same amazing, quick result as me, but one can hope. Look at the reviews, women who bought this are trying to tell you something.

Good luck and happy exercising!!
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on January 5, 2010
UPDATE: I now regret this purchase and use of this product and my previous highly favorable review. I believe my use of this product contributed to getting an inguinal hernia and requiring surgery. Look up Katy Bowman, biomechanical scientist and what she has to say about Kegels -- they are on the way out. Or should be.

Previous Review:
I used the regular strength pair several times a week for a couple of months to strengthen my pelvic floor muscles then I stepped up to the firm strength exerciser pair and now am in maintenance mode doing sets maybe once or twice a week. I do a set with the firmer of the regular strength pair (#4) first, then switch to the lower of the firm strength pair (#5) for a set and then finish up with a set using the firmer of the firm strength pair (#6). My impressions: #4 is easy now. #5 is doable yet takes some effort, and #6 feels like I'll never total master it, but it's something stronger than #5 to keep increasing strength with. It makes sense that there would need to be at least one firmness level that would remain very challenging. Orgasms remain intense for me, which is awesome. My partner remains thrilled. Bladder issues remain in the past, which is so so nice also!! This really is a great, life-enhancing personal product. Sure it requires a time commitment. I set aside 15 or so minutes a couple of mornings a week before getting out of bed. I think I'm worth it and the benefits are worth it. Along with the exercisers' various after-use benefits, they can also be used directly for creative self-pleasure. Why not enjoy a little a bonus after completing a good workout?
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on March 12, 2011
by far the best product for strengthening your muscles down there!!! i have two kids, the 1st one was 6lbs n it took over an hour to push her out so u can imagine how weak i was down there and not to mention the damage i caused in the process. I've tried the be wa balls n nothing, it just sat there up against my cervix. as soon as i got GF, i stared working out. the 1st time i could only move it a little bit and hold it for 10 sec. now i could do all 3 reps and hold it for 15 sec w a 10 sec relaxing in between each hold and its only been 3 days. this product is great, i can feel a difference and so can the hubby.

i know it pretty pricey, but it worth it! 50 dollars for a product that will lift ur self esteem n give u a better sex life,
im all for it.
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on February 27, 2013
OK so I am getting older and well when i cough or laugh to hard or God Forbid sneeze...well it isn't pleasent. I can't believe I am writting a review but I thought i should to help others. Well when I first got them it was like I was not even squeezing OMG! But within a few weeks it got so much better. I didn't tell my husband so he was pleasently surprised. If you exersise regular you will be so happy you did. If I have to sneeze who cares now? I hope i keep it up till the day I die and that is a fact! How much do you spend on pads if your a leaker? Think about that and buy the product. if you get brave then write a review.
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on May 11, 2010
I read what Seriously had written. I took it all in & decided to purchase this product. I read the instructions. This was a little more involved than I thought. 1st off, I've not been sexually active in more than a decade. So, not being active has it's disadvantages, and I've never been pregnant. I have incontinence, something I really am not happy about, but prefer to do physical therapy, verse drug therapy. So this is a plus for me. The exercises are harder than I thought. Much to my surprise, but I didn't know that my issues were as such. I'm 49 & wouldn't mine being sexually active. So, when that time comes around again, I believe it will be good. I find that this is addressing more than just my incontinence, my other female issues are improving as well. I do this before I go to sleep at night. I have a stop watch to make sure I'm timing my exercises accordingly. This way I know what I'm putting the time in necessary to achieve the best results. I would recommend this to any woman, who is looking to improve any aspect of their well being. I really must say, I'm very grateful for what Seriously said. I read it several times & it really made me feel very comfortable to make this purchase.
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on February 24, 2016
This is an awesome product!!
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on February 3, 2016
It helps.
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on August 12, 2012
I can't say if it is working or not I started out using it and then stopped because it did not feel comfortable, now I am back using it again. I did notice the first time that my frequent trips to the rest room stopped, and if thats all it does then Im ok with that as well. However I will update with the progress I am using it four days a week now twice a day. Ok this is my verdict and I realize I do not speak for everyone, but this is my opinion and I am sticking to it. This does help with frequent bathroom trips, this makes you aware of the muscles and exercises the muscles, you are able to grip the penis tighter because you know how to manipulate the muscles...which is good..but if you are looking for a tigher vagina this is not going to give you a tighter nookie...sorry I have to tell the truth, but one can grip the penis much more as well as manipulate different muscles because of the training from the gyneflex...also the bathroom so that it why I gave it three stars.....everyone take care all hail to the V!
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on February 1, 2017
Works great..very comfortable
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on September 21, 2010
I use this to tighten and increase my pleasure. Its the only workout I do on a regular basis, felt a difference in a week. The plastic is sturdy and easy to clean. This is very easy to use, just keep up with it. Both parties will benefit!
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