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This camera marries some of the best features of the Canon S series like zoom and manual flash with the convenience of the A series. This camera is an upgrade of the SX100 and feels much more sleeker than the previous model.

Here is my take on the camera:

- 9MP CCD sensor with DigicIII processor, the CCD sensor is 1/2.3 inch which is bigger than the most SD series cameras resulting in better pictures
- Controls are intuitive and a separate replay start button on the back gives you the flexibility to switch on the camera for playback without extending the lens
- Feels good in the hands, battery compartment gives the camera a better grip, DSLR like black color
- Huge 3" LCD scratch resistant screen makes composing shots easy
- Great 10X optical zoom and 40X digital zoom
- Flash can be flipped up or down as needed, this camera also offers 3 manual flash settings which really helps with portraits
- Sharp pictures - Daylight pictures are excellent and zoom is great for capturing landscapes
- Many modes to shoot - night mode, portrait, landscape, kids and pets, indoors, special scene modes (fireworks, aquarium, foliage, snow, beach etc.) and custom colors too
- 2 extra buttons at the back for changing exposure in 1/3 stops and also adjust for face detection
- Macro mode results in stunning close-ups with outstanding level of detail
- Uses 2 AA batteries, can take 300-400 pics with one set of rechargeable NiMHs and if you run out of battery they are universally available

- Size and bulk makes it inconvenient to carry at all times, this will probably become your vacation/ special occasion camera.
- No optical viewfinder, has not bothered me but can become an issue for some especially in bright sunlight or if you want to conserve battery
- Noise is noticeable beginning at ISO 400, ISO 1600 mostly unuseable
- Cannot adjust focus or optical zoom while shooting in movie mode, you can only zoom in digitally which reduces movie picture quality
- Typical Canon chromatic aberration (common problem with P&S cameras)
- No RAW shooting mode

Overall, this is a great camera for the price if you want a camera with high zoom, especially for shooting outdoors in good light. It also offers some manual functions as well as flash reduction which helps you take the best picture.
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on December 21, 2008
I searched for along time for this kind of camera. (in the $200 range) I was drawn by the 10x zoom and Optical Image Stabilization(IS). (both work great and are very nice to have!) After using it for a few weeks, I have had mixed results. Before you read on, understand that I also shoot with a canon xti, often with a $300 50mm lens on it, so I think my standards might be a little higher than the average user. With that said, here is what I think:

When you shoot in auto mode, the ISO it chooses (ISO 200) will not be as clear as the camera is capable of. Thus I find you have to use a Program (P) mode and set it to ISO 80 to get better reduced-noise pictures. Otherwise pictures can be grainy. The pictures are poor at ISO higher than 200.

Focusing is a bit slow in low light, and unless you can balance the camera on something steady, and your subject is not moving, you will need to use the flash. As I have read it on reviews on its predecessor Canon sx100, the recycle time on the flash is somewhat annoying. You will have to wait a good 5-6 seconds before you can ready up for another shot. This is a drag when you have people who are posing, or for a subject that is passing you by, like at an evening parade. The flash is set "on" or "off" by manually raising the flash with your finger. No automatic pop-up. Not a problem for me as I don't like using flashes anyways, especially on this camera!!!

I think the video quality out of this camera is great, far better than what I got out of older Sony Cybershot models DSCW-50 and the DSCW-55. Note that you cannot optically zoom while shooting video; it will let you zoom digitally.

The upsides for this camera are many. The 3-inch screen is amazing. It does stick out from the back of the camera, rather than being inset, so it may be prone to scratching. The programmable features are excellent. You can adjust the exposure time to 15 seconds. Playback/review is easy and fast, due to a wheel that lets you scroll through pictures quickly. Viewing it on the big screen with auto-rotation (landscape-portrait) makes it easy to check for focusing and such. Macro shooting is amazing. You can practically touch the subject with the lens and get a clear, very detailed shot!

If you want a quick convenient camera for casual shooting, don't really care about too much zoom, don't get this camera. Get something smaller and faster, and something that comes with a rechargeable lithium battery. I would stick to Nikons, Sonys and Canons. This one takes two AA's, and dealing with those has its pros and cons. I bought this camera for the big 10x zoom for the relatively small size, and the programmable options. I studied studio tests from (great site!) and found this was the best for my needs. The Lumix TZ5 pics looked fuzzy and the design of the Sony H3 is ugly. For other models and side-by-side comparisons, check that site out. Hope this helped you, and good luck on your decision!
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on February 8, 2017
I'm 16 and looking into doing photography, i decided to buy this camera and see if i would follow through and actually use it, before i went off buying a expensive camera like a Canon T5i... This powershot SX110IS works great and takes good quality photos! i'm very impressed with it, and i'm glad i bought this one before buying something more expensive and dramatic! great pricing and great condition and fast shipping, i highly recommend!!
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on December 24, 2008
I've read almost all the reviews here, and there is nothing major for me to add. I do have some minor points to add, however. I am using this camera for more than a month now, and overall I am very pleased, even though a few things does bother me.

First of all, I miss the wide angle zoom. Canon released the G10 and the SX10 (20x super zoom) at the same time along with the SX110, the other 2 got the wide-angle lens, but not the SX110. Why? I would anytime pick a wide-angle and 9x zoom over the 10x zoom.

Also, Canon features the new Digic 4 processor on the other 2 cameras, while in the SX110 it is still the older Digic III. It's not bad, but I would appreciate the newer technology with the i-Contrast and more.

The SX10 (with 20x zoom) lets you zoom (optical) during video recording; However with the SX110 (and G10) you can't zoom (only with the useless digital zoom).

The biggest problem, as many others pointed out, is the flash recharging time. I had several Canon's in the past (point & shoot), and have never encountered such a big delay between shots (when using flash).

I am upgrading from the PowerShot SD700, which was much faster between shots. The battery also lasted much longer. In overall, I am from those who appreciate Canon's battery pack over AA, even though I can not ignore the benefits of AA availability - and this is true even with the rechargeable AA's - I just don't like them.

A major drawback for me was when I found out that there is no battery meter. One of the things I hated in my older SD700 was the lack of a battery meter (it only notifies you when the battery is dead to replace it, no prior notice), and I was happy to see that since the release of the PowerShot SD1100 Canon added the battery meter so you always know how much juice you have left. I was looking forward for that on the SX110 as well... Well, I was wrong. Seems that Canon is unable to meter third party (AA) batteries! What a disappointment!

I also think that there is not enough grip. I would like the battery compartment a tad bigger, and some added rubber. The way it's now, it's a bit slippery. Also, the battery/card door is a little difficult to open and requires an extra unnecessary step of pulling a little piece before opening.

Another problem is the placement of the little speaker. I find it always covered with my left hand! The area on top left is a natural place for the fingers to sit; the speaker does not belong on this spot!

About the 3.0" LCD - when I first got my SX110, I was surprised at the nice 3.0" LCD - until I compared it to the 3.0" LCD of the Canon G10 which my friend bought at the same time - what a difference! The resolution is so much better on the G10, with double the amount of pixels (460,000 instead of the 230,000 on the SX110). (By the way, the new professional Canon EOS 50D has even double the pixels of the G10, for an unbelievable total of 920,000!!)

Also important to note, that this camera does not feature the "EDIT MOVIE" feature which most other Canon cameras does. That means no more cropping beginning/end of your clips! I really miss that!

Otherwise, I think this is an excellent overall camera. I am really impressed with the pictures, and they're better than the SD700, especially in lower light conditions. The image stabilizer also works a lot better. So much more flexible and all the controls are so useful. Manual raise/close flash is excellent and makes it very easy to control flash ON/OFF (and it's beyond me why they didn't the same on the G10); the face detection works great, and it will never overexpose a human face even with flash close to the face - which my old SD770 was terrible at it. Noise appears in higher ISO or in dim light conditions, but usually in most situations it's perfect, and definitely better than previous Canon's. Highly recommended!
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My old PowerShot (2 pixel, 3x zoom) died and I wanted something like it. It's hard to pick a camera, so I decided since I liked what I had, just wanted more zoom and more pixel, why not stick with Canon PowerShot? A wise choice. I am in amateur photography heaven with the choice.

Zoom is all you can handle without tripod. Works good enough to catch the glint on the eye of a deer across our pond. Details include tongues of baby robins being fed worms before their eyes are open. Individual hairs on feathers of birds 50-60 feet away. All with auto-focus point and shoot ease. And fantastic macro capability on the other end of the spectrum.

Batteries last as long as the 4 required in my last camera, but only takes 2 AAs. Since I bought a relative inexpensive half-hour battery recharger set, cost of batteries will be free after a month or two of shooting. Something I recommend. If you travel, then buy batteries to avoid carrying the charger.

No lens replacement capability of a SLR, but I don't need that. One camera fits all my needs, inside and out, landscape and portrait, nature and still life, passive and action shots, in the light or dark.

Image stabilization great for this grandpa shooting grandkids, flowers, and animals.

The only thing I regret about this camera is the fact that I waited until the other camera died before I made my purchase. If your not a professional, enjoy just taking family, vacation, and nature pictures--THEN THIS IS THE CAMERA YOU WILL BE PLEASED WITH.
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on October 23, 2008
I was in the market for a new camera and had always owned Pentax or Kodak. As i researched I noticed Canon's get great ratings so I considered a few Canon's in my quest for a new digital camera. I also checked out the Panasonic Lumix TZ5, very nice, however I liked the options and features on the Canon SX110 better. One really neat feature it has that I did not see on any of the cameras I looked at was the playback button. You can view the pictures you have taken without powering on the camera, WOW! Besides the awesome pictures this camera takes and how easy it is to use, you can also use the zoom feature while in video mode (most digicams do not do that). Great camera overall, however the only 2 faults I have found is the date can only be imprinted on the picture in postcard mode (think this is 2mp). This is alright for me b/c I use low res for mostly emails and 4x6 prints, however may not be good for people who like to take pics in higher resolutions. The other flaw is the SLOW flash recycle, you could miss out on some good pics bc of this. I also want to praise for the great price which was $55 cheaper than the local retail stores in my area and I received my camera the day after I ordered it! Now that's super fast service!!
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on July 20, 2009
The Canon SX 110 is well worth considering for anyone looking for a versatile camera that provides a lot of control without breaking the bank. It has a powerful zoom lens, good macro setting, good battery life, intuitive controls, and extensive manual settings - including focus, ISO, aperture, light balance, etc.

The large screen on the back is good for all but the brightest light. Canon's face recognition technology is useful: whatever it does I am not sure, but portraits come out great. The camera's real asset is the long lens combined with image stabilization. 10x optical and 4x digital zoom, for a combined 40x zoom make amateur wildlife photography a possibility, which really can't be done with a point and shoot and until a few years back could only be done with SLRs with huge lenses. I've been able to get acceptable images on full 40x zoom without using the tripod in good light - the image stabilizer is that good. Macro focus is also available and high quality.

Bottom line: you won't get this versatility anywhere else for the price.

-manual options for all settings
-good long lens and image stabilizer performance
-good screen
-intuitive button layout
-low price
-long battery life (with high capacity rechargables)

-slightly too large for most pockets
-built-in flash is not great
-grainy at higher ISO settings
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on December 24, 2008
This camera is a great deal but does have some pros and cons.The good stuff first a nice big LCD screen,strong flash for a point and shoot,alot of adjustments you find on higher end SLR models,great image stablization.The camera is vey sleek and compact and the 10x zoom is alot better than a 4x zoom on point and shoots that are around $200.The flip-up flash is both good and bad.You have to remeber to flip it up but if you are taking pictures somewhere you shouldn't use a flash all you have to do is leave it down on other cameras you have to find the flash off.Also on the selector wheel a couple of the most used modes (party,kids with pets,night snapshot,landscape and portait) all have their own notch.On the down side no veiwfinder (but this keeps the camera small) ,it is slow between pictures and some of the buttons are a little bit too sleek and you have to use the edge of your finger to push them best.Canon put alot of nice features into a small and inexpenise camera.The camera itself dosen't feel cheap and you would think it would cost much more.Unless you really want to get into photography and buy say a SLR with different lens and pay awhole more look no farther this it the best out there for the money.
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on August 12, 2009
This camera has alot of features and settings you can adjust which might seem a little intimidating if your not a pro but it is really easy to use. The menu is clear and I like how you can view everything (settings) on the screen. Speaking of the screen, this camera has a large (3") one and is easily viewable in bright sunlight unlike older lcd displays. The preset picture settings are handy and work well, Sunset and Landscape are great! The 10X optical makes the zoom very clear and the automatic image stabilizer is very helpfull especially when zoomed in on a distant object. I do like how it uses regular batteries (2 AA's) over using a battery pack. It does consume alot of juice but I tried the Energizer Ultimate Lithum batteries and they last much, much longer. Don't bother using the supplied 32mb memory card it holds very little. Just buy the Transcend 8GB HDSC card and this camera will take thousands of pics even on the highest resolution setting.
Overall this camera is a good size, has great zoom, is easy to use, takes excellent pictures, and is a good price for how many features it has.
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on February 6, 2009
I've owned three point and shoot digital cameras in my life, each one a different brand. In addition I do a lot of SLR digital photography and find myself in the middle of discussions about cameras a great deal. When people ask me about this little Canon I will definitely give it a thumbs up, albeit with one or two caveats.

First of all, let me say that I am an insanely impatient person. When I get a brand new camera I want to use it RIGHT AWAY! I don't want to have to spend any time mucking around with a manual. I want a camera that is going to be user friendly enough for me to navigate within the first 5 minuets of owning it. So on the scale for impatient people like me, this camera rates about a seven. I could find my way around most of it but have had to pull out the dreaded manual once or twice to get to a menu that was well hidden, or to interpret a symbol that was unfamiliar.

I like flexibility in a camera. I want to have plenty of quick-to-get-at user settings, but also want the freedom to adjust my settings as needed. The camera gets a TEN on the flexibility scale. It also gets big points for the 10x lens, and the way the flash works. I hate flashes that pop up automatically when you have all your settings on automatic. There are plenty of times when you don't want a flash even though your subject is technically too dark. This camera suggests (in big letters so you wont miss it) that you raise the flash, but doesn't insist. If you do choose to use the flash it's as simple as manually flipping it up. There are some other great features about this PowerShot as well. The zoom is fast, the lag time is short, and the camera just plain feels good to hang on to.

My only complaints so far are the batteries. I prefer to have rechargeable, camera specific, batteries from the manufacturer. I keep an extra set and have one charging while one is in use. This PowerShot takes regular AA batteries. In addition to being wasteful (the camera pulls a lot of power and sucks down batteries pretty quickly) this is no good for cold weather conditions. I've gone and gotten some rechargeable AA's, but those seem to wear out even faster than the regular ones.

For the price though, I think this camera is one of the best you'll ever own and I have no problem highly recommending it.
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