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on September 10, 2010
I just got my new shuffle in the mail today. I needed something for running and dreadmilling when it is too snowy/icy to run outside.
My initial impressions:

Great little thing (small)
strong clip
easy to use (hooray for buttons!)
simple, multi-position switch on the top lets you play in order or shuffle. Voice over button is easy to use and works well.
Easy to sync (choose playlists, genius playlists, albums, artists, podcasts, etc...)
Looks good (see my notes about online photos at the bottom)
Long (15h) battery life.

EDIT: A "hold" function has been added, just hold the center button to activate and deactivate, good feature. It would be useful if I had just gotten mine, but I learned how to use it without the feature so I don't end up using hold much.

None. (As far am I concerned, there are cons like "no screen" and such, but if you order this to get an ipod shuffle, not a nano or other mp3 player, you will not be disappointed. I was not let down at all).

EDIT: After some thought and use, I thought of some cons.
$50 for 2gb is not a great price compared to other mp3 players.
2gb might be limiting to you. This just means you have to choose or let itunes choose what music goes on there carefully.
Because the buttons take up most of the front of the ipod, it can be hard to use the clip while it is turned on without pressing the next button.

If you know what an ipod shuffle does, need a reasonable music player that syncs with your itunes, and don't need more. GET ONE!!! I can't imagine you will be let down.

One last note: From all the photos online, you can't really tell, bu this is not a matte finish ipod. The finish is shiny, but not mirror-y. And actually, no one will care about this, but the top and bottom are matte silver. It looks good.

EDIT: 7/6/11 I put it through the wash last month, oops, but it's still going strong!
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on November 18, 2013
I am not an Apple enthusiast. I don't own an iPhone or iPad much less a Mac-anything but I am on my third Nano (first one died after 2 years and inadvertently washed another). I tend to be attracted to something because it's suitable for it's intended application. The idea behind this product is ideal for anyone who exercises on a regular basis. The ability to download so many songs onto a device which clips to your clothing and doesn't require a holder or strap is great. Unfortunately the Shuffle does not stand up to sweat or use in humid conditions. I had a 2nd, 3rd, and now a 4th generation shuffle and they have all died from exposure to sweat. I used the DLO action jacket on the previous version and even had a rubber sleeve for the most recent edition and the moisture still gets to it. I really enjoyed this thing and in most regards it's the perfect running companion but I bought it in August of 2012 and it gave out during a run today, November 19, 2013 (of course it is no longer in warranty). I usually run with it once or twice a week. The symptoms came on suddenly and without warning. Songs would start/stop, volume would rise and fall dramatically, then the device shut down. I connected it to my computer and plugged it directly into a wall with no reaction. Put it in rice and thus far, still nothing.I have tried the Sony W series all in one headphone/mp3 player promoted by Meb Keflezighi but it doesn't stay in my ears. I hesitate to give it less than 3 stars because outside of the lack of sweat resistance it is almost perfect but I can't give it a 2.5 so 2 stars it is. Due to the fact that there is no other device that fits my preferences for exercising, I will probably buy the next generation shuffle and see if there is an affordable protective case for it. The design needs more attention to detail but due to innovative form factor, Apple will more than likely get some more of my money.
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on March 13, 2012
I bought this item after selling my iPhone to buy a secondhand iPad and needed a small, affordable music player for on the go.

My unit arrived with a loose play button and the back metal plate was popping up in the corner. Needless to say, I contact Amazon and they were AMAZING with my request for an exchange, like always. This is why I return to shop at Amazon. No hassle.... quick, prepaid return label... overnight Saturday shipping of the replacement iPod. The representative apologized and was knowledgable.m Can't ask for more.

On the other hand, I have always been lukewarm on Apple's quality control. The second unit actually arrived with a crooked clickwheel, but I will not bother with an exchange because it is such a minor issue. Apple quality is hit or miss- at least for me. I've had probably 50 Apple products over the years and I usually wind up having some quality control problem on my first purchase about 75% of the time. Perhaps I am simply unlucky! Bottom line- just check your items for any issues when they arrive and don't hesitate to contact Amazon if anything is wrong. You don't have to be afraid that you will have to justify your exchange, get a rep that doesn't understand you, or spend all day on the phone (you can speak with an Amazon associate any time of the day or night through online chat).

Anyway, once I manage to get an Apple product without manufacturing flaws, they are rivaled by no other. This is simply the best super small player you will find. The simplicity is what draws me. The iPod shuffle has one purpose- music. Absolutely no other features - no extraneous watch faces, internet browsers, photos app.... just music. You've got voiceover, which is a must have for a displayless iPod. The buttons are easy to remember for play, pause, ff, rewind.... but if anyone is used to using a 6th gen iPod nano,mthey may mistake the shuffle switch and voiceover buttons on top for volume buttons out of habit. Sound quality is absolutely astounding for a player this small! It is not tinny at all. Two things to note- I do wish the capacity was a bit larger than 2 GB, but not a huge deal. Also, it can get frustrating trying to open the clip. The clip's hinge is pretty strong and the device is a bit slippery... not to mention that it is almost impossible to open the clio without pressing the rewind or play pause button. I also wish the hinge of the clip was on the right side of the device rather than the left as I am right handed and instinctively go to press the wrong side every time I try to open the clip.

One hint for those who may not know- you can "lock" the buttons so that you don't accidently press them while working out or what have you. To do this, all you have to do is press and hold the play pause button until you hear a lock sound through the headphones (while the device is on of course). Your controls will now be locked until you repeat the process and hear the unlocking sound to unlock them.

Overall, I recommend this device for its convenient size, simplicty and amazing sound, barring a few minor annoyances with the clip and hit or miss assembly quality.
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on May 18, 2011
This is exactly what you would expect out of apple's products: practically bullit-proof construction, great user interface, and a trendy look. It holds 500 songs or 15 hours of playback and has a button deticated to telling you the artist name and song title, just in case you forgot. Overall, it is extremely simple and easy to use, great qualities for such a technological titan.

However, some design flaws stopped me from giving this a 5 star rating. when opening the clip to fasten to your shorts or shirt or what have you, it is hard not to press the buttons unless you consciously try not to do so. This also may be to the fact that the clip is pretty strong. this is good so it will not fall off, but it just makes it difficult sometimes. Also, for those absent-minded people like myself, it is easy to forget you have this thing attached to you. I have washed 2 of these (but one still worked after) and ran one over with my truck after it fell off without me knowing. So, that is something to remember.

That being said, my favorite design of the shuffle was the second generation shuffle. it was a clip design just like this one, just a little longer which made the clip easier to use.

However, for the money and a 2gb harddrive, i will overlook the minor flaws and call this an excellent ipod. I use this for the gym and it suits that purpose excellent.
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on November 20, 2012
I had to buy a new iPod after my old 80GB video crapped out due to water damage. I was a bit short for cash and settled for the cheaper iPod shuffle.

I use this iPod in my daily commutes to and from class, sometimes on the road, and when I work out. I don't listen to music on it much, but I use it all the time to listen to podcasts. I love that I can just clip it to my shirt, and that's that. I don't have to put it in my pocket and have to dig it out to change tracks. For working out, this trumps all the other MP3 players out there. The battery life is good too, considering the iPod is so small.

As far as hard drive space goes, 2GB for $35 was an OK deal (I bought it used). I can put about 2 days worth of content on it, but this isn't a complaint that has much weight. My only real complaint is you can't fast-forward to a different podcast with the fast-forward button. You have to press the top button and listen to some automated voice list the podcasts in the order that they're listed, and then press play. Somewhat annoying, but not enough to drop a star.

If you're just looking for a basic MP3 player for the commute to work or when you're at the gym, you can't go wrong with the Shuffle. It does its job well.
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on June 12, 2014
I had never owned any kind of Mp3 player and wanted something small to use on my next airline trip. After reading reviews on several different kinds, I was intrigued by the IPod Shuffle. I have a Mac that I love and after reading how easy the Shuffle was to sync with it and operate (Apple philosophy!), I decided to try it. It really is amazing. I already had my iTunes Library set up, so it was super easy to sync. It came with a little instruction guide and I also read the online manual. Since it doesn't have a display screen, the Voice Over feature is very helpful to navigate through your playlists. A lot of reviewers didn't like the earbuds but I don't have a problem at all. In fact, the sound comes through them a lot better than the Roku3 earbuds. The controls are simple and easy to use. Hard to believe such a little gadget can hold so much music. I highly recommend it.
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on June 6, 2011
I'd been using my iPhone as a running companion for a while, with it tucked into one of those neoprene sleeves that wrap around my arm. While it was a great way to have access to my music library there were enough issues that I encountered while I ran (bulky, hot, slipping, and no water resistance) that I decided to seek out something more portable. The Shuffle was an ideal solution to all of my issues. The clip easily attaches to my waistband and has never slipped off, unlike so many devices I've used in the past. The weight is almost nothing. At roughly the size of a quarter and weighing not much more, it would be easy to forget it was there if it wasn't pumping your favorite exercise tunes into your ears.

A big concern that I had, and probably the primary reason why I left my iPhone at home while I ran is that I moved to a rainy climate where I frequently find myself running in a drizzle, if not steady rain. I was afraid that the moisture would have fried my iPod, and it likely would have. Given how inexpensive the Shuffle is, I wasn't as concerned about the rain damaging it, so I was willing to test out its water resistance. It doesn't claim to be water resistant at all, but I figured that if it was sitting underneath my untucked shirt, it wasn't going to get that wet. I'm pleased to report that I've run in various degrees of rainy weather and the Shuffle just keeps on ticking. Only once did I encounter an issue when, mid-run, it started dumping. Absolute downpour, with some hail. Eventually, the sound started cutting out, so I threw the Shuffle in my pocket along with my headphones, and finished my run. When I got home, I put the Shuffle and the headphones into a bowl of dry rice to soak up the moisture, hoping that would work. And to my delight, everything was good as new for the next run.

As many people have pointed out, because it is so small, it is almost impossible to switch tracks or turn the volume up or down without pressing the big center button, which pauses the music. This is really not that big of a deal, as you just hit the center button again, and it starts playing. And I wouldn't dream of asking for greater separation of buttons if it meant that the unit had to be larger. Because the size is absolutely perfect.

The only other thing that has me missing my iPhone is that there are some great exercise apps that I would ordinarily use to track my route or my time that don't exist on the Shuffle. But that's a small complaint. All in all, the Shuffle is an absolutely indispensable companion for my runs.
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on October 4, 2010
I have been using my shuffle for a few weeks and I couldn't be happier with it.

I bought the shuffle for use while exercising, I have a Touch which I had been using and was tired of having such a large device strapped to my arm with a smelly band (if you run/exercise with an armband you know what I'm talking about...eventually all bands get pretty rank). I was looking for something small and easy to use and the Shuffle fits the bill perfectly.

It is tiny, which some reviews see as a con. I do not. As a point of reference the diameter of the click wheel is exactly the size of a quarter, and it weighs about as much. You can clip it anywhere (no band) and it stays put because it is so small and light. Depending on where you clip it (sleeve/collar/waistband) it may bounce a little while running, but a little trial and error and you will find the spot that works best for you.

Synching is easy, which was a very pleasant surprise. I have had issues with synching multiple iPods in the past, needed to maintain separate libraries which was a huge pain. I'm not a techie, so I don't know if it's the new ITunes or the shuffle...but either way if you have an IPod now and want to add the shuffle as a second you won't have any synch issues.

Voice over is great. No need to look at the iPod. Without breaking stride you can hit the Voice button, the voice will run through your play lists, when she says the name of the list you want to switch to you hit play and you are done. Beyond easy.

No major frills or knock your socks off features, just a great little IPod that serves it purpose very very well. Highly recommend it for anyone who wants a little music in their ears while exercising.
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on July 15, 2014
We use this to play worship music in my sons room. For that purpose it works great. The battery life is pretty good, and it is simple to set up and use. I am giving it a 4 because of the fact it is discontinued and that may be an issue for some people. It was pretty cheap though so I figure if I have problems with it, I haven't really lost much and I can just buy a newer generation.
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on April 20, 2016
order this one 4 years ago, YES, 4 WHOLE YEARS, reason im posting this now is to let you know this thing lives ON. THEY NEVER DIE. god. battery holds around 12 hours currently-yes after 4 years- ( 1 hour 40 min of music per day for a whole week on a single charge, and a standby of somewhere around 3 weeks) takes beating, no software issue. i think it paid back it's initial price of 50 dollars like ages ago. back when i first got it, it would hold somewhere around 20 hours of music on a full charge.honestly.
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