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on February 27, 2015
I had an older model of this and it lasted about 3 years. When it went, thought I would try the new model since it looks more modern and perhaps improved? Well........

There is SO MUCH to like about this coffee maker. I find it easy to use and easy to clean. I like setting it up the night before and waking up to great coffee. I also like that I have complete control over the strength of the coffee, the fact that it has a small charcoal filter for the water chamber, and that it's BPA free. Some people have complained the coffee maker is loud, but this one's not quite as loud as the previous model, and it doesn't bother me.

This one only lasted about 4 months before having a problem that required replacement. The top hatch where the coffee beans go became warped (this was the diagnosis from Cuisinart over the phone as if they'd seen this problem before) although it didn't look warped. This caused the appliance to think it wasn't closed, or that it was missing a part, and it wouldn't function. Even though all parts were in and the lid was snapped shut, it would beep when I pushed the on button and then would not function. Incidentally, if this ever happens to yours, you can put something heavy on top of it like a cast iron pan, but of course that's pretty risky. This is what we did while we waited for the replacement. At first I tried heavy duty packing tape on the lid but it didn't hold because of condensation - it needed something heavy.

So ok, at least we have a 3-year warranty, right? Well, they charge $10 to send you a new one and you have to send back the defective one at your cost. These are the rules of the limited warrantly. They waived the $10 outbound fee for me because I sqawked about it (remember, 4 months in!) So I thought how bad can returning it be (ground shipping) since there's no rush? I packed it up and brought it to UPS. Their quote was $30. I left and went to USPS and it was $25. So if I'd had to pay the 10 bucks too, we're talking $35 to replace an $80 item I bought only 4 mo. ago, which kind of burned me up.

There appears to be an update on the lid of the new one. There is a square component added to the plastic arm that comes down from the lid and meets up with the close switch below it. So that's the good news for anyone purchasing now or in the future (I hope). I've tried to show this in the pictures. The straight, cylinder piece is the one that malfunctioned. The one with a rectangle at the top is the replacement. This doesn't seem like a very significant engineering difference, but here's hoping the updated one lasts.

So it seems like this is probably a known issue with the device, however Cuisinart stands by their limited warranty which means you have to return your defective item on your dime. Talking with a supervisor didn't change the course at all. I've been crazy loyal to this brand (we have 3 or 4 Cuisinart appliances in our kitchen) but this experience will have me looking at this brand more cautiously going forward.
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on March 22, 2012
Before I tell you about this fantastic kitchen appliance, let me tell you what led me to purchase it.

Back in December, our coffee grinder, our second one in two years, starting making noise like it was going to die. The thing only cost $20 at the local K-mart, but I got to thinking, "Is there a coffee maker you can load with a bag of beans, which is also loaded with water, and which you can press one button to make one cup of coffee at a time?

Well, my search on the internet led me to all kinds of coffee makers which allowed for the one serving at a time, but which required you to buy the pre-measured bags/cups/ (whatever you called the pre-measured stuff)from the company which makes the machine. Meaning, you can only by that coffee maker's brand of coffee, which by the way, is not in bean form, but ground form.

So, I started looking at these machines with built in grinders.

What I found is there is not a machine - not at least yet - where you can fill the machine with a bag of beans and then have the machine measure the amount of beans needed to be ground for one cup of coffee.

So, I moved on to what is out there. And here is the machine I selected, and boy, am I glad I chose this machine as it makes the best coffee my wife and I have ever had.

Here's how this thing works:

I just wanted two of the giant sized cups of coffee. So, the first thing I did was:

1. Take the handy measuring spoon which comes with the machine and measure in 8 spoonsful of beans to the grinder in the machine.

2. I then filled the water reservoir to a little over the 4 cups line on the side. Those cup gradations on the machine are for regular cups of 8 ounces, and my bigger coffee cup holds 18 ounces).

3. I cleaned the gold plated wire basket which holds the coffee after it is ground by tossing the majority of the old grounds into the compost container on the kitchen counter, washed it under the spicket, and put it back into the machine. I prefer this gold plated screen to using paper coffee filters bought a store. Better taste, less waste, less $$$ spent per cup. (And don't worry, the gold plated screen comes with the machine.)

4. Then I hit the 2-4 cups button on the face of the machine. This button gives a finer grind for smaller amounts of coffee, and my wife and I experimented for a week to find the perfect blend for us using the 2-4 cups and came up with 8 spoonsful of beans for over a little more than 4 cups of water.

5. Lastly, we hit the "On" button.

After doing all this, the machine first kicks into the grinding mode. This grinder, housed inside this brushed aluminum (for the most part) coffee maker makes less noise than the tinier coffee grinders we once used before making coffee in our old Mr. Coffee machine.

When the grinding stops, the heater for the water begins to kick in.

Now here's the beauty of this machine:

That coffee pot is not your regular coffee pot, nor is the plate it sits on an overheated plate which will turn your coffee in your pot to sludge after ten minutes.

Nope, the coffee decanter is the best kept secret of this machine. It is double lined, like those expensive thermos type decanters in hotel banquets, and you can leave this sucker with say 10 cups on the holding plate for 2 hours, come back, pour another cup, and the coffee comes out as delicious as the first cup and almost just as hot, so hot, that you won't need to nuke it in the microwave.

Lastly, cleaning this machine's outside is a breeze. The metal face and sides, the plastic top, all clean with a damp rag to where it looks brand new after every use.

So, we've been using this machine for 3 months now. We have no problems with it. And the coffee is so good I quit drinking coffee with sugar and cream.

Getcha one, smile, and maybe you'll learn more than we did. We still don't use the timer function as we have such crazy hours. But for a single person or couple who works dayshifts (I don't, my wife does), you could pre-load this thing at night, wake up to fresh coffee brewing every morning.

I love this machine and I'll never use another, unless, of course, Cuisinart comes up with machine of my dreams which will take a whole bag of beans, pre-measure them for the cups you dial in, and self-cleans...

For now, I am happy to keep using this machine til I die.

Hope this has been of some help for you thinking about purchasing a heavy duty coffee grinder/coffee maker...

p.s. Maybe once a week or every two weeks, we take out the grinder's bottom half and wash it out. It is made of heavy duty plastic (this part) and washes nicely under a spicket or with your sink's shower hose. It is not a drawback. It's part of making a perfect cup of coffee...

p.p.s. You can make ten cups of coffee which will be drunk over two or three hours, and like I said earlier, the last cup will be just as good as your first. The decanter can't be seen though to judge how much coffee is remaining, but you can always take the top off and look inside to discover whether you need to make more.
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on September 18, 2017
We've had this coffee pot for about 3 weeks now, and I can safely say I hate it. #1, there is no way to make a good strong pot of coffee. The max fill for coffee beans/grounds *should* make 10 cups, but it comes out like tea. I use dark roast, and if I fill to the max and put water up to the 6 cup line, it comes out almost normal. #2, if you use grounds, the max you can fill the basket is about half full. I filled it 2/3 thinking this would allow me to make 8-10 cups, and ended up with coffee grounds everywhere on my counter as it over flowed somehow. Overall, if you actually want to use this to make coffee - don't buy it. It looks nice, is easy enough to clean, but just makes awful coffee and is a giant pain in the butt if you drink more than 1 -2 cups per day at your house.
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on January 3, 2017
It works well and makes great coffee. However it's design is really frustrating. In order for the coffee to turn out, you must assemble or complete seven different steps. Grinder and Grinder lid. Filter basket and filter lid . Coffee pot and coffee pot lid. Water . If you miss any one of any of these, the coffee will not turn out. Most often I forget the lid to the filter basket because most coffeepots don't use a lid on the filter basket. The lid on the coffee filter basket, if not put on, results in water not going over the grounds in the right manner and a very weak cup of coffee (plus some dry grounds in the filter basket). It sounds silly but trying to get every piece of the coffeemaker put together properly at 6 AM or at 10 PM is not as easy for me as I thought it would be. Would not buy this again.
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on June 30, 2016
I have had this for 3 weeks, but I am returning it. First, oddly it doesn't keep the coffee warm. It shuts off after its made, including the hot plate. If you get coffee more than 15 minutes after its done, its luke warm. Forget a second cup a half hour later, its room temperature.

Second, its a real pain. You have to clean the grinder every night or you'll get grounds in your coffee or worse it will clog up and not even make it in to the filter. The design results in a caking like effect, which is not fun to clean every night. I have had other burr grinder coffee makers which don't require any nighly cleaning.

Finally, the bean compartment is simply too small for a decently strong cup of coffee. I could put 2x the beans in my burr grinder for the same size pot of coffee. If you like your coffee mildly strong, you are going to have to reduce the water to half a pot to get that.

I am returning and buying another Capresso.
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on January 4, 2017
I bought this as a replacement for a previous model. The old model lasted 6 years, and I was pretty happy with it. However, I did have a few problems with the latches on the old model. On this new model, all of those problems seem to have been addressed.
Like the latch on the door to the filter wasn't very strong. So, after it was about a year old, in the middle of brewing, occasionally the door would pop open and take the filter with it. Then the hot water would just spill out everywhere. I solved this problem by taking the spring out of the door. (The filter door doesn't really need to spring open anyway, you can just pull it open.) However, on the new model, this latch seems to be a better design. It seems like you have to push the button in farther before the door will spring open. So even if it gets a little dirty, or a little worn, I don't think it will pop open randomly. So, I don't think I'll be having the same problem.
Towards the end of its life, I had the same sort of problem with the latch on the top. Every time the grinder started, the beans would fly up into the top of the bean cup, and push it open. The coffee maker has a sensor that turns off the grinder when the top is open, so thankfully there wasn't a huge mess to clean up. But, I couldn't get it to make coffee unless I was holding the top down with my hand, or weighing it down with something heavy. Now, again, this was in the last six months of the old coffee maker's life. So, I'm not super mad about it; that's just what ultimately led to me deciding to replace it. But on the new coffee maker, I can see the button and the latch clearly, and they are obviously bigger and sturdier. So, again, I don't expect to have the same problem.
Other than that, it looks good. It makes coffe just the way I like. And it's really nice to have coffee freshly ground, and brewed, and waiting for you when you wake up in the morning. It's easy to program. The programming is pretty intuitive except for one thing, and that one thing IS covered in the instructions: in order to set the timer for how long you want it to stay on and keep the coffee warm (1, 2, 3, or 4 hours) you have to hold down the "on" button until the display starts blinking; the default is 2 hours.
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on December 1, 2016
I'm loving it. I"ve only had it for 1 day but so far I'm going to say it was my purchase of the year.. of course I love coffee and am the proud owner of a TASSIMO system but since this is a one cup machine it was time to go to a larger unit for when I have company. Knowing how much I love coffee, I didn't want to give up on the great flavor of a freshly ground cup of coffee and this machine does not disappoint. For starters, I'm not quite sure what others are complaining about with regards to cleaning.. it's very easy and if done after each pot of coffee you should never have problems. After all that is what they recommend.
Following the instructions are imperative, at least initially however I have already started to find a stronger brew is what I wanted and do so by adding 1/2 of a scoop more for each cup of coffee I produce. Also note the coffee cup I use is 20 oz so that is more like 2 cups. I only use the 1-4 cup setting as well and fill the water to 5 cups which basically gives me 2 full cups of very flavorful coffee. Yes, it does take a little longer to brew on the 1-4 setting but still faster than producing a full 10 cup pot. I opted for the 650BC model which has the thermal carafe simply because I didn't want the hotplate to be on for however long I set the timer. In fact this is what I believe was the biggest complaint by others with this hotplate overheating and/or shorting out causing potential fires. I was surprised to learn this unit still does have a hot plate but it only heats up while the coffee is brewing and once the water has steeped out to the carafe, the hotplate turns off. This is perfect as the coffee in the pot as it is being brewed stays hot in the thermal container.

Although I have not had coffee in the carafe for more than about 50 minutes, it remained pretty much as hot as the first cup so it is probably safe to say it would remain "drinkable hot" for 2 hours as mentioned. The machine is beautiful, with the brushed stainless and accents the other stainless items within the kitchen.

Now that I have this great machine, it is time to find that perfect coffee bean!
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on August 30, 2017
If you like your coffee really really hot, this is the coffee maker for you. We had this model for about eight years until it stopped working this week. After the beans were ground, the water didn't filter into the carafe. We had this model delivered the next day. I would have given this product a perfect rating except that during the pre-first-time brew when you're supposed to run water through the system, the whole thing smelled like plastic. I didn't worry too much since it says the plastic is BPA-free, but I feared that my first brew would taste like plastic. Luckily, it didn't, contrary to some other reviews I read. I really like the double-wall carafe because it really does keep the coffee hot for an hour or two. But I recommend running hot water from the tap to make sure the water you're putting into it is really hot in the first place. That's why I recommend brewing it fresh first thing in the morning as opposed to setting it up with a timer the night before. You want the water hot and your beans fresh. Don't let the beans sit there overnight. I guess if you're using bottled water or filtered water this would be difficult to heat before putting it into the coffee maker. But if your tap water is acceptable, try running it super hot first.
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on June 17, 2017
This is the third one of these I have purchased, because they wear out after a while, and start to leak or we do something bad to them. Easy to set up, and the timer feature is great. Keeps coffee hot for several hours, particularly if you rinse carafe with hot water before making coffee (obviously not when using the timer). Past carafes have dribbled but it looks like Cuisinart fixed the design; we no longer have to pour over the sink. If you are not a super coffee snob and just need morning caffeine, this is a good value for the money.
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on November 4, 2015
We purchased this Sept. 2014 after our last coffee pot tried to catch on fire. I don't drink black coffee; I always use with some cocoa or sweet creamer, but I have become fond of how delicious my freshly ground morning coffee is. We have had about two occasions where the basket popped open and there was hot water and grounds all over the counter top. I'm not sure if we didn't close the door tightly or something else triggered it to open, but an improvement for this model would stop the brewing process immediately. This is crazy that it doesn't stop because when you leave out certain pieces the machine will beep until you fix whatever is not in place. Last night I noticed that a piece of the grinder cover had broken off. The machine would not grind until my husband took a fork to it and depressed what needed to be depressed. The top lid had to be open for him to do this so I'm surprised that it functioned. He had to hold it the whole time during the brewing process because otherwise all functions stopped and we couldn't even keep the hotplate on. He didn't appreciate the steam that that came out at one point. Good news is that they are sending a new grinder cover free of charge. Hopefully it doesn't take the full 7-10 days to get here because this will change our morning routine.
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