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on November 7, 2008
First off, the headset here is the Bluetrek METAL headset. Bluetrek also offered it in a two-tone (silver/black) model called the Bluetrek Profile. Contour Design, a prominent distributor of Apple accessories has rebadged it under their own name as the Contour Design METAL and is silver in color and sold exclusively by Apple. Therefore, if you want it in silver, you'll need to shop at the Apple store, but be forewarned that their selling price is over twice the price compared to the black one here being sold through Amazon by eXpansys USA.

I have been using bluetooth headsets for 3 years now and have gone through 4 of them over that time, and each time I buy a new one, it's not because the old one wore out or I managed to lose or break it, it's simply because there would be at least one fatal flaw that, after so many months, would finally become unable to continue using it. My first BT headset was the Motorola H500. Since I wear glasses, the obnoxiously sized earhook was uncomfortable and also transmitted sound whenever it tapped my spectacles' earstem.

My second headset was Bluespoon AX2. With its sans earhook design and rubber spring tension device, this was an ideal solution for approximately 15 minutes before the in-ear tension device would cause pain in my ear canal.

The replacement for the AX2 was the Jabra BT8040. A fine device that also had a tensioned, in-ear fit requiring no earhook in addition to some unique features like A2DP music streaming for one-eared enjoyment of music and multipoint link, i.e. the ability to pair with two phones simultaneously and switch between calls. The big issue was that moisture would collect inside the interchangeable ear gels and what once was a secure fit would twist around in my ear, preventing a secure fit until soaking the ear gel in alcohol.

My last BT headset was the well-regarded Blackberry HS-655+ by Plantronics. It had the most comfortable ear gels ever developed, but the way they were secured to the earpiece prevented a secure fit in the ear, requiring use of the optional earhook. In addition, range was horrible, receiving static even when the phone was placed in just my pocket. Add to it the poor excuse for noise reduction that sapped talk times to just over 3 hours and no matter all the pack-ins that came with it and its superb in-ear feel, it too had to go.

And here we are finally, with the Bluetrek/Contour Design METAL. Hopefully you were patient enough to get this far, if not and you pass this device up, you're in for one heck of a loss.

Warning: if you cannot stand wearing "canalphones", then this headset is not for you unless you dont mind using the optional earhook.

At 2.2" long, 0.5" wide, 0.16" thick and only 0.19 ounces, this headset may not visually disappear, but it will feel like it has once you put it in your ear. It is extremely rigid despite its size as it is luxuriously constructed from an aluminum skin. This is also one of the few headsets that features "in-canal" type buds for not only suppression from outside noise, but a much more secure fit without an earhook. To achieve that fit is a sized set of 3, single flanged, silicone "in-canal" buds as well as 3 unflanged silicone buds for "out of the ear canal" fitment to be used with the earhook.

As for other pack-ins, you get 2 of the aforementioned removable earhooks, a USB charging adapter, 4" USB port dongle, belt clip, and a DC car charger.

The buttons on the device are placed on the aft edge of the headset and are very, very small. The two outer buttons control volume, while the center button, slightly raised above the outer two, is the multifunction button for answering, rejecting, and placing calls as well as accessing your voice recognition system. You will need to take some time adjusting to lilliputian buttons, especially if you're a "bluetool" and wear your headset in public for no reason as the multifunction "answer" button, although taller than the other buttons, feels hardly so to the tip of your finger. But if you're a BLUETOOL, it's no biggie since you're not really taking a call anyways; you're just faking it when you notice a woman who's above your league walking your direction.

But she will be none the wiser because Bluetrek did something wise: the status LED is on the BACKSIDE of the device, so only you will know if you're actually in a call or just wishing you were. Either way, you, BLUETOOL, your blinking, ear mounted fashion accessory dujour will not be piercing any corneas in romantic, dimly-lit, high class, hipster restaurant franchises like The Olive Garden you keep taking your failed first, dates to.

But I digress... once you've become familiar with your new Bluetrek METAL, from fitment, button layout, and pairing, to most importantly, completing that first charging cycle, you will find that its secure fit will wash away your fears of your $40 fashion accessory falling out and being stepped on. The soft, supple silicone flange of the ear piece ever so gently, yet firmly secured in your ear to drown out the voices of people calling you a BLUETOOL so you can continue your phone conversation in peace, no matter how inappropriate the location.

Honestly though, this is by far the most comfortable headset I have ever owned that fit securely in my ear without clipped-on appendages or prosthetics. Sound quality is excellent when fitted properly for a good in-ear seal. Battery life is average at 5 hours talk and 7 days standby. Range on the Bluetrek METAL is outstanding, going well beyond its 33 foot range before any hint of static begins to interrupt with their crackly demands. Like I said above, unless you simply abhor "in-ear" type canalphones, this is one headset that will make you want to buy two just in case you lose or break the first one; it's just that good, and to be honest, it's actually quite good looking too in a very subtle, Jonathan Ive kinda way.
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on October 2, 2009
I was excited to get the stylish headset. As soon as I got the item, I tried to turn it on but nothing happened. Then I tried charge it on Desktop, nothing happens, no light indicator, nothing. Then tried on laptop, same story. Then in the car, again same story. Contacted bluetrek, they said I should contact the seller for a replacement, otherwise I should ship the item to them first at my expense (thats ok), but then I should wait another 10-15 days to get a replacement back. STAY AWAY from this stylish, but non working item with poor customer support.
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on March 30, 2009
Not really rated as noise cancelling but quite adequate in my noisy Jeep. Six attachments should give most induviduals a chance to make it fit comfortably. Probably not the best choice for out-of-doors but excellent for indoors or in vehicle.
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on April 3, 2013
If you really want to hear your phone ring when riding you motorbike with an Shoei X-11 Racing Helmet, this Headset will work.
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on November 24, 2009
As, I guess, a few other, I got fooled by the beautiful, compact, weightless design of the bluetrek.
I bought one first in black in a phone store. I couldn't get it to charge no lights, after a complete night of charge, the red light never turned red. So I went back to the store, and somewhat surprisingly got reimbursed in cash immediately, while usually the seller tries to give me another one of these, or give me something equivalent. This not working product left me with a bittersweet taste, so I decided to order one on Amazon. After all, one bad product is not enough to tarnish a whole brand, so I bought one in gray this time. It came, charged, and worked fine. However, if I am writing this one star review, you already know how the story ends. Well, after a few hours of work, the hearpiece started to bip, which is perfectly ok, this being the signal it needs to be recharged (yes, I did read the manual a few times, in 3 different languages). I put it back in the charger, but it just went straight dead as the first piece.
No lights, again, no charge, all of the sudden all my hopes were shattered.
I tried charging again in an exhaustive manner during the following days, from USB, from the car, for an hour, for two, and nothing worked (yes, I am an engineer, I try to cover every angle). I came back to the first vendor, and asked his junior salesman for insider info. Well they discontinued it after 9 out of 15 pieces they sold came straight back with the same problems I had...

So after gathering data from other user, this is what I am honestly led to believe at this point: the bluetrek metal seems to have a fabric defect which makes it unable to support european electric supply standards. This or there is a misbuild for European fabrication. In any case DO NOT BUY IT, because there is a very real possibility it just won't work, so you're just setting yourself up for frustration
I hope this review was helpful
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on October 29, 2009
Like a reviewer before me, mine didn't work. Could not get it to charge - no indicator light comes on and no charging. It's like it is not making a connection in the USB adapter. Will take it back and try another, however, because it is very comfortable in my ear.
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