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on May 10, 2012
This filter does the job perfectly if you use it in the correct manner. A lot of people here are just using it wrong.

A. This is not a replacement for a larger "main" in-line water/oil separator. IE a 1/2, or 3/8 filter like;
This unit is meant to be used at the input end of a paint spray gun, hence the low pressure. It not intended to run at 90+ PSI for something like an impact wrench or air hammer.

B. You can't hang this (or any water separator) right off your compressor and expect it to fill up with water. You need to provide room for the compressed air to condense the water out. IE 30+ feet of hose or pipe. I guarantee you if you don't see water after heavy use of your compressor move it to the end of a 50 foot hose and you will be draining it like a colonic bag!

C. Yes it's plastic. Would you rather have glass that would explode like a grenade the first time you drop it on the shop floor with it cranked up to 120psi?

D. The drain is on the bottom for a reason. See point A, its meant to be used while mounted at the end of a tool like a sprayer that remains upright. Not mounted on a hose that will lay on the floor.

I have mine at my spray gun behind 60 feet of plumbing and 2 other larger dedicated 3/8" water separators and it still collects a lot of water.
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This separator is designed to be put on the end of the air hose, not next to your compressor. The hose allows the water to condense, so this filter can separate it out.

It has a water drain, and I have to empty the water out after every coat of paint.

Seems to remove all the water when I'm spraying paint, so I'm happy with it.

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on February 10, 2016
Had a cheap harbor freight one that did not work well at all. Both were in line, the HF one was right off the compressor and this one was right before my sand blasting cab. This unit picked up ALOT of water vs the other unit was bone dry!

I'd definitely recommend this for anyone that is doing anything where water should not be in the compressed air. I think you may also need a dryer after this as well as I don't think it will capture 100% of the water.
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on May 19, 2015
I mounted this on my new Porter Cable compressor by removing one of the air outlet connectors and putting in a 90 degree brass elbow then the oil water separator (in the recommended vertical position) then a 90 degree street elbow then the quick connect. It really works great this way and its not at the tool end where it was a pain. It definitely works because after each use I drain it and water does come out. Only problem is if you yank on the hose you will break it off. Not a problem for me. It does what its supposed to do, keep the water out of your tools. I like it, smart buy
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on February 7, 2015
this little gem is a diamond in the rough saw some negative reviews on here anyone that doesn't think this is real close to the top of quality doesn't know what the top of quality looks like. the plastic bulb is thick plastic not cheap crap. real nice both the inlet and the outlet for steel not plastic not brass this is a real nice little unit nice enough where I'm calling immediately in order 3 more.Hell you can't even have a couple of beers for $10 this is a great price.
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on November 10, 2014
It will little a little moisture through if you are using it for a while...over ~15 minutes and are using a small air compressor, and of course you must keep it drained using the valve. For the price, I will buy another one if needed. I think if I had a bigger compressor and did not run the heck out of mine, then it would not be so bad; its not the separators fault. I use it with a paint spray gun and it works great really. It traps a lot of water.
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on May 20, 2015
Great final Filter/Moisture trap to install at the spray gun. No such thing as Air that's too clean or dry in spray work. Even if you have other Regulators / Filters / Moisture traps upstream of this one (As I do) this one will catch any schmutz that may have found it's way into a carelessly stored air hose between final regulator and the gun... A sturdy well made piece...
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on May 9, 2017
This product separates oil & water very well for the home/shop guy/gal that uses a home compressor for small things like blowing up tires, sanding down a rusty car with a DA, attaching various air tools, or spraying an old dented fender.
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on February 8, 2018
Works great! Make sure to lower pressure on compressor before venting for extra security!
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on August 20, 2015
Hi, I have a cabinet blaster and I installed this little separator inline, but also have another larger one inline further back from the cabinet. really seems to help, plus I can see the moisture collected then press a little button to expel the water. Great!
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