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on January 3, 2010
Truly wonderful camera... I have had it now for 3 weeks, taken well over 800 photos and love this machine!! I highly recommend it!

Pros: It is intuitive to use, great photo quality, good color resolution and feature loaded, battery life is great -I got 3000 mah batteries and have taken over 400 photos on one charge and still had a full charge indication, I especially like the fact that I can use regular AA batteries and not proprietary packs as with other makes , micro SD card was a BIG decision maker for me and it works just fine (I got the 8 meg card), features like panorama, double exposure and fireworks are great, Manual features are good and intuitive to use, I looove the program mode which allows you to tweak some features, Back of camera is uncluttered and buttons are simple to find and use without looking, I mostly use the viewfinder and find its resolution great, some have complained in other reviews that autoflash is a drawback - i personally love that feature since I like to take pix under natural lighting conditions, I do very little filming but what little i have tried, is great, Resolution: i take all my pix at full resolution giving me a chance to edit on my PC as needed, some have complained that the camera has a cheap feel to it - I did not find that to be the case - I tend to strap the camera to my right hand so I can use it when needed, having a heavier camera would be an issue. Anyway, a large lens means more light getting inside hence the size... I was a tad worried about focus sharpness as some reviewers stated - worries were unfounded, pix are perfect. Image stabilization works as advertised but does tend to suffer in low lighting conditions (as to be expected). ISO options up to 6400 is handy but useless - Photos turn out overly grany as to be expected. In good lighting conditions, the camera works as promised, a charm to use. In low lighting read "cons" further down... Night photography (WITH tripod) works very well when ISO is set to 100 to 400. If set to AUTO it tends to go to much higher values and pix turn out grainy. Display works very well even in bright sunshine, portrait features are great. This camera is great, it does not pretend to be a Pro DSLR or anything like it so don't compare it with one

Cons: under low lighting conditions (with no flash use) or extreme zoom, autofocus CAN hunt. Low lighting photos (without flash) are tricky.

Conclusions: I give this camera 5 stars, I would recommend it to anyone, that simple!
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on September 11, 2009
The SP 590 UZ Olympus camera is amazing. I took some images from atop Pikes Peak and at 26x I could see cars and trucks on the streets of Colorado Springs below in the photograph.....the camera was hand held.

The close up settings render very good results. The colors of the photo's are so good I don't have to make any corrections with Photoshop. The 28mm wide angle setting takes fantastic landscape images.

The camera fits in my hand perfectly and it is comfortable when looking through the view finder. My only complant is the lack of ability to use a lens filters.

I can honestly say that the SP 590 UZ is the best camera.....both digital and non digital....that I have ever owned. It is also very easy to use with several programmed settings for different situations. I have put the camera on a tripod and taken some good images of the moon at 26X.

I have been pushing a shutter button since 1974 and consider myself an experienced photographer. I can honestly say that the Olympus 590 UZ is a great camera for both an experienced or a first time photographer.
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on June 6, 2011
Why I bought it: It sounded good "on paper" and in most of the reviews.

Good things: I love that it takes AA batteries and it has had great battery life. I don't feel it is "cheap" feeling as some other reviewers have complained; it has a good weight with the batteries in it, not too heavy to hold all day. The picture quality is good when the pictures turn out right, but there are a lot of pictures that don't turn out...

Major complaints: It takes forever to focus (and thus I can't get the several shots/second as I like to do). In fact, there is often a delay and there have been several times when I press the button to take a shot and nothing happens. I STILL haven't figured that out. The image stabilization does NOT work. I'll admit I've tried taking pictures mostly on Auto mode, but even after reading the manual it's difficult to use in other modes. I have tried. Frequently pictures that are taken are blurry or otherwise of poor quality.

Minor complaints: The neck strap broke within a few days of my putting it on (slid out of the slots). The lens cap never fit snuggly. If you turn the camera on, the lens cap immediately falls off because the lens automatically extends. You can put the camera in review mode every time you turn it off and that won't happen, but it's a design flaw and shouldn't require that kind of preplanning on the part of the photographer just to ensure the cap doesn't pop off.

MAIN POINT: I wish I had never purchased it and am still looking for something that meets my needs.
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on April 17, 2011
I've had this camera for just 11 months - it replaced another Olympus SP series (earlier model) camera that ironically (?!?) had the EXACT SAME PROBLEM occur without any accidental or purposeful damage to it. Yesterday in the middle of a day of tourist photo shooting my lens stopped working - turn on the camera and the lens will not activate - no zoom, no wide angle, no capability of taking photos. The battery indicator is full. I can access the menu and review photos but that's all. I did not get any dirt or oil on the lens or within its housing. I'm truly at a loss and can only be thankful I carry a "backup" point and shoot for such occasions. I'm not sure if this is just something that has happened to me TWICE with the same SP series camera but I am severely disappointed.

I otherwise LOVE the mega-zoom, the AA batteries (only use the 8x longer Energizer type because otherwise the camera eats batteries for breakfast and is hungry by lunch time but with the long life batteries I can get about 500 photos out of a set of 4), and the quality of photos. Another downside is that I have worn off the labels to the buttons on the click wheel. I've put about 3500 photos on this camera before its untimely demise and put about 5000 photos on its predecessor. I like Olympus, have only Olympus cameras (my 3rd ultra zoom, my 5th overall) and their XD format memory cards so I'd greatly appreciate the ability to remain brand loyal.
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on November 29, 2009
I am an amateur photographer. I take pictures at parties, trips and special occasions. A friend of mine recommended this camera. I'll be traveling to Europe later this year, and wanted a good easy-to-use camera to bring with me.

I really love the 26x zoom feature of this camera. I went on an architectural tour of Boston, and was able to zoom in on the detail of a building that was a couple of blocks away from me. The zoom control was pretty fast which was sort of frustrating. Still the zoom-in detail of the buildings came out very nice.

There is also a feature for shooting close-ups if you would like to shoot a picture of a petal of a flower or intricate embellishment on fabric.

I'm still trying to learn how to use the flash in a party environment. It takes about 3 seconds for the red-eye light and series of flashes to occur before the picture is taken. Sometimes the pictures come out blurry, or sometimes there's too much flash, or not enough. I need to keep playing around with the settings.

Over all, I'm happy with this camera. I know there are a lot of features I still need to discover.
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on July 2, 2009
Olympus SP-590UZ 12MP Digital Camera with 26X Wide Angle Optical Dual Image Stabilized Zoom and 2.7 inch LCD

The Olympus SP-590UZ is a very acceptable point and shoot camera except that it autofocuses poorly in low light.

When I tried to use it as a more sophisticated camera I found the features very difficult to use. At first I blamed the badly written manual but I then realized that the camera system was a fault. Having had a long career as a successful software engineer I recognized a product of horrible software engineering. In order to use a feature you have to know what other features have to be turned off or on in order to make your desired feature work. In software engineering terms the features are "pathologically connected"
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on June 21, 2012
I bought this same model of camera about 3-4 years ago and I love it. It was my first digital SLR camera and I found it a great beginner as well as an advanced user camera. The screen got broken in an accident and I tried another model but was not happy. I was so happy to find this camera at a great price in the Amazon warehouse. I had never purchased any thing from the warehouse before but I wanted this model of camera again because I was so comfortable with using it and loved the quality of pictures and everything about it. I have now had the camera a couple of days and tried it out and it is just the same as the old model and I could not be happier. Thank you Amazon for always being there.
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on February 11, 2010
Bought this camera as a replacemnet for my Olympus SP-500 UZ. I like the extra wide angle as well as the 26X optical Zoom. Have taken about 1000 pictures since I bought it a month ago. It feels good to handle, even taking pictures with single hand holding, image stabilization works very well. It is an impressing camera.
I really like the wide angel as well as the 26 by optical zoom, but am still getting familiar the various avaiable settings, it seems slightly more complicated than my previous model.
I have only 2 negative points to mention:
1. It seems to eat batteries, and I find myself changing settings to conserve battery power by turning off review, and using the viewfinder in stead of the LCD.
2. The lens cover is solid but does not stay on, any little touch or bumb and it falls of. It does not have a nice latching mechanism like the lens hood on my SP-500 UZ
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on December 23, 2010
I've always had Olympus camera's, and this is the worse I have had...I read reviews that said it was hard to get a sharp pic when fully extended, and that is so true. I'm really good at holding a camera steady, but this is very hard to keep steady when extended to 26X. And the camera is heavier than I thought it would be. Also, it doesn't take very good low light shots, just like I had read from other reviews...
I also don't like that you only have the choice of 12MP or 5MP, nothing in between.
I should have believed the other reviews...but I will keep the camera, and use it with a tripod when I have something far away that I want a close up of...
It seems ok when you aren't shooting with it fully extended.
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on February 14, 2010
This is an excellent camera for general use, though it might dissapoint a professional (only jpeg output, as far as I can tell so far). That comment also illustrates my main problem with the camera. It has many, many great features - but they are poorly documented.

The range of the optical zoom is amazing - and can be extended with a cropping option, without hurting picture quality, to over 30X. Add the optional 1.7X telephoto lens (from Olympus) and you have a camera that can also be used for astrophotography - though at that magnification, you need a tripod.

For general use, the auto-stabalization works fine. There is also a remote shutter attachment available for tripod use.

Lots of automatic shooting modes - plus a full manual mode. Can't think of anything more to ask for there.
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